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The importance of fasting for achieving optimal health and avoiding financialoniity is emphasized, along with the need for effort and dedication in achieving healthy eating and drinking. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of fasting, including potential injuries and health issues, and the importance of avoiding certain activities and foods. The speakers briefly mention upcoming events such as the Aladdic Show and thank attendees for their support.

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My beloved brothers and sisters Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always if we will begin with the praise of Allah insha Allah Allah and Allah we witnessed that these men are worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love greetings salutations, beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and his poor family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be amongst them. Amin Amin on hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. We are on the cusp of Ramadan. And as I mentioned that the Navitat salaam would give a sermon to the Sahaba at the advent of

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Ramadan Sahaba already performing the best of people, and he's reminding them that they are Abu Bakr Omar Abdullah, you need to take it to the next level now, because upon you is a blessed month. We Jana is open. Whoever wants Jana, now is the time to get Jana, whoever wants your sins forgiven. Now is the time to get your sins forgiven. There is a night coming up in the next couple of weeks, better than 1000 months. Whatever gets that night, we'll have all the sins forgiven and have a lifetime of good deeds. And it is accessible not just to the Sahaba not just to the Ollie out with Allah ma, it's accessible to every single person. Allah doesn't look at the quantity, he looks at

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the quality, someone that before Ramadan, they were not performing the salah. But during Ramadan, they make an effort to perform they worked on time is so much better, has improved so much versus the person making the Hajj every night. And so no matter where you begin where you are now, Ramadan is available to all of us. I mean, we say that Alhamdulillah To achieve this, it's not easy or it's Allah has made it easy, but it's not going to be without effort. And the work needs to begin a little bit before Ramadan. We spoke about affirming our Nia, not just the NIA too fast, but the NIA to let this be the perfect and the best Ramadan to make that extra effort in terms of a vida. We

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also said last week about sin that we need to try and avoid financial sins shaytaan is about to be locked up. But he will make sure that he has certain things in place that will keep the word going. You know he's gonna make sure that there are things that you're doing that spoils Ramadan arguing with people, we're going to have Moon fighting again, don't get involved in any Moon fighting please don't get involved in any Moon fighting. Don't get involved with this fitrah and philia fighting don't get involved in any of those things. Don't get involved with this Kilohana Ultra class 20 rockets panela just make solar just make solar. And as we see be very cautious about the money. Make

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sure that you have paid your zakah is any soccer or when it was any rebar get rid of this rebar now if there's any haram income get rid of it. If it's any person that can point the finger that man stole my Huck He owes me for a job I did make sure you citylit Allah 1000 around 2010 1000 And it's not worth later to cover later to cover is so much more valuable than that. So sit write those things. Then we spoke a little bit about the thick of fasting and we said fasting is the easiest in terms of how to foster was just a reminder that every that everyone that is Muslim and is McAuliffe must fast you're not it McAuliffe we when we say off day for you, but everyone should be fasting

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except two types of people. They are those people who have a permanent excuse. They will never ever be able to fast and may Allah grant that grant them Shiva and Subhan Allah so beautiful to find a person when they reach that level even though Allah has given them the chance of Vidya they're not happy who Allah they're not happy. No one takes that Vidya with Joy says I want to pass a How can I not force we say Granny, you must eat. It is now haram for you to fossil damage. You are having that Eman that Eman is the and so for those people who are too sick, they have a type of diabetes where they have to eat regularly. They are on some treatment that they will never get killed Malaga Shiva,

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they pay a fee. Dr. Ophelia, what is a failure? Failure is a penalty where you feed one person for every day that you must want meal. And we saw the you know, messages coming out different math hubs have different amounts of video. Why is this? This goes back to the time of an abyssal Salam. They didn't have kilograms. So when you how much is a meal, this is the Happy Meal is the Big Mac meal sequence, we don't know. And so it was a mood or a saw was what you took with your hand. Basically one person's hand is bigger than the other. And so the mother has differed in the calculation is it on isn't a three kilos of rice, three kilos of wheat difference. And so you'll find a range, a lower

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range and upper range in sha Allah, stick to your madhhab or stick to your dilemma or if you want to be a habit if you're able to afford it's between nine Rand and 28 Rand so Subhanallah it's not a lot. Choose the higher end and you play that video. You can play the video at the beginning of the month. So if you have a grand new start fasting, say look 30 days times 27 We pay all of that Vidya ideally we said it is good to feed someone to actually go and sin the

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Uh, the food to somebody. If not, then give it to a man sudo sans F, put the even Bravo say Vidya and we will make sure because you cannot give money to the recipient, you cannot give money to the recipient, you must give food to the recipient. And so in sha Allah that must be done. Then we said what is more relevant to all of us here is a temporary, a temporary excuse. If you're too sick too fast. You make the day up. If you're traveling we spoke about that you choose what is more convenient, and you make the day up. We ended off with menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding the fast okay, menstruation is easy. If the sister is menstruating, obviously she does not fast she does

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not make Salah she has to make up the fasting without the solder. And can she recite Quran during her menstruation? Yes, she can. She can still make dua she can do everything. Unfortunately, she can't. She does not fast now, but she fast after Ramadan. And in many ways it's more difficult. We all know that. It is more difficult to make up a day after Ramadan when everyone is partying, and then they need to make up the day. But this is a higher level of taco taco required of them. So alhamdulillah it is how Allah had deemed it for our sisters.

