Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – Time For The Intention Of Fasts

Ibrahim Nuhu


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The speaker discusses the importance of making intentional fasting before night to avoid being recognized by others. They suggest that fasting is not a means to eat, but rather a means to avoid feeling tired and achieve goals. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of keeping a clear eye and not fasting too early.

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For the Sunnah forces, okay, you can make intuition after further you can make intuition even after war according to the best opinion for some of us, you can make intentional let's say,

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you realize that you do not eat anything from last night you know you do not eat anything. Okay? And then you, you remember that few minutes before Marguerite

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promised you do. Make a dish, according to the best opinion even at this moment you make intention to fast will be counted from the time you started it, if it is sooner. And the reason why they said this because Allah Allah sama came back home, and he says, I talked to Aisha, do we have any food? She said, she said, No, he said, Okay, then I'm fasting. He said, I'm fasting then so they said he initiated the fasting from from now because there is no food at home. But in the wider fast, you cannot fast if you don't have intention before 5g is malum ubcm A middle lane for that. Cmo if you don't start your fast before Fajr. Your fast will not be accepted, acceptable, accepted for you. So

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that means watch. I must make intention before future. But sooner I can make intention at any moment as long as I do not eat. If you have already eaten after frigid colors. You have to wait until the next day in shower.

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Can you pay attention for the night before you go to sleep? That's why the best in Ramadan is to make intention to fast the whole Ramadan, the first day you sign the moon invitation should be there. And this intention is not you don't need to sit down and read the tension. You know there is nothing like that. If you wake up at night to take the whole what I intended to do first, thus itself is intention. That's why some scholars said it is almost impossible for a person to pass without intention. And also you make intention during the night. The point is don't make intention before. I'm sorry after fajr so the best is before you sleep Have you intention to fast in case you

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woke up after fajr then you can just continue