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October 20, 2018- Part 1

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The speakers discuss the importance of learning from people who have negative experiences and sharing stories to make decisions. They emphasize the need for preparation for war and the importance of being true to oneself. They also touch on the importance of being prepared for war and the need for a surge in protecting others.

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quite shortly. So, next week, there's

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an event

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something we can all enjoy altogether. So one of our

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students in the program at least a few months ago, and parents want to do, they need to

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make some food and feed the kids and families. So we're going to do is next week, I have arrived at the same time, just not here to go by the gym. So exact same time, Dr. Mobley, what just happened to the gym, everyone who comes to the hotbar and doesn't matter as long, I think the capacity is around 30 people, which I don't think people see because there's rarely a number here during the holiday time. So basically, you're preying on them and don't go to the gym, and you will have some food, and then listen to me talk as you're eating.

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From the easier if you understand what I'm saying here.

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Gives me coming in hungry. So next week is worried about our student.

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I'm not sure is it for someone else who just said

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it was others. Alright, so is it. It's a dual cylinder. So just make sure. So it also made it what was the student who's having

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fun, even chips inside and outside working on Facebook over the last few months are being realized I can't remember anymore. Time's running by like we're having a small celebration for your child when their parents are going to feed everyone. So I thought that would be a nice way to kind of put two things together, I want to start the holiday. And really no reason to do it. You can just come to the gym and I can talk to you as you're eating and all that good stuff that you weren't going to enjoy. Yes.

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Yes, it does seem like you're pretty much out of here. And you just go to the gym. Instead of just attending this URL over here. The message was sent to the gym, there'll be food and everything must be the same. So just next time it is next Saturday after that a lot of the time title have changed by that I believe I'm not sure yet. But I'm certainly thinking that the time will change by then if it is all double check that this will be the laceration you can stay afloat anymore, because that will be like five o'clock or something and no one's coming here on five. Like I said, we've tried this before. So next week, this week, next week, we continue on the woman next week a gentleman will

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just be in the gym instead of being here. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is invited him to actually come and celebrate with us the completion of a lot of our students. At the same time. We used to have fun and there was some food and hopefully who that is.

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No, you don't need to consider just come

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your ticket is that if you're someone who says How about regularly

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and if you're not just come with someone who doesn't believe in going Ruby.

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Okay, so wherever you are right now in the

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in this elf or in the fifth year that is his, his his immigration. So

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I hope that you haven't heard of him personally clerked for me a couple of things. In terms of timeline to hold there. You know, the difference between the years obviously, I thought years prior to immigration, usually it was in the mechanist verse 13 years, and I'll refer to them the third year as prophecy or something here was prophecy and then proposed his immigration. So I always refer to them as a tooth. Yeah, that is visual differences. There are 13 years of prophecy and then 10 years post integration within Medina or 11. If you want to be technical, but basically that's the

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time that I'm 23 years old. So we're coming closer to the end of his

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of his life. Yes, it is. Fifth year, there's only more if you buy five years left to go.

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We've talked about and I've always tried to DC a lot always begin with is prior to his birth, we begin in a generation before he was born, and I talk about his birth in the first 40 years of his life. I used to say that one of us contact centers we engender preparation can lead to a profit. And we talked about the first tentative 13 years is prophecies lessons that people want to hear.

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So this is coming to the end, but it is very much part of this year. There's a lot to talk about. It takes a long time, meaning the first 40 years of this lesson it will take more than maybe one lesson Oh, the take for that because there's so much information to share. There's so many lessons for us. So we're talking about numbers and as well as with all the members that have been taught. And it's one of my favorite because I like talking about if not the favorite one to talk about. The reason is because there's no bloodshed off. And there's all these really nice stories just really, really heartwarming stories that happened on the way back that I think are really during the actual

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investment. And I love sharing and this is the reason for it. Just to kind of remind you. The problem is that after COVID Things became a bit difficult. I don't know once one is too high

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and a lot of the tribes that had to sign treaties with him

