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Adnan Rajeh
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weekend series that will be on Saturday and Sundays

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after Ramadan inshallah Tada, we'll come back to this.

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It is cheers, barked on Quranic stories and stories from the Quran. And today, as you probably already know,

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telling you the story of Mormon yeah seen as they call him, or the story of us how to Korea is also another name of the story.

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People of Korea in other words, Korea,

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in the Quran is more or less.

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Totally a village. It's actually not a village at all.

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Even though that's what we use it for today, when we just use the word Catia in our, our dialect we try to Rick's describing a village. In the Quran, it's talking about a populated area where the population is diverse. It's not just one group. If it's one group, it's called a foam.

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Right, that's the wording that is used when he weren't used as the word of God. Yeah, I mean, it's the people living in it come from different backgrounds and all not all have the same. This is a distinction that Colleen and other scholars have made. And I find it to be very insightful. And based on Yanni, it's actually a very, very insightful distinction that they make

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the story as far as we can tell, and I used to be a little bit of a history nerd. I looked into this quite a bit years ago, because I was interested in when this story happened, because the majority of scholars, the only piece of information that they offer regarding this story is, is the area in general, they talk about on Pakiya, which is part of

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part of South Eastern Turkey, or north western Syria, where I come from, and that's what I was interested in kind of knowing where this is. And they point out the city. But Allah, Allah, the city was only established.

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It was established,

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maybe in the ninth or eighth century, AD, was actually established, the area that was called on Pakiya, historically, is much more vast, this much, this was much wider than that. It goes, it goes up to it starts in that south eastern part of Turkey, and it goes actually to the south, to the to the eastern part of Turkey, been going up to the north a little bit, a couple of 100 kilometers. That whole area was called that historically.

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And if you look it up, and you're interested in knowing a little bit more about about this, you'll find that there was a king, his name was an Tokyo's

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with which is the origin of maybe the name on Pakiya. To begin with, Bullock is the second and he was a he was a king. From the Grieco

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Iranian era, there was an era where were the Urania, the Persians and the Greek had had a kingdom that was made of people who came from both backgrounds. In addition, in addition to being also Armenian. So the king himself was actually mixed in terms of his background and lineage, which is very rare. In BC, and this was the first most likely he lived in the first century BCE, 100 years before a salary history. This is most likely when this happened. As far as I can tell, this is my historical reading of of these events, and uses the word Acharya Subhana wa, tada. It makes sense because the actual cities that he built and where he lived, where people from, from these different

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And if you look up the word,

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Mount Nimrod, or the Gemini num road, you can look it up, you'll be quite surprised by the pictures that you'll see within this area. And it's in its it's maybe, maybe 300 kilometers away, North

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300 kilometers east of what we're into, like it is today, but it's it within this whole Arab region that was called that back then based on this king, who that ruled this land. Now the funny part that this king, we don't know exactly how he died. Historically, the records are very, very obscure. They don't know that he just didn't stop existing. He and his people. Some records say that he lost a war to

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another Roman king, but there's actually no records for that. This is just a

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just a speculation that the Harvard University scientists made like yeah, historian made, he just made that this is what he think happened. But when I looked into it, he had zero evidence that this occurred, like he just that's what he thought occurred, because they're not, you know, they're not people who read scripture verses. So when a king when there's no more records about a king and they think, well, maybe probably he lost the war to someone and they look who was the king who later on, took over his reign or took over his dynasty, and that's probably the person but we just have no records of how this king and his people suddenly stopped.

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existing and how this city that he built on moat, Nimrod turned him on to almost nothing within a year, aside from maybe what you're seeing tells us so I always thought that this piece of the story was interesting. So you can always look it up if you want. If you just Google note Nimrod, you'll be given all the TripAdvisor information and how much it cost to book a place there. And we can go and see on the mountain in terms of the heads of the snom, that that don't that that fell, but are still there. And he built this amazing temple with, with the heads of lions and snakes, and any other and eagles and people and he had an untold guest himself had claimed the lineage of the gods He claimed

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that he was he was a demigod himself.

