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October 13, 2018 – Part 2

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When we're living in Medina, it's up to one or I give it all good luck, Jean. And that way you can leave your homes. Because don't don't forget that for the last how many years now, we're in the beginning of the fifth year, right? So five years now they've been living in their homes, and watch video came from the car living inside the houses of Ilsa, it's been five years now, of course, some of them are like, awesome. Finally, they can move out even their broken homes inside, but the least it's a home, we'll help you, we'll fix it up for you, as he continued his day, just just get out of my house. So the answer of the leaders of Sauron was as follows from Allah, but

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don't be happy with the third option, because

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I only gave you two was the third. So I thought I don't do that anymore. I mean, we are going to give them all give it all to them and let them stay in their homes biggest thing is still living in our homes.

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And this is why this is a continuation of this talks about the Brotherhood, and the love that existed between them when it didn't belong. In an example, that I don't, I think it was unprecedented. I don't think it's ever been followed. I don't think there's ever been anything so unique in history of people doing this. And I've talked about this before that the concept of what he did some lies and asking him to people alongside the people of the OSI tribes that are completely different, that are not related to brain shut off. And the people coming from Metka are from all over 14. And from a genealogy perspective, they don't need, they don't need to very, very far on the

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dirty very unrelated how he got oil to open their homes and weld them in animal hygiene and their families.

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This is very, this is very, to be honest, to be honest. Because I got to see this, I got to see this I got to actually experience and it's really hard. It's really hard. So when you read the is

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when Edina Cabo Del Sol an event in public, right, so

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you have

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the people who have lived in these homes before meaning the people, the people of Medina, were already living in their homes before they might have been paid. Those who are already accepted. Those who hadn't accepted the amount as well.

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Who haven't heard, they love those people who come immigrating or migrating from Mecca towards them. What did he do when he used to do it him had to tell him who to and they don't find jealousy in their hearts in the province, I said it was gives them something, give them an idea, something that he doesn't get to do so. So the living, and they have to have people in their houses and find a nice home both exists. But they leave and they leave somewhere. And this line can be used and utilized by the Muslims. Finally, some buildings is jealous of Allah, Who are you thinking that you must give it to those who have sacrificed their homes? So the problem is, if you're talking to the leaders, he

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gives it to them. I don't even know how to do their own sorry. If you feel about this, what are you going to do some voting and behind it and to give you a little jealousy? They're happy for their brothers. You were given a piece of land? How do you handle that brother? Now you have some Do you have some night to work in as well, and you want them to stay away? You don't find any jealousy? We all have that feeling by the way, you have a friend and buddy that you're going to be working together with you're going up with it. But he gets something extremely better than what you have. Or he's offered like a huge

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advantage that you weren't offered. For a moment there. You cringe. Your heart just closes for a second. It feels like why didn't I get it? I wanted to or I hope doesn't recover him so that he can go back to be exactly like me.

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For a moment your heart will you'll hear that voice inside a little evil voice they'll tell you that make it

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easy is my opinion. Bye my brother way my friend, and hamdulillah very happy for him. You'll find me happy for him. He'll make that that feel fake smile your baby. But even if you're not happy, no, but I'm sorry, we're happy inside. You're happy for them. We're getting what he told us to do and how to do it. Because they have to deal with people who when they you know, they follow the laws and they follow the prophets. And they said they did it sincerely.

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If you if you follow Islam sincerely, every time you see a Muslim

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get ahead, you're happy. Why? Because we're on the same team.

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You know, we're wearing the same jersey, just different numbers, same jerseys safety. So if you're getting if you're doing better 100 on my team is getting stronger 100 Now if you're playing an individual sport, you want everyone around, you just want everyone to be horrible. You hope that they all want I'm tripping balls so that you can win the race because you're it's an individual sport. But when you're on a team, if you're a team player, you want the team on your team to be good players want them to do their job properly. If they don't, then you're gonna enjoy the team's gonna lose. Maybe you'll stand out as the best player on the losing team. But how good is that? Really?

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You know, that's so petty. Like you'd actually want that I want to be the best player on the team, even if a team loses.

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No, if you're a team player that you always want your team to win. So if you're a true Muslim, the moment you see another Muslim making 40 You know, making the headway actually

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succeeding at something you feel good

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I'm Lila Hamdulillah, because he's my brother and he maybe you don't make it on the same team. That takes a lot. It takes some time, you have to adjust the way your brain works. It's actually an adjustment that you have to make up, sit down and reprogram your brain to see it like that. Most of the Thrall, all my brothers and sisters, the better you do, the happier I am, because we are succeeding all together. I'm not jealous of you, if you're doing better than me. If I'm the best player on the team, this team is doomed. I think the best player on this team, this team is not going anywhere. I need better players on this team so you can win. So we can make a make

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Just say like, you're good at basketball. Like you were better than your friend.