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So myself, we're breaking their word and betraying Him. And many of the Muslims who were completely innocent, had nothing to do with almost anything were killed. And maybe they were young. And literally, you're trying to assassinate him some lessons in Medina, things are getting out of hand because people were feeling they'll give me food, get rid of him, maybe maybe the Muslims, right that big of a deal that includes to begin with, you shouldn't have assigned these teams with them or were entered into these agreements or even being appear to be being a part of the you know, the Constitution that he that he proposed, I used to all these problems are going on. And then I saw

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that he couldn't respond to all of them. Because if you didn't even get too distracted with too many wars, and this would never have to send people to defuse these situations, like a loved one at center excited, enthusiastic and ended quickly. And he didn't answer it didn't, he didn't fight back for what a little Obama did to the 70 more often went to them to teach him nor did he take revenge on she was here for me. And they didn't have a lot of thought and all the rest of them. He didn't really react to these things he couldn't, he couldn't at the time.

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And but it'll be hard to leave, because that we talked about that story. But then a group of tribes not too far away, 30 kilometers away from gathering up. And they weren't very strong in Providence, I kind of knew they were very strong. And he knew that he wouldn't stand up. Towards the end, he wanted to kind of reinforce the Muslims strength in Arabia, that was a big part of his of his strategy, is making sure that he keeps the morale high, and that he gives a good reputation as well. This was something he carried for himself

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when he was studying, and you will find that there is this

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everlasting connection, even it's a fusion of a walking in the mountain of content of what matters on the inside and of appearance. And you'll find them coming hand in hand during that life's lesson never make dissociated at all, never been disconnected at all, never been spoken of as two separate entities that either you're going to be someone real, or you're going to look good. He's never it was never spoken like that in that way during his life. So listen, I'm you'll never find evidence of it at all. I just love this I'm cared for both equally, the same time simultaneously be cared for them, you had to have a clean heart and you had to have clean clothes, who came together, you

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couldn't choose, the choice is never there, unless you're actually forced to choose. And that is a very, very rare situation. And I can't even imagine this scenario of you choosing, it's very hard, right? The only I'll give you an example, though, that comes to my mind that I can understand is that if you are someone who was very, very poor, don't have much money at all, and you're forced either you know, you work with Friday, you clean on the inside and make a very small amount of money and you don't have you know, you can't afford the basics. You can't afford clean clothes, you know, that's a who you are, or you work too hard, and you make a lot of money. And now you're getting

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we're getting close, we're taking a lot and that's the only situation I could possibly imagine where this would apply. But for most of us, the vast majority of us here have almost everyone sitting here that's nearly never the issue. But we've made the disconnection or whether either things are of appearances of the external externally of who we are, are things our content an interior part of who we are, and there's never been any disconnection this time, we'd always come to always come here. And if you can understand that, during this life somebody sent me a little appreciate a lot of the things that you did and the way that you would function it as long as you understand the full

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language the much deeper way as well because that's what the prizes so I guess I was I'm curious for you guys. So he took

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an army and and he marched 300 kilometers it was it was during the middle of summer, and they didn't have many horses or camels. So they want the whole way there and it's gonna be fine because there are other shoes where we're really into by the time this was over, and they had to take the ribbon piece of their own clothing up and tie their own feet in order to walk on the on the boiling sand. And they thought it means the piece of clothing ripped to pieces of clothing. So when they came back to get all everyone saw the you know, the they look different, their clothing, clothes were ripped, and they were wearing something weird on their feet because their shoes were good, or their footwear

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was was ruined. So I just thought this app arrived there and told me what the first story and we just thought it was sold. And there was a lesson in the in the in the fair of fear, you start to get a certain way of praying certain way of reading when you're in fear that it has some resistance to it. So even during war, Allah Chicago, St. John's with a commanding it to teach us how to pray when his wartime

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basically indirectly explaining to us that it's not okay for him not to create during war, there's always been the wound that if you feel that it was okay for you to say I don't need to pray for the world is do it later. Even drink more than if it's a fluke and find a way to do it very, very, very few times in life, that it's okay for you to postpone a prayer to the next one very, very few times. Like I said, you have to be a surgeon saving someone's life. We have to be someone who's actually in the process of saving another person's soul or sell from someone else's library or a pilot and it's the middle of a storm and you miss vulnerable value because you can't let go for everyone. These are