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Well, below him methylene was horrible Korea and give them the example of the people of this of this town

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is known as messengers came to them.

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If you go to the diversity, they will point out that these messengers are the apostles of Asia, a Saudi setup will point out

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your Hunter and bulusan salmon, and it will give you a different names and and there's again, the there's just no evidence for that they take these stories, and firstly, don't take him from what they can find in the Scriptures have been useless. If he had done they look into it, but he is like 11, and they take it from what even Ibis maybe had heard, but they don't have that we don't actually have physical evidence that any of the apostles went to the area or performed any form of Dawa to people there is just just, there's lack of historical scripture. So I don't think a lot has happened a century before them, will Allah because he uses the term cellule Subhana wa jal, Marcel, Yanni,

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you're talking about people who are sent by God Himself, subhanaw taala. So they are prophets are messengers. And the apostles of HRD still don't recall how about a human and they were not messengers or prophets. And using that term, to describe them is an extremely loose usage. It's very, very loose, and there's just a lot of question marks for that to be the case. Allah subhanaw taala would have used the terminology but how are you and because I talked about in the Quran, and their prey, they're highly praised in our group that we shy away from talking about if it were if it were them or amongst them, then they would have been pointed out so Allah Allah, it was actually

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prophets, it's your alma mater saloon is also in LA him with me, as we send to them to profits

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or to messengers.

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Now, this right off the bat is very peculiar. Because if you think about it, there's almost no other examples in the Quran of it. If you follow it in the Quran, you don't really find other examples of where Allah subhanaw taala sent

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two prophets to one group of people.

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The only example that you can probably muster is a Saudi Saddam and yeah, that's pretty much the only one that you can come up with. And technically speaking, yeah, Allah Islam, you follow the ISA? Yeah, they said, I'm gave up what he was doing for a Saudi citizen followed him by mercy evolved mercy. But here is talking from our data, actually two separate messengers that

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Sadako talk about own Baba as the scholars same meaning they supported one another. Now, if you have two messengers, and each one is saying, I am the Prophet, and he's a liar, then you have a problem. Obviously, this is not one of them as a fraud, if not both. But in this case, they were separate messengers. They supported one another, the claim of one another, and they had their own miracles like they had their own evidence of prophecy. Because Debu Houma and the people of this town refused to listen to them.

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They brought them the evidence, and they explained to them the theology and they said no, even though it made sense to them at the time, for as long as nobody thought it so we reinforced their ranks. That's what ties ease means.

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Nice, doesn't that mean? We reinforced their ranks and we strengthen their ranks with that third. So now the story is actually three messengers in one village, or one town or one area. Football do illegal, more saloon. Indeed, we are messengers sent to you.

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The response of these people man to elaborate showroom with Luna

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while you are nothing but human beings like us, well, Madonsela Rama loom in shape. And the Lord did not descend anything. Most groups of people across the globe believed in the Lord

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believed in a merciful Lord,

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that created the cosmos above them.

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But that was never enough for the human race because it was just too boring and it wasn't lucrative. There's no money to be made there. And there's no power and control to be obtained. With one LORD that created the cosmos in the earth. You need some middlemen.

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He's somewhere in the middle to help you out a little bit. Someone who can let you break the rules now and now and then someone who will give you a little bit of a leeway, just something to do. Because if you don't if it's if it's not clear cut, then you're kind of stuck with whatever law this Lord made, and you have to follow it and everyone does. And how do we build relationships? If I don't have in my hand, the ability to break that rule every once in a while for someone and make a little bit of money on the side?

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How holy am I as a clergy? If I don't have access to someone who gives it? Yeah, the line is blurred for now. Go ahead. It's not Mahadeva that's actually Hamid Hassan is suffer, take your lead, take your rest and do what you want. It's fine. If I don't have that, then what power do I actually have as a clergy? Nothing, you basically just

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disarmed me, I have nothing to do. And I'm weak and I don't make any money. I don't, I can't control you. And I gotta make you scared and I can't make it come back to me every time I you need something and that means you're free. And if you're free, then this is becomes much less attractive as a as a as a job. And politicians aren't interested in what I'm doing. And politicians don't have someone on the side who wears a halo over his head, who can get people to do what he wants, so that he can continue to roll them. It's not helpful for anyone. So you need some different system to make it work. A snom were amazing. They were a great, you put up this, this beautiful piece of art.

