The Takeaway Lessons of Ramadan

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a monthly budget for Islam, emphasizing the importance of faith and community. The goal is to push the budget up and add more rituals every month that they didn't do so that those rituals maintain a last with them. The message is to be around people of the same background, belief, and faith, and to push the budget up and add more rituals every month that they didn't do so that those rituals maintain a last with them. The conversation also touches on the importance of consistent monthly deeds and the importance of tasting the message. The transcript describes the celebration of Islam, a day of joyful celebration, and a day of joyful celebration.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek His help and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Whomever Allah guides, none can misguide. And whomever he misguides none can guide him to the straight path. I bear witness and I testify that there's no deity worthy of worship other than a larger leggera Lu, and that Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final profit and his most perfect worshipper. As to what close Allah subhana wa tada reminds us in the Koran to be conscious of him when he says yeah, you Hello, Dina.

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Manu topo la hapa Ducati y La Tomatina Illa one two Muslim on dear Muslims here we are bidding farewell to the month and it was just yesterday that we were welcoming it and such as the reality of time the Swiss sniffs of which time passes. And as we come to the final Friday of this blessed month of Ramadan, not knowing how many more Ramadan's every one of us has, or even if any Ramadan we have guaranteed, as we come to the final Friday of this month of Ramadan, it is worthy of us to understand and check what are some of the benefits and lessons all of us have learned? What are some of the takeaways of this month that we can inshallah to either utilize for the rest of the year.

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First and foremost, perhaps one of the most obvious ones is that of the purposes of this month of Ramadan is to make us appreciate the simple blessings that we take for granted. We are voluntarily giving up food and water and we know that there's a sumptuous meal when mulgrave comes every one of us and hamdulillah somebody hamdulillah we know that when the other hand will be called the dinner will be laid fully on the table. But there is a reminder for us that not all of us are so fortunate, there is a reminder that there are many in the world who cannot take even food and water for granted. So Allah subhana wa tada is calling us to task that these are blessings that you are

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voluntarily depriving yourselves up for my sake. But there are others who are in that situation perpetually. This should soften our hearts brothers and sisters, imagine those people who are fasting and they don't have much on the dinner table, perhaps even a date. And there are places where not even that is guaranteed. So put yourselves in their shoes. In this month, we develop a compassion for the poor and for the underprivileged. This compassion should charge us to be more generous and to be giving throughout the entire year of the blessings of this month, is that this month allowed us to control many of our sins, to curb our desires, even the halaal desires were

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curbed. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is demonstrating for us that we don't need our sins to live, we can conquer our sins, we can rise above them. And we actually feel better for them of the blessings of this month is that every single one of us increased our attendance in the masjid. And we loved coming to the masjid. And especially after last year when the masjid was closed down because of COVID. We even more appreciated the blessings that we used to take for granted. So now that we have developed an association with the masjid, and many of us were coming every day, all of us increased our coming to the masjid in this month. When this man finishes, let not our attendance diminished

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with it. The massages are still open, the massage will still be calling the agenda Salawat will still be coming and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that of the people who will be sheltered our day of judgment is somebody whose heart was attached to us. What would you call boom Allah combustion. He wants to go to the masjid and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Do you know what is a type of jihad a type of revolt. They said what he said sitting in the masjid waiting for the event to be called waiting for the Salah. When you wait for the Salah. It is as if you are doing jihad in the way of Allah subhana wa Tada. So this month of Ramadan has increased our Masjid

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attendance, my strong encouragement to myself and all of you don't cut off your Masjid attendance when the Ramadan finishes. The Lord of Ramadan is the Lord of chawan. Allah azza wa jal is worthy of worship in this month and in all months and a person who comes to the masjid frequently his Eman is renewed and Allah azza wa jal praises those who come to the masjid even in the Quran. And Allah azza wa jal says it is a sign of a man in Nima Yamato Masada de la human armineh Billa he will Yeoman afriad. The people who frequent the massages, Yamato here means come regularly and they frequent they are pillars in the masjid the people who come frequently to the masjid are those who believe in

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Allah and the final day, Allah subhana wa tada associates the masjid with believing in Him and believing in the final day. So when Ramadan finishes make it a part of your schedule. And I know in America it's not the same as back home you can walk to the masjid or is five minutes away for some of you it's 20 minutes drive. For some of you it might even be more than this. But I encourage you all to schedule at least one solid daily if you can't, if not every day, then every two three days schedule

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Allah put it into your calendar that I'm going to come to the masjid. This is a place where you will reconnect with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And especially we need that boost for the rest of the year of the blessings of animal bond of the blessings of Ramadan that reintroduced us to one of the core pillars of our community and faith is the blessing of brotherhood, the blessing of being surrounded by people of the same background, the same belief, the blessing of who will Islam, it is reinforced to normal bond we stand rows and rows, we come together for a thought that reinforces the notion of an oma. So as we finish this month of Ramadan, make sure that our hearts and our minds are thinking

