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the name

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of the phrasing of ghost hunter,

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sending humans greetings and salutations upon the planet prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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The main focus of our discussion meeting later on today

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is to look at the role of the youth

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extracted from this famous Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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About seven individuals, seven types of categories of individuals being under the shade of a loss under Allah, whereby there will be no shade.

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That main theme

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of those young individuals that we find is we're going to come to inshallah,

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many of the youth for the young individuals, they think

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that they are the only ones who are facing the temptations of facing the desires are facing the difficulties

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is that time that level does change. Environment does have a big impact.

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But every single individual goes through those feelings or goes through those changes.

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That nuts of the individual

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has temptations placed within it.

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And the more the temptations are aroused, the more that a person places themselves inside a temperature environment. The more that feeling begins to develop and the more the dangers begin to develop in the mind of the individual.

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And that's our role as teachers as practitioners is to take people back to purity. That's the essence of a Muslim, especially young Muslim, to live a life of purity. It is very, very, very abnormal, for Muslim, to live it immoral life, which unfortunately today has become a common practice amongst many Muslim young Muslims especially. We live a life disobedience, corruption, for where harsh, illicit behavior misconduct, and then they return back to Allah Subhana Allah

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whereas hamdulillah for many of our generation, you find it was against the norm for person to fall into

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the for Hush, illicit behavior, the misconduct that we find which unfortunately has become common practice.

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Possibly because there has not been enough engagement for many of us in trying to help happy but

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where's the Quran tells us quantum Clairol matino collegiate Ines that morona bill Murphy returned home hold on it.

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You are the best people ever raised up. You ordered a good and you forbid the evil. And then some six verses data that we find in Saudi Arabia and Brian was 110 was coming home at the Rhode Island Hey, we have moral morona bill Murphy William homeguard.

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They arise amongst your group of people who ordered a good and forbid even so maybe they may have been a lapse in ordering the good and forbidding the evil. That today we find that pitiful state of many of our Shabaab or many of our youth. Likewise, we know that we are surrounded by such slogans and statements which have been documented inside the forum. Afraid to Allah loot in Korea at home in our home owner Sonia tapa her own, get rid of the people of loot on a solemn, they are people who want to be purified. These are the slogans that we even find today. That people who are calling to chastity, towards purity, living a good life, we need to expel these individuals. These are the

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fundamentalists, these are the radical individuals who are trying to destroy a good way of life, the enjoyment that we have, we need to get rid of these people. And unfortunately, we find not just some

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non Muslims, we find this perception is thought amongst some Muslims as well, that we need to remove these religious clerics or these religious people who are preventing us from following a life of desires and temptations. And that's the Quran warns the Muslim severely in the lead in a boon and Tashi unfair Fisher to fill Edina among lahoma agha Khan a name of dunya with a hero, those people who love to spread vise aware hash bad behavior amongst those people who believe namaha de la Mancha dunya fulfill for them will be a severe punishment in this world and likewise inside the euro. So that is severe warning for Muslims to begin to think about the actions and their role and the impact

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of their actions upon the wider community around them. Likewise, we find that we need to develop this control because to gain paradise isn't something easy as as many of us we may begin to think that if you go and read the book of Paradise, in Sahih Muslim, but obviously Sahih Muslim manifesto may not be able to complete the reading is madness work, but there are certain chapters certain quarters that we can go back and extract them and read them in our life to see the for wide and the benefits read overland. Firstly, keytab will

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read the book of Eman by Sahih Muslim. That is how he begins his compilation and the some of the early map gone to the view that Sahih Muslim in his 30s and his collection of a hadith at times is more fruitful than the SE of remember Howdy. Even the mumble hottie without a doubt is the strongest book in authenticity, but some are preferred because of the certain added that Mr. Muslim collects and the way that he makes these 13 in his collection, there are many ways that can be extracted from it. So read Kitab Eman, the book of Eman in the beginning. Likewise towards the end, read the book kita gentlemen, was safer to marry me

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with a book of Paradise and the blessings and the characteristics of the people of paradise. So then you begin to understand what is my journey upon this earth? The Quran is it begins by talking about a man a Latina, you may know behind the believers, the motorhome the pious individuals are those who believe in the unseen because the whole of the journey of Quran is a journey of the unseen things that we cannot imagine we cannot see that we find the heavy potency are added to the river The Asahi mela I know when a woman Samia, Willa Katara Allah Bhatia, I prepared for my servants the pious individual No, I have seen, but no, he has heard and the feeling and perception the thought hasn't

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come upon the heart, the mind of any individual. That's the journey the whole life of a Muslim that many things have been taken away from this earth. There are times lamode Bushra been hired in dunya Bushra given to the believer, because we need that encouragement to carry on inside our life. But the real push for the real ending. The real goodness is stored for the believer inside the era. So that we need to read about those blessing that have been restrained or kept away from us. So we know that our journey isn't a wasted journey. That's how you find the more weaker the Eman regarding normal Earth era, the more weaker the journey becomes, the more stronger ones are ones plentiful

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ones perception, one's devotion, the most strength in that journey, while lace and insanity in them as well. And so one young sofa euro, man will only have that which he struggles for every man will seize and resolve the efforts that he made upon this earth will be shown but most pandaren will fail. That is not the logic of his seminar. So novelist panda Allah upon this earth as well. you strive towards Cofer towards disbelief, you'd be entering into more buffer and disbelief you strive for the dungeon you enter more into the dungeon. you strive for the world and the pleasures of the world. And a lot of times I opened that door near those places up to the individual, as soon as

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possible calm down upon the in general, like God defined over strives for the earth era in our last prime data which showed the person the path of this dunya and likewise, apart from the one lady Nigeria has been an SDN Noam su bolena will be strives in our past we showed him our paths, the paths of hate of goodness upon this earth, and likewise the end result of those believers inside the Astra. So, this is the struggle that the man has to believe in the struggle towards the swag or lemma dimension. In fact, I mean for why the benefits of belief in human era is a person begins to struggle.