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sculpture that was beautiful. You claim that this one here? Yeah. And he was one of the gods or was a demigod or a semi God or something of that sort. And that it can change your destiny can bring you cures to your diseases, and they can grant you wealth if you are poor, and it can protect you from your enemy when they come across the mountain. You just need to bring them Carabiniers need to bring your food and your wealth and your and make offerings to them. And then you have to listen to the person who whom they whisper to in his ear going on and on.

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So the answer was you're only human like us.

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Four minds, matter woman shape and the Lord did not descend anything upon you. You're lying in unto me electric depot, and you're just like, you're just you're lying. There's nothing like this.

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Even though they brought them the evidence that prophets always bring their people follow Rabona Yeah, Alamo in LA County. Number seven. They said Our Lord knows that we are indeed sent to you. But yeah, well Marlena in little Bella when Mubin and all were you ever, all we are required to do is to convey the message to you, we can't do more than that we can't force you force your hand. And we have no coercion, or control over you. We can only just, here's what we have. Here's what Allah subhanaw taala has given us, here's what you should do, you're living this wrong. You're doing it all wrong. With this new temple that Tokyo's had built with all of these snom that he has set up.

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And it was very, it's very, if you ever go to Turkey and see it, if you just look it up, the pictures are mind blowing of how huge this temple he built it on top of a mountain. And it's very, the illusion of it. The end, the allure of it was very heavy human beings are quickly quickly taken by lights, just some flashing lights and human beings don't know what to do with themselves. You give them a little bit of a large statue they go and take pictures for for years and years and think it's just how we are we get very taken by by big buildings by large, tall buildings are just very attractive to us. And then we were very, I don't know why but that's how we are. So he built this

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and people were very taken by this. So when these prophets, three of them with separate miracles with the same message all supporting one another trying to they couldn't get anything done. And the answer was caught up in the pie you're gonna become indeed, we think you're a bad omen.

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We think you're a bad omen. You see what what shirk does, is that it brings a lot of superstition into a community. It brings a lot of superstition into a community. And these phrases start to be used a lot to buy yellow not because you're a bad omen or any we feel that you're nuts. You're you're bringing us bad luck.

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As a mom, as Muslims, we can't continue on the trajectory that we're on when it comes to how we're dealing with these type of issues. Well, I hear we can't we can't speak we won't survive as an omen your your children, and they're your children and your children will walk away from this faith. If we continue to act the way these wishes interacting, where every time someone gets sick, or every time something doesn't work for someone, we immediately blame some labor aspect of the exit of existence. We start blaming, or I said or gin or any bad omens. And then we go and we actually we go on a hunt for some person who has superpowers to perform real pet for us. And we asked them we asked

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people can you

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Please, we have this this has to stop. raffia is an Islamic practice 100% Islamic.

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I practice daily, every single day, my kids go to sleep, and I practice rakia for them every night. This is your obligation if you're the head of a family, whether you're a father or a mother, you perform rotate on yourself, on your spouse on your children every day, but only as important. It's not something you go and you seek from some holy man, you don't bring them a jug of water and ask them to sit there for a few hours to read in Quran and maybe give them a little bit of money at the end of it or without money. You don't take someone who has the only who who's struggling with mental health problems Jewish is was going to have some blessing 10 That you will put on their head and

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recite upon them. No, you do this for your yourself in your home, you do it for them, who loves this person more the share who has never seen them before, or their parents or their loved ones, you perform real care for them at home.

