Muhammad West – My Last Ramadan #2

Muhammad West
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Now the last mythology Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been able to sit here and say, you know, Muhammad Ali, he was a big Marine. My beloved brothers said Mr. Alex Marquardt, Allahu barakato

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hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen Oh praise be Unto Allah and I should have Allah Ilaha illa Allah we testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and greetings and salutations, beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious in his pure family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless as to be amongst them. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah we are on the cusp of the month of Ramadan, may Allah grant us to reach the month of Ramadan and achieve the full benefit of Ramadan and get the accepted Ramadan. And it'd be the best Ramadan. I

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mean, I mean, well, hamdulillah so I mentioned last week, that we should really approach Ramadan this year, as if though it is our last we should not take for granted that I will see another Ramadan next year when other five or 10 or 20. We should take this as it's my final opportunity. And we mentioned that in the context of life. We have one job to pass the test of life and to get eternity of happiness and joy and contentment in Jana to fill those mela granddad's for us I mean, and if your life is not the if I'm not there yet, I have so much sin I haven't made enough damage but I haven't give enough charity that Allah said I'm going to give you a bonus 30 days 30 days 30

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Nights, no matter if you've wasted 70 years you didn't make one surah

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one Ramadan is enough to earn your place in Jannah one except to the Ramadan is enough. And that hadith that we mentioned, whether Sahabi Tahara Allah and he saw two brothers coming to the visa lemon they embraced Islam, and then the one went to fight Jihad and he died in Riyadh visa Videla shade, the other brother lived a normal life and then he died the next year. And Tahara Allah dreamed of both of them reaching Jana, and they stood before the gates of Jana and it was open for them. And then the angel said, the brother who died the natural death the brother who died in his bed, you intergender first the Shahid waited a few minutes, and then they said now you are allowed

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to intergender so tall, he was surprised and he went to the Navi Salam. And he said the Rasulillah Salam, how is this possible that the Shahid intergender second, what are the reasons why you surprised so tell her did that other brother not live for one extra year and get one extra Ramadan? That he would have Ramadan, greater than the reward of a Shaheed Subhan Allah from this hadith.

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And we know that if you die, a shahid harass you pass the exam, you enter Jannah without problems without sin without punishment. And the Ramadan in sha Allah from this hadith is even greater than that, if you attain the full benefit of Ramadan. So that's what's up for grabs. And so we mentioned last week, that before we get to Ramadan, important things we need to do, we need to purify our money, we need to purify our relationships, these are the things that block our access to the full benefit of Ramadan. And we have to understand, and these are basic things that we need to do understand the rules of fasting, what breaks your fast what is allowed, what's not allowed, if I

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travel, these basic things you have to get in place. And if you need a refresher, we did that yesterday on Islam from scratch, if you go to the YouTube channel, which our last lesson lesson number 33 was on the basic rules of of Ramadan, so on fasting, so imagine Ramadan, as like your World Cup final. And really, you can't compete because this is your life, your eternity is at stake my life my eternity is at stake. And you want to give yourself the best opportunity to maximize your reward. And so that's why we said get these things, right. But also like if you you know, and I imagined the pep talk before the final of the game. If the coach is telling you you need to do that.

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Remember this or that. But then, just before we start, we talk something positive. We remind ourselves no matter how difficult the task ahead of us, no matter who the opposition is, no matter what lies ahead. We need to believe with certainty

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that we can achieve it even if we haven't done enough preparation, even if we have really, really not folk

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So Ramadan until, until like right now we haven't even thought yeah Allah Ramadan is coming inshallah on Wednesday, I haven't even gotten in the I haven't prepared, am I really going to succeed? Remember who is judging and I think this is the biggest motivator for anybody. When you realize Allah subhanaw taala is not an examiner, he is not the to catch us out. He is not there to deprive us of Jannah but he wants us to succeed.