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But even more begins to strike even more in that return back to the loss of panel data that support unmentioned about those individuals will begin to follow actions. Because some people they believe that animal actions have got nothing to do with email, an email, what to speak on will be or will be listening me. Some people believe as long as I have the conviction in my heart, and I drink my tongue terhadap Fini, this is sufficient for me. This is a mistake in a field of Anderson will among the jury actions of the limbs just a minute email, that is the aid of an Asana in a nutshell, the leaf conviction inside the heart testimony upon the tongue and you carry out the action to show that

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you are believer when Eamon yazzie to be party or young possible mount CFT. Eman goes up by obedience and it goes down by disobedience. You understand this? you've understood the creative Allison as simple as what is modernistic? You'd have people that come and they say that actions are not important. Wise we have local and local and is replete. A Latina woman were armed with a saw they had that for those who believe and do righteous actions you always find a put together, you never find it separated just about action. So somebody modernistic Muslims are falling into the trap that is just about believing it's sufficient. This is a demon view that eventually drifts you away

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from the creed of Arizona. So the Muslims are those individuals who believe and carry out the actions. masala comfy soccer, what made you end up going into soccer, or some communists makhija hana or lambda comida mousseline, they said, We never used to bother pray. Well, I'm not going to remove miskeen while cananda who do Monaco I've been woken can do beyond me. He had to attend and we never used to bother printing. We never used to feed the poor. We used to waste that time with the people just wasting their time, until what they need the time or the reality came upon us. Imagine that mode, then the person begins to reflect and begins to think so why did these people end up

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going into jahannam? They never used to put a frame in their life. So Muslims who believe I don't need to do certain actions, as long as my heart is clean, that is sufficient. What does the Quran say? The Quran says Allah Allah moment, Allah will not be here. There's not a lot that nobody has created. And he's the most Sutton the most aware these people in essence are actually challenging a lot so panda by saying that my heart is clean a lot panda let's lay that who dude, laws, regulations, we have to follow those laws and regulations because Allah and Allah created us and knows the nature of the human being. Xena Nessie, Fukushima, her work in Milan he said he will need

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will panoply in comparative may not be happy what Phaedra was hiding was a woman it will it will have daddy kamatera hierarchy dunya what what were in double

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Zoo you know, the NASA homebush kobushi her working men and Mr. Man has been created with love what women, children gold, silver, property, branded horses, the land. So a person comes along and says when the Sharia talks about this, or talks about this, but I don't have that feeling inside my heart. There is no heard me mixing it we are talking to women are doing this or doing that. Because God knows my heart is pure.

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Either you are lying or the Quran is simple. If you say the poor are designed for her, he call it animal that takes up the whole of Islam. The Quran highlights the natural nature of the human being. So the Muslims should be vigilant and not falling into that trap to begin to challenge a Muslim Canada. So these people, these people that we find a follow behind Morocco and

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Morocco, in their hearts is a sickness and the last pantallas increase of sickness inside the heart that people begin to say that my Islam, the almy, Muhammad Ali, everything is inside my heart. Oh in de la la young Guru eluxury come, what may come? Well I can not La jambu illa Allah becomes a hide behind this hadith. Allah doesn't look at your faces, doesn't look at your image, doesn't look at your clothing, but rather looks into your hearts. But go back and collect all of that Hadith with the barbed wire that we find while akinola young guru either to become one either.

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But alas, Panda looks at your heart and looks at what your actions so this Hadeeth goes against them. But they want to just take those ideas and try to defend hide behind it that my actions have got nothing to do with my email to all of us who destroy and strengthen email and strengthening our actions in that return journey back to loss of data. So when you read the book of Paradise, we begin to see the fruits of our Eman And obviously it was pantalla Wilma, Tokyo in Tokyo Middle East to Canada Allah, Allah pantallas a one day

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gives the person the ability to carry out one's actions. And that's the person who become more grateful for less than the other. Well, I'm shocked to see that you'd be grateful to lots of Canada and a lot, increase an individual, would it be the world but even more will be those actions and coming closer and closer towards Allah Subhana Allah so I advise myself and the rest of the respective button system to read that chapter paradise and likewise a chapter of a man and go back and read the verse should have heard of

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any other heavy they're going to extract from the book of Paradise is a famous at least when I'm not so paneled under any creative paradise and created the hellfire. And as we find that when Jupiter in early Sam came and he saw paradise, he said that whoever sees paradise, the beauty, the embezzlement, the glitter, the glamour want to do what dive straight into paradise. And whoever sees gentlemen, the anguish, the punishment, torture, the rage, the fire will want to do what to stay away from it. So lots of under under

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cover up paradise with obstacles, hopefully agenda to be Macquarie surrounded, Paradise is surrounded by obstacles. Well hopefully know the shadow world cover up the fire which word every path of desires and temptations brings you closer to what towards the hellfire. So the lesson here to get into paradise there are obstacles that we need to overcome. Mm hmm No Are we explaining in each a Muslim Islam 1819 volumes that you find explaining this hadith he highlights centuries ago, there are four obstacles we need to overcome to come into paradise. The first obstacle that we need to develop we need to overcome inside our life is LHD had predicted that that is to strive regarding

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our a bet that the fundamentals of I believe the fundamental actions that we need to be preserving them and guarding them. As for example the prayers that we find caliphate. Allah Salah working on Salatu was por comunidad de carnitine God your prayers, and especially the middle paverpol of logic, the most accurate statement is the middle of a solid Lhasa and stand in front of a bus pantherella in a state of devotion. Likewise, Ramadan, four months of Hajj that we find, giving upset here, these are all and require that the person to strive and struggle in protecting if a better and striving towards a muscle panadapter. The second thing that he mentioned, is what's known as