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As for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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The order ma have mentioned here that obviously if the lady fast, it's going to harm the baby, it might harm the baby most likely, at a certain point in her pregnancy. It's not advisable for her to fast. Similarly, if she's breastfeeding, she can fast but the milk might run up and it might be harmful for the baby. And so she has been given the same excuse like the sick person that they have a temporary excuse not to fast. Now I pause here because I got tons and tons of questions of ladies who want to know about this. Now as well like this is like the jihad for the ladies. That jihad for the lady one year she's pregnant so she can't the whole Ramadan 2015 no fasting, then 2016 2017

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she's breastfeeding for two years. So three years of no fasting when in 2018 Mashallah the second child now another two years, so it's gone like four or five years, no fasting, and you add up times 30. Now you have like two 300 days of sculpt. So now many of the sisters ask can I not just pay a fee? Do I pay 30 Rand for every day 30 times 300 And you know what? Ninth 9000 And I think Metacritic then I'm I'm alright hamdullah, then my I'm done right with my with my video. I would rather do that then fast 300 days a year. Every single month hub agrees the lady must make up those days she needs to force those 300 days in the only debate is that she still put a filter on top of

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it, she still has to pay a philia plus make the day in via video. Because as we mentioned last week, if you're the days that you owe goes beyond one year, you had these owing from 2021 You had the whole year to fast you three four days and now it's already 2022. Now Allah Subhana Allah and there's no Hadith about this, but many scholars have said because you went beyond the limit pay Ophelia and make make the day in now many of the sisters as we said, it's very difficult to have this mountain of skulls on your head. And the Sharia allows you to force it whichever day is easiest for you. Maybe once a week, you take a day, maybe wait for the winter, inshallah the husband is soft

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to be blamed for the situation he should be fasting with you. So I know it's perhaps the best that he takes off the scalp. But unfortunately, this is one of those rulings, which certain rules is difficult for them in you pay a dowry, you must pay them Africa. This is one of the rulings that may be a bit difficult for our sisters. But we will have this is Allah Allah has called Allah's decree. So yes sisters, undoubtably, you must force those days in by unanimous consent of all the matter hubs. The only debate is whether you still pay a fee on top of it Hanafi madhhab says now the other matter, he says yes, and Allah Allah knows best obviously safest to pay your video as well if you

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right now, we speak about what nullifies the fasting,

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this is always the contentious issue, what breaks my fast

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that during fasting is a list of things that break your fast you cannot eat, you cannot drink you cannot have sexual contact, you cannot vomit

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deliberately, but all those things must be done with intention with knowledge was designed to break your fast. So, let me give you an example. We know passing wind breaks you will do yes. If you pass when by accident is you will do broken.

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If you pass when by accident, is you will do still fine or is it broken? Broken? We don't Sharia doesn't worry if you did it deliberately or you said you know you told someone just wait to it and you let one deliberately. Either way you will do is broken. So for certain for certain deeds, like voodoo, or haram. It doesn't matter if you did it deliberately, or you did accidentally it nullifies the model. Fasting is different. If you ate by accident. You ate without knowing you're fasting is not broken. So if you did any of the things

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which break your fast by accident, unintentionally, you were forced to do it, whatever it is, then your fasting is broken? Well hamdulillah Allah has made it that this list of things that nullifies your fast must be done with the intention with the knowledge breaks my fast and to break your fast, so many of us handla The first couple of days, we tend to eat to drink by mistake, because we're not used to the Fossey. Alhamdulillah as we know the Hadith and resources, Allah wrote that for you, Allah wrote that for you. Someone says, What if I even, you know, subhanAllah slept with my wife by mistake, if it was genuinely by mistake, Alhamdulillah Allah wrote that for you, you continue

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fasting, you continue fasting, okay, so eating and drinking, and anything equivalent to eating and drinking. So if you have a drip that nourishes your body, you have some injection that gives you nourishment, this will also break your fast, so avoid and to be safe. Avoid anything that passes through the mouth and the nose, the mouth and the nose sticks, a similar ruling in the Sharia. And that is why you take voodoo in Ramadan, you don't go and you don't sniff the water all the way to the back. So anything that any medication that goes through the mouth, through the nose, avoided if you can any pump or spray avoided if you can, okay, yes, it becomes more and more technical, if it's

