Adnan Rajeh – Ramadan 2024 – Quranic Reflections #02 Surat Al Baqarah 153 and 260

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The title of the Quran is the "soil of Islam" and the concept of compassion and service is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the importance of reading the title every time and not reciting it. The use of guidelines and deenzie in achieving the job of being a believer and caregiver is emphasized. The importance of understanding the culture of Islam as a way to build wealth and authority is emphasized. The segment also discusses the concept of "the internet" and how it can create false accusations.
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So as a reminder that before I began or not a reminder released something I didn't want to talk about yesterday, but I didn't because of the long introduction that I did. I'll talk about it today. Certainly, it has a number of themes

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within it. And what I advise people to do is when you're reciting certified data, think of one or two of those themes. Because it's hard sometimes to reflect upon all sorts of data. Now you can with time, learn to do so. But in the meantime, try and reflect on at least one or two themes of sorts of Fatiha, which is, if they get me find the flick clicker, then I can show you those themes. If not, then I'll just talk to you about a couple of them just for your own remembrance. Number one, think about the concept of compassion. Allah subhanaw taala specifically purposefully puts in students with it how to times have a higher Rahim twice.

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So twice, you find it a rough manual, Raheem in the best manner, and then Hamdu lillahi, rabbil, Alameen are Rahmani Raheem, that is not coincidental that is purposeful within the key Surah of the Quran or the key of the Quran or the beginning of the Quran, the opening, you have that repeated because one of the themes of the sutra is the concept of his compassion, supine or whatnot. Another one that you can take some time to think about his guidance. That's actually what you ask for Idina, you ask him in 70 times, the only thing you ask for this number of times daily throughout your life, you ask Allah to guide you 70 times a day, every day to day die. So this must be very important to

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you. If anyone asks you, what's more important, what's important thing to you, you'll say hidayah. Now you probably won't, because you don't know what's more important to you. But now you do. Because you asked for that every day. One of the themes of AI is the importance of guidance of not walking, not being misguided. Another theme is the concept of stiff comma incorruptibility, being able to be someone who's a straight shooter, someone who was honest, someone who is

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trustworthy, someone who is truthful, someone who has that that concept of steel karma it you know, set up a team, which is extremely, extremely important. Another piece of that is the oneness or the unity of our of the human race of Muslims. Because you don't, you don't actually resize and divide the height in the singular form. It's always in the plural form. Even if you are praying alone, you don't say the knee slid off almost. No, you don't say so. Idina? It's always it's a Yucca Abu Do you see I cannot go do ya canister is the concept of that one isn't that Jamal is always there. And so with the vodka even when you're standing alone, you can't you know, switch to flip it around and

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recite it in a way where it's singular and it's always plural, even when you're alone. The concept another theme is the theme of service, which is what he means by now good. Yeah. cannabid The concept of understanding that we are here to serve Allah subhanaw taala that anybody does not really like okay, it's not worship specifically. But it's but it's but it's the concept of service. So if you scan this QR code yesterday, it's the same QR code if the same thing if you if you scan it and open it opens a page where you keep the page every day is the same page you'll be voting on like you don't change it just to make it easier for people. So if you have it once you have it once, that's

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it, it's the same QR code all month long. Or you can just use the men And go and put in those numbers. It's the same thing. We just we just delete the pool and just refresh it every day and put in new NEW NEW NEW NEW verses to content to talk about and to contemplate inshallah Tada.

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so I'll come back to that in a moment.

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So it's actually these are the three industrial Fatiha before I move on today to today's topic.

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Universality the idea he has been alanine is the Lord of everything so we are everything in the Quran is speaking to everyone the Quran is for everyone. It's not for one race, not for another. It's not for one group and not for the other is for everyone. The concept of empathy or compassion, the phenomenon of service which is udia the concept of the OMA belonging which I talked about now I will do now I will do right and the concept of the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala yaka now good iya can assess all is you and only you so what it means that one isn't that the concept of to hate the the theme of guidance or hedaya and then the theme of is to farm of incorruptible there are seven