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of the global Ummah, there are so many tragedies taking place Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, we in our little bubble are protected. But the same cannot be said of our Muslim brothers and sisters in China and in so many other places in Kashmir and in India, what is going on and across the world, the refugees of Syria as we speak right now Palestine is once again under attack and there are areas that are being occupied right now as we speak by the apartheid regime we have to make do offer them keep them in our hearts. This is one of the goals of Ramadan to reintroduce us to the Muslim Ummah, and brotherhood of the goals of Ramadan and of the takeaways of this month is that every one of us

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we increased the punctuality of our Salah, we prayed regularly, many of us we are not able to pray or we don't pray five times a day outside the month. In this month, we started praying five times a day now that this month is independent finishing now that this month is ending, we have to take the habits we've learned and maintain them throughout the year. Brothers and sisters the bare minimum, the bare minimum to be a Muslim in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala a minimal Muslim that is safe from punishment is to perform the work on the five pillars and the first of those pillars after the Shahada is the Salah. I encourage all of you and myself to be punctual in your daily Salawat make it

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a part of your schedule. Make sure all of you are praying five times a day this is the minimal requirement to be a Muslim that is accepted by Allah subhana wa tada anything less than this and you are encouraged and you are incurring Allah's punishment. So how to love brothers and sisters how punctual we'll read with Salah 10 federal and Margaret we are looking at the minute and we know exactly when the Muslim Dawn is going to be called and we pray McRib after we eat our if thought it is so sad that perhaps on the day of read mostly will go by and you will be oblivious to it because you're not going to have to break your fast Okay, you don't break your fast but make sure you pray

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Muslim on the day of read and the days after it and you yourselves will see that the punctuality that we had for budget and mothering especially that it's so easy to become lacks in that Subhana love once we have perfected the sort of water of the month of Ramadan, we should perfect the sort of work outside the month of Ramadan. Those of you who increased your Salah those of you who are doing nothing those of you doing sooner, make sure you add on to the bar. As I've said many times the goal of Ramadan is we push the bar up higher and we add more rituals every month that we didn't do so that those rituals maintain a last with us until the next Ramadan have the takeaways of the month of

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Ramadan over the blessings of animal bond over the lessons of animal bond is the increase in the Tower of the Koran in the listening to the Koran in the recitation of the book of Allah subhana wa tada all of us are coming to the masjid and listening to the Quran. All of us have opened up the Koran and read something of it and we know that it encourages our Imad, it increases our spirituality so to when Ramadan finishes, make sure we have some relationship with the Quran. Make sure we are still listening to some parts of the Quran. Make sure we put it a part of our daily routine. I encourage myself in all of you to make sure that you have a daily dosage of or on every

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single day. Add the Quran to your schedule, like you eat breakfast before you go to work. Open the Quran for even five minutes. Read one page a day if that's all you can do even half a page it is better than nothing before you go to work before you start the day. Open the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala like you feed the soul like you feed the body with breakfast feed your soul with the Quran like you will not function without having breakfast on a regular day. So to your room needs its spiritual breakfast and the breakfast for the room is the recitation of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala when you're driving to work or when you're doing other things, instead of listening to news

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or that which will be of little benefit. Put some foreign on as well listen to us on to our our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as we're all aware, in the month of Ramadan, he would both recite and listen there are two separate actions of worship recitation has its reward and pleasure and listening has its reward and pleasure. So every single day, incorporate some Koran to read and some Koran to listen to as we did in this

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month of Ramadan have the takeaways of the month of Ramadan. And of the lessons of the month of Ramadan is our increase in charity many of us gives a cat all of us must give us a cattle fatale in this month. So as we increased our charity and as we gave to the poor, make sure it is something regular that we do every week or every month, assign an amount whatever is reasonable for some maybe students $10 is all they can do for others amongst us $100 but be ritual be ritualistic in your zeca Well, levina home lyza catify Elune those who are constantly giving charity far Iran, there's an active engagement don't just give once a year. Allah doesn't give you once a year Allah gives you

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every millisecond you are getting blessings from Allah. We cannot pay back every millisecond but make sadaqa and make your zeca routine. Put it into your schedule again once a month or once a week give some thing because that perpetuity that continuity is what demonstrates our Eman and taqwa and remember what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the most beloved of all good deeds to Allah is that which is consistent even if it is small $5 a week $10 a week something give it for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada and make it routine as we have done in Ramadan of the takeaways of the month of Ramadan and of the blessings of the month of Ramadan is that all of us may do during this