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the types of situations extreme emergencies besides that your prey

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I work in nursing and I just kind of emergency be there is going to school, the Navy and definitely not being on trip. And definitely I just be going out and walking around the ball. These are excuses, we went out to pray on time got to find a way to do it, we, because the excuses not temporary, meaning we know we live in a country that doesn't really care about our paradigms, we know that a little bit of it doesn't have the Sunday that's in different places, in different parts of the city, we know that. So that means when you walk out of the house, you have to be prepared, you have to have your kid with you, you have to have your order, you have to know what you're doing.

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I mean, if you were living if you were in America, I was getting this.

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I don't love him Syria, or Saudi Arabia, or a Muslim country, I wouldn't have to tell you this. Because if you just walk outside and have a surgeon or fill up the place and go in that will make a little you can pray take a restroom in the water. And that's not the case for you to make it to a mystery sometimes will take you more time than you actually need to compare time to be older if you if you decide to go to a masjid. So you have to be prepared. And if we got postponed prayer during war, that I don't know what excuse will work for us, you'll but the other day. And I think that's an important lesson for us to learn from this from this battle.

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All the way back unfortunately, the other army when they saw the Muslims in this, they just got scared and right away and no bloodshed happened at all. And in the provinces it's always there stayed there for a night just to demonstrate some some strength and power. And then he took the army went back to Medina, on the way there will be three stories that I will share with you.

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The first story actually we did last time was the story of

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the man who walked behind the father behind him until the prophets I send them lay down and he'll have his sword on the tree. And he came into the soil and put him in some Robins ice and in his neck and woken up

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in the story that I told you last time. Now.

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What's interesting to me in this joy that you get to share like last time I talked about it. With the back of the province of Allah Allah He said that did not punish this man.

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And you're saying he didn't punish him. No punishment was inflicted upon this individual, even though he was most likely going to kill the province otherwise, and that was the whole point of him, making it that far into his camp, pulling up the sword and putting it under someone's neck. He wasn't there for asking for money. Wasn't there asking for a debate or an argument or intellectual discussion he wanted. He wanted to kill the problems. But alas, apologizing was done in the public's eyes. It was protecting him at night.

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And I used to have it listed I spoke to him he just knows. So to be very rude. You asked How about you except this time? Yeah, he should find something for you to think about with all this. Why don't you except to say that? Yeah. And Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah. He said, No, I would never do that. All right. How about

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you stand by as a news report are clean? No, I don't do that either. See very, very disrespectful individuals. So the third thing as well, how about he has done fight us again, I will never work against us. And the guy said, yes, the brothers I said, was adamant that in any court, he called upon all the others. And please tell them what just happened. And he told him now why did he do that? And you could you could have destroyed could have ended, you're just trying to talk to us by maybe led by all of themselves.

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To Bravo, some of them could have just said this guy his way or nine without actually waking up the Sahaba is he showing up? Not at all, I used to teach them a lesson.

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He tried to kill them. Yet the prophets did not seek punishment. You did not seek vengeance upon this man.

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You gotta do something about that.

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He didn't do it. And he was so happy to see that. And he wanted us to learn this story. There has to be a fight he's trying to fight back. It's a very, it's a very authentic way

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more than two months. And the reason that we learned this story is that the problem is always mm when possible. When possible when these people are not shedding blood, that will always be the option people take. If there are two options and one of them involves bloodshed, the other one involved with no budget, and he will immediately choose the one that had no budget, you will always choose peace, you will always choose ease, you will never will never choose violence is always endless, he is forced to let the axis defend something, never is that you will find this in his life size. And time and time again, it was important because having to learn because they were going to

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go on crusades, and they were gonna go and then we're going to conquer a lot of it was acquired to the earth at the time, the Earth was not known as it is known today that there is talent in North America. And there are parts of Australia, people didn't know this. What was known was the Middle East and Northern Africa, Europe and parts of Asia. This was the old world, this is what people knew about and there was 30 years I'm gonna conquer most of it. And they entered with a mindset of bloodshed of killing people and violence, then, you know, things are going to turn out quite ugly, but it didn't. Because they have learned these lessons from themselves through practical

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observation. You would wake them up and say, See, look what just happened. Tell them what just happened. So he would tell us tonight, but the thing I told him men would never come in needle, you know, protect you from me and he said a lot. I tripped and fell naked, put it under my neck and asked me who would go we're gonna protect him and I had a

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begged him for forgiveness. And he offered it to me. And he offered me the option I took the third one.