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themes that I share with people I've worked with the 31 year hearings with regard to have been recited in in, in any locker or when you're reciting it yourself. Always think of one of them. Just Just think of one of them. So that's so meaningful to you think of one of them allow one of them to be in your heart or your mind as you're reciting the sewer. Even if you can't get all seven, that's fine, get one don't don't forgive me don't just run through with the value how like, like it's rap just just to take the space. Think of what you're saying because it's meaningful. And this is the key of the Quran. All of Quran is understood through these themes. That's why we have to read it

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before every like I didn't wonder why don't why do we have to read it every locker? Why every like I got to get a fight again because I did it the first time, every time and if you don't read

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Fatiha whatever Quran you read after is invalid because the Quran can only be understood through that through the theme of sutra Fatiha. So the Fatiha is the umbrella Surah that every other surah is exists under His grace and under its comprehension and points. And that's it. That's why it's called in fact you had the key, it's the key without it's like the client is locked to you, you cannot understand the point you have to answer the Quran through so to Fatiha and anyone who studied biology or understands research knows is always a key.

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For that within it, we use to understand the actual data and understand you have to have guidelines, the guidelines of the Quran are suited Fatiha. Alright, so

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I'll go back to the QR code for a moment just in case you don't have it. If you had it from yesterday. It's the same one.

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There we go.

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This is so so so that's the QR code. Today we're going to be reading from 153 to 266 from Surah Al Baqarah. So the workflow has been changed and same theme I talked to you about talked to you about yesterday. So dakara is the longest in the Quran is amongst the sub earthly one of the seven long ones. The first cluster of sutras and the Quran starts with the Bacara ends with the Toba those eight sutras are the first cluster, it's a third of the Quran. So it's it's the largest cluster that we have in the most half of groups of students, they tell the story of our faith, of what this faith is what it's what required, what what is required to protect it to, to maintain it, what values it

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has, what contracts it has, what theology has what was required from the individual what is required from the community, what is required in terms of, of

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staying successful, and of maintaining the borders of that nation. So that's what the sutras talk about, it tells this beautiful story. And so to the bucket being the longest of all, it has the most important theme of all, not just amongst the students of that group, but of the whole Quran, because it tells you, here's who you are, and here's what you're going to do to achieve the job that is based on who you are. And that's what sort of document does that's why it's the most important of all, you are a believer that what we recited yesterday last night was about who's who here you're the Khalifa. Here's Adam, He's example of Adam. He made a mistake but then he got it right he was

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example II they got certain things right a lot of things wrong. Here's example Ibrahim he perfected it, he and those after be like them.

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After that the Sunnah. Today we'll be giving what the methodology is about, like What is Islam actually like how because you're gonna say, Okay, I understand. I'm a steward. I'm a believer, I'm a caregiver, I get it. So how do I do that? You're like, how do I actually how do I fulfill this purpose that you have explained to me? You've told me that I, you explained to me my job, you sign the contract. I have a job now I know what it is. I'm here to do. I have purpose. I have aim. How do I do it? If you don't have the tools you can't get things done. So how is what the second half of sutra Buckler is which is the deen Islam which is the laws, the rules of Islam, the actual

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jurisprudence rules, you're gonna do it Islam is the method that you use to fulfill your purpose as a Khalifa.

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Islam is the method is what is the tool that you're going to use to fulfill your purpose as the caregiver of the earth. There's a lot of ways to be a caregiver. But the way that Allah subhanaw taala wants you to use is Islam, which is why I sought to block the rest of the tobacco we're gonna read today is just, that's all it is. It's just talking about all the different

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aspects of of our faith. I'm gonna move on from the QR code. If someone I'm not sure how we're going to do this, you have to find a way to keep this QR code somewhere in the

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in the corner so I can move on because it's gonna stick there for too long. All right.

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So today,

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we have a little bit of an introduction and talks about the value of the rituals and every withholding knowledge, but then it just details of the methodology. You see that PC, it just starts. It starts regarding food regarding behavior regarding inheritance regarding fasting regarding Hajj regarding Salah regarding marriage regarding riba regarding financial system, it just goes through every single aspect of life. And it doesn't do it in a systematic way where it goes, here's everything that is ritualistic number one. Number two, here's everything that is financial, here's everything social, no, It just mixes them together. And it's not again, this is not spontaneous. It