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literally swallowing one's anger. So obviously, many of us may do that the fact that we are comfortable with our rituals, but these characteristics by many Muslims are many young Muslims are not able to control their anger literally means to be able to swallow one's anger. That's the second obstacle one needs to overcome to get into paradise. The third obstacle he mentions is an afro is to be able to forgive people, which once again is a very difficult obstacle to overcome. So many of us could have that repaired that many of us get angry, for reasons which are trivial, which are not for the sake of a loss Panda and then even if it is for the sake of Allah spandana we're not able to

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pardon was mentioned that the Buddha Buddha pious individually that those unloving kupuna are right or wrong. Those who spend their time of hardships in times of goodness, which a Muslim may be able to do and read the rest of the characteristics will tell the meaning of life. Those who swallow the anger will are female and the nurse will love your head will mercy need those who swallow their anger and will pardon people forgive them overlook the mistakes of people what people may say towards them was not your hibel my sin in a lot of the dues of God. Some of us were not able to carry out these characteristics. Some of us have fallen short many times newspaper mystics because

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we only stick to certain things. You have to take Islam, any shamans, try your best in everything to develop that not just to work upon certain elements and stick to them. The fourth thing that you mentioned concerns us written centuries ago, is a suburb and he showered, to have patience to stay away from temptations and desires. So centuries ago mm. Nobody says that the meaning of this has been to gain get into paradise.

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The dislike things are the obstacles a Muslim needs to overcome to get into paradise at these four main elements to become observant regarding your religious duties, obligation you have to carry on, to be able to swallow your anger, to be able to forgive mankind and to be able to control yourself not to fall into desires. So this is a lesson any for all of us, the young and the old do you need to focus any upon this? And as we find that we know that the environment has a big impact what earlimart mentioned was known as the horizon. You need a shot Well, the desert

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Neither person has any within themselves. And the wider community the more is full of temptation desires begin to begin to have a big impact upon the the nuts of the soul of the individual to come towards comfortables or desires. But once again, if you go back to the prophetic traditions, you find the advice of the Prophet Muhammad some how to tame the desires within oneself, what do we find, learn how to ride a horse, learn how to raise, then how to wrestle, use a sword, use a spear, all these formats, what do we find, if we learn how to swim are all elements that tie in the body, any form of physical exertion, that you find you have talked about about medicine as well, they will

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burn and they will drown the desires of the individual. In other words, any form of hard labor, any type of physical combat sport, will break the desires of the individual and bring them down to a low level, you can see the state of many Muslim youth do not engage in anything is either one extreme to another extreme, either just mental ability, or it's it's social ability, or it's just spiritual ability or just physical ability. The Muslim in every single ability, one's mind one body one soul, once a man everything that Muslim tries to strive to Excel to become any ID, any human being or the individual. And that's refined what many of us may have studied in medicine, etc, the level of

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testosterone is higher in men being classified with a higher level of testosterone is placed inside men that they have a easy opportunity, or the desires are built upon easily, even though I mentioned that in America can be so ill dmri gotta be in order enough, all of us in these places or that environment will come to to none of us are angels. And you look at the context of these it is talking about use of Allah a Salam what took place, that the soul is given the opportunity will come towards even so even use of Edison when he was tempted. And then when he saw the evidence and hear the will of diversity, they begin to discuss what did he see? Some say that there was a baby in the

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room that spoke, some say that he saw the image of his father and spoke to him other than you heard a voice, whatever it may be, that really multifaceted collected, but what we find that he was able to overcome the inclinations, the whisperings that were coming towards him the temptation you surrounded environment of food temptation, wherever the wife there are these in a donor solve in a beauty and she shut the doors and expose herself to him. But he was one who restrained himself and that's to the end of the story I mentioned in nonlinear dumpy, while severe for in number 11 will be seen whereby patient fear of a loss panda Allah duck was the element that takes a person away from

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so many different things when they get dumped in Uganda. Maharajah when you're in high school, a person may need to work on a lot of money for high school will face a lot of crime. The other large container provides a way out for that individual and gives a person sustenance whereby they cannot imagine. So the four wide of taqwa Samora taco are many that a use of La Silla, in Noma, tequila smear, we have a face a lot of damage patient, patient and a lot of kind of manipulate the actual use of good go to waste. And as we can see that how the woman has acknowledged her mistake, all the women acknowledge the mistake and you

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made being made free from what they attribute it to good use of any salon. Another lesson that we can extract regarding young individual side, sort of use of a salon we find a 12 chapter on a side point, those of us those of us who may have not read the surah It is the only one surah in the Quran, that begins with a story and ends with a story. The only one surah begins with a story and travels all the way until the end of the sword in the end, it sort of begins to talk about some other topics, but in general, the some 100 or so a yet that we find are talking all about the life and a story of use of alley Scylla. And some of the really mad deviceid have mentioned that this

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sort of set it down what is described as Mr. kosan, the year of grief upon the Prophet Mohammed said that he was going through difficulties while he just passed away, and the hardship that the poor he placed upon him. So lots of data sent down the surah on the Prophet Muhammad's ism to see look at how the previous proper use of ad is and what he went through, and the difficulties that he went through and not to sound too mystical at times you're feeling upset or sad, go back and read the surah. And you'll see that the problems are very we face in our daily life a very trivial to what use of Allah Islam had to go through in his life. Anyhow, what concerns us here at the beginning,

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the surah is the bredrin of use of Annie Sarah, that they decide because the jealousy towards him that they decide either to kill him or they decided we should throw him into the well. And then what do they make the statement, what are called omean Barbie home and saw the hanging. After we do this even action, then we're going to come back and become what righteous and pious individuals that mountain that logic that existed centuries ago. You know what it exists even today.