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a guest and all that really so go down that road, but the mouth and the nose is deemed to be consumption and any drip as well. If you vomit deliberately you force yourself to vomit, this will break your fast but if you vomit by accident, you know insha Allah that does not break your fast. Cupping is a very controversial one. For our purposes, do not

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deal do not didn't donate blood or have blood extracted unnecessarily. If you need to have a colossal problem, you need to go to the doctor. But in Ramadan, you should not cupping is where blood is extracted for medical reasons. If you do not need to do it, it's not an emergency. It's not a necessity. Avoid having blood taken from you during the month while you're fasting because obviously in the day in the night, you can do all these things. Then of course, menstruation will break your fast, deliberate ejaculation. Alright, so if someone looks at some things, touches some parts, stimulate some organs and the ejaculate obviously it breaks the fast but if you ejaculate by

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accident, you're sleeping during the day and you woke up You had a wet dream. And hamdullah you're fasting is fine. People always struggle with this

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Bahara and fasting are two different things. You need to be in the state of voodoo to make salah.

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You do not need to be in the state of voodoo Faust. So someone says I woke up in the morning I am Juniper I had a wet dream or I was with my wife Alhamdulillah. Now it's 510 minutes before Fajr the wise so we're O'Dwyer who so we say so because even if the work comes in your fasting is fine to be June hope and fasting is fine. You just need to shower for Fudger just to make sure that for Fajr that you are in the state of Sahara. And of course the worst thing you can do during the day in Ramadan is sexual intercourse. This is the worst thing. Now. I'm gonna tell you something that you might have not heard before, that you were scared as a child. What happens if you deliberately break

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your fast during the day? What is the penalty? What must you what's the Cafaro? Well, by unanimous consent of all the mud hubs, if you deliberately ate during one day in Ramadan, it's a major sin. You need to make Toba. Even if you fought for the rest of your life, you will not get the reward that you lost from that one day. But as a penalty, what are we going to do we're not gonna let you we're not going to chop off anything. We are all you have to make you have to force to one day to Allah, you owe Allah one day of sculpting. The only time you need to for 60 days is if you have intercourse in the day of Ramadan. So difference. I know when you grew up, Malema said if you eat

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after the back 60 days you must fast that's not correct. It's only if you have intercourse. And as for hon Allah this isn't a green light to Hamdulillah I can just make up the day after as I said it's a major sin. It's a major sin.

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Not only that you will that you will never ever get my Allah subhanaw taala it is but even it's a you playing with a pillar of Islam.

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Remember, if you are if if our Salah is deficient, our skeleton sisters for those sisters who have a lot of days owing, remember one of the big questions are going to be the pillars. If any of the pillars of deficient your Islam is in question you need to make sure my fasting my Zakka Maya one Hajj my salah is up to date. Yeah Allah. I don't know about that jute and all those things. But this I can say these five pillars are intact, then you're guaranteed insha Allah access to Jana, when there's nothing that can stop you by Nila going to Jana. So that is why we take this very, very serious because this affirms our position as as a Muslim.

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Now at Hamdulillah this is the basics of fasting and I'm sure many people will ask me a lot of questions. What about ear drops, eyedrops nose sprays, all those things. There's always going to be differences of opinion, these contemporary medical issues

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is instrument it doesn't break your foster not the safest thing is as

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I said, avoid all of the stuff and then you're safe. If it cannot be avoided, let's say you want some medication where it cannot be avoided. If it's through the mouth and the nose, very dangerous, technically through the ears and the eyes doesn't count as eating, and if someone throws alcohol in your ear, you don't get lashed for drinking Hummer. Even though you can taste it maybe even though you can taste the Hydra, it doesn't break your fast and shallow that is negligible. It's unintentional. Like you breathe in oxygen all the time. You can't help but this is okay. But if you can avoid it, avoid it. And if you do, if you can't avoid it, then take it the medication and

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continue fasting if there's a view that it doesn't break your fast and then still at the end if you really want to be safe. You make up the day but still continue fasting for the day with Nila then take the opinion that says it doesn't break my force and continue fasting during the day. Nila

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insha Allah then if there's any any questions specific to fasting,

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it's permissible. You're not yet in Joomla in terms of inequation on fasting Yes.

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So Donating blood is permissible but don't donate blood in Ramadan or in the day in Ramadan donated in the evening, in the evening the rule of the capping and Allah knows best that the Prophet son says will ever donate as blood removed and the one who takes blood now cupping it's I don't know the doctors panel, it's a different masala for them. Whoever has blood extracted, the fasting is is is invalid. So do not go and donate blood now donate after Ramadan in the evenings. Any other questions in terms of fasting?