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This idea that people who are struggling or can't seem to get married or can't seem to get their life together are enchanted by some by a spell your any This is what these people say, in Africa, ya know, because there's some bad omen. This is what these people these type of people say they run after these type of things is what they think about. We don't do that as Muslims, we don't look at any of this stuff. It means nothing to us. It's not real and we don't. This is not how the Prophet alayhi salam lived his life nor how the Sahaba did when they failed or things didn't work out. They looked for causes and root causes and reasons for why things are not working. I am getting it might

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my fuse is getting shorter and shorter with this problem. Where I watch people you know, actually have just listened to people have discussions on this topic. discussions that are extremely ignorant and very bothersome. And they're talking about probably this poor human being that they're discussing is this is

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Kenny struggling with severe mental health problems and they require professional just like when you break your leg. Just like when you break your leg. You take them to a doctor to take care of it. When it breaks their psyche. Take them to a doctor to take care of. You don't you're not okay with you don't bring broken legs. We're okay. Why are you bringing broken hearts and minds? What okay? There is no difference. There. something's broken and it needs a professional to look at it. But Opia should happen all the time. No, if you understood it Okay, properly, when their leg is broken, you do it okay to if you understand it, but you don't, most people don't. The leg is broken. We take

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him to Victoria Hospital. Nokia's done at all, don't even think about it. That tells me that you don't know what this means. When the person's mind is not sprung to do it. Okay, but no doctor and the blog breaks. So Dr. Nokia, that means you don't understand what Nokia is. It's done at all times for people, regardless of what's going on with them, that whether whether the liver is broken or their leg is broken, or their heart is broken, or whatever is not working the doodle care for them, if you love them, and if you understand the value of doing that I understand why you're doing it, and then you take them to a professional to look at what's the problem, a diagnosis of certain

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diagnosis of Jim a diagnosis of I mean, that's the best of all i diagnosis if I said a diagnosis of a diagnosis join us in medical school and I said to the curriculum so we can diagnosis do why why only you diagnose I said why can't I give me the blood test that I can figure it out that it was high said so I can so I can take your blood and I can find the amount of acid that you have in you and then I'll give you some serum to get rid of the acid Yes, yes, it took Allah this is a problem that we have in our community that is the starting to rub me the wrong way. And I'm being very patient with it. We have to display your data your is just a clearer as the prophet Allah your

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source and we'll talk about in hadith is when you are superstitious and you connect things that are not connectable and you come to conclusions, whether they are good or bad. And he taught us I think his thought was that that is not a part of the deen and it's the act of the machine. In Africa you're gonna become you are bringing us a bad omen.

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We have problems that are happening. These problems are not from the normal causes, it's you your presence you'll bring us a bad

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I lived in a village where there was a person who others would not let into their home

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because they said this person you'll see blame this person cause this person was not allowed into people's homes.

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Imagine that living your life people will deny you access to visit them because oh this person looks at something and then it breaks you look at you and you get sick because they hit you with your with an acid.

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They're a bad omen. What's the difference between that ended up with a yes or no because you're a bad omen to us.

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I can help. I'm not saying it's no one dares and I can help. Of course

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you can

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diagnose it. And you can for sure not go around accusing people of it

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or just establishing that know for sure for Lana or Fudan they can they can totally do this. That is just what they said to these prophets. You're a bad omen.

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Lm tanto if you don't start it's a stupid response. The response was not based on on the argument or the theology. Their response to the prophets was not based on your making points here where here's where they're wrong. No, this response was your bad omen our problems who was told that to in the Quran, who else was told that

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anyone remember who else was told the same wording

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more Saudis Saddam Hussein was told the exact same thing exact same wording if you bring us you and your people you're bringing as your bad omen to us all the prophets which are the same thing because it's easier that way? It's a stupid response but people seem to respond to it and accept it even though it's has no me has no has no substance to it. You're coming and saying you know Bla bla bla what you're doing here it makes no sense at all. Here's what makes sense you're a bad omen

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what does that have to do with what I'm explaining to know you're about to oh, oh the the negative energy coming from you. Oh, the aura around you is all dark some some some insane Some? Some insane thing right? You know, the dark energy What

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are you doing? What is this? What do you make up you make a pseudo science and then you apply something to me now, what are you talking about? What dark energy I love this. This is amazing. Oh, this person's energy is

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a gem in Nevada urine. abiquo, Playland, tento and alumina calm, you will be stoned. If you don't stop saying what you're saying, What am I sending that woman now either a limb and you will be punished. They made it a public threat to them to stop speaking, because the king as the

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as the historical records show that there were people who rebelled against Him. But there was rebellion against them Tokyo's rebellion that we don't know exactly what came up. We don't know what came of it. But there was one below I am this. This is what it was.

