Closing Message at KL Summit 2019

Haitham al-Haddad


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The speaker discusses the upcoming summit in California, which is a successful summit despite potential roadblocks. They also mention challenges faced by the summit's leaders, including the lack of cultural unity and the need for spirituality to build partnerships. The speaker emphasizes the importance of the summit's agenda and the leaders of the Umroom to represent the umroom's members.

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salat wa salam ala Rasulillah. Now, this is the end of summer 2019. I ask Allah, Allah Allah to make it a successful one. Now, if some people were to ask whether it was a successful summit or not, it is very difficult to judge this. Now, why? Because such summits should be evaluated according to the actual outcome of the summit that has been translated into a project on the ground, there lies the resolution, the decisions that have been taken, I think they are very promising and in sha Allah, if they were translated correctly on the ground, I think it will be a success. However, as an idea, it was a very successful idea. Yes, there were many challenges because my son and Denise yet two

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important countries pulled out at the last moment, which was a big loss. But let us say that any kind of unity, even if it is a small unity is a stepping stone towards bigger unity. And Allah gender Allah says in the Quran, one just remove them.

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Altogether, all of you upon the rope of Allah, Allah, Allah and don't be disunited. So from that, definitely it is in sha Allah a success. I would like to see another thing that is discussed in the summit, which is that spirituality is an important element of development of any country that was not at risk. Although, okay, we know that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam when he established the first Islamic country or state or whatever, in Medina, he presented his manifesto by saying, yah, yah Nast after Sarah.

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Messiah, Google lady went through the app, all mankind prayed salah, which is peace, which was one of the seven elements that were discussed in the summit. And the second one is food or economy, which was again one of the main elements that were discussed investment. However, spirituality was not discussed. No nation can be successful with corrupted spirituality. Spirituality means the relationship with Allah and Allah, no civilization can be built without correct relationship with Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, which is the spirituality and that what we see now in the West, despite their success in many elements, because of lack of corrective spirituality, and dealings with Allah,

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the IRA, now they are facing really challenges in their very existence. Why? Because Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah did not create or did not commanded us to be connected to him and worshiping him just because of the earth era. But because of that bring success in this life. And in the Hereafter, I would like to see this to be discussed and addressed in the Future Summit. Anyway, it is a very good start. Now agenda Allah united the hearts of the leaders of the Ummah, and may Allah general animate the leaders of Yama Rs, two representatives of their people, not dictators of their people. And by the way, this, this summit, actually, I wrote about the idea of it in a paper that I have written

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about the reform of the OMA and I said that the people the leaders have to be elected, elected democratically in order to represent the Ummah and then they can be united. This is a long term plan and Alhamdulillah we see a stepping stones in this summit, Santa Monica Monica live on to Capitol Heights ket and summit 2019 quality