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First of the protagonists, the person who is the main character in the story. And for us in the Quran, of course, the stories are of the greatest of the people of the Gambia, of the prophets of Allah. And the intent is not to humor you or entertain you the, the intent is so that we can follow in the footsteps of these prophets that is, that has been those stories are being told to follow the footsteps of the prophets whose stories are being told in the Quran. That's the intent. And

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it seems like a simple point, but it's I think, an important point to make that the story is to be taken as that we try to replicate the behavior of that set profit. So in this in this beautiful evening, morning, inshallah I don't know I was traveling yesterday so I my biological clock is off still. In this beautiful morning, I'll share you share with you the story of Musa alayhis salam, the most frequently mentioned, Rasool in the Quran. And particularly Musa before he received revelation from Allah pantalla before he was told to go to for their own

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and ask, you know, given the hour and make the Free the Children of Israel. Now, this is where he is a running away from frown. As you know, Musa Islam grew up in the house of Brown, he was

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in a way adopted by Iran and his wife, his wife, Marcia was one of the great believers. And he grew up in that house. And as he was growing up, you can imagine there's tension in the house in in the court of Iran that this, you know, Israelites is growing up in the house of the, of the, of the the firewall of the pharaoh, it's cause of constant

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tension. And eventually, that tension boils over when Musa alayhis salam had an encounter with an Egyptian where he killed him. This isn't sort of puzzles for number 28 instead of expecting a fair trial, instead of you know, having his day in court where you could explain himself this is what happened and it was by mistake, it was murder, it's manslaughter, etcetera, etcetera. He decided to basically free and in this was on the advice of someone who is close to him who came and told him

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public in al-mulla Tammy, Rebecca, are the leaders of Iowans camp, they are out to get you they are plotting your downfall then run away in the law Kameena now Safina I am here to advise you in a in a good way. Alright, so, there's some some irony there that, you know, the Israelites did not expect one of the eel did not expect a fair trial right. And here we are our brothers and sisters in Palestine. There is no fair trial for them if they're ever caught in courts of the modern Israel state, right. So the irony is not lost on any of us. But that's not the point of our story here. The point is Musa ism runs away, and he comes to he flees to a place called median. And this is where

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the story begins. And this is where I will chop up tell you the story from this is item number 23 of circuses, circuses and sewer number 28. Well, I'm not one of them. I'm at the end of the day he met them in and I see a spoon. Well what does that mean? Do any human Murata in it do Dan

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when he when he came to the water of Medina, he found a group of people yes own who were giving water watering their flock. Back in the day, you would have to go someplace where there was water to get water or to get your flock water right you can just turn the tap on and there's running water you will have to go to a place or whether that place was a well, whether it's a pond, whether it's an oasis, that's how people lived. Yep. Pre industrial revolution.

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So he found this group of people where they were all watering their flock. And he found two women

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that do Dan standing by the side and they're holding their flock back now the flock are thirsty, the sheep are thirsty, they want to go get water and the women are pulling them back. Right you can imagine the scene. Now Musa Salah is wondering why is it that these two women are by themselves and everybody else is getting water? So he says kala Masatsugu Kuma. He asked the two women What is it with you two Why aren't you getting water for Letterland SP hotter? Use there are Rya for Ebola che Hoon COVID They said we will not

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Don't get water until use there are the other people, the other shepherds have, you know, have watered their flocks. And they say, and our father is a old man, I'm gonna show you two meanings for this, I'm gonna share one COVID face is someone who's old by shake is also one who has lower than in the language but also someone who has a standing in the community, right? So they're saying it like the like, shall we and others mentioned this, that they're saying it to Musala Salam as an explanation, that we are here as girls getting water because our father is old. That's why we have to do the job that our father can do. Also, they're saying we're gonna shave the beard our dad has

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someone who's well known. Don't try to flirt with us. Right? Our that our Father is well known here don't think we're just two girls, you can come in say whatever you want to them. It's an interesting, you know, a lot of the words in the Quran a lot of the meanings that are conveyed have these, you know, multiple layers and they're all complimentary, right? They're not contradictory and it's a nice thing that some of them firstly you mentioned the word the last one that uses here

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is what are the ALMA Terminus yes the word use this OMA the word Ummah is translated generally generally as

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Juliet like a community or OMA you know, the Muslim ummah, right? The Muslim

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group, the civilization, sometimes it's translated, but it's an interesting word because

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it means it has a lot more meaning rather than says, well, uma Kulu Jabatan Iijima Imran is your own Elijah Muhammad Imran map, he says

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Ummah is a group of people, any group that some some unifying cause, is bringing them together, something that brings them together, that is called an ummah, in the lava robbers for honey is great lava we great scholar of the lava from Farhan from modern day Iran, and he wrote his book called