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month, especially before if thought and in Korean and in winter, we're making dua to Allah Subhana what to Allah and da is of the greatest actions of worship. Let us make this a routine in our daily lives as well. Da is of the easiest and the most blessing actions of worship as we made throughout throughout this month. Let us open up a new relationship with Allah. Let us begin a conversation with a law through the art of drop through raising our hands to Allah subhana wa tada and beseeching him regularly of the blessings of Ramadan and of the takeaways of Ramadan that Ramadan will leave us with is that Ramadan causes us to reorient our priorities we rethink through our purpose of life, we

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rethink through many things that are happening in our personal routine and lives. You know, in the Western culture, they have the new year's resolution when the first of January comes they need to rethink through for us Ramadan should be that time that we rethink through everything Ramadan should be that time we have an assessment of our lives, what am I doing, what have I accomplished? What do I want to accomplish? What are my actual goals as this Ramadan is winding down? Let us think about what exactly we have accomplished for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada what legacies will we leave? What achievements have I done that I can show a lot on the day of judgment that this is what I have

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done? And if we are not happy at what we have done, there is still time make sure we have our priorities and we reorient our paradigm. What exactly are we doing here? And what exactly are we spending our time with? This is what Ramadan should also leave us with the blessings of the month of Ramadan and of the takeaways of this month. Perhaps one of the greatest takeaways is that Ramadan reintroduces us to the sweetness of emotion and I've said this before and I'll say it again, if the only gift of Ramadan were that it tells us that there is no pleasure higher than the pleasure of worshipping Allah and there is no sweetness that is greater than the sweetness of a bada than that

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is enough of a blessing of Ramadan. Ramadan teaches us that worshiping Allah subhana wa tada is the most fulfilling and the most satisfying aspect of being alive. In fact, it is the reality of life because it is the life of the soul. Ramadan teaches us that not only can we be better, not only can we raise the bar, not only can we abandon our sins and increase our worship, but more importantly than that, we like being good Muslims. We feel good when we are connected with a love but Ramadan introduces to us the reality of what is called Halawa, chill Eman the sweetness of faith. Our Prophet sallallahu wasallam called it the sweetness of he man he man is sweet Eman is the sweetest

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of all experiences. And when we experience eemaan then nothing compares to it. And Ramadan teaches us what is the head our tool Eamon therefore as Ramadan comes to an end, and we have tasted that sweetness well llahi we all have tasted it. That's why we're fasting that's why we're coming to the masjid. That's why we are here when we realize that nothing is better than the worship of Allah. Why would we abandon that worship or minimize that worship when Ramadan is over? This is Allah he have the greatest blessings of this month. It is what recharges our spiritual batteries. It is a gift from Allah. That's what Ramadan is. Ramadan is a gift from Allah. Ramadan is a gift that Allah is

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giving us that Muslims realize it

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Want you to worship Me and even you deep down inside you like that worship you like being better. It helps you to be a good human being and a better Muslim. So as this month winds down brothers and sisters, that religiosity should not wind down our emaan in Allah should not wind down the ritual should not wind down the month comes to an end, but the religion and religiosity must continue. One of the great scholars of the past said, What's an evil group of people they are who worship Allah only in Ramadan, the Lord of Ramadan is the Lord of all other months. And yes, in Ramadan, we give an extra boost, no doubt about that. But when a normal bond finishes, we don't go back to how we

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were every one of us do your Muslims, increase the bar, raise that status that we have, and make sure as Ramadan comes to an end, that we are better for it after this month than we were before this month. One of the Sahaba said, the sign of an accepted good deed is that you are better after the deed than you were before the deed. Because Allah says in the Quran, in

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Allah accepts deeds from the motorcade. So if Allah has accepted your deed you are in with Turkey and if you have Taqwa, then your actions will increase. So the sign of an accepted deed is that you are better after the deed than you were before the deed Ramadan is coming to an end we want to learn to accept our deeds. Therefore let that demonstrate in our actions after the month that we are better after the month than we were before this month. May Allah subhana wa tada bless me and you with through the Quran, and may make us of those who is versus they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan. I ask all those forgiveness you as well ask him for he is the food

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and the rock man.