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is done like that purposefully. Allah Subhanallah mixing them all together, so that you can't thread something else. So you can't thread an aspect of Islam out and say well, I'm gonna take the ritualistic and focus on that the rest of it, no, they're all put together. They're one they're big, they're a mesh, they're mesh you can't remove because if you're going to take the ritualistic and we take just Siam and Hudgens aka and Salah you're going to find them all over the sutra in between them then all these other stuff. Why are you taking this and leaving that you can't? It's actually something in disorder I took me No, no me baudeloo Kitabi with that photo, and I've evolved, you're

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gonna accept some of the book and reject some of it. No, you accept the whole

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thing. So it's told the story of our methodology is explained to us through this mesh. Not through a systematic, chapter one rituals, chapter two financials, chapter three, socials, chapter four, whatever, no, it just is talked about all together. And I find that to be very meaningful, because it's not just like a net. It's a network. It is a network. You start anywhere within Islam, you'll reach every other part of Islam. Everything is connected. Everything is internally connected within our deen everything. So it doesn't matter where you start, if you have the intention of moving forward, you will get through all of the deen. That's why I tell people start learning about Islam

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the thing that you find most interesting about Islam because it doesn't matter where you start you'll get to everything eventually because it's all connected there's no there's no compartmentalization. And in Islam, everything is internally connected. So start wherever you find yourself most intrigued. Whatever it is that you'd like you'd like to see it are more like the stories of the album or the history you like you like authority like 50 feet or whatever, start with what makes sense to you, it will lead you to everything else because everything is there's a holistic understanding of what Islam actually is. So that's what this theme of tonight is. Tonight

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we're going to hear what our methodology actually is, what the what it's about philosophically what it's about. So it talks about all all these topics so we're just the Quran today we just go from one detail to the other regarding hypocrisy regarding charity regarding bearing arms regarding alcohol and gambling and go through everything that is of interest and of importance within within human life

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and you won't even finish it today will actually start before that piece of the stool is done ending with you regarding what how to use how to use wealth All right, so we'll move on to the actual verses themselves and show what's out and we'll do the see where we

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so we had made way way less people voting tonight because we didn't do a good job with showing the QR code so we'll get the QR code and show up next time in The so take a take a stick picture of this

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start with a number so do 191 193 First if you don't mind

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191 183

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is like a lot

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will be low him in a shape or neurology one or two new home high through 32 more homework will ask rijo home mean hi to ask Raju calm well feed net to actually do menial

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while at Apple to learn what to what to report you know who mine doesn't mess GDN how long he had to you know whom he

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to know whom gather and he

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will look at in fact anyone who fell in law her or for him were odd you know whom had cold feet Neptune why Hakuna Dino De La bear in in Tahoe fell

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in love born me in so this piece of the surah again, it was in that theme that I will just explain to your mom a moment ago. This sort of a cover almost every aspect of what Islam is about doesn't go into deep detail regarding all of these aspects that's done sometimes and other students actually Malita for example.

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But here it will talk about it philosophically from from a basic understanding well who to whom, how who's active to whom work ritual whom and how to ecological fitna to Asha, do mineral cotton, whether to call to whom and domestic haram, you had to your party look comfy. They were given rulings, the Sahaba with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in terms of what to do with those who are bearing arms against them. They were told what to do with Quraysh and tribes that continue to bear arms against you, those who do not grant you the safety of travel within Arabia and don't grant you the ability or the freedom of speech to be Muslim in general. So what you do is you fight them

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wherever you find them. You don't there's no you don't run away. That's not the first piece. Well, can you go home and hate to come and you go and you remove them from places that you are living and they removed you first meaning if they displaced you, then you go back and you push them and you take back or you displace them from where you were supposed to go to in the first place. Well fit tonight to I shall do minimal pattern and causing fitna in a group is way worse than murder. This is a theme that is repeated in the Quran a couple of times is talked about in different ways that fitna that confusion that lead will lead to more bloodshed than when a murderer is a murderer. What if one

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blood if an uncle murder happens and one person dies? It's one act of bloodshed, but fitna, if you allow a fitna to brew then it will cause a lot of bloodshed. Why is he saying this year Subhanallah Wattana is

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is very relevant I chose verses this year that are as relevant as possible to what's happening around the world that is important to us. That's why I chose some of these verses, I left them there for you to vote on, because I thought they were relevant. You see, when you let

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when you let a Muslim, an active oppression brew, just sit there for a long time, out of fear of if you do something that may, there may be Jonnie bloodshed of a person or two there'll be there'll be some, if you let it happen if you just leave it there, the bloodshed will be 10 times worse later. Because fitness, I said, no button.

