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Masjid Al-Quds – Cape Town 26-08-22


AI: Summary © The importance of Dawa as an absolute duty upon individuals is discussed, as it is an obligation upon individuals to call non-Cibile individuals for their legal rights. The speaker also touches on the history and importance of Islam, including the announcement of the Prophet's mission to save people from hellfire and the large number of companions present in the largest group of their lifetime. The importance of Dawa is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to act passionate about Islam and plant seeds for Islam. The speaker also discusses the crisis in the world and non Muslims being punished, and offers advice on how to do so.
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Alhamdulillah gives me great pleasure indeed, to present you, our speaker of the day really needs no introduction. I think it's a second time to Masjidul quotes or stars or the non Rashid all the way from the UK, internationally renowned master in comparative religion, always a debater and defender of Islam. And it gives me great pleasure to kindly call upon the honorable will start at Ananda Rashid to kindly address us fully at the Fidel mascara for the letter chef and He will speak to us on the beautiful topic, importance of Dawa and the rewards of valid fandom.

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Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen wa Salatu was Salam ala carte Semilla Mia was a util mursaleen wa ala Ali he was hobby he l oral my Amin woman who whom be ehsani nila yo Medina Muhammad, I will love Allah His Sameera Li Min ash shaytani regime Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim. Woman Sonoko Landman da Illa Allah He wa Milla Salah Han. Well Carla in anemia al Muslimeen are kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ballyhoo Annie wala Oh, come on Paul Ali salatu salam, respected brothers and my sisters. I am honored to be here once again at Majid al Coates in Cape Town, South Africa, to address one of the most pressing issues of our times one of the most neglected obligations of Islam,

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one of the most

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important aspects of our faith, which means survival for us, which means life for Islam. And what is that topic? The topic is the importance of Dawa

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and its rewards. So firstly, let me address the importance of this obligation in Islam.

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Thou is an obligation, there is no doubt about that.

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Those Muslims who are living in Muslim lands,

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for them, it is a collective obligation. But those who live in non Muslim territories where the masses are the population, the demographics are predominantly non Muslim, for those Muslims,

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it is an individual obligation. And that means you Everyone listen to me right now in Cape Town in South Africa. The hour is an individual obligation upon you from Allah subhanaw taala. Every single one of you must indulge in Dawa as an obligation just as you pray your Salah every single day. Am I making this up? Absolutely not. I will give the evidence for what I claim here. Firstly, let me explain the importance of this particular aspect of Islam, calling

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this believers to Allah calling non muslims to Allah, people who do not believe in Allah and His Messenger, it is an obligation. Why the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam most importantly, he gave his life to this cause his entire mission. His entire life, was about calling non believers to Islam. It was for this reason, it was for this obligation in Islam. He was stoned in the city of PIF, to the extent that his footwear was filled with blood, his entire body was injured. Salallahu Alaihe Salam, he was knocking the doors, people living in the city of pi for almost 10 days he walked into into the city, even though he had followers in Mecca, he could have

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stayed with them. He could have strengthened them, he got to taught them, but he chose to go out to bring this message to those who do not have it. So he was knocking doors, one after another. He was knocking doors and calling people to Allah and in return this dawned on him not only

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That brothers, he was

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humiliated in ways that a normal person wouldn't be able to take such pressure. He was in such the sallallahu alayhi wasallam in the Kaaba and one of the disbelievers aucuba been Aviemore eight. He brought the entire Stein's have a dead animal and place them on its back because he was calling people to Allah, the same disbeliever from Quraysh. He put a cloth around his neck and twisted the cloth to kill him to strangle him and one of his companions. Abu Bakr radi Allah one he ran to his rescue, saying, talk to Luna Romulan, your call on your caller obey Allah. Are you going to kill this man? Just because he says Allah is my rob this man the Prophet salallahu Salam he lost his wife

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to this cause but these are the Allah Aha. She died due to the boycott, which is imposed by the Qureshi is upon the Prophet and his family. sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, this man, he gave his entire life to this cause his entire youth to this cause when he was 14, Allah put this burden upon him to take this message. Yeah, are you Hamada? Sir, convert under whare Baca for Kabira what the Abacha Hertha here we're Raja Raja foger Wanna come on transductive Wally Rebecca phosphate, oh, the one who covers himself rise and warn the masses about the greatness of your Lord and purify your clothes and go out and preach this faith and then be patient, then be patient. And amazingly, when

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Warabi Nofal heard what the prophet had gone through, in the cave of Hira men, the first revelation of the Quran came upon him it Cara Bismillah because of the color

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this revelation when it came upon the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, the first five verses of Surah Al allOK.

