Ibrahim Nuhu – Ramadan Daily #18 He Knows What Is Ahead Of Them And What Is Behind Them

Ibrahim Nuhu
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Bismillah al salatu salam ala Rasulillah woebot Brothers Sisters, this is a session number 18 And we are still dealing with this noble an excellent and the greatest.

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Verse two kursi Allah Subhan Allah Allah says Mandela dijo endo elaborately in the previous session we talked about this and in this session inshallah we'll move on to the next sentence Allah subhanaw taala says Mandela DHFR endo elaborately. Yeah lm a webinar ID human microphone

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alas Maha Rotella says he knows that which is before them. And Allah knows what is

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in front of them, meaning he knows the future. And Allah has Martin knows that the present and the past. All of these tenses Allah subhanaw taala knows them, that is nothing that is out of the knowledge of Allah.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam

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mentioned in the

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hadith of Abu Musa al Ashley.

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Absolutely a Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, I said the first thing that Allah subhanaw taala created was the pen. And right after Allah smart Allah created the pen, he told the pen right? And then the pen said, Why should I write the Allah, Allah subhanaw taala set, right, what happened? And what is happening and what will happen and what will happen and the day of judgment which knows that which shows that the knowledge of Allah smart, Allah is so great, I mean, so great and so big,

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which encompasses everything, that is nothing that is out of the knowledge of Allah as where he says yeah Allah when it

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when talking about the knowledge, the most important lesson we should be extracted from it is to understand that we are under watch glass water knows everything. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you should know that the last winter knows exactly what is going on. If you're oppressed by somebody, you should know that last battle is aware of this oppression and he will definitely take action even if you don't ask him for that.

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And when you are oppressing others you should know that Allah's motto is aware of it. Either you can set in the case with them or action is going to be taken and that will be tragedy. The last one is going to follow up the case with you.

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So whatever situation happened to you, you should understand that Allah Smith is watching you, you will decided to do something remember Allah smart Allah first.

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So Allah says, you know he's telling us directly or indirectly here that his knowledge is greater than anything and also encompasses everything said yeah Allah Marvin it

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and then Allah subhanaw taala says what I hate will be shaming me he led the machine and human beings technology is so limited in the way they cannot know anything you know, they cannot have the complete knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala except that little which Allah smart Allah wanted to Grindstone

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they cannot why can stay I mean have everything because Allah smart Allah can nothing can encompass Allah smart Allah you see that you know everything about Allah smart Allah that's a joke.

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Allah says hello cannabichromene data luckily matter of be defeated by Kabbalah and done for the Kalamata be ology Nabeshima. If you have the,

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the See you turn it into a link and you multiply it by seven and this multiplication doesn't mean restriction. You can multiply it by millions if you wish.

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And you get the trees, you turn them with all the branches, you turn them into pen you use the pen to write with the ink,

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the ink will finish the pen will become dry and still you are still I mean, not reaching anything concerning the knowledge about Allah subhanaw taala.

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So as where Allah says well O'Connor

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Marfil abdomen Sheraton UCLA Manuel Bahia but the human body is about to manifest in Kalamata Allah smart Allah. He said the words of ALLAH smarter will live. And so if this is a case, then how is it possible for human capacity to have everything about last Barton, the angels were carrying the courage of Allah smarter they constantly say in Subhanak hydrocone it will already be to you wherever you are.

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So as I said, my as I say, My dear brothers, this is you're dealing with the Most High and the greatest. And as such you should relax and make sure that you are doing the right thing in your life in order to be accepted by him because once he accepts you, He will grant you success in this

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Life The ultimate success the fella in this life and you will be protected by him and when you meet Him He will make you happy. Your last one until I make all of you happy in this dunya and akhira know the Coolidge Emilian Kofi Subhana Allah Morbihan dicussion lala land staphylococci villig

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