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Because how many Muslims think exactly the same how Muslims they think I'll do haraam all my life or when I become a head, you'll become enlightened at the age of 40, whatever it may be, or marry or settle down, then I'll come back and become a good Muslim. That's what many many of the youth they think in emotion they know better than us was Heller was heroin. Many people they know better than us, because they telling us with a coating, a heavy coating caught on to us, telling us teaching us every single day. But once again, the family's not there. Or they tried to play games with the loss of data. That's what I mentioned whether Taku Luca, Davina, super

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ego Mufasa don't become that those individuals who forget Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah make you forget your own selves. What is the meaning of forgetting of love, and the other forgetting means is turning away from the shery of Allah subhanaw taala turning away from that which is headed and going to that which is haram in a lot kind of makes you forget your own soul what your intent is, and what you're doing. Likewise, the Quran mentions harsh words that wherever woman are harder and decrease in Allahu meryton Blanca, when actual Yama Yama, Dr. Al Arab edema Harsha, Toyama Baku basura Allah dedicated Korea to Nirvana Sita waka Garnica Yama tunes. In such Surah Taha that we find a woman out

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there and victory with it turns away from the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah turns away from it, you find two promises of Allah and Allah. That person that individual will have what marisha Dunker would have a restricted life, we'll have a troublesome life. There will be no peace, no tranquility, no serenity, nothing inside your life. What are the values of Canada Allah upon this earth? That's the first promise of Allah Subhana Allah and you can study that in great, great detail. And people who turn away from Allah Subhana Allah income the second promise.

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When I show yo yo Mati Cathy's Daria, it was kind of raised about the de judgment blind corner of Billy maharsha. Tiana, oh my lord, why are you making me blind today? Welcome to placebo, I could see nothing on this earth. I had the visible visibility to see why am I blind today? The answer is given because you know upon this earth, our signs were shown to you. What are their iron condor, Allah is encomium the heavenly signs all around us. So now we have a cleaner fill up on poziom has terracotta yellow and now when we show them as signs all around them in their head, but the earth the horizon established that must come down that is the truth is the reality the only one that needs

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to be worshipped lots of pandadoc was the unfussy comb, Tomasi rule, even within your own cells, we show you our science will begin to recognize Can you not see them that a lot cramdown is the only one that needs to be worshipped in that we have been working with Tina Fey lately Wouldn't

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it be odd Aladdin is kurunegala yamawaki rouda maraga to be whatever Karuna is some work you will bernama her doctor her garbatella so behind that of lucky now, other than, indeed the creation, the heavens in the earth, the changing of the night and the day a science for men of understanding those who stand those who put the bow down those who postpaid reflect over all of this, I'm gonna mahalo tailor our load, you haven't created this in vanity, there must be a purpose. These are all a year to komiya that drives the individual begin to reflect and recognize Allah Subhana Allah, our fellow young guru, in an EBIT cake are fully worth what you pay for woofie. Don't you look at the hump of

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the cameras. It stores the water, don't you look at the headwinds that land all of these aside for the individual to come back and reflect and to recognize about Santa Ana. There is one meaning of a year of applause to Canada Allah and the meaning of

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diversity look around which are clear that a person doesn't see the signs, the verses but most people don't have an impact upon the individual. Because the Quran that we find is very powerful in nature that we find. It is put on the same area. It's a subtle hash it was the end. The ones in the head of Parana are Led Zeppelin that are h2o Hashimoto. So, they are Milica shaking the tin can do not drink alcohol in nursing home, it is a Corona we sent this Quran down upon a mountain, it will turn the mountain into what into dust into crumbs. That's the power of the Quran. But the Quran has come where upon the hearts of as human beings and that's amongst the first parallel parabolica sort

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of buffer that we find that they are stones, stones that you find that with water gushing out of them, some of them you scrape them, you find that water gushed out them and amongst them any yeah bitumen has shifted some stones, rocks, they feel love and how can a rock fit Allah Subhana Allah

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but Allah has created that even though

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Recognize that must come to enter. What is the intent of this matter this paradigm? That if our rock fears of loss of power,

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then why does it the soft heart of the human being, fear of loss of penalty and lm yet nearly levena and duction Upolu mimic real human as a dominant have had all the time come for the hearts of the believers that the hearts and comes up with a deeper philosophy. That's the power of the art of love. And levena Herman while it may not be the creme de la creme de he taught

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me the believers and those individuals in heart mind tranquility and rest, with one with a decoder of a Muslim hamdallah those are the real believers. And levena colo boom, the hearts begin to quiver and shape with the Ayat of Allah. Allah waited too late to lose that one man wanna beat him into one lumen the ayatollah and herbicide to the condemn increases them in the man and they place your trust upon a Lost Planet Allah. So those are the iron that Allah Allah has shown and highlighted to us. Likewise, in the night journey that we find the Prophet Muhammad who sees a person coming out of the of the water surrounded by blood. And every time the person a rock is being thrown into that face or

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into the head of that individual. Who is that individual, the end of the day that we find that is an individual as the as the inner mountain or the person who learned karate slept away from the mountain and never implemented? A puja to not open getting the alley. The Quran is in evidence for you or evidence against you know, just the re citation of what is the implementation of the Quran. So that is dangerous turning away from the idea tip of last time to Allah because you turn away you for what the idea of Allah bandana, waka Delica, Yama, tuncer that's today you will be forgotten. But last panel, what the other so we failed to understand the time any, the maximum opportunity or

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focus of the life of the individual is in that prime time in that opportunity to focus oneself towards Allah Subhana Allah that you find these strange Hadith one Obama for an interrupt burqa the idea booty Cheb the support level indeed the last bandana Marvels at a young boy a young individual loss of water level has no any demand Allah yummy you Elon, however, doesn't go towards desires. mm and Munna we explain is how the so called they mentioned, the in the hair that any shape on a Jeep or shape or Nordea, this is something very, very rare because most people want to come to desires. So Allah and Allah is praising the one individual or a young individual who breaks one's desires and