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He went to his wife

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and he said Zanmi Looney zum Maloney la caja she to Allah Nasi, cover me, cover me. I feared for my life and she takes him to what acaba Nofal. What are cartels him? A man of scriptures alerted man in Makkah. He tells him having heard what the Prophet went through. Ha the NA moose. Allah denas Allah Allahu Allah Musa. This is the same spirit. This is the same angel that descended upon Moses. Your late Aenean Hakuna Hagen is your ritual kar komak Ah, I wish I will be alive on that day when your people will drive you out. Our Mukherjee whom the Prophet was shocked to hear this, will they drive me out? Why, why? And then what I can tell him anyone who came with this message was driven out by

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his people any profit. In other words, what aka is announcing to the Prophet salallahu Salam that You are the messenger of God.

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And then sports, the life of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam became more and more difficult.

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He faced more and more challenges for the next 23 years for the next 23 years. He would not rest for a day Salallahu Alaihe salam until he was 63 when Allah subhanaw taala took his soul,

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the Messenger of Allah, our beloved, our Prophet,

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the most important person to walk the planet was sent to do the most important job. And what was that job my brothers that job was to call humanity to Allah.

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Turn to Allah for your own salvation, for your own success. He was sent on a rescue mission. This was a rescue mission to save people from hellfire. And this is what he told his companions

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the most important gathering one of the most important gatherings of his life, had Giotto Wada,

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Cotabato Wada, on the Day of Arafah, he has the largest concentration of his companions to date, over 100,000 of them are present in this place. And he tells them

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you have come in front of me, this is the message have I delivered the message to you? He goes through certain injunctions of Islam in front of them very important advice. The hotline is very long, and you can find it in the books of Hadith. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam having delivered the message to them the final message to the largest number of his companions ever assembled in one place and this

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Since the most important time as far as he's concerned, this is prime time because this is when he has to deliver the most important message. He asks them. Hello beloved to Allah HalBer love to have I not delivered, have I not delivered? They said Paulo Nam yes ya rasool Allah you have delivered and then the prophets a lot of students of Allah who Mashhad Allah Who Mashhad Allah Who Mashhad Oh Allah you obey a witness that I have delivered this message to my people. And then he turns to his companions, and he tells them, You who are present, you now go to those who are absent and take this message to them. Allahu Akbar, this is the command. This is the instruction instruction instruction

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he has for his companions, who are present in in this place, and then they go out 90% of them. We don't even know the names. We don't know who they were and what their names were, but they were there. We only know 10,000 of them by name 10,000 companions of the Messenger of Allah Salah Salem by name, the others we don't even know their names. And then they went out knowing well the virtues are staying in Makkah and Medina knowing well the rewards of praying in Jamar in Makkah and Medina and yet they leave Makkah and Medina behind and go to places like Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, to currently Turkey, North Africa. Why? What drove them? What drove them? This passion for Islam, this

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passion for Dawa, even when they fought the Romans in the Persians, it was to remove these oppressive tyrannical powers out of the way so that the people of these lands can hear the words of Allah so that they can contemplate on the Quran and follow it eventually, which they did in large numbers. How did that happen? How did your ancestors come to Islam? My brothers and sisters, those of you listening to me right now, how did your ancestors come to Islam? If these companions are the Messenger of Allah, we're

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lazy, and we're not dedicated and passionate about Islam. Do you think your ancestors would accept Islam? They give their lives they give their blood and sweat so that this message reaches your ancestors? And hence, lo and behold, here you are in this Masjid praying today, reaping the benefits of Islam. Dawa is one of the most important obligations in Islam. In fact, those Muslims who live in non Muslims, non Muslim territories, for them it is an individual obligation. Not indulging in Dawa is not an option for a Muslim who is serious about his faith. You cannot neglect Dower, you cannot ignore dower because to Allah, the most important people, the best people to walk this planet were

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those who are doing this very work. Now when you read the Quran 40% of the Quran the final message to humanity

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talks about what

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the Stories of the Prophets, Allah does not tell us about the details of the salah of no la Salam. Allah doesn't indulge in the details of fasting of Ibrahim or his hajj when Ibrahim and Ismail Allah Mr. Romm were building the Kaaba. Allah does not give us the details of the Umrah and Hajj. Allah does not tell us how a Salah salaam was fasting. They worship otherwise. But what does what does Allah tell us what he does tell us? Is there Dawa? How did it Tao new Ali salaam read surah know Allah subhanaw taala gives us the details. Allah gives us the methods how new was indulging in this obligation? Allah tells us I will do bIllahi min ash shaytaan the regime.