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Your friend is better than you. But you feel good for him. But better be yourself that okay. Yeah, but why? Why did he fight with yourself? Because you're not as good as you want to be.

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Okay, so that's exactly.

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That's exactly what we're thinking. So you're on a team, or the team and then another guy comes, and he's better than you or he's getting a bit more attention. He's

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scoring more points or whatever you do. You're sorry, that moment is when you feel bad. It's a normal ocular reflex. By the way, it's normal thing to feel like I'm not saying oh, you felt like that? Yeah, you should know it's normal for you to feel like that. But you have to just take a moment and just we think, think about that again, well, you know, my teammates, our team is a friend of yours. So you know what I'm, I feel different, I'm gonna actually be happy for him, actually, I'm gonna support him, I'm gonna stand behind him and push him forward, I'm going to help him become better if anyone tries to bring him down and help them up. And I'm gonna get through myself as

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always in play to improve yourself, improve yourself and compete compete.

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In a classy way people compete. No, I'm not hoping that they fail that movie that they know that they fall actually compete with them hoping that they do well as in Google as well. So it's a bit of a it takes a bit of discipline and we all have this by the way, that's why I brought this up. It happens to everyone it takes a minute you have to reprogram your brain a bit and seeing people in a different way seeing yourself as a part of a team instead of you know, just trying to shine all the time.

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As important as that is

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with the Oneida to see him win okay, that means impossible sight and you will always put others ahead of themselves in front of themselves. You will always be selfless and put others ahead of themselves or fire themselves even if you're extremely poor when oh god he was awesome in their report they'll always give others the amount of food that they were very poor and they get them like me they are and they never say to us oh we already have almost nothing What do you want this what do you want this to give me nothing love to get ever said that you'll always get into didn't have anything to get into debt removal. And it's hard to get when you don't have any well it's very hard

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it's almost impossible. If you don't feel bad about it the only time you don't feel bad about not give me we don't have enough you know, it'd be like I don't have enough I shouldn't have to give but they're also the ones that there were many steps ahead of us they gave even though he didn't happen sometimes that very rarely ends when you show Pepsi Cola you know those are protected from the selfishness that exists within themselves. Those are the ones who are going to succeed Can you can you protect yourself from yourself from your selfishness? We are all selfish by nature we were born selfish and there is no baby will selfish beings on the planet is extremely selfish babies we should

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all have like a product new jobs and babies down and talk to them about this baby's very very selfish you're less than one anything else on the planet I don't care what anyway they don't care about you they will care about their parents they only care about themselves

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I think there's a movie in the documentary in the gym after he actually wants to join that children everyone's bought them

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so should I tell him to leave and

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he's happy nobody wants to dish me up to do it

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the discussion after Jim after he said you guys want to join me so I wasn't aware of this. I'm sorry.

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We're all selfish and we're born selfish and because you're selfish as a baby you survive is a it's a way for for

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for creatures to actually survive. It's one of the

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Even the mechanisms of survival is being very sold. Babies only want what they want, they don't care, they have no understanding of your personal space and your personal time. They don't care if you're sleeping or awake, they want what they want. They want it now and they'll scream until they get it and they'll stay like that for many, many years. pretty selfish. That's always a natural thing, but at a certain age, when you're like, you know, maybe 10 At that point, other people started to you know, expecting not to be a syllabus to share as we end up getting the word sharing his hate the word sharing that they're taught in kindergarten have to share and no one wants to hear

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no one understand him. I don't it was nothing with theirs. So I'm assuming beings were just naturally selfish. It takes a while for us to start to learn. It's not okay to be selfish, the best of you. The best of all ones are those who will be the least selfish. Those are the most selfless. Those will always put others ahead of themselves others and help others stand by that and not only want things for themselves, it's hard. It takes a lot takes a lot. But the Ansari gave his example the afternoon when Lavina Zhao and embody him and then the afternoon came to Medina afternoon, your balloon is what they said.

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What do you need and Marina Silva phoned me the man who Allah forgive us forgive our brothers who arrive at dinner before us whenever we

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do not insert into our hearts, any hatred, or anything negative against another believer and they're against another incident.

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In Nicaragua,

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you are the kindest, most tender and Most Merciful, but the more hygiene, they would look at the saw the example of that on size and mush all the beautiful people forgive us, y'all know Allah forgive us and forgive them as well. And do not put in our hearts beating against each other.