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He had given us Ramadan because we were not succeeding in the normal taste of life. And so he gave this freebie this bonus. Okay, go for the guests, all your sins can be forgiven. And then on top of that, in the bonus, he puts a very special bonus of labor to cover which is 1000 Month 1000 months that he would a lifetime 83 years of, of good deeds, no other oh my god this before, not the Jews, not the nasaga None no nation before God, this extra bonus later we'll call that except this OMA, why? Why did Allah subhanaw taala stack everything in our favor, because he wants us to succeed? And so when you remember who it is that you're fasting for, and who is the one that is judging, you're

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fasting and he's looking at our deeds. In sha Allah, this gives us the greatest motivation that even if Allah can achieve gender through filters, I mean, I mean, so what do you think when you think of Allah remember when Allah introduced himself in the Quran, he says, A Rahman Rahim, I am the Most Merciful, the Most kind, the most loving, the most gentle, or Amati was the article Lashay. Allah says that my Rama is every single person and creature coalition means every thing in creation. You have a signed portion of Allah's mercy, even if he's Subhan. Allah has of Allah's mercy. There's not a single creature in creation, not a drop not a atom, not a grain of sand, except that ALLAH has

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given it love and Kay and as his mercy. Allah says in the Quran cutterbar Abu Your Lord has made compulsory on himself and NFC he Rama I have made it compulsory for myself that I am merciful to my creation, under whom and Amin amin consew. and mutuality into metabo member it will ask for unknown of all Rahim that whoever Allah says I have made this a promise with myself it is a law it is guaranteed that whoever Have you commit sin no matter how big the sin is or how many the cities and you come back to me Tada you come back to Allah after that what Elsa and you try to fix yourself for ANOVA fool Rahim. Then He is Allah says that you will find or maybe Allah says I promise you I

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guarantee for you. I am a fool I am forgiving Rahim very merciful. This is a guarantee. Any single person that wants to turn back to Allah, this is outside of Ramadan. In the Ramadan this is amplified because in Ramadan we know that at least every single day. Allah subhanaw taala basically looks at the list of Jannah and people and when he says take this batch out, forgive this batch. Allah has made it compulsory that in Ramadan, there is a quota of people that every single day he exonerates them, removes him from Jana. So Subhanallah This is the Jahannam people can you imagine the people in Jannah already on the agenda list? What Allah does for them Spinalonga Allah grant has

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to be amongst them I mean, Allah Subhana Allah says, Not not be a baddie and he and I know for full Rahim, Allah says declared, say, oh Muhammad, tell my people tell the Ummah, tell the Muslims tell all of mankind, that visually, I am the Most Merciful, the oft forgiving the most kind, let them know this is why I am and so when you fast, and you think of your taraweeh and you think of your heart, and you think of the mistakes that you make, remember this is Allah subhanho wa Taala that is changing. Quickly Iberia living sort of Allah and fusi Himmler talking to me Rahmatullah ALLAH SubhanA. Allah says that all of you who committed sins say to them, Do not lose hope in the Mercy of

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Allah don't feel despondent. Don't feel that they are Allah. How many Ramadan did I waste? How many how many sins that I do? How did I promise you last year I'm not gonna do that haram but I'm back where I started. Just don't lose Don't be despondent. I promise you.

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Lattakia to me Rahmatullah in Allah through the Uber Jamia that Allah says, I will certainly forgive every single son, every Lawson, I will forgive him now we will have him again that he is oft forgiving, Most Merciful. Allah subhanaw taala emphasizes again and again and again. You might it is fine to doubt ourselves, to look at our actions and know it's not sufficient to feel I don't have what it takes to succeed. That's human that's fine. That's part of human perhaps even but when we think about the one who is judging and looking at our deeds, that is where we have utmost hope that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will look at our sins will look at our deeds good and bad. And then Allah

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subhanaw taala will look at how you spent the day

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you could have eaten and no one no one would have known that you ate something. Everyone around you is eating and drinking and enjoying themselves. You go to work you're hungry, you

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struggling but you maintain

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I'm not going to eat until the advent of mockery. This counts for something Subhanallah that donation that you make whatever one Rand 10 ran a lady into this Jana prostitute into Jana because she gave a dog a food a dog sip of water. What about you? Subhanallah that Insha Allah, you make a donation you feed someone in some country from starvation. When often what do you think that counts in the sight of Allah subhanho wa taala. So don't belittle your deeds. Allah subhanaw taala in a hadith processes, when Allah decreed the creation, He pledged to himself in his book, My Mercy will always exceed my punishment, but is Rama will always be greater, when the punishment, there will