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An octave of murder will will end with whatever happened. But fitna, if you let it brew and just sit around for a couple of decades, the amount of anger, oppression never ends. Well, oppression never ends. Well. I'm the persecution if you let if you let it go. If you leave a Muslim, it just it just it turns into a monster. It grows because it and it has roots and it makes branches for itself. And it finds it puts his tentacles into everything. And then when finally you try to end the active oppression that you left, sit around for a couple of decades. It brings everything down. It rips the shreds of everything around it. And that's what we're seeing today. This story unfortunately, within

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the Holy Land, unfortunately, this story will, it's not going to end well. It's not going to end well. Because too much blood and too much volume was allowed to occur for too long. It's too big and too much blood for too long. When that happens then fitna occurs that way, it's impossible for you to fix it with a with a signature of your pen. You can it doesn't matter what people say there's too much theory because you haven't fixed the Muslim. What he's saying in this is apologize, go and fight back. If they fought you'll fight them back. Why? Because if you don't, if you don't, then what happens? The Muslim or that you went through that oppression will turn into fitna and fitness I

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shut down cotton, it's worth and fighting them now. Fight. Allah is telling them you're weaker, but go fight them. Because if you don't that that active oppression will sit there and just grow into a monster that will eat everyone up.

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Would have to talk to him and they'll miss dill haram you had to your party look comfy and don't fight ever at domestic haram at Aqaba. Until they they start fighting quite a local talk to him if you're being fight then fight back. Because Daddy catches up with caffeine feigning or when they decide not to fight in Allah have a photo Rahim then indeed, Allah subhanaw taala is most forgiving. And then he explains the philosophy. We were called to whom had takuna Pfitzner. Again, the same word, fight, fight back so that a fit that doesn't occur. What does he mean? Yeah, that's what it is, is when an act of oppression occurs, and it's left for a long time. And it causes confusion,

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because you're confused. And so am I. We're sitting here wondering, what's the point of doing all of this? If we are if we if people are starving? If people in the whole thing are starving to death if children are dying and incubators, because they can't because there's not enough food? What's the point? Why are we doing this? Why are we even sitting here? What are people doing? How is this acceptable? This is not the question. You're confused. So am I everyone is because that's what fitness is. Fitness confusion is because it's not it's unclear to you what the right thing to do is anymore, because when it needed to happen, no one moved, because when the act of oppression

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occurred, it was let go. It was like go for a decade and two and three and four as the efforts to actually fix it was was we're not we're not appropriate. So now 75 years later, we're not sure what to do. We're confused. We feel weak, we feel lost, and you have every right to because you're in the midst of a fitna right now, and the reason that Allah I tell the Muslims that you need to fight back is that Hakuna fitna so that doesn't happen where Hakuna Dino hula hula Oh, you're gonna deal in LA. And that religion can be free for the sake of Allah meaning you can you can believe whatever you want. You can be whoever you're going to be accepted to every going to accept and no one's going to

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persecute you persecute you regarding a religion

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for going into whole Villa or DeWanna illa Allah wa oil lemonade, they stop persecuting you oppressing you, then there is no reason for you to bear arms except against oppressors. That's the that's the wording of these these verses. These verses are extremely important in our deen these are

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you voted them and these are critical if within Islam of understanding our philosophy when it comes to our OMA deals with oppressors and how our OMA deals with acts of oppression. Now you can ask well, why isn't this happening today? Because our OMA is is well, we're divided. We're divided all over the place. We don't have unity. We don't have any form of unity. And it'll be a while before we do. It'll be a while. The point my opinion right now for us as Muslims to think about the point we should think about is how are you going to be a force of unity for the for the near and far future? How are you going to make How are you going to change move the needle on that and change the

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reality? How are you going to kind of move things along? Do you? Is that a part of your thought process? Do you care about that at all? Is it something that you aim to be to contribute to to participate in or is going to be left for the OMA to continue to sell

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for his struggle the way it is, you think, what is 30,000? People? No more than half women and children would have would have been killed, had the OMA had any form of unity,

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any form of unity at all? No, no, no. This occurs because we are so divided, and so weak, that there's really no reason for anyone to feel the need to care about what we have to say or what we want to occur. If we can't even get our act together in small cities, where we're minorities in the West, you think Muslims in majority parts of the world where they're going to figure that out?