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But I skipped a few verses with the partial Aquino's and so you might have skipped a few right along with the ones that everyone forgets it makes mistakes and are skipped. Those are important, because they're a part and part of the story. What happened. So the progress was having talked about this too, to the leaders of the onslaught, and he said yes, so he walked me through the hygiene. He offered it to those who were a part of the siege, and to those who were not a part of the siege that is unheard of in Arabia is unheard of in the law of war.

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How does war works, how it works? If you're a warrior, and you go and you would participate in a battle, whatever colludes or bounty is meaning that

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is distributed amongst the people who participated in the

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people who did not win this debate will not get a that makes sense. Makes sense right? If you were there like you didn't get anything you didn't get anything so aesthetic hasn't done it this works now it works at all so the photos I sent it all over again you all get a piece of this magistrate you know building houses are working and the other one you're like well you're still alive they

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know they weren't here we've been this season going on for a month now. I miss standing out in the cold freezing my head off yeah, I nothing to eat gardening this guy was sitting at home with his wife and kids you know I wanted to share this with him

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I was leaving

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for now just do my leaving

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when I can Allah you said it was

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I'm not gonna go into too much detail it's gonna take a long time but this was just a game It told me there was this this happened as soon as like an option to download bundle I talked to you guys about sort of getting funding revealed to the products they sell them and talking about you know, Lewton bounty it happened now again

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that's gonna happen again. Few more times because this was a this was a social norm that everyone agreed agreed on Ricardo and the prime minister said that this is not going to change it and it was very hard to change like people weren't happy they didn't like it. They shouldn't take to the IDI give it a look. Whatever bounty you took from this little incident of minimal deer leaving well you didn't really have to do what it needed to find there was no bloodshed there were no sores in Clash no point anyone died. It was just it was just a seed to do really doing that's number one. The second thing what I think Allah has enabled was he doesn't want to have money and the reason they

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were was fear and that's something Allah subhanaw taala put in their hearts immediately doing so stop saying that we did it we did it we did it. Allah Allah is one who did it well what a cliche but it is a word the second I have a lot of elders who even before funny enough what's important about what you're telling them when Mr Keeney

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We're going to continue to

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not have a

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very good

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whenever I wasn't hunting offers bounty,

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and whatever is me is going

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If distributed by the will of Allah subhanaw taala as prophets

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and to those who are related to your work work, and to the orphans, and to the less fortunate, and to those who are stranded and can't seem to get back to where they came from the mystery. And the reason that this reason is like a, I don't know is this to me, one of the gems in the world was gold. This is, this is Crystal perfect, right? Somewhere in the middle unit, you need to know these words, if you don't memorize who I show at all, don't try to memorize the last part of the lesson I don't run out Ajibade everyone knows that part. Oh, this part is way more important. Qaeda you could do that. They don't have near even go to their wealth and money does it become limited to the

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wealthy only. So that wealth is not concentrated only the wealthy and the poor, just keep on becoming more for poor and poor, and they lose more and more in the wealthy become more wealthy. Because if you're a strong and you're a young man, and you have some money, you stand for this evening and get a certain part of that. But the other guy was sick, sitting back over elderly or whatever, whatever problem, the reason he couldn't be there, he's not going to get anything at all. Now he's poor, he's more poor than it was before and you're more wealthy. The next time there's a battle, you're also much very young and healthy and strong. And you go when you find you also get a

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piece of the bounty. Now you're worried about the other day when you go, this is getting worse. And now society is starting to this disconnection, people are getting wealthier people are getting poorer. And this is how you ruined societies. This this is the this is the backbone of Islamic financial system of the Islamic financial system. This is this is the number one phrase means the number paid if you want to do Latin, bein elderly, or even whatever system exists has to exist in a way that doesn't favor the wealthy, to become wealthier, and the poor did become poor, it has to be set up in a way where the poor are given the advantage to become wealthier. And we're not taking

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away the wealth of the wealthy. We're not turning someone wealthy did not convert or taking their money into another there's no but it has to be set up in a way where you allow those are for you give them the advantage. Make sure that the system is set up in a way they can make, they can make a living, and they can improve themselves in the middle class. So the bounty from now you'll find the same things with them. And allow them to maintain the energy that is almost double when it was only when the quarterback later was killed. This became something called a home's performance is the fifth 20% of every game that is made within Islamic financial system has to go to those who are in

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need different types of the wherever you're wherever the type of need is, whether you're just under the line of poverty, whether you're you know, let's first aid or disabled, whatever it is, whatever it is, if you are if these are, you know, money than 20, mercy, whatever was made needs to be doing that the people liked it.

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He didn't like it at all. People were not happy with the people sitting down talking to each other to hear what he said.

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He's saying that to get 20 presented should.