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So the brother is asking after Ramadan, and not only the female all of us, we might all have days that we oh, so do we fall and now we know there's a great reward to force the 60s of show well with Ramadan. What's the reward that our museum says? Whoever fasts Ramadan, and six days or shall well it is like Allah wrote the entire year for you now Alhamdulillah Subhan Allah it will be so beautiful to send before Allah. Allah says This is Ahmed he lived to 60 years he has 60 years of fasting on his name and he only fostered what the few Ramadan said he could and six days of Show All right so in Hamlet is a great reward we should all do. The only issue is the six days of Chawan and

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then we'll discuss this after Ramadan then resources Whoever completes Ramadan and then adds six on top of it then it's he gets the reward. So the scholars have differed do I first have to finish my scope? And then do my six Can I join them I have five days or when can I do the five and the six together it's a masala of Philip for example. This safest the humble opinion is you first do your scope and then you do your six on top of it because of the nature of the Hadith the wording Whoever completes Ramadan with six more others have said no problem like you join a sunnah and followed why not join them? This is if you can do both do do them separately, but if it's too much, then you know

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combine the inshallah last question before we conclude

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the Advan time

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the advance for Joomla Shala when we danielda done although the work of Joomla is in the works for Joomla the work for Joomla is to

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alright so vaccinations we're getting into dangerous area now spinal whether a vaccine is halal or haram it's a different masala right when we assume any injection in injection, right let's talk about any injection of a terminal injection and all that if the injection firstly if you can avoid the injection avoid it if you can avoid it, avoid it okay? Or take it off the market, whether it's insulin, whether it's anesthetic, whatever it is, but if you must take it during the day then if it's a nourishing vaccine, an injection that gives you nourishment then this thing will definitely procure fast as for any other type of you know as I said if it goes into the muscle only and not

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into the digestive system, and the doctors are yeah they can tell us more certain injections down into the bloodstream it doesn't into your digestive system. So it's just the in the muscle like when the dentist put something you know I've said dental work yesterday hamdulillah it doesn't go into your bloodstream as far as I know. This wouldn't technically break your fast. So I can't say which injections Your doctor will tell you and based go to a a Muslim doctor to explain to you about this just on the issue of Adan you will find that in the Hanafi madhhab. The Advan you'll find on the calendars. This is not so problematic in Cape Town, the Sudan is different, you know, they'll say

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you must Fajr is software six but you as fast from six o'clock. Why? What's going on here? Why is that? Why does the Hanafis have some? The Hanafi madhhab view the Oftedal The best time to perform budget a little late into the work comes in at six but the GMR makes makes a lot of plastics. That's the panel review that it's there's a little bit of light in the sky and then they make but the budget is what came in at six o'clock. And so you need to start obviously when the work comes in to

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Austin hamdulillah in the Shafi madhhab or the majority of the scholars said the best work is to make it immediately and so when the work comes in we make Salah and force together And Alhamdulillah we have no dispute about that within the law inshallah we are going to conclude now our brother Bucha Israel, Rahim Allah passed away one of them would heed to this message and he's Janaza will be at Mercy cheffy so we're going to try and be done by half past and that we can all go to the general salam ala grantee my place in Jana, and all those who have passed away those who can't be with Subhanallah Ramadan, we will be a come a time when they will say Buddha Mohammed Buddha undefine

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Nakia this Ramadan May Allah grant them the fully would have what they liked and Allah bless them and give them the Barak and Rama of Ramadan. I mean for all of us, I mean, just a quick quick announcements.

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So Ramadan insha Allah they're going to look for the moon tonight. They're going to fight over the moon tonight inshallah the moon was speaking tonight, I'm gonna grant us safety most likely Travi is going to be next. Tomorrow night most likely, but don't be surprised if Alhamdulillah some you know someone that sees the moon and we might have first started with tonight and fasting tomorrow. We will of course have tarawih here and Majid Quran of the shy a trackers if you want more Hamdulillah we can discuss all that what is best what's best is as much time on the masala so if you make eight with us and then you make 10 at home and hamdulillah so long to spend more time on the masala a

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tracker as yaku to use other monasteries have longer whichever is easiest for you. Alhamdulillah we also like to thank all of you who attended the stalls and supported Abravanel Islam obviously all of this goes for the upliftment of the ministry and our soup kitchen. Our newsletter with all our details will go further and more about this you know if you want to be part of our feeding scheme in particular during Ramadan, please you know have quick access to our newsletter. Zakka Haider was Allah and Muhammad Ali wasabi some listening from Nairobi. datamine cinema libre Catalan