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Biafra two parameters, a dictionary of the words of the Quran, where he explains the, what's called etymology of the word, which is what is the gender? What is the root of the word? How was it used before Islam? How did the Arabs in you know, in the Jay Haley Adams, how did they use that word? And how is it used in the Quran and the comparison between the two and the depth of meaning so is one of the great books about Quran was written by him and very, very unique. So he is explaining what OMA is, is any matter that brings the people together is that group is called ummah. And he says in Medina wa he was a man Anwar hate on my camera, he says whether it's the same religion, whether it

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whether it is you know, same place, like they all live in the same place, so they're called uma or they live in the same time so they're called OMA, it doesn't matter what it is something is bringing them together. Okay.

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And he gives examples, Allah's motto calls the birds Right.

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Or the animals he calls them uma Well, mom and dad but didn't really allow for any of the Ruby Jana. Hi, he Illa, Oman, and Thalgo right, he's calling the birds that are flocking in the in the sky and the animals that are walking their OMA that they're all united by a common purpose. They're flying together to someplace they're crawling together or you know walking somewhere together.

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And what's interesting is the word tumor from its root is from AMA, right and you may recognize this word in the words diamo How many of you know what the emblem is? Right The aim is to make will do without without water, right? It is the battle of Waldo if you don't have water than you make them Yes, in the absence, but the word tam is itself used to intent well I am Mamula commies, I mean, who don't Fiona Wallace can be asked if he learned to me we'll figure what I mentioned. The idea of giving sadaqa Allah Allah says do not intend to give sadaqa that is, you know from things that are garbage, that if someone gave it to you, you you yourself will not take it unless you are compelled

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to write the word intent there is while I am Mamula hobbies, they come from the word to her mum from the root of Uma, because the tire mum also has the meaning of Uma, excuse me the has the meaning of intent in it. The idea is

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When you make the emoluments an intention, you don't really get cleaned by rubbing your hands on dirt, right? When you're giving charity, you have to have some intent. That is the same word. I'm just trying to give you like a broad understanding of how this word is used. And it's different different.

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Derivatives are using the Quran, this is a very powerful thing in Arabic, by the way, right in Quranic Arabic, the, the source, and the different musta caught, anyone was stopped, got the words, and it's different derivatives. It's a fascinating topic. And, you know, I remember one of my old teachers, when we were still learning Arabic, he would send us these back in the day, we would have, you know, these old websites now, we don't have them anymore. Now you have apps Mashallah. But he was sending us these old websites where you could put in a word, and it gives you a whole bunch of meanings from a whole bunch of dictionaries, you see, and he would say to us, imagine if you knew

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Arabic, how much we can learn and how much you can understand the Quran, I remember those emails, you will send us as hard Allah. And that was a motivating factor for a lot of us to study Arabic to study the Quran. And I'm just sharing these with you to show you the depth of meaning that is available once you have some access to understanding Quranic Arabic, if you have this, you can start connecting different different words in different different places completely seeming like they have no relationship to each other, but they do have a relationship, they have a common root. And the common root, its core meaning to intend is applicable in the word Oma. It's applicable to the word

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player, Mum, it's applicable to any of its derivatives that you can find this is how the language works. And it's very powerful. And as Pamela, then when you start to think about it in that way, it becomes very cohesive, there's a new layer of meaning, a new level of Duckburg, of contemplation that's unlocked, when a person can start to think at that level. Right? So I wanted to share that with you always, because I feel that's a very important aspect. And I don't think we emphasize that enough. I think we emphasize speaking Arabic and having Arabic medium things, which is, you know, has its place. But this is actually in my opinion, the real, the real stuff, right? Where if you can

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start to connect the Quranic Arabic in your mind to other words, and other meanings, that's when the depth of the Qalam of Allah starts to open up to you. And that's when the appreciation of it you know, people, you hear people, they will hear the Quran, they are crying, they will hear the Quran and you know, it moves them, right, it doesn't happen on a surface level. It happens on a deep level, right? And this is that depth, perhaps, that we can try to aspire to so that it can also move us. So that's just a quick tangent for supply. Lahoma Musa al salaam takes the flock from these two girls and he gets them water. Okay, so much Oh, Allah, Allah, Vinnie for kohlrabi in Neelima and

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Zelda in am in hiding. Okay, what time is it that we have breakfast? Sorry, I don't want to go over time.

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Was it five more minutes? Okay. You're saying 710 themselves all right now. Okay.

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All right. Then he goes to under the shade of a tree. And he makes a very beautiful dua. He says that I'll be in Nilima and Santa Ana. Yeah, I've been hiding. Anybody looking to get married. Make this.