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Why would they get to get to the table, then do anything? I'm not gonna get my shirt some guy who said that's not fair. That's not fair. When they're doing the job. We have to get it. And they're talking about this. I came to say what is what is the word after this is

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what people came after the PVA put them up in the air he didn't come Come on.

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This is how everyone knows this. Everyone in here has heard this I use a million times. What

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do I know? Well, in terms of what the province tells you to do, who you know, he tells you not to do don't do we use this. So generally don't even know why it was revealed who was revealed because people when they were told, you have to give 20% of whatever you make from each word to those who weren't participating because they are in need of it. They didn't like it. So the brunt of it reinforced the idea, say, Look, you have to listen to what the prophet tells you to do what you want to do when he tells you what to do, you can't do what double on how to

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get to the point I had to bring it up enough to say you have to do this. It's not optional. We're not saying please, is not gonna allow him give these people No, you have to do it is not an option on that. One wasn't theirs. When you hear that I used again, I always want you remember this story. This is where this guy was interviewed for this story. It's about money.

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So being selfish, it's about allowing those who maybe didn't really participate access to some of the wealth. So maybe they remove themselves from the lower socioeconomic status that they're in and they get themselves out of the mix. Everything we do just have to always be self serving, it can be something else you can do. You can do it for the betterment of society and improvement of your own community. You can do it like that, but offer something that you have to do was we never did anything for you and probably will never do anything for you just for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So not all of them, right? I'm talking with some people who don't like this bracket. It talks about two different types. Some of them were saying we're very open hearted like yeah, give me a little love and other words as selfless, selfless, they had something in their hearts, just like every time you some people are always

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and this is the story of winning the league. It's a very important one.

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Like the same because it shows a part of how hard it was to function that we didn't know about 20% Go to the individual himself that was lacking the money or did it go to like so the government takes 20% and distributes it to a coordinator properly to those who are in need so the different types of types of

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Misaki for problemas anemia challenge is to be within four hours that people were this may be distributed amongst them so it had to and that's an issue that's very detail that you can go study if you already understand eventually teaching

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so whenever the left and that was a big deal

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all the regular this that was when the left Medina they were living there for centuries they actually left Yeah Why didn't leave well they tried to come in even working with clay tried to kill him he caught them in a siege around them they gave up they took a step and left definitely the one who's behind so all we're even talking about this now while this is a new is something new if you've never heard this before, they never thought they saw this coming. So some of the tribes around Medina started to feel threatened. So for tribes got a new selves

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with the intention of fighting a fighting, coming to Medina region with you Yes.

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I'm not going to details of the names because you probably get bored if I tell you this, but you haven't heard of me, it's not worth it. So just just for Charles, but the difference between these tribes and the tribes that the province was sent, Abdullah who raised or was the distance is the height of the Mr. Field, it was way in the southern part of Arabian around 1000 kilometers away in Medina. So it was very far away. The province was a disciplined person took care of the job and came back. But here, he's drivers were gathering right beside the deer, meaning it was only a few 100 kilometers away, it wasn't very far. And it was to the east. It wasn't to the south. And the

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problems. I said, you need to strategize, you've got to know what's going on and somebody else other he talks about it, maybe maybe we need to take some action here. Maybe that maybe we shouldn't just keep on sending people take care of the issues. Maybe we need to show some strength. Again, I'm trying to feel that every every month or so a couple of times we'll gather and decide to come and read us I'm gonna spend the next 10 years just fighting people up so maybe we need to establish some strength so they agree to the bonus item gathered around 700 Muslims degeneration for different physical called vestment. That's a thought if you were to ask me one day what's my favorite? Let's

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watch is my favorite. Let's look down your hands down for a number of reasons you'll find out in a second. So because with that I bought some of the some of the historians and Muslim historians they differ on when it happened. Something could happen. This happened a bit later. But I'm on the opinion that happened between bookworm and Hunter Oh, I didn't get it makes more sense in terms of

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the reasonable why it actually occurred.

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So the problem is Alexa, got it some Muslims, and they will wait to march towards these tribes that have gathered themselves wanting to fight the fight. Why is it called Data Nipah I mean, God means the visa fraud program, they will take a piece of cloth and if you hide like a hole in your shirts that your mother will use so we don't hear why we so it took a little time. So the VA was done that at the time because basically they walked didn't have didn't have candles versus so they had to walk basically few 100, loners and the desert and it was it was a

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it was a hard time of year. So a lot of wind. It wasn't it wasn't an easy walk. They weren't going to Congress back and forth. And most people on the way back there. shoes fell to pieces, meaning their shoes couldn't care. So they were walking barefoot on the desert sand. Now you don't want to do that tomorrow because your feet will start looking like fools after a while if you do so. And actually some of us will have a Musetta