Ramadan Preparation

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So I'm here to talk to you a little bit about the issues of the Philip fair because as an imam there are certain things you have to know how to do

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well, and you have because you're responsible, you're running the show here. So you're the person who carries everything that's happening behind you. It's a very very heavy load like when you pray people would run away from them historically because when you're standing there you're responsible for how things are running behind you and you have to so you have to have a lot of a very good grip on how things go and what is acceptable what isn't what isn't out there

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that was working on can you not want to miss anyone? Can you see it? I'm gonna need it to refer for this evening anyways.

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They have slides tonight as well people look for it I'll just use it for now. So I'll just I'll just use this for

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no no, I don't do it. But this is not working either. No

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I know what I'm talking about. I just I'd like the organization is things gives me I forget the

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whole team

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we have to find the clicker because that's important. All right. So the first thing you need to know about obviously is Nia you definitely need to take a moment and and think about this your knee oh it comes to the to

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this is Dr. coverable dog issue. This is not the one this is version eight. This is not the one this is not the right one. No it's still near the first thing is still be neat. I just thought this is not the right one.

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Just maybe leave that

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I just I shared the long the wrong. Share the wrong one with you know it's my fault. No, it's not his fault. I shared the wrong one. And here it is. I'll send you the