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The Dora is Oh my Lord, I am in dire need of anything you send to me. I am faqeer.

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For whatever you send to me, I am in need of it. Anything you send me, I'm in need of it.

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For the Houma dam, she is still here, one of the two girls came to him as he is, you know, lying in the shade than she is here she is walking with a sense of higher higher is one of those words, in all honesty, I don't think there's a good translation of it. In English. I've asked a few people I've looked myself, someone who

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has studied, you know, Arabic and tries to do a good job translating, honestly, I still haven't found a good translation of hire, hire, the concept is you are able to reserve what is naturally apparent, right naturally a woman is it all has a sense of beauty, right? Higher is for her to preserve that and withhold that not because she's afraid of it or shy of it. But because that is a preservation of it, to prevent someone else from being unnecessarily attracted. That's from a perspective of a girl from her perspective of a man hire as well as it's natural for a man to extend himself beyond. Right. It's natural in many ways for men to flirt and to, you know, show his what he

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has done.

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However the man will be to contain that right to contain that to the point where it doesn't become a point. That is, that is flaunted to the public. As Dempsey Aleister he actually is walking in a way that she's hiding her her beauty she's hiding the things that may attract others towards her violet in the Ruka Lea Dizzy aroma supply italiana my father is calling you to give you some give you a reward for what you have done for us you water our flock, we want to give you a reward

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for la magia who also for la magia who are Casa La casa por la to half the Jota miracle mentor limit. Musa lesson accepts the offer goes to the Father tells him the story. The father says don't worry, you are safe here the wrongdoing people are not going to come to you. Right He tells them the story of around how he was being pursued for this for this case, and how they probably will not give him you know, justice. And this man assures him that you'll be fine. In the seal books they mentioned this was Shriver Lisanna right shot right? So I've lived in Medina and but in reality, we don't have actually any other we don't have any proof of this right? And then the first thing and

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say something that is not necessarily proof that you know for for something to be definitive proof, you have to have either something from the Quran, or something from the Hadith, or something that is more than just a surah Iliad, you know, so the Iliad is what's found in the Bible. Right? That's my first screen would reference was found in the Bible quite often. And that's not evidence unnecessarily, historically, right? Because as we know, it's not not been preserved to that level. So we don't actually have any first source or first level proof that this is showing very seldom, but you know, a secondary sources say it is showing either way, that's not the point of the story.

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Quality Daheia dear who in high Romanus digital copy, you will, I mean, one of the two said the girls says to her father, Oh, Dad, hire this man, dude who hire this man, because the best person you can hire is someone who has two qualities. He's strong, and they are trustworthy, right? I you can in I was listening to a workshop where they said that you can draw a matrix. Okay. For a any employee, and you can judge them on these two characteristics, their will and their skill. Yes. And you can kind of map the idea of will and skill to a Will you mean here as well, right? Well, there's someone who's, you know, are they motivated to do something skill is do they have the skill to do

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it? The best employees who has the will and the skill mashallah, this is a 10 out of 10. Right? They will do the job? And you know, they will do well, right? And the worst says the one who has no will and no skill, this is a miskeen that just collecting a paycheck, and someone who has some will but no skill, you can work with them, because you can train them at okay. And scenario, which is very difficult with someone who's skilled, but doesn't want to do work. Right. So this is a you know, interesting discussion. I'll cover you let me in same idea of the matrix here, right of that matrix, I'll call we you would say is someone who has the skill, right, who were strength in the case of

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flog you need to be strong to be able to you know, take them around you need to be strong to wrestle away the other shepherds to give you a water to get your water. Amin is trustworthiness, way more than just will. It's someone who you can trust right? trust with your property trust with the job. So the same idea applies. Yeah, and there's also a really beautiful logo we aspect here, which is alcovy Amin not in the halal Minister Phaedra Minister Jetta COVID. Amin on it's not makira it's modified right? It is has an L. And the reason for that is to create the meaning of exclusivity. Right, is to create the meaning of this is a dino Naseeha and Naseeha. The whole Dean is to give

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advice that is sincere, right? Exclusive exclusivity is built. So she's trying to say this is a really difficult person to find someone who has both qualities.

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And here we have, we've stumbled upon this person.

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What does this man say? He says in God don't get hung up. debonair Tejada in Yala, and Giuliani samanya hedges Mashallah. So very wise man. He says to Musa alayhis salam, I want to marry you one of my two daughters with the condition the MaHA here is, you have to say

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For me For eight years, served me eight years as a shepherd, I have to go meet my father in law, I have to mentally prepare myself

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to get ready to listen to him. This is a good man. What do you know? Eight years of working for my father Hola. Hola. Hola.

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That's a joke. Don't tell my wife, okay.