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So have a look at each other, you learn, and the man was ready to go on his sleeve.

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Now the next story, also on the way before they actually make it to Medina. Now since the first time you put some people to guard, it didn't work out very well. So when he came to Camp the next time, he was a bit more vigilant, somebody said to me getting proper guards, there's no last time I was gonna kill him. Some of you would have come as well, how will we get a pair of guarding system so that it doesn't happen again, even though we're not really silly theory that people ran. But we shouldn't do this properly, right? When you do something new as well as the only thing I asked of you if you're if you're under the guise of anyone. But specifically if you're young, specifically,

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if you're young, and you're still in the age where your parents can take care of you financially and socially, then listen to what I'm about to tell you. I've said this many, many times, if you've been with me for a long time, you've heard this from me, when you do something well do it well, it's all just doable, do it. Don't act like you're doing it. Don't act like you're doing anything. It's easy to be through that it's it really bothers parents and teachers and people around you when you do something, but you're not really doing it. But you're studying but you're just not here at this time, you're staring at a book, thinking about something completely irrelevant to it. And then you

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find yourself three hours later, still staring at a scheme page with no information whatsoever. But remember, when you read a paragraph, you find yourself hitting it like 50 times, and still you understand nothing? Well, why because you're not doing what you're doing. You're acting like you're studying, you're not really doing it, you're the whole essence of who you are is somewhere else is important when you do something and do it. Well, that is a very, very important and that's what Assad is basically is if you've come to the essence of yourself, and His love is just doing things properly with excellence is making sure that you do it. We were always like that when your mother

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asked you to clean your room. Well, if you're gonna do this, please do make sure you actually get it, you're going to take care of something in the house, if you're going to write your homework, if you're going to come to the Quran holiday, we will come to how to do it. If you didn't do it, do it well, don't do things with half the effort. It's not there's not something Allah subhanaw taala rewards you for and people are easily people will easily see you do it. And you'll just get into the habit of not being accomplishing what you want to accomplish. You want to do well in life, because you get used to just kind of whatever acting like you're doing things not really studying, you're

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not really learning because going to school, or not really learning anything. You're sitting there the whole time playing around. But when people ask me, I went to school. Yeah. Did you really learn? No, it doesn't make any sense. Life is too short to waste time. So guess what the most of them are taught most of the time go through life. And that's why you find them so efficient. So anyways, robbing somebody said that was a okay. And we need people in different parts of the camp to stand guard. So we'll have two people at a time. So one person will stick that on the stand and watch the car. So as time goes on, so many did. And two people came together to division into Orlando and

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Ammar kind of yesterday.

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So one of these people came to get repaired, and they're like, alright, that's

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really what we're gonna do right now. And it just happened to be that they were standing on the side of the camp that was facing

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just happened to be that that was a sign of the candidate they were assigned, they were facing.

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Just keep that information. So they're talking about who's gonna do who's gonna seek the first half of the night and then someone else standard and we'll switch, the person who was single wake up and the person who's tangled will sleep in that way we'll go we'll make sure that we would shift. So I'm not saying well, I'd like to say that the early part of the night, I get tired, and all of a sudden, I like to sleep early. That's okay. And I'll make up for the remainder of the night. So I bet that sounds fine to me. That's fine. You can go ahead and see. So I'm gonna lay us down his knees and our beds are standing a is basically standing guard and he's facing what he's facing facing. Right?

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Because I go I'm facing my fear elicited is not brave. There's nothing there's no harm, like I'm facing like, I can see everything. But I mean, I am a sinner. So it certainly has been less strict rulings in terms of stuff like that, especially during war when it comes to prayer. So great. So you don't want to leave any space today, of course, is open land, and he's covering his party space.