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We need to start with ourselves and with what we can contribute as Muslims living wherever we may be living, you're living right here now and this is where you contribute and is where you do your piece. And so it there's no fitna and so there's freedom of belief. Like let's move on to the second one

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took up a long hula isla. Well how you look how you who seen as well now the home office want you to feel

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that lady Ashfaq the who will be the

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ad mama Hall fare home whether you hate on Abishai in me he will be much

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worse the accuracy yoo hoo sama it well.

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Yeah Who do who who for whom? One who? Already you lovely. So, corsi in Surah Al Baqarah. comes a little bit towards the end of the end of the surah where Allah subhanaw taala gives examples and tells us stories of those who are granted opportunities to do what it is that we are doing. And those who did reasonably well and those who made some mistakes it tells us the stories of Bani Israel in

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colonial India to him guru from home Hagoromo Tada remote tells us the story of polluting dilute it tells the story of Deadwood on eastern time it goes into these details and tell the story Ibrahim Ali sit down with the king Ibraheem Alehissalaam when he's when he when he wondered about God tells the story for Hosea all these stories are clumped up together towards the end of Zulu Bukhara, as examples for us to understand that a part of this methodology or the important piece of this methodology is remembering your connection with Allah subhana wa Tada. And that piece starts with this idea. With the I adore Allah subhanaw taala speaks of himself and this is the most as as calm

00:22:33 --> 00:23:11

as Obon calm. Anyone he was asked by the prophet Allah is are you it was a quiz. What is the what is the greatest or the most magnificent ayah in the Quran and obey he said, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will call you, Allah Who Rasulullah on his lottosend The Prophet is on point number three that is that is correct. It is Allah who Allah Allah, Allah who will help you because there is no other area in the Quran that is even remotely close to it and the depth of its description of our Lord SubhanaHu wa Tada himself. Like No Other ideas. Maybe a clue Allahu Ahad, maybe the class is a second is a near second, but it could see is just is just the most magnificent of them all, where

00:23:11 --> 00:23:51

Allah subhanaw taala calls upon himself, Allahu La ilaha illa who there is no deity, there's no God worthy of worship or any Supreme Power aside from him, and how you will pay you the Ever Living in this ongoing sustaining and higher volume, the all living or ever ongoing with life, the source of life, as a younger self sustainable, the one who sustains himself. subhanaw taala is, is the source of life and He sustains himself life was not granted to him, life was not given to him as it was to me, his life does not end He is the One who created it. He brought it forward to us in the form that we understand it and he sustains his own life, even though we don't sustain hours, and how you will

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pay you later who sinner to him when I know he does not get tired, nor does he require sleep.

00:23:59 --> 00:24:36

Why is this is so important because every aspect of this verse is differentiating us from other faiths, from other faiths. From all other faiths not just Christianity and Judaism, which are the to that we understand No, even when you're talking about the different pagan faiths, like similar Buddhism and Hinduism and other other types of faith, every single piece of software good idol currency is differentiating our understanding of God from their understanding of God because no one sees Allah subhanaw taala out of the way Muslims do. This is a guarantee I'm offering you something that is very unique to you. You will speak to people who believe in God but then once you have a

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discussion with them about who is God, what does it mean for you to worship a God and what attributes you think Allah subhanaw taala has you will find that there is a very clear and huge there's a huge difference between how you understand God and how they do and this is something that I you know, I can testify to because I spent a fair amount of my my earlier life just debating different

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groups, different backgrounds, people with different sets of belief sets.

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That's why every piece of iClickers is so important like that. Who do who's gonna tune? Well, I know, Allah subhanaw taala is not one that gets tired, there's no fatigue, and he does not require sleep.