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Bala rugby in NIDA how to call me Leila wanna Hara Oh my Lord. I call my people day and night. I call them publicly and privately. I call them silently and I call them loudly. Oh Allah, these people are not listening to me. Why is Allah telling us in different verses step by step what New LA salaam was doing and how he was doing it? Why? Why these details? Because this is what is important to Allah. These are the best people to walk the planet. Do you agree that the prophets of Allah were the best people to walk the planet? Do you agree? Do you agree? Absolutely. Absolutely. Because these are the people Allah addresses in the Quran. Allah does not talk about the tycoons, the

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generals and the kings. The only things that are mentioned in the Quran are the ones who the prophets were dealing with. This is why they got mentioned. Otherwise Allah does not mention them due to the power the mana

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Once the treasures and the armies, Allah mentions them, due to the importance in the story, to make them an example for humanity. So the most important people, the best people, as far as Allah is concerned, the prophets of Allah and why were their best because they were doing the hour they were calling humanity to Allah. And Allah in another verse in the Quran tells us himself.

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What is the best thing to do? What a Muslim can possibly do? That outweighs possibly most of the deeds in Islam.

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I will do bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Wellman Sano colon min Munda, il Allah he will I'm in a Salah hon Wirkkala in an Iman al Muslimeen, whose word is better than the one who calls to Allah and does write his deeds. And then he states that he is a believer, he believes in Islam, he's a Muslim. This is Allah telling us about this obligation? How can we possibly believe in Allah and His prophets and ignore this obligation? Muslims living in non Muslim territories not indulging in Dawa are sinful. They are guilty of failing to be ambassadors of Allah, which is what we are supposed to be. We are bad rescuers. We are on a rescue mission in this world.

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We are firefighters we are trying to save we are supposed to save humanity from hellfire. And yet imagine a firefighter. You go to a fire station. And there is fire in a neighborhood. You take the message to them. You tell them that there is fire in this neighborhood. And then they start playing cards. They start munching food, they start watching TV. They start watching football matches, they start doing all these things. What are you going to think about these firefighters in this fire station? What was the job? The job was to save people's lives to go and put down fires. Right? Right or wrong? Absolutely right. But if they were seen to be doing this, when there is a neighborhood on

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fire, you would sack all of them. You will send them home. The management would be furious that how can you allow people to die and burn? We the Muslims in the world today

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are bad rescuers. We are on a rescue mission. It is upon us to save people from hellfire while we see them going to hellfire in droves. Do we believe that people who died disbelieving in Islam will end up in hellfire. Do we believe that? Absolutely. Allah tells us that in the Quran that those who disbelieve in Allah and His Messenger, they will be in hellfire.

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And then Allah tells us called people to Allah so that they don't go to hellfire. And on the DAT on the Day of Judgment, your neighbors, your townships, your suburbs, your people around the city and in this country, they will take you by the forelock on the Day of Judgment, Oh Allah, these selfish people. They had the treasure of Islam. They had the blessing of Islam, and they never shared it with us. Oh Allah, they never came to us. They didn't tell us about Islam. These are the people who are responsible for this. What is happening to us today? Do you think you will be rescued you will you will be let off on the Day of Judgment. If you if my words hit you brothers and sisters, I will

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not apologize. I will not apologize. Because I believe I'm stating the truth. This is the truth like it or lump it. This is the truth. You don't do our you don't call non Muslims to Islam. You are guilty of sending these people to hellfire. Now guidance is up to Allah. Allah guides whom He pleases Your job is to deliver delivered the message even if even if it's by a smile. We can all smile no, we can all smile we can all do these basic deeds that attract people to Islam by our behavior. If you're not a good talker, you're not a good speaker. You can invite people to Islam by other means. There are many things I can say in this regard my brothers and sisters, you just need

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to realize that Allah has put you on a goldmine. Imagine those people who are sitting on a goldmine and are unfortunate, are so unfortunate that they cannot stretch their hand and take benefit from that gold. Every single non Muslim walking outside there on the streets that door to Jannah for you. Now I come to the rewards every single non Muslim walking out there on the streets is your door to Jana.

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You bring one person to Islam.

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That person will take you to Jannah just like the Prophet sallallahu sallam said and our coffee a little your team will Jana kaha attain it

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And the one who supports an orphan will be in paradise like these two fingers are close, Allahu Akbar. Then he said,

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I'll Jana, to Dr. Akadama. Omaha or something to this effect sallallahu alayhi wasallam that your paradise is under the feet of your mother. Right? So what is the prophet telling us that orphan is your door to paradise?