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doesn't come towards them. So this individual I'm not praising this individual and this is something very rare. But it's not something which is any impossible. Like was a discussion begins to take place amongst the realm after skia that a person who makes a mistake and then repents and becomes a better individual is that person, young person, a better individual or a person who never ever entered into anything wrong? So long discussion begins to take place. Some of them begin to favor person never ever journey through her arm is far better, the person may have done something incorrect fall into shock or desires. And, and then they need repented. But what we can extract that

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obviously the task is what it is a difficult task. There's no doubt it is a difficult task, especially the new 21st century that we live in a modern world that we live in is become even more difficult. But that difficult task means what an immense reward. What is the immense reward that were given to those individuals. That is, as we mentioned, the seven individuals, the category, the types of individuals and the shape of those Candela. sabato, you didn't do multi the ne yo malvinder. In the window, seven types of individuals will be under the shade of a loss from the other whereby there will be no shade. Amongst the seven individual we find Mr. Moon Arden, just Mm

00:34:09--> 00:34:49

hmm. Worship one nationality, evaluative days to Canada which concerns us here. The young boy the young girl who spent their life worshipping Allah Subhana Allah not the end of their life, or an elderly individual, a person from the age of 50 or 60. That's normal. You know, that's normal for individual getting gets excuse expression one foot inside the grave to begin to make Toba to begin to repent to come to the masjid frequently that's normal. That's something clean something good, but it must pandadoc isn't one of them. Because that's a normal only a senile person will stay away from a loved one died that end of their life, but it's the prime time of one's life. shabu Najafi invalid

00:34:49--> 00:34:59

data panel data The second category, this will complete the Hadeeth world urine Anbu Martin Lacan will massage is a man whose heart is linked to the must've had

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

Another headache vomiting diary, which is weak but the believer finds himself in the machine like a person in the ocean and in the heart is open. But a Muna finds himself inside that machine Like what? Like a bird in a cage. So you come to the machine you find any other you find restriction, find difficulty find confusion within yourself, why am I inside the machine that had no one minute nifer is the element of prophecy. That believer finds tranquility happiness. Inside the house of last time there is a man whose heart is attached to a machine. And so he had that we find the individual who visits the machine frequently first had double email, testify the individual has what

00:35:41--> 00:36:21

a man will come to the machine frequently. So many people once again the communists a sellout to jamara. Anyway, you can go and pray. Possibly true. So what's the point in building the machine then? If you can pay someone to jump to wherever you want to go and pray? Wherever you are with a jamara? That was the intent of the masjid? Why do we find but she Rupa shereena Lane, give the glad time that individuals were walking in at night, the depths of the night, what is the depths of the night, select them and select the issue that you still come in towards the masjid. That's a sign of a man. A sign of hypocrisy is what the person drags himself to come for a lot of he doesn't want to

00:36:21--> 00:36:59

preach it out and forget or doesn't want to come to Silicon Valley shapes at the masjid. That's an element of hypocrisy. sign of a man is a person wants to come to find your person begins to question himself need to read the life of the Sahaba in one the Miss Salatu gemera they would hide. You'd hide from the other companions, they missed it and then secretly go hide in the crevices and secretly go and pray. And as they used to conclude, anybody who missed Salah to Gemma, either they were traveling, or they were severely ill. And you know the side point, even the monaci own, never miss prayer behind who behind the Prophet Muhammad was of seven less than he spotted. And what do we

00:36:59--> 00:37:40

do today? We don't care much about him. Every day we miss fudger. With Giamatti. It's not that important. doesn't mean much Miss Russia big American disagree much. What do you mean it doesn't mean much. That is a sign of a man. That's a sign of the pillar of Islam of devotion, or the flat moon allegedly known each other to cause your own success for the day individuals. Those pious individuals are submissive inside their prayers. Those who got their prayers preserved their prayers, that's the element. So many of us may begin to fall into other issues and begin to worry about them which is good which is higher, and then we begin to lose track and focus upon this

00:37:40--> 00:38:21

element. Industry find that even more Bharani in demo will omega has to be Abdallah Yama, Yama is a Salah Oh, come on solo set. And the first thing the person that asked about the judgment will be the first thing then everything else then everything will come after that. So we're not really bothered about it. We find it triggered, we find it something petty, what's this got to do with the impact of the rising of the Muslim Ummah, whatever it may be, then you can see that there will be no rising even the blessing of Philistine at the moment may sound very, very harsh. Go and see how many people come for some other project Mashallah, I don't see how many people yeah, the mood of the soda team

00:38:21--> 00:38:59

who are worried about their prayers focus upon their prayers. The answer is very simple in the Sharia is very simple. Yes, we have external enemies, whatever it may be, but our biggest enemies who is our own knifes our own selves. That's what needs to be conquered and ruled and governed over that we begin to understand the elements. These are the elements of dignity, the rise the Muslim Ummah, once again towards an end success. Likewise, just to complete the habit of refined What are you learning to have the filler each term Allah for Raka led to individuals who come together for the sake of Allah prime data, they separate upon that they haven't come together because of wealth,

00:38:59--> 00:39:23

or poverty of a friendship of on this dunya they've come for the sake of a lot of data. And they separate upon that. That's the only reason why they be and they are together that you find that is born or who are Islamia that you find. Sometimes the stomach brotherhood makes a stronger link between oneself and another individual even in your own blood brother. That's what a man does in a man woman owner.