00:25:16 --> 00:25:28

Now who might be some Allah to mouthfeel? To Him belongs all that in the cosmos on the earth, man, the lady Yeshua, we're in the WHO IS THE who is it that has the ability or the

00:25:29 --> 00:26:05

capability to intercede on someone's behalf in his presence without his permission? And it's a rhetorical question, and the answer is no one. No one has the ability to intercede on anyone else's behalf in his presence supplements without his permission. Even when someone and we were talking about chiffon dosha out of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and the and the silent heathen, the shahada and the and the other Ambia and melodica. They don't intercede outside of his of his will. Subhana wa Tada. You don't intercede for someone that Allah subhanaw taala has declared going in a different direction with a doula the only intercede on behalf of whomever Allah subhanaw taala wants

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even shefa which is just

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a concept of it's not a it's not an issue of authority is an issue of love. Yeah, there is no shortcut key is La ilaha illa who he has no, he has no partners. But intercession is not an issue of authority. It's an issue of love. If you love if someone loves you, and you go to them and say can I ask you for permission Can I Can you forgive for nine out of love though forgive them because if they love you they'll freak you out. It's not authority you can't you can't command them you don't have equal stake to say I'm going to use we're peers and we have equal shares equal shares and ask you to do this Know Your is through love even through love even Shiva which is through love even

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that only happens with his permission Subhana wa Tada Mandela the yesh Pharaoh and the who will be izany Your Allahu Medina ed him one mouthful film he knows all that which is coming towards the Medina at him meaning that which is ahead of you well my home phone with that which is behind you meaning he knows all supplements out of that which is happening now and in the future and that which happened in the past what are you here gonna be che imminent enemy he and they do not you do not have the ability to encompass any aspect of is knowledge, Ellerbee Marcia accept whatever he wants you to encompass.

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Like the only knowledge that you will have from his knowledge is whatever knowledge is going to allow you to have.

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Everything that exists in the world today, all the knowledge that you can learn Islamic, non Islamic, whatever type of knowledge, everything is just a small sliver of knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala is allowed to exist within this universe for us to be subjected to.

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But what he has to point out Diala is infinite. What's the I call to see you with some words? You will?

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He's got to see his chair. Now. Those are out of those courtesy. They have specific meanings within Islamic law. If you understand their words, I want to talk about them symbolically for a moment because I think that's where the importance comes in a little bit more. The Polish comes from Irish, right? It's like, it is the center of command because it's Irish is the is vine. And vine goes around and it holds on to everything. So the hours that they would use it as a symbol of the place where you would sit if you were the center of command, l corsi till this day, what do they call? So for example, shift?

00:28:34 --> 00:28:35

The Moroccan what's his name?

00:28:38 --> 00:29:10

Look, Emily, what did you What did you sit on? Okay, cool to see. It's called kudos to the Imam Malik. And we have posted it on his show. If you're in demand, I think it's not I don't know if it's there anymore. I mean, it's not an actual structure. It's not an actual currency that he said, Son, it's just a company does not sit on a cooler ClD he's sitting on something like this, I'm gonna go see. But the concept of courtesy was a place of education. So let's see, I could see you who is still talking about his knowledge Subhana wa Tada. I understand that there's a description of what that means, from a from a theological perspective. And it's correct, but I'm talking about the

00:29:10 --> 00:29:21

symbolism that this word actually contains that what's your hypo See, you is the courtesy of his knowledge mean the center of his knowledge to panel data encompasses everything was equal to see you.

00:29:24 --> 00:29:32

So paella, this this concept is, is very data abused words for certain reasons. And this is why they used is why he used these words.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:49

He used the word cool to see because out of understood, they didn't have to have this translation they knew what's meant by this is not his control. His what he meant by this is is His omniscience. The fact that he is Omni that he knows all that nothing is hidden from His knowledge. What's the accuracy used?