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But in Atlanta, I shouldn't for winter Indic if you are able to do 10 Then that is something that you are doing from yourself. Well, that would either shoot colleagues taggi Dooney insha Allah in Minnesota, I don't want to make your life difficult. You will find me from the righteous Paula Danica veiny. While we're in it,

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he said This is between me and you meaning I agree, okay. This is a way of saying I agree to the terms AML Jelenia tobuy to phala are the one I like, whichever the two terms I fulfill eight years or 10 years for that role. The one or the one is from the word I do, yes, I do is an enemy, but I do with someone who crosses the line. Right? Allah says Timika who do the law he filat that do ha these are the boundaries of Allah do not cross them. Right. So the one is crossing something or in the context of a contract is to not fulfill the terms of the contract right now you have you know breach the contract. Thank you. There's the word for Allah Diwan Allah as long as I fulfill eight or 10 I

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have fulfilled I have not breached the contract Allahu Allah mana Kudo kill Allah is a witness over that. Now two quick points to note here. Number one is how amazingly Allah is Pabla as the DUA Musa Salam Musa Sam came to Medina and not having a house not having a family not having, you know, anything really. Just the clothes on his back, no food, no job, nothing. A Stranger in a Strange Land. Yes. And he made this door, Robbie Neelima Delta 1100 50 Oh, Allah, whatever good you send me I am in need of it. And last month I gave him a family gave him a job, give him a house. Everything was given to him on the same in the same story on the same page of the Messiah SubhanAllah. This is

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how Allah smart Allah answers right. And this is perhaps why I said not half jokingly but very seriously as well, that this is a dua that someone who's looking to get married they should make, because everyone should make this work because the door is generic, and that they lay em in height and fulfill anything you give me I'm in need of it. All of us are in need of Allah's cake, but specifically someone's looking for the fate of getting married. And Lord knows it's very hard to get married right now. That is a failure that you need more than anything else. And last part, you know when China will help you in it make dua seek the help of others around you. May Allah make matters

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easy, but the point of the story the showerhead is how quickly Allah answers the door. So don't ever do not ever give up hope in Allah's his mercy and his dua and making dua to him. That's number one. Number two is Do you notice?

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There's two girls Yes. The whole time. It was one of the mentions. Mean Dooney Imamura tahini that was done in rotini that do that to girls or to women who are holding their frog then

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call it that they both said, okay, then Jah to ADA Houma, one of the two Kim.

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Call that Homer what are the two said? Yes.

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In the renewal on caca, Davina Teja. Dane, I want you to marry what are my two daughters? Yes. Do you notice it's always ambiguous Allah Samantha did not mention, which of the two said what, which is the tomb said, come to meet our father, which of the two said Father hire him? Which of the two

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you know, was proposed by the by crmls RAM or by the by the person in the story? And which of the two then Musa pick? Did you notice that in the whole story, it is what's called a MOBA. Right? It's ambiguous, it's kept ambiguous or it's kept hidden by design. Yes or no, it's a subtle point on the Quran. Right. And this is actually a very important point. That the personal details here are not the important part of the story. It's not important which of the two girls Musa Sam chose, right? Does it change the story? No. Does it add any value to the story? No. Does it make it more of a subject where we can put ourselves in the place of the protagonist and follow their steps? It

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doesn't these details are irrelevant. Right to the for our perspective, right. And also,

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it's none of our business to know. More importantly, as the profit is awesome said

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That's one of the best things right in them. I mean, firstly, Islam in Turku. Malai Aniki, right from the beauty of a person's Islam, from their adherence to the faith is to leave things that is none of their business is none of our business in this particular instance, who did Musa lesson pick of the two girls to get married to? You see, and this is a lesson that's been taught here in the app from the story of Musa Islam we know a lot about the life of Rasulullah salaam, because we know all the Omaha MYNAME you know, all of his wives, you know, all of the narrations, we know all the stories, but the other prophets and the other Sahaba for example, other great people, their personal

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lives are kept personal now, and people's personal lives should be kept personal people have this tendency to interfere to ask, you know, to to, to stick their nose where it doesn't belong. Yes, this is part of our culture's very, very frequently. But what this story is teaching us is that there is boundaries, you have to respect that and in fact, some of it is not the end of your business. And you should not even concern yourself with it. And this is a point shovel that will end on overtime here sorry for killing the breakfast from you, but I hope this was beneficial, the story of Musa Saddam and then the two girls to make dua and to never lose hope to hopefully inspire you to

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think about the stories in the Quran and ponder them to dive deeper into the beautiful Arabic that is there in the Quran so we can connect and reflect we ask Cosmatos give us the topic to understand the Quran sunnah is implemented, implemented in our lives, which is located also on Amina Mohammed Voila, early he was always right