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So they found them. These people to be extremely ignorant and coming back with answers had nothing to do with the actual teaching themselves.

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By law by Iroko Malcolm you told them your superstition is That's your problem. It's not ours. It's something to do with you has nothing to do with us in the courtroom. But now that you're being reminded of something, you're going to use this terminology you're going to go ahead and accuse us of something that you have there's no evidence for and there's no affiliation with it all because we're reminding you that's why because we're giving you some Belen Tom Coleman was reborn. Oh, the reality is that you are people were extravagant.

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Your problems are not because we're a bad omen, and to mystery food, your problems are your most significant. You don't know how to hold on to your wealth and your extravagant and up and you don't know how to manage? Well, if that's why you're struggling, it's not because you're a bad omen.

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And then the story flips

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to this gentleman.

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Now we don't know his name. Even though if you open book of Tafseer you find his name to be Habib and some people say it's have even the job or hobby it's about even the journey. We don't know that. Again, we have no evidence for that at all, like we just don't have we there's no historical record to prove that it's just what the Sahaba limits have been found from the scriptures have been recently and the Muslim moon they take when they have stories in the Quran that occurred before their time. They go to whatever the total and the end gene may have as records and that's normal shut down on Kabbalah natural Atlanta, if there's nothing to contradict it me the the law of those

00:23:46 --> 00:24:17

before us is Allah we can use for ourselves. There's nothing to contradict it. So there's nothing wrong with the Sahaba going back and looking and asking questions, and then suggesting that maybe this is what it is, there's nothing wrong with that. I just I just don't agree that that's the case based on other historical records. So anyways, this man was not his name was not brought up in the Quran and whatever his name is never used is a reason Allah Subhana COVID told us his name and made this much easier for all of us. But he didn't because it doesn't matter. Whatever Allah Allah drops in his story is dropped consciously is dropped purposefully. On purpose. There's no need. It doesn't

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matter where it happened. It doesn't matter who it was. Learn what actually the story is telling you. The story is telling you in an episode Medina de la junonia sa and from the outskirts of the city.

00:24:30 --> 00:24:35

A man see the word city, but they said asado Korea, because city is in terms of

00:24:37 --> 00:24:59

the geography Natalia is in terms of the diversity like the people the population, but he is referring to the population nature and Medina is referring to the actual the actual space that they were in. So it was a city in terms of where they were living. Korea means that it wasn't just one tribe. It was multiple tribes living there which makes sense if that if that makes sense to you.

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From the outskirts of the city, a man came running. Yes, yes, I came in hastily and quickly.

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Listen to what he's saying. Oh, yeah, follow me February Mursaleen. Oh my people. Oh my people follow the mausoleum. Follow the the messengers. It Debbie mela is a locum at Euro. Follow those who do not ask you for wealth. They're not asking you for anything in return because that's what clear he always do for sure. The clergy are always making a nice, sweet buck and they have a couple of mansions hidden now somewhere.

00:25:37 --> 00:26:13

Listen to someone who's coming to you not asking for roles and that's a whole different story. That's a whole different piece that you can take a look at. This is something that's in the Quran a lot. Prophets are constantly saying what I look yeah, for me that is no como la mala? Yeah, for me. I know he asked you about time and time again. There's something that we should be learning from this as Muslims that there's there's a value there's value, and the people who lead the religious movement within a society not to be asking people for money for money for personal gain, for personal reason. There's there's value in that there's Quranic and I know it's not popular for me to

00:26:13 --> 00:26:16

say this, but that is the truth. The truth is, we shouldn't be

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what we do we should be doing for the sake of Allah We shouldn't be asking for well, because it affects it affects the sincerity and the genuineness of the actual work. And whatever wealth you ask for, you're asking for, for the community, not for your own pockets. It's hard to do because you know, imams need to live need to live, but maybe we need to restructure the way Imams actually exist in the first place. Maybe it needs to be look revamped altogether, well, the whole island because there's value in what life is that the Roman left?