00:29:50 --> 00:29:59

What you do who hates the humor and he is not tired by preserving them and keeping them running the way they are. He doesn't need your help. I know you feel like you want to offer him some advice.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:34

So how to run his universe? Maybe? Can you do this a little bit different? How about you remove those? He doesn't need your advice he never did. He doesn't need my assistance to run his university to run it pretty well. The way he on his own, when he does require are people who are willing to look back at themselves after they understand that that will Allah subhanaw taala is and say, How can I do better? How can I be a little bit better here? Because I am not speaking to appear. I am talking to a high yield for you. I'm talking to La ilaha illa who I'm talking to Allah Who Matthew similar to I'm talking to the one year animal Molina ad him on my cell phone. The one where she

00:30:35 --> 00:30:44

could see you somehow it will learn later who the who said no lie oh do have the humor. If you just take one of these disruptions and you think about them,

00:30:45 --> 00:31:15

the difference between me and Allah subhanaw taala is so vast, maybe I focus on what helped me maybe I focus on what you asked me to do. This was why this is in sutra belcarra It forces you to go back to sort of Bukhara again and read them again. What are you What are you What do you say about coming again? What do you say about Hydreigon? What do you say about orphans again? What do you say about religion marriage Oh relations and obligations. Let me take a look at that. Because I can't argue with well who will ally you will have in verse begins within high yield volume.

00:31:16 --> 00:31:49

The grantor the source of life the self sustaining and ends with an ally the highest Elohim the greatest Subhana wa Tada. This is the description of Allah subhanaw taala shall often build over the course of this month on weekdays. And I will talk about specifically his names to point out one by one and I had to go to see is one that encompasses almost all of the categories if you if you attended this morning and encompasses all 12 categories of his name Subhanallah within when I but out of interest of not making this longer than it is I'll end with that and show it to you soon after. I'm gonna do one more and show

00:31:52 --> 00:32:39

you how leadin Mangusta in be soldered he was salah, in Allah ma saw BD in so he uses when he talks about salah he uses the word is trying to use it as aid. This is a really, really interesting piece here that is worthy of contemplation. He does Salah is not seen in the Quran as a burden that you carry. It is seen as a tool that you use that will allow you to move forward to be stronger to hold your dean a little bit in a more steadfast manner. You have a better grip on it, because that's what Salah is designed to do. So that when he talks about it's supposed to honor he says a theme. He doesn't say it's Feliu is a theme because a theme will means you're going to you're going to

00:32:39 --> 00:33:15

establish it properly in a way that will be meaningful for what is going to lead to later because while he was told to me, Leila, and luckily at the beginning of his prophecy, but and so to Bacara here he says yeah, you will Adina and all those who believe is studying Google, somebody will Salah look for aid within perseverance and in prayer. If you want to get through life if you want to get through this, you need your Salah you need it. I know it's a foreign concept. I know it sounds really weird because we can barely get through them. But that's what Salah is supposed to be. So you have a goal now when we talk about sauna like you have a an aim or purpose where you're going this

00:33:15 --> 00:33:47

is where this is where you're trying what you're trying to achieve. You're trying to get to a point where Salah age you were Salah helps you Well, it's a lot worse Allah allows you to be a better Muslim to hold on to your deen more. That's what it's there for. You're being told Steinle seek aid the subsidy through perseverance through that merit or that ethic that attribute that we should all have that grit and follow and you will follow as well. So why should not be a burden if it seemed like that then we just misunderstood it in Allah Hi ma sabihin indeed Allah subhanaw taala stands by those who are perseverance can be one word. What's one word more?

00:33:49 --> 00:34:25

When you then see me you are gebouw Kapahulu who feel hayati dunya where are you? She don't law her at the point it will be he who let do lucky for Allah when Allah talks about hypocrisy and sort of Bukhara he doesn't do it. Don't talk about it in too much detail because it's talked about in details with the Toba. So the Toba is just gonna talks about hypocrisy from every angle. And so to buckle it gives us a little bit of a sneak peek it says women are nursing and there are people may your gebouw Kokkola who fill hierachy dunya who you will be impressed by what how they speak what they say and what they're doing.

00:34:26 --> 00:34:53

Well you should Allah Allah mafia, well being this person will Yanni swear that Allah Allah knows that they are honest and that they are truthful and they mean well, well, who will let do his arm? Well, who will lead to his arm and he is the person who is the opposite of everything that he is saying. They are the opposite of everything that they are saying, You Allah subhanaw taala protect all of us. This is in there for me. And for people like me. You can take something for it from it for yourself if you want,

00:34:54 --> 00:34:59

but it's for sure for people who speak on behalf of others or speak to people who speak to others.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

You're at and who you're impressed by what they say you think it's interesting? Well, you should Allah, Allah and Matthew Colby and they claim that their hearts are pure and that they mean well and that they're sincere. Well, who let do kiss on Leatherwood is someone who is was very persistent and being evil. And look if I'm if we just someone who is opposite of something, hustle is someone who's opposite you have smoker is someone who's opposite you, an adult Islam is the person who was opposite of that which they are the complete opposite of a theory claiming this is important for you to contemplate. Because it's very easy in life to.