00:39:24--> 00:39:59

Indeed, believers are brothers towards one another as the bond of faith that you find that naturally a person and a person is upon you need to go for South Asia, even happy to be your own blood relative what happens you find a repulsive feeling towards them. You don't want to be with them. But people have imagined that you want to be what they are closest to you than even your own any blood relatives and your tires that we all have. For free we buy the origin on that too in Broughton determine Serbian what jemanden for color in may occur football once again concerning a young individual that I

00:40:00--> 00:40:22

Beautiful Woman of lineage of honor dignity passes makes a pasture individual and likewise could be the opposite the woman could be tempted as well. What is the person say? For the Indian half woman? I feel bus panda Allah is another individual or that taxi that will be under the shade of a bus panda Allah, whereby there will be no shade. What are you doing some copies of the cutting?

00:40:23--> 00:40:46

machine Malou Mattoon people Yamini person who hides the giving of the charity giving the wealth that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is spent? And 17 we find what are you doing the Corolla hollien Papa but I am a person who remembers the last bandanna with sincerity on his own or on our own and the person begins you need to shed tears. Remember the last man that had it in the sight

00:40:47--> 00:41:36

of a man Bukhari and Muslim. These are the seven seven different types of individuals for the categories. You find an Imam, when the man wonderla Imam, Abdullah Abdullah andalusi. He mentioned in that Hadith of the little hobby kill football in the best book, or the best hobby on football on virtues is this one Howdy. That's one of the Redeemer he wrote more than he will to complete volumes, each volumes on 500 pages was so shocking, hadn't had it. And the essence of those 1000 pages is this one Hadees that he shares begins to expand this one, he's talking about these three individuals. And what do these individuals share? What is it that all of these seven categories that

00:41:36--> 00:41:56

they share that Allah, Allah has placed them under the shade of a Lost Planet, Allah is stearalkonium FEMA holla. at him, they all share of breaking their desires. Each one of them breaks the desires to gain it. Mr. Meredith, why are just a man because you know, most of the

00:41:57--> 00:42:36

political that around us meaning any token that we find would be fine around us. Or they just are they fair. So just email me is very interesting. Because that person knows that when I'm in power control controller, so Don, he could do whatever he wants to do. He can punish whomever he wants, torture, maybe wants to take from whatever he wants to do whatever he wants to do. But just imagine does what he breaks his desires. Because he's doing it for him. The law is apparent that either she breaks that control the power that ego isn't that we find many of these people around us is the ego. The ego is driving them the ego is something very, very dangerous. You can't place a price tag upon

00:42:36--> 00:43:13

the ego of an individual. And that's what some of these people that they have. People may hint to them people may advise that people may write something in a mild manner or point to something and what happened you find that people's heads will begin to roll because this is a threat towards my kingdom shift towards my sovereignty towards my power. My government is not ruling my authority. These people need to go so that's me I did that just imagine will be one under the shade of a lush bandanna like cozy fine. Shaban who grows up in the worship of Los Angeles breaking what the desires as we began with every young individual has desires. If a person says I don't have desires, it must

00:43:13--> 00:43:51

be something wrong with them. So every individual is sharing that bring to the desired life but one is spending his wealth is breaking decide the person loves lanthanum and Bill gratitude for commitment to him boom, you never get to attain piety and don't spend on the things that you love. So all these individuals are sharing that element of breaking the desires of moving away from the desire so they can come under the shade of Allah so panel to Allah. Likewise, you find that in general, all of us will be asked by last time data about our life about our wealth and knowledge. And even more so what will happen? Weren't your baby females Now regarding when we were young, what

00:43:51--> 00:44:35

did we do with our young days? So not going to ask about our later days? What did we do so I feed on the day judgment into the ask about all these five elements? What did we do what were young individuals? Did we worship last time the other or spend any life any appropriate that had been in the center of humanity? Maybe that's the fundamental set of these dimensions of statements. Yeah, Marsha Schubert, among our young individuals. Can we have actions strive anything action for a new right to the hammer official Bobby anywho. Indeed, I've seen that in actions was a young individual, his strength, his power, his dignity, just like the sun. You find the chumps that you find for

00:44:35--> 00:44:59

shampoo, let them down the herpes free camera them lo fi or when he the sun that we find any in the beginning of the sun. going past the meridian is the peak time of his life as it begins to descend and it begins to come down and begins to lead time just before muffling that we find it still classified as a son, but it's weak. The most powerful time of the Sun is right in the middle of it.

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

was a powerful time of a young individual is when the sun is rising a powerful point that even a young individual strives in serving others from the other, like what other individuals have mentioned. Any, you find that the young individual The human being is like a tree. And as you find a tree to the end of his life, it loses its fruits loses benefits, there may be some trees that give away at a later stage at the end of the night. But in general, some of us ginger is a certain peak time that it gives its fruits and after that, it just becomes worship just becomes an empty bark just becomes a board, still could be called a tree, but it just doesn't have much to get to offer.

00:45:40--> 00:46:24

So when is the tree life of the human being a tree like the human being is when it gives it fruits, it gives the blossom, it gives the benefits is when when the person is young. After that, we still could be a tree, but you are an empty tree. That that is a tree that we want to be the tree that gives foods at all times when we're young. And those foods begin to begin to develop later on inside the at the end of our life as well. That's the finding. So Abraham you find the parable is given of the goodly tree, a goodly tree is the tree that you find leaves upon the life of Kalamata Eva lives the life of any total Sabbath, let alone Mohammed Rasul Allah does you find that the good word is

00:46:24--> 00:47:07

that a good tree that you find has a strong, firm in its roots a firm in the earth, and his branches going up in the heavens will talk to him in the in the rumba, and every so often begins to give its fruits give its benefits. So when we will be able to develop those benefits, especially when we are young and focus in each other in individuals. So we need to go back and look at the role of those individuals who came before us. The role of the youth that previously came, as I mentioned, and loveliness dejavu delay, when you were soon, those who responded to the call of Allah, and the messenger, sallAllahu wasallam, who are most of those individuals, if you look carefully, there were

00:47:07--> 00:47:32

young individuals, more animal Sahaba. Most of the companions were what they were young individuals, we go back and read this year in great, great detail, the sacrifices they made and what they overcame, and serving in transit, and then serving the Prophet Mohammed Salah, sell them. Likewise, you find inside social cab as well, before we move into the main field of the companion. You look at sort of GitHub, what do we find those young individuals in?