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always be more Rama than these other. And then me so Salam also mentioned the Hadith that we all know and we should remind ourselves of these, all these things, you know, when you need that Allah subhanaw taala, when he created creation, and he looked at the attributes of mercy, and he wanted to gift, his creation, with mercy. You want to make mercy, one of the attributes that we enjoy, that we have, that's part of us, and he gave mankind mercy in their hearts, not only mankind, but even animals. And then our resources you will see, even in animals, this Rama, the mummy animal would feed her young, the mommy animal would defend her kittens from any predator that the mother, the

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mother elephant won't trample on her baby, the Rama that you see in all of creation. If you put all this together, it only counts 1% and the 99 the remainder remains with Allah subhanaw taala all the all the mercy, from the beginning of time to the end of time is not even 1% It's not a drop in the ocean, compared to the Mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. And therefore when Allah says, we're so lucky by the end for indicative, and we know this ayah is in the context of fasting, in the middle of the Ayat of fasting, that you must fast and you've the month of Ramadan, Allah puts this ayah and if they if my servants were to ask of me, where am I tell them? I am close to them, I am near to them.

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I'm with them. Would you die with a die that day? And I always respond to them whenever they ask. I've already responded to the two hours. This is a guarantee from your Lord.

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Especially in Ramadan, when the fasting person you went through the day, especially just before Iftar time you went through 1012 hours of you know, it's difficult. It's not easy, haven't eaten everything. You know, you've looked at everyone enjoying themselves, no one would have known it is just an agreement between you and Allah. And now you make the DUA Allah helped me Forgive me put Baraka in my family in my money. How will Allah subhanaw taala reject such a dua Insha Allah, as an angel says, Your Lord, know that your Lord is shy. Your Lord is generous and shy. When he Shai for him that a servant raises his hands, and Allah lips whose hands go empty. Allah is too generous to

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allow a DUA to allow a request to go and answered SubhanAllah. There'll be some says, Allah Himself says, Allah says this. I am as my servants, think of me. How you think of Allah is how you would find Allah. If Allah is loving and kind and merciful, and indeed you will be like that to you in sha Allah, I am with him when he makes mention of me. So whenever we mentioned Allah, Allah is with us. And if and if we mentioned the name of Allah to himself, If I make vicar and I think of Allah in my own capacity, then Allah mentions my name with himself Subhan Allah. Just imagine this, listen to this hadith, but when you mention the name of Allah, privately by yourself, Allah mentions your name

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with himself. We make the kind of Allah and Allah acknowledges your liquid with your name. And if the slave mentions me meaning mentions Allah in a group in a gathering, then I will mention him in a bitter gathering, that Allah will announce to the angels, Muhammad farty masala has mentioned me in a vicar so I mentioned his name to you as well. This is our Lord Subhan Allah, this is the rubble and I mean, I will mention your name in a bit of gathering the gathering of the angels. And if a person comes near to Allah, a short distance, you take one step to Allah, Allah grows closer to him in a much bigger step. And if he comes to Allah walking slowly, that Allah comes to him running and

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rushing towards him. And so Subhanallah when you look at these, these Hadith, we should be firm in our belief in our conviction. Allah wants every single person to pass and Allah wants every single person to have the most success in this Ramadan. As the enemy Salam reminds us, Allah is more merciful to be slaves than a mother East today to a child.

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Imagine your Ramadan is being judged by your mom. Your Jana is going to be determined by your mom's approval.

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If that was a hammer that really was the the deciding factor, who of you would feel like I'm going to lose?

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Mommy must decide if I was going to Jana or not mom will decide if I'm going to

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Jana Mona mom will decide if I'm going to be forgiving, you know, whoever you would have any doubt that you're going to fail this exam, you all feel I've lost, Yet Allah is greater and more merciful than your mother, that very famous Hadith where the mother found her child and she thought he had died. And she had this child and she was crying because she thought the child had died. And then at least we looked at her in this moment, this

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in this in this moment. And then she said, the prophets of salaam said,

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the prophet who said to the to the Sahaba, can you imagine this mother, a mother, any mother throwing their own child in a fire? Can you imagine throwing your children in the fire? It's impossible. And so the prophets have said, Allah is more reluctant to cost anyone in Jannah, when a parent is to cause their own children in Jannah. And so when we fast and we make these a Baghdad, this is tomb, that we're doing it to fool.