00:35:36 --> 00:36:13

So here's how I look at it. Human beings are very good at telling themselves and others the stories they wish were true. Rather than what is actually true. We're very good at that. It's a it's an evolutionarily illusionary piece of who we are, speak to psychiatrists, they'll tell you that it's a psychiatric defense mechanism. Sometimes the reality is too hard. So we make up a story that sounds a little bit better than the actual reality itself, which is a little bit too harsh. And it's needed sometimes, especially children sometimes need it for sure. Because sometimes you're just living in through through * due to trauma. So you had to tell yourself something that allows you to wake up

00:36:13 --> 00:36:48

the next morning, keep on going. But when you're when you're older in life, you have to be very careful of what stories you tell yourself, about who you are, and why you do what you do, and what you actually stand for. Because that doesn't slide with Allah subhanho wa Taala it doesn't fly. He knows who you are. He sees it subhanaw taala, unfiltered and uncensored. He knows exactly who you are, and why you're doing what you're doing and what you're hoping for. You can't lie to him, you can tell that story. Tim, you tell that story to people sometimes. But also if you ended up telling it to yourself, and you tell it to yourself long enough with no accountability and no self

00:36:48 --> 00:37:01

awareness, then you start believing it to and then that story that was never true to begin with. It was never true. You believe it? And how do you deal with something that you believe is true? Like how do you fix something that now you believe is true? What it isn't?

00:37:02 --> 00:37:06

Some people will come up and they'll swear to Allah that they weren't lying.

00:37:08 --> 00:37:40

And they'll think that they're correct. Since the point y'all may have asked them Allah Who Jamie I'm actually foreigner who come as a foreigner local. We are subordinate in the home Allah sheep in the home home will Cody Boone come to Allah and they'll swear No, that's not why I did it. I swear to you, I didn't do it for that reason. I swear I didn't do it like that. And I look and see right through No, you did. And there's swear No, I swear I didn't just like you swore in life. But you're the you don't think they're lying humans piano. Here's the security piece that I want you to think about. They don't think they're lying human piano, you'll milk me they actually think they're

00:37:40 --> 00:38:20

correct. He has to go back subhanaw taala and start from the beginning, where they first lied to themselves and move on slowly to show how that lie slowly became a part of the subconscious and they accepted it and they believed it. But it was never true. But they think they're right. Jamelia Allah in Whom Luca de buen de they're the ones who are the liars is what this eye is, I mean, a nurse, you might your job wacaco. Lou, don't be, don't be taken by appearances. And don't waste time don't have bad assumptions. I'm not saying you have bad assumptions. This is actually for you to not to use to judge others. That is you to wonder maybe Am I that? Am I someone who can dazzle with words, make

00:38:20 --> 00:38:39

people think that I'm good show up. And actually say that I'm more than what I actually am on the inside, even though it's complete opposites. And I don't even know anymore. I don't even I can't even recognize what actually exists on the inside of my own cell because I've accepted a lie that I told myself for so long. And I'm opposite of that which I claim to be which which I preach to others

00:38:40 --> 00:39:16

is scary. And this is what the month of Ramadan is for all the things I'm about can offer you can offer you that spiritual spiritual clarity from Allah gives you that opportunity within a quieter time of the year without shale playing and without tempt where you could just focus on who you are, what you're about where you're going with your life and what that's going to mean to you at the end and allows you to get rid of the masks and get rid of the filters and really dig down so that you're not one of the people that are described in this verse where it's just appearances but the reality of the inside is different I'll end with that and that was about 300 jewelry line and to start with

00:39:16 --> 00:39:22

to break what Allah who was telling me about I can't remember how many stories rain will make then that will make your comment pre selected. I shall I shall I select Moloch it

00:39:25 --> 00:39:26

can throw these things up.

00:39:29 --> 00:39:33

A lot, Leung baru

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