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But if the prophet said, Well, you know, we are working full time for Allah subhanaw taala to serve you, well, we need to be paid. We need to be paid. And this idea would be completely useless. It wouldn't be correct. And all the other ideas that are like it wouldn't be correct, either. So there's something there that needs to be you know, talked about, I don't I'm not giving a ruling on this matter. I'm just saying that there's something here needs to be thought about a little bit more in more depth. Oh, my God, they're doing and they are guiding people.

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Listen to the messengers who asked you for nothing. They're not here asking you for self gain. They don't want anything from themselves. They're trying to help you. And they are guided. Some people may be trying to doing that, but they're not guided meaning they they're they're basically walking aimlessly and they have no law. No, these people have guidance. They know what they're doing. You can see that these people are different. Their way of life is is superior. It's better that they're walking in direction that makes more sense. They have purpose their life is meaningful. It has a higher purpose altogether.

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Well, malleolar Abdullah de facto Neva la he told John why would I not worship the one who created me from nothing and we all returned to him? Definitely. Lumen Dooney. He early How do I take multiple gods aside from him en una Rahmani with order? If there was no if the Lord wants to harm for me? Now, Tony, I need you. To whom che. There intercession will not help me in any way, what are you going to do, nor will they save me in either Luffy abahlali Mubin indeed, I and then in a state of complete loss, in the end to build up the community I believe in your Lord first moon. So listen to me.

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The Quran is very graceful, to find moves from his passion filled Dawa, to the halogen he was told antigen

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because he was brutally murdered.

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He was brutally killed.

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I realize we're taking longer than we should for this story actually shouldn't take this long. But what I want you to think about is this. Why would he

00:28:51 --> 00:29:11

come running from the edge of the city, or from the outskirts of the city, there are three prophets in his town. There are three, not one, not two, there are three. You're telling me that someone living in a place with three messengers sent by God, supported by Gibreel and his mother.

00:29:12 --> 00:29:14

And he felt somehow that he had a

00:29:16 --> 00:29:17

dead horse in this race

00:29:18 --> 00:29:58

that he had, he was obligated to come and say something. Now if the prophets themselves are being threatened to be murdered? What do you think they're going to do to this man whose was no support at all? Who is not a Prophet? Who is not claiming any revelation whatsoever? And why would he care? Why would he care? So this is why this story is told in sort of guessing because we've seen talks about life. We read it upon our dead because it talks about life, not life, in the sense of the biological breathing, but life in the sense of your connection with Allah subhanaw taala, granting you eternal life, the life of the Spirit, when it loves its deem when it loves the message when it can't stand

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

seeing people not follow

00:30:00 --> 00:30:08

it when it finds the life of that spirit that finds it difficult to enjoy what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed and see others not

00:30:09 --> 00:30:20

enjoying that or not embracing it. So there's a feeling of the inside that you want to come and just let them know. And he couldn't help it. He was filled with passion to the point where he could not hold back. So he came running this with this.

00:30:21 --> 00:30:54

See, he was living out on the outskirts of the city. He could have said I'm really not a part of the city. I'm not really I don't live in the middle of the Metropolitan. I live outside. So I don't really see myself I'm trying to I'm not a part of the Toronto I'm playing the GTA I live in Cambodia. I don't really live here. So it doesn't really what's happening to the city is not my problem. And the people are extremely ignorant. The people you speak to them. You talk to them from an Arabic they answer and another you speak to them about the theology. They tell you they're a bad omen. Like there's no there's no, they're very ignorant people. They're not worth my time. He could

00:30:54 --> 00:31:20

have said to himself, there are three prophets doing the job I they don't need me. I'm sitting on the substitution bench. I'm not I don't, I don't need to be tagged in I can I can afford not to get involved. He had every reason not to get involved. They're being threatened, their lives are being threatened. He's gonna go do this and get killed. Most likely his children will lose him. Get every reason not to speak up. Yet he came across Almudena came from the edge of the city running.