00:47:33--> 00:48:18

Manipur have been was it known who the the young boys young men who believe in the Lord, and we did what we increase them in guidance. So the army is praising that the young individuals remain focused that we increase them inside knowledge and understanding and increase them. And in devotion and commitment, like Are you serious? So to barouche? You read the series or to see to me Kathy, what do you find the main theme, talking about? Al Malik, well, hold on the boy and the king, one boy, a young individual, devoted to Allah Subhana Allah, that makes what happens, what takes place, a whole empire crumbles, the whole kingdom crumbled, because why have these young individual remaining

00:48:18--> 00:49:04

steadfast, there was no way to kill him, except for the way that the boy highlighted, you have to take an arrow from my quiver, from my bed from my SAP, take an arrow, and then you take that arrow with my boat, and you say, in the name, any of the load of them, any of this boy, and then aim that arrow towards any my forehead, my temper here, and you'll be able to kill me. And when the king does that, issued that arrow, and the boy dies, what do people begin to say? We believe in the Lord of the boy, we believe in Allah subhanaw taala the mission has been completed. That is exactly what he said exactly what he said. And that's exactly what began you need to take place. But it was an email

00:49:04--> 00:49:45

of a young individual who carried out the promise of Allah and Allah remains steadfast, all the way until meeting and he Allah Subhana Allah, like have you mentioned look at the message the companion read through the life young individual Mahajan in Japan errorlevel has innumerable hadn't even heard from Mohammed joven young boy is classified as what the most knowledgeable regarding halal and haram. Today what we find a young we find that we find young individuals aspiring to be fuqaha to be a redeemer, do you find that very rare now there isn't it? Most of us couldn't care less. So we can see what begins to take place inside the future. Likewise, you find any numbers of delivering our

00:49:45--> 00:50:00

best young individual classifiers work towards your manual or on the one we explain the foreign because the profit moms have placed his his mantains cloak over him and prayed for him. A lot of people have indeed why limit that we give him deep understanding of the

00:50:00--> 00:50:22

Dean Unlimited, that will that will demand at the sea and give him a deep understanding regarding the Quran does he have the best understanding of the sea? If that's his famous student email Mujahid said I would need the Quran verse by verse, every single verse at least three times. And I've got the explanation from a bit from the Lord.

00:50:23--> 00:51:05

Why prayed by the prophet Mohammed Salah Salem for this young individual leading the people inside prayers a young, unique individual, these are the companions that we find a need to go back and read in life and begin you need to understand any about them, or some weapons at the age of not more than being 20. The final expedition of the Prophet Mohammed says suddenly places who are some have been seen as the leader of the whole of the army. So even some of the elderly companions begin to think anyhow, that possibly a young boy at the age of 20, we've got so much experience, how can the Prophet Mohammed has in place or some have been saying that position? The Prophet Muhammad some

00:51:05--> 00:51:45

passes away from this dunya? So maybe that's an opportunity to change play somebody more experienced there? What does Abu Bakar do? Guess what? He keeps a sama bin Zayed because he's been chosen by the prophet Mohammed ism, there's no need to remove him in respect of his age. But it must be wisdom. There must be devotion must be commitment and the Prophet Mohammed some selected ly qualified many individuals, I think that may be the companions don't know about a good life. They don't know about the modern world of dressing were looking when enjoying this dunya read the Bible, most of my read about his life, how we used to dress, his silk garments, his perfume is to come from Yemen, if you

00:51:45--> 00:52:22

walk past in the marketplace in Makkah, everybody knew he will do that, you know, most American made, it just walked past us. That's the life that he lived, that he had. But then when he became a Muslim, if you read through the syrup, not mistaken the back of any of that we find whereby he's his arm is amputated, his left arm is amputated eventually, for sure he and you find that what happens in containers when they go to bury him. And they find that there's a cloth. When they cover his head, his feet begin to show when they cover his feet, his head begins to show somebody begin to weep and think this is the same Muslim roommate, who the best governments who have the best

00:52:22--> 00:52:56

clothing, and today, we cannot even cover his body today. So they asked the messenger, you're also the law, some of us and what should we do? Is it covering his head, so lots of them and leave his feet in place, it gave me the green grass upon his feet and very humid that manner. Many of the companions they went, this is the same individuals happened to him today. But obviously it made a pretty good journey. So they made many sacrifices, don't think we're the only ones that we see the things that that dunya and we are facing difficulties to companions. As we mentioned, they had those desires, they had those temptations, many of them, they all they overcame them. And that's they

00:52:56--> 00:53:36

became those fine individuals, as famous quotations that you find the people that were lost were people that were any barbaric people that we weren't. And we find that Islam took us from, you know, the controlling of the restriction of this earth and took us back to the light of glorious victory. NASA find a companion thesis in history. This is the reality, barefooted individuals, disabled state, ripped clothing, you know what they did, they conquered this earth. That's what they did. Because why because the man and and faith that they had, and that's the Islam the blessing of Islam was the greatest thing that they discovered Alhamdulillah Allah he had done and he had one couldn't

00:53:36--> 00:54:17

do that and have done a lot. Praise be to Allah and Allah guides us to this to our listener, that's the greatest ultimate blessing upon all of us. If a lot of guidance to Islam, we don't know where we would be coming bushy Boone disbelievers, atheists, Japan, for whatever person could be. But Islam is the one that came and reformed those individuals and reformed all of us to bring out the best of the individual. And that is exactly what we reformed the youth. When people talk about projects of this and politics of that. It's just the simple message of Islam. The beauty of Orthodox teaching Islam when automatically reformed, the youth are you may be bad, mainly evil, or whatever it may be.