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We should remember also, that our deeds, yes, we need to work hard. And this is not. When we learn the Mercy of Allah, it is not to make us complicit, complacent and lazy, but it should actually encourage us to do more. But even if we haven't done enough, we know our quantity of deeds will not be the thing that gets us to Jannah because we know that on the day of Kiama and insha Allah that will be our series, our series for this Ramadan would be Kiama from the minor science, major signs that Jihad and all those things. The battles are what happens in the copper, what happens on the day of karma, what is inside Jana, what is inside Jana, all of that inshallah will be our series for the

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month of May the love Allah allows that we will know that at a point in Kiama. With all the sin and all the punishment, all the others that goes on, Allah will then look in Jannah and he will say, take out anybody from the that has an atom's weight of

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a person who did was a hadith a person who did no good deeds, not a single good deed. But he had a little bit of either at the smallest form of Eman to Allah, Allah will remove this person from Jana. Now Allah Allah how long he stayed in Jannah we don't want to go through that. But Allah subhanho wa Taala in His Majesty will not allow a single person that had the most limited relationship with him the smallest relationship, even though he lived a messed up life. And still Allah will say Who ever said La ilaha illa removed him from Johanna. This is the rubble anime. This is the robot army. Allah Subhana Allah says, this is again the words of ALLAH and it's so beautiful because this is what he

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himself says.

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A servant of Allah committed a sin. Zina Hamid, whatever it might be. And then he said to Allah, He comes, Oh Allah, forgive me, make me mafia, Allah made it a sin. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, My servant has committed a sin. But he knows that he has a Lord who forgives and punishes he acknowledged me by coming back and making Toba. You acknowledge I have Rob, and my Rob can punish me but my Rob is also merciful. And if I ask him to forgive you all, forgive. And so when Allah subhanaw taala says so Allah forgives him. When the man sinned again, same sin and it comes back Oh Allah, same sorry, yeah, Allah forgive me, forgive my sins. And then Allah repeats, my servant

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committed a sin, but he acknowledges that he has a Lord who punishes and forgives, and He forgave him. When he said the third time and he said the same thing. And Allah again said, Allah forgave him. And then Allah, Allah, Allah Subhanallah, this, this line gives us so much hope. Then Allah says to the to the person, do what you wish for I have forgiven you. Do what you wish for I forgiven you, no matter how many times you want to come back and forth, there is no limit. I'm not gonna get tired of forgiving you. I'm not gonna get tired of how many times you could fall in the same mistake over and over and over. I don't get tired of that. continue living and come back to me with Stefan

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and Toba, who son of Adam, as long as you call upon me, and you put your hope in me, I have forgiven you for whatever you have done. And I don't mind hung up that little phrase, I don't mind. Whatever you have done. I forgive and I don't mind. I will send up Adam if your sins were to reach the sky, and then you would ask me forgiveness, I will forgive you. We still have Adam, if you were to come to me with sins close to filling the earth without committing shit. On the day of karma, you come to Allah with a lifetime of sin that fills the earth a scale of just sin, no good deeds. The only thing you have on your side is Yet Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, I do not worship anyone

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besides you, I acknowledge you, you might Rob then Allah will say, I will come to you with a world filled with mercy more mercy than sin. So this is Han Allahu Allah is and therefore we cannot diminish the Ibadah that we do or feel that our Ibadah is insufficient.

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So many Hadith and we can go through all of them. Perhaps this one Insha Allah we can conclude with this.

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Allah subhanaw taala that at least one says Allah subhanaw taala has countless angels who travel throughout the world.

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To record the names of the people who make the care to make salah, every single person who recite Quran, who fasts who made vicar, a list and Allah doesn't need lists, he knows he doesn't need angels to gather the names he knows. But he wants the angels to go so that they can also know who's making vicar and then they present the names to Allah. These are the people who remember you, your Allah.