00:31:22 --> 00:31:38

Calling upon people follow the belief follow the messengers, and he's making an argument for them. Listen, this is why you do it. They are guided people. They're gifted people. They don't ask you for anything. They're giving you the right way of like why would you do listen to me if it's my own money, let's do our own. So they murdered him.

00:31:39 --> 00:31:43

Something their agency that they they stomped on him until his until he died

00:31:44 --> 00:32:00

that they held him down and just stomped on him until he did so most apologize to him a horrible horrible ending but that's how they killed the Quran didn't tell us this piece the Quran went to Peter the halogen he was told intergender the first word out of this man's mouth ba later call me Jana moon I wish my people

00:32:02 --> 00:32:39

see the secret is in the word Jaco me. That's the secret. The secret is that he felt that they were his people. He loved them. He wanted goodness for them. He felt that they were his Yeah. Oh me. Oh me, my people, my people. He didn't come and say oh people, not my people. My people listen to me. Oh my people, this is what you want. Because he felt that he was they were his people. He belonged to them. They belong to Him. They were We were one he because of that sense of belonging. He couldn't sit down and watch them as Allah subhanaw taala his punishment was edging nearly edging near coming closer every day. He couldn't help it. So when he was killed, even though they killed

00:32:39 --> 00:32:54

him the first thing that came with his mouth yeah later told me I'm gonna be Marva Foley Robbie, I wish my people knew how my Lord forgave me. My jawline didn't even look crummy they made me from a those who are status elevated. I wish they could see it because if they could see it, then they will stop doing what they're doing.

00:32:55 --> 00:33:00

That's the love he had. We need we need a we need a bunch of money Essenes.

00:33:01 --> 00:33:02

I need I need a bunch of them.

00:33:04 --> 00:33:37

I need a bunch of those guys. Those girls people like that people who care who feel that they belong, who feel that a lot that passion for their gene are willing to give their time in their life like we just need more of those people. If you had a couple of moments, yeah scenes in every village in every city in every community, we will be way better. Just people who felt that they have ownership he felt responsibility towards his team. There are three prophets he felt responsible. He felt these are my people. I have to serve him I have to try they'll kill me that's okay. I have to try. And then when he died he still didn't carry a grudge he still they took him away from his

00:33:38 --> 00:34:02

family his kids are gonna grow up orphans and he still did not eat upon them. Well mountain Zelina Allah told me him in body him in June the minister met jamoke on Wednesday, and we did not send upon them soldiers from the sky nor would we ever do that in Canada Lhasa Anwar, it was one call. Say hi is a is when someone yells really loudly. There's one slight fade that I'm currently doing they're all dead.

00:34:04 --> 00:34:41

That's why we have no historical records of how the heck they died. Or what happened to him or the people that we don't know. We just don't know there's nothing yeah has gotten really bad. Oh, pity is the matter of the servants. My team that was sued in election will be here yesterday. And every time we send them a messenger they mark them when I'm yellow come alakina Pamela whom do they not see? How many times before them how many you say how many nations and how many populations and how many groups and those who are punished under Home la Himalayans your own, they never come back from the dead. They never are erected afterwards. We're in coulomb, Jimmy on the day in Darwin, and

00:34:41 --> 00:34:51

indeed very soon, all of them together will be resurrected and brought back to us and held accountable. And that's the story of what many has seen I'm sorry for taking longer than it usually is a bargain with him because

00:34:52 --> 00:35:00

Greg also Allahu wa salam ala Muhammad is like he's bringing two quick things. Inshallah Tada. We'll have the I don't know if there's, is there food

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is a people brought stuffer.

00:35:04 --> 00:35:25

So inshallah the brothers will have it in the main hall sisters are welcome up on the extension we have our town hall today on five. Please show up. If you don't eat too much food this morning and sleep until nobody show up for the town hall. Come in listen to where we're going in sha Allah with our direction and contribute and participate and give us feedback and enjoy the day in sha Allah with us. You'll

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