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That mother of yours or your father is your door to paradise. Likewise, that non Muslim walking on the street is your door to paradise. The Prophet said you bring one person to Islam, it is better for you, then owning red camels, the Ferraris of the day, Allahu Akbar. Such rewards such rewards. And you cannot imagine what a sentence can do. My brother and sisters one sentence of Dawa can not only change the life of the person you may be talking to, it may change your life to on the Day of Judgment, you might get the shock of your life because Dawa never dies, an act of kindness, an act of goodness, never dies, it will remain forever. You plant the seed and leave it to Allah to make it

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a tree. I'll give you one one quick example. We have this organization called IRA is a UK based organization is chairman is an English convert called abdur-rahim Green.

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And he's been doing now over the last 20 years. And you know what, a lot of these dogs international dog around the world were inspired by hair this place, South Africa, one of your heroes,

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Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, he single handedly revived a forgotten obligation of Islam in the 20th century. And he with his Dawa his confidence, his passion, drove and instilled this drive among all these young people in the Western world in particular, and and in the Muslim world in general. And people like green are a product of this work. I was on a TV appeal.

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In the UK, a woman called in to donate money for charity. And she says I'm an English convert to Islam.

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And I accepted Islam because I was walking through Speaker's Corner London, and I heard this white man, English man preaching about Islam. So Islam entered my heart. I went away. And green doesn't know about this. He didn't know about this, what's happening. He was just preaching. And she heard him Islam entered her heart. Only Allah knows which sentence what statement affected her. We don't know. And then she told me that now I have six children. Every single one of them is memorizing the Quran.

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Can you imagine the reward and those six children, they will have children and they will have children and they will have children. And who gets the reward. This one man standing on a ladder in London, not knowing which word which sentence affected that woman and changed his destiny. On the day of judgment, He will get the shock of his life.

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He will look behind and he will see an army of people in sha Allah. So my brothers and sisters rewards are unimaginable. You are sitting on a treasure trove you are sitting on a goldmine not taking benefit from it. If you are not indulging in our to non Muslims in particular, because Dawa in the Quran. When Allah mentioned the word Dawa. He means calling non Muslims non believers to Islam. This is a very specific term Allah repeatedly uses in the Quran, calling non Muslims disbelievers to Islam. Every single place Allah uses this term, it is to call this believers to Islam. For example, Odori la Seville Arabic Bill hikma one more example Hassan wa they'll humility

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here Assam call to the way of your LORD with Wisdom with beautiful words. And if you have to indulge in debates and dialogues, do it in the best manner possible. Allah is teaching us how to do it. Allah is giving us details as to the method of calling to Allah subhanaw taala is there. So what does Allah mean in this verse? Allah means call this believers, non believers to Islam and you are on this rescue mission. Don't forget that. Don't forget, you are the ambassadors of Allah. You are the representatives of Allah. You are the people who carry the flag of Allah. It is another thing that you may be asleep collectively there are individuals who Allah has blessed and they are doing

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this work but collectively when

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MIT we may be asleep. But if this sleeping giant awakens one day, and starts to call people to Allah with beautiful words with beautiful behavior, with intelligent preaching, with knowledge and firm conviction, you will see wonders happening, you will see that you will save not 1000s, but millions of people from hellfire. This is why we were sent here. This is why we are here in this land in particular and beyond. And do not forget this obligation, my time is up. I wish I could say more and more. But I can only say limited things in a limited amount of time. My brothers remember Dawa is an individual obligation. And if you don't indulge in it, if you don't do it, then what goes around

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comes around that neighborhood that is burning, and you do not put off that fire, that fire will eventually come to the fire station to the fire station will also burn. So before the fire station burns, get out there and put off the fire before it reaches you and your children. You don't do the hour your children will be lost. But if you do the hour and indulge in the hour and take your children with you to get them to see get them to witness the hour, they are never leaving Islam for anything. Remember that. On that note, the doctor will love him for listening to me and I hope I have

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got you to realize the importance of this forgotten, drastically forgotten obligation of Islam. And if I have done that, please do me a favor and do yourselves a favor. Indulging thou indulgent Dawa, to non believers in particular, whether it's a leaflet, whether it's a sentence even by when you're passing people just say something beautiful smile at them behaving in a way that it attracts people to Islam and they ask you questions, and once we start to speak and talk and invite you will see wonders happening.

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On that note, WA Harada Juana and Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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that be Allah Akbar Well, in light of Hamed shukran JazakAllah hail to our dear brother, we'll start at Ananda Rashid, all the way from the UK, speaking to us on the very important topic of the importance of Dawa and the rewards of Zakka yo stands for a very soul staring and powerful message, reminding us that Dawa is indeed our duty.