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And he's leading on the line. And after World War Two, you're someone who was following them, just like the other guy. But this guy was hiding in the bushes far away. So he wasn't visible to you. You couldn't see him either way. But he saw people he could hear iPads was being applied. You can see him standing. So he did he took over the arrows, coaching over back on the East End of story. And it hits our ballot, another one right here in New York.

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Doesn't go into deep layers.

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So he talks about of course,

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screams loudly, takes it out and starts to cry and let it know. So I'm better than that. I know he does, as he pulls it out, close it down and continues and continues his prayer.

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He turns on the first ever seen an actual arrow arrows are hanging and they are quite discouraging.

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okay to do that anyway, you kids, you you buy the classic stuff, and they're ridiculously small and useless. But the actual natural error that they would use is because the bowl was quite large pull it back and a lot of strength. When it goes soaring. It's actually quite powerful. And it has a lot of velocity. So I hit up that it goes in, and it's actually quite painful. Imagine yourself, not cutting yourself, someone stabbed you with a knife. Right during your prayer. Would you continue? I don't know. I probably I probably I probably wouldn't. But I bet it. Let me just pause it Alex slows it down. And he is like whatever it says in your circle can continue to break. So the guy who will

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do their to get him to die. Not only did I not hit him, I'm pretty sure I hit him.

00:20:39--> 00:20:45

Twice again. He says another hit something closer. This guy's a good marksman. So hits him again about like a

00:20:47--> 00:20:49

convenience, opponent break

00:20:51--> 00:21:28

out again, it throws it down. If you need to pray now that the guy is getting really irritated, because the second arrow I noticed that I guess it was what was happening. He's still praying and nothing's going on the guy standing there. So he's Third, the third. And this time it is it's a bit worse. And it hits pretty hard. And I bet makes a little noise. Because you bring in some bugs and flowers and history faces a lot and yesterday, wakes up with like, what a bad you're like you're bleeding and you can see three arrows. So he picks up his sword. He goes look and he finds the guy who did it. He takes out digs and he comes back and he finds Michelle still standing there's a waist

00:21:29--> 00:21:53

finishes his prayer. And he asked him to imagine you're gonna Google today why don't you wake me up? You are you're bleeding man, look at your, your, your shoulder, what would I do about it? Here's what he says, this is part of the story. Here's the word of that I've said, I will not know if I'm going to face it. There's a lot of media in the beginning, UCLA, forgot to finish the poster.

00:21:56--> 00:22:31

What he said was the extent I was reading a surah. Now I'd rather the world and then cut it in half and stop reading it. I was in such I was enjoying what I was reading so much that I felt like I'd rather the world in my life. And I'd rather die than actually cut the suit on and go see this person, I felt myself but I just didn't know what to do as far away, like based on how hard it hit me, you must be able to use maybe a kilometer away or something. So it's gonna take me a while to get here by the initial organization to suit up in that way. You know, I can I can take care of this. And I haven't gotten mine. Okay. So it's always thinking it was probably going to finish me

00:22:31--> 00:22:34

like I've finished my tulip and then I can take care of the issue that is I have.

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So it is narrated to us. It's not to the identity of this game is not me. But he's the only one that I have that I can share with you. It was very interesting, because these are the guys. That isn't the best of what we have. And some some scholars refer to the fact that this is happened on the ninth of July. So it was the night of July. So he's like, Well, it's fine. He's going to the government. And he's lovely, nice job. So you've decided to really well.

00:23:04--> 00:23:11

Now, I don't expect you right now to have that. Especially if you had that level of joy when you're reciting the book,

00:23:13--> 00:23:45

but expects you to start building on it. From now your experience is important that you start to slowly slowly in your life, build your ability and build your closeness and your relationship with the book of Allah so that you actually find joy. When you I don't think you'll ever be in a situation that is both historic. I've been in the mission where you're being hacked out with a knife and you still decide that you want to be there. And I think I will just stretch tip so I think I should probably add the first idea No, let's go take care of this and come back and visit bear. But the whole point of this story is for us to kind of observe