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They sit with him and the angels come and firstly will obviously participate, they fold their wings, and they will remain with the people. And when the Salah is finished, the vicar is gone, when they come back to Allah and Allah says to them, Allah asks the angels, where have you come from? And Allah knows everything but you asked them where did you come from? And the angel will say, We came from such and such a person from that Masjid from that house, that purse that slave of yours on Earth, and they glorified you, they said, Subhan Allah and they said, Allahu Akbar, witnessing that there is none worthy of worship, but you they said La ilaha illallah and I'm they made dua to Allah

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so they may they could have you they acknowledged you and they made dua, and then Allah will ask them, and they asked, What did they ask of me? And then Allah, the angels say Allah they asking you of Jannah they want you to put them in Jannah. And then Allah subhanaw taala and I look at this hadith Allah, Allah says to the angels, they also have Jana, but it's as any of them seen my agenda. Have they seen Jana? So they also say no, none of them so Jana. So then Allah asked the angels. Now, can you imagine how they would ask me if they actually saw my Jana? How would they ask me? How would they fosse if they actually saw it? You will make dua we will make dua for something we haven't

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seen. We believe it's day. So Allah Allah, can you imagine this? And so the angel says, the angels, rhetorical question angels will answer meaning Can you imagine our angels? Then Allah asks, then the angel also Yet Allah, they've also asked for protection. So Allah asked for what what protection are they asking for? So the angels will say, Yeah, Allah, they want you to protect them from Jana. And then I'll ask them, and have they seen Jana? And then he says, No, they haven't. So he asked her, How do you think they would also protection if they actually saw jahannam? how sincere would my slaves be? If they actually saw it? And then they said, Any Allah they ask for your forgiveness

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also. So then Allah says to the angels, I have forgiven them. And I've bestowed upon them what they asked for they asked for Jana. I guarantee them Jana, and I've granted them protection from the fire that they asked for.

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Subhan Allah Allah said, I've accepted only to us with an angel will say, Oh, Allah, there was amongst them in the GEMA in that Salah in that group, who was a sinner, a bad person who wasn't even involved in the Salah. He just sat in the masjid or his mind was somewhere else. He was on the phone, he wasn't even focusing, but he just happened to be in the masjid at the time of the Torah we, what about him? Allah will say, and to him also, I have given him forgiveness. For all those who asked, and even he was set with such a people, they will not suffer, they will get the reward as well as Pamela. This is you're

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not just the man who's crying and begging and insincere. Yes, you will get it. But even the person who's sitting next to him Subhanallah

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Subhanallah This is what Allah wants in terms of giving and granting of forgiveness and Jana, and therefore I conclude. Then our resources call upon Allah make dua to Allah fast for Allah make Salah to Allah with certainty that Allah will accept your Ibadah

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that when we ask ya Allah let this be our best Ramadan let me get later to Qatar let me get all my sins forgiven, believe with certainty that it will be you it will be me on the list of aid where Allah will distribute the names of people who will enter Jannah we will all be on that list I mean, all of us will be on that list I mean, not because of our deeds because of our great Allah subhanaw taala is and we make dua for those who will not be this Ramadan those whose last Ramadan was last year the year before who missed out they on all of us have a limited amount of Ramadan so they're not going to experience it again no more little colors. No Mortara we know magic and for all of us

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will be out there will be a final Ramadan. So we make dua for them as well May Allah forgive them and have mercy upon them and into the morning to Jana mean so we wish all of you and everyone I bless you the Ramadan may or may you and your family have the best of Ramadan. You'll have all the joy of it in the dunya and of course all the rewards and the Afra we will obviously have our tarawih program. It will be 20 Records Inshallah, starting from I think it's Wednesday evening and the Kiama Leila la sala will happen during the middle of the month towards the end of the month. And we also encourage For those who'd like to feed the poor people during the month of Ramadan our soup kitchen

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will will will be distributing food so you can take banking details or contact with the Taliban inshallah let you sada cowork did single not a single day go by except that you fit somebody Alhamdulillah as part of the spirit of Ramadan vanilla or some Allah say now Muhammad Ali also have Islam listening him

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Nairobi Alameen Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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