00:54:17--> 00:54:45

But in comparison to many of the companions that you find still trivial, the type of life that some of the companions you live, you'll be shocked. Are they carried out throughout their life and how he started gaming and purified them that you find a lonely Latina up to me, you know, Guru Murthy. Allah is the one he is a protector of those who really takes him out from the realms of darkness and brings them to the light of Islam. Likewise with the life of a conservative lady when

00:54:46--> 00:54:59

she was the one who described you so right for the Prophet Muhammad and write the foreign preserve it and as we finally look at the combinations of Quran inside the beginning, Sahil Buhari that we find the beginning of the compilation the Koran

00:55:00--> 00:55:08

Booker went to who? He went to a different sample, and asked him to write. And what did you say about him? He said in Colorado,

00:55:09--> 00:55:44

you are a young individual and we have no blame upon you and you are intelligent and a sharp witted individual and we will divide once again. So he was a young individual who wrote for the Prophet Mohammed are writing once again at a time of Abu Bakar and he also be from the local army, and has been one Hussein Coronavirus. What the two young individuals, the leaders of the young individuals were in paradise to read about their life and their devotion and commitment. Likewise with the life of other young individuals, Omar Abdullah Aziz has been classified as a thief Khalifa read about his life.

00:55:46--> 00:56:22

You find a mama Ubisoft yearning if I'm a chef Yuri, Eman Malik Imam Ahmed read about their life in mumps, if you're an authority in terms of young Indian arena, read through the light young individuals, how they were devoted towards the loss of data with the knife, remember, no we, as we began with at the age of 10, if you don't pick up the other side, if he read the introduction, and we'll continue talking about his life at the age of 10, while the children were telling him to come outside and play, he used to cry. He didn't want to play with the kids. He went to get on with these studies. I'm not saying we should stop you from playing football or whatever it may be. But we need

00:56:22--> 00:57:02

to create work upon certain individuals that we begin to train them to become people have lofty goals and lofty aspirations that we just think of becoming the average Muslim, then it will be the average results. And the Quran mentioned was become a Sabra old as the winner who should have patience and commitment and devotion, like the five plus it and we're beginning with new Hani Salaam, and then moves on Ibrahim Artesia wanna be you know, Muhammad's a lot more insular, remain committed read about the life of these individuals, Ibrahim Allison read about his life, a young boy who challenge the ideas, who spoke out against his people. And they said that indeed, we heard about

00:57:02--> 00:57:44

a young boy who's done this to our idol speaking Elijah, I did bring this young boy in front of us, hi, remain committed, no had a salon, talk to these people for how long 950 years, or have been mete out to Camila you don't wanna her? Oh, my lord Akuma people day and night in public and secret. Every time I call the mistress a fingers in their ears, they took their garments, and they placed the over their head just how rude the people were. But what they knew how they tsunami do, he prayed that he carried that journey. Recently, some of them attributed to him, that you are the son of a woman who committed adultery, he put a bow that carried on his journey. And as he praised his mother

00:57:44--> 00:58:21

that she was a pure woman. And likewise, most of them, who is the most amongst them whose difficulties most are Islam, and then you find the Prophet Muhammad, most of them. So they all persevered in their life. And that's the lesson that we take from the life to persevere, to carry out that journey towards any loss of panel data. Like what you find if it wasn't any amongst people may think about the scholars and these blessing individuals. I bet look at the life of some of the Congress, go look at their life. You find amongst them humbling cosmic coffee was known as 30 or 30, or Cindy with Hynde humbling to pass him the one who conquered and ruled over the land of sin at the

00:58:21--> 00:58:40

moment, the area of two sided Buxton that we find on the hill in India as well, who ruled and govern and conquered At what age 17 years old. 17 years old, is classed by the person who conquered all of that vision, like when you read about the life of uni, because it's so humbling. In fact,

00:58:41--> 00:59:08

at the age of what 14, his father made the blue suit on at the age of 10, and an age of 14, he takes out his first troops. And then he's fine. He calls his father who is going into retirement seclusion. His father says, No, I'm not going to come out and leave this battle. You know, just your task now. So he says to his father, that if you made me this whole time, then not as your son as a sovann, I command you to come out and delete his baton expedition.

00:59:10--> 00:59:37

Look at it understanding that young individual or young individuals conquer clunkiness was taking place in the world as long as we get our fish and chips and whatever it may be and enjoy our life. So that concerns us are not saying that we should go out and we should bail or whatever it may be. I'm trying to hide that at the end of the day, we want to gain lofty goals is taking 150 years to dismantle that people have to break it all apart. So it's going to be a very long journey to build the bridge once again.

00:59:38--> 00:59:59

So we need to build that bridge. The future will always be bright with what with the Shabaab with the youth. If the Shabaab become corrupt, that is the downfall of this Muslim. So we need to revive that once again about the youth of the young individuals. And a side point inshallah we all young because according to Sherry, I wish quickly anybody under the age of

01:00:00--> 01:00:38

14 is classified as what a young individual, so those of you might be slightly 40 don't put your hand up, you're slightly going beyond that limit the rest of us inshallah are very close, you know, some of us are very close to 1400 in them. So we almost found that it was autofeed inability to become amongst those individuals and readiness muramyl older Will you forget that the owner has to hear the words of the last prime data and follow it to the best of their ability its identifiers, and we pray to those prank that I take our youth away from the facade and the corruption to bring them back to life of purity and devotion and commitment to keep all of us away from my house. He

01:00:38--> 01:00:50

doesn't know the same as the for ya smell baramulla one more button. A whole coffee had never stopped food and he will come when he can be a misdemeanor for structure. We know one of the four Rahim to parent the children

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to a football faithful