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah, the One and the unique. He alone It is we worship and it is His blessings that we seek all Muslims, there are still a few days left. And in fact, the greatest night and the highest candidate of NATO to Qatar, as we know is the 27th. And this is something that is authentic from the sooner all of the Knights are bless it and all of the odd nights are blessing. And yes, the 2123 2527 29 haven't mentioned my name. But the one night that the Prophet systems specified out of all of the 10 and Hadith in Sahih Muslim he said whoever wants to find Laila to the Father, let him find it on the 27th. This is an authentic hadith, which indicates that the 27th

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indeed does have the highest probability and the greatest chance of being needed to the puddle. So if we have been lazy up until now, do not lose hope there is still 27 and 29 that are left try our best to do what we can on these nights. Also, as we wind down the mud, we have to remind ourselves of other obligations of them is the cattle fitter. The cattle fitter is an obligation that is due on every single person who can afford it and it is due on every single Muslim in the household, even those who are not fasting so much so that the Sahaba a fatwa that if a lady is pregnant, even the unborn child It is good to give the cattle fitter on the unborn child we gives the car to fitter on

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every person living in our house and it is around $10 if you can give more it is better. And the purpose of the cattle fitter will lie how how merciful is our Lord that He told us that in order to purify your fast this is a cultural filter, just $10 just a small amount. And the goal of it is that if we lied or if we looked at something we shouldn't look at or if we did something we shouldn't do during the days of Ramadan that spoils our fast the purpose of the cultural filter. Allah is saying look, this is your cofounder This is your way to get out a small amount Allah doesn't need the money but it's the spirituality it's the fact that we're giving it understanding that Allah subhana wa

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tada will purify my fast for a small amount I give and inshallah tada any shortcomings will be taken care of so is that God's will filter must be given before so naturally and it is allowed to give a week or so before so now give it so that insha Allah Allah you are given, you're out of this obligation as well brothers and sisters, read the Salah to read itself scholars have different is it wajib on the individual or not? The personal position that I follow is that it is obligatory on all Muslims to come upon women and men upon the elderly if they're able to children, and this is the position of many of the odema. That Salah to read is an obligation on every single Muslim who is

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capable of coming obviously in COVID. If there's an issue then that's a separate case altogether. But the default in normal days and scenarios is that read is a photo the iron is an individual obligation so please take some time off if you're able to from your work make sure you come for solitary and it as soon as we know to dress

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up underneath and in a way that is acceptable in our study, and to perfume and to make a deal on the days of read and Allah azza wa jal reminds us what he took a bit Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah to read and take bureaux to read or mentioned in the Quran, we are supposed to make the tech Bureau to read in an audible manner in a loud manner so that we are praising Allah azza wa jal in Muslim societies the Sahaba would raise their voices on the day of read the souk the markets would be buzzing with the tag bureaus on a read read is a day of joyous celebration. Why? Because Allah has guided us to Islam, what do you took a bit Allah Allah Maha da come what Allah komitas Quran so on

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the day of read, be thankful to Allah, the spirit of he is the spirit of joy for being a Muslim. The spirit of happiness for having been guided to Islam and the tech the road are done to praise Allah azza wa jal for having guided us. And of course, on the day of read, it is a day of celebration and joy for family and friends. And I advise all of you, especially the parents, or Muslims, especially parents, make read a day of memories for your children, you know, this society on its holidays on Christmas or Fourth of July, it goes crazy and does so many things well eat is our celebration. We want our children to be happier on an IED than they are on the Fourth of July. So we have to make

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them happy. We have to create a bubble of happiness and joy, shower them with gifts and love, show them this is what it is. So that insha Allah to other one, they grow up and they become parents they have those memories, it will believe it or not. This is one of the mechanisms of preserving Islam in our communities and traditions that they know this is the day of read. So make sure your families as well are involved on this day and make it a day of community and celebration. And make sure of this day as well that we ask Allah for acceptance. One of the Sahaba said the real read is the read of the one whose good deeds have been accepted by Allah that is the one who should celebrate on the day

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of read the one whose deeds have been accepted. So we work to have that real read and we ask Allah azza wa jal as we wind down on this month to forgive our sins and to have Ramadan clean all of our slate of evil deeds and that this Ramadan finishes upon us with all of our sins forgiven, and all of our deeds accepted alone in the dying for Aminu Allah letter that letter the Anunnaki how they don't be them and in love for him and Ella for Raja well I Dana Illa Allah data weather Maria Juan Elysia feta what I see Ron ilaya search of Allah fildena what he is wanting to know Dina said the Hoon I believe man will attach I feel Kubina amanu robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah is Al Islam I will

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Muslim in Allah home eisele Islam I will muslimeen Allah hohman Aradhana arada Islam all Muslim in Ebisu who have been upset with your outer bureau fitted bt Yo yo yo Aziz a by the law in the law to Allah American bamboo embedded bbfc within NaVi America with a letter become a u haul moon engine a one insert for call azim and Paulina Lima in Allah Houma eco Sol Luna as a newbie, you are Latina, amanu sallu la he was selling the motors Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik or anderem Abdi Kurosawa Mohammed Ali he was a big marine rebels Allah in the large mobile idli well if sunny waiter either quarterback one has a fracture it will moon carry well Bobby, you're either Camilla cooter

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karoon Kuru la korakuen wash Kuru Jazeera calm. What is the crew like about what Optimus Sala

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he can