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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The conflict between the United States and Russia caused major injuries and deaths, resulting in political unrest and unrest among Muslims and Christian countries. The return of the Jerusalem-led region to Jerusalem has caused the loss of important assets and resources, and the return of equipment and the camera have been discussed. The Christian Empire has impacted the way people think of Islam, leading to "has been a complete Has been a complete Has been a complete Has been a complete Has been a complete." The acceptance of Islam as a means of achieving spiritual well-being has also been discussed, with Moe leading a book on "monahaba" and the need for people to stay at home to avoid trouble.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala and as

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a mother you follow me now you're gonna share it on your rajim Bismillah R Rahman Iraqi

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nurse roomin Allah he will fuck Han curry said Allah will ask him my dear respected elders and brothers. We are all aware and the situation in Russia and in Palestine still causes us a great amount of pain, great amount of heartache, and we make dua that Allah subhanho wa Taala grant the people of Gaza and the people of Palestine Sabah and Allah Tala grant him the strength to resist the oppression and Inshallah, one day Allah subhanahu wa taala grant the victory very soon. We have firmly of the view that eventually those people are successful, even if they have been killed, even if they have been martyred. Even if the small children have been brutally killed. They eventually

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are successful, and the oppressors and the people who are oppressing them, they might gain a certain degree for a short time of elation. But eventually, Allah subhanahu wa taala will take them to task whether that's Subhan Allah Allah Fearon, Amma Yama Ghazali moon, Allah Tara says don't ever feel chameleon Mr Soto que Allah to Allah wa xylene Joker raha hoon Serafina never ever think that Allah Allah is unaware of what the oppressors do, and that Allah is fully aware with regard to what they do. And it is important that we always bear this in mind. And today I'm going to speak on something that is historical, because in Jerusalem and its surroundings, there have been different phases. And

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one of the phases that happen upon Jerusalem, which we can take great lessons from, is the conquest of Jerusalem at the hands of Umar Radi Allahu Terrano. Monica key to enter joku to the samurai Amalia bye bisetta click here to ask to enter Minnesota Qatari key one SF has an Amara, the Allahu Tirana, Kista Rossi al Cusco Fatah Kia

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who says stomach acid Karna Chai cassava kharrazian karna Chai has Christianna we'll put a walk here say I'm inshallah whose crop is some miracle Tukaram Dickie kumara the Allahu Kisara of Cusco for Tatia, so how did Humala the Allah will try to conquer Jerusalem, what were the qualities? What are the attributes what happened so that we can take lessons from them. So the Sahaba when they were in that region, especially after the Battle of your book,

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when the Sahaba conquered Damascus and other surrounding places, the Sahaba came to Jerusalem and delete siege upon Jerusalem, because Jerusalem was an important city, the Christians who are in control of Jerusalem, they fortify themselves behind the forts, and behind the security which they had created for themselves in Jerusalem, and the Muslims. They laid siege upon Jerusalem and the seas led, you know, continued for some time after continue for some time, the people of Jerusalem, Al Quds Jerusalem, I'll put Stolper Mahasaya to wa Kiba Shinden Musa Yamanaka says bad Chico national cardio, he started speaking to the Muslims. And one of the things that they said was, we

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are prepared to give you the keys of Jerusalem. We are prepared to surrender.

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How could you? No I'll put down our charter. They can actually decide what one condition the condition is. We want to see your leader up get your Emir ahead. I won't say I'm gonna go date now. We want to see who's your leader telling him to come fetch the keys we will give him the keys of Jerusalem. Now Sahaba started speaking. Firstly, the Sahaba said Why should we make and God Maria loutra from Madina Munawwara. So they said that let us see who is the leader amongst us and we put forward you know, in front of him, and we put our leader in front of that maybe they can give him the keys, but now they had a certain reason why they wanted to do it. What was behind they might two

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reasons for them. I have written two reasons. One is they heard about the justice of humara, the Allahu Tirana, and they fail if you allow to take over Jerusalem, He will rule our place. Even if he's from a different faith from us, you will rule it with

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Justice. And the second thing is, in the Kitab mentioned was made that the last prophet of Almighty Allah, his companions will take over Jerusalem. And when they take over Jerusalem, the last companions, that companions of the last prophet, this will be his features. To do what I said, Would you hang up there? I'll put Kitchari musalman po Hawala,

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a monkey

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or Dusa yet we'll get directly to Tom oh man as money Kitab Oh Melaka water can never be a monkey as hub aka Fatah kalangan to digna Chatterton or was an attorney at Chaturthi Kia Kia what you should have said Is he the same person that is made mentioned in our previous scriptures. So, they wrote so firstly presented, Emeryville, us to Emeryville has to be allowed to do was amongst the very prominent people of the Muslims who were stationed in ancoats. At they were part of, you know, Li instead of surrendering or trying to get the the people of Jerusalem to surrender, they looked at Emeryville as and they said what is his name? He said, Ahmed, Ahmed and Omar is very similar. He

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said okay, this is the name was the same, but they looked at this description, which was in the previous in the scriptures. In the books, you said no, the appearance is not the same. We can give the piece. So the Sahaba broccolini, whatever the ultimate in fact, and he said yes, he amaray Zadar admin. He's also one of our leadership to the editor Khalid Khalid was a cousin of former they said no, the appearance is the same, but his name is not the same. So then they wrote to American photography allowed to know what are the Allah who can call the matura of the Sahaba Sahaba que matura Kalmykia Ternate who smother the Allahu Turan who gave the view that don't go. They are about

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to capitulate by going, it will show our weakness. You know, I'm Jacqueline to Hana jihad to Syria supertanker. He will smother the Allah and Rocco Macerata Aniridia Nikka Lee to Jerusalem here I'll put I'll put up a hot pocket the SAM Nebia Kareem saw some young kid mocha test Oh Nikki Bashara de or tally mama da I'm Jacqueline was it kanji um, who Jacqueline Lee. So we will go and take the keys ourselves. So are you really allowed to give the view that let us go So Omar? Are we allowed to record ready? So in this particular way, what are we allowed to do now now is leaving Medina to gain the keys of Jerusalem to conquer Jerusalem Subhanallah now you must be thinking that if someone is

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coming to conquer Jerusalem, then you can imagine with what great pomp and splendor he must have left Medina

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I'm Jonathan 21 to teaches Killian even for a small thing. If we want to do something, we make a big tower because the new house Oh, British Alisha, big tower. We got this. We got that. Omar Abdullah who is leaving Medina to gain the keys of Jerusalem. And what does he go with one seven, and one camera. No big boys shall know Shaka

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Subhanallah he goes with one camera airport or a contessa hottie and they only have one camera and then came on also the is

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agreement between Omar and his heart in any seven that we will take turns to write the camera. So we will take turns to write the camera you are writing for a while our writing so that we don't get completely tired. O'Meara the Allahu termo comes to Java. Now where is Java Java is near Damascus, just on the outskirts of Aleppo. Jab, jab,

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punch to Sahaba you cram cookies to Bulkley upon changes smell, obey the image around Halloween everyone should be read believe the asana ama they will ask for the sub Sahaba so they welcome Amara. The hola sub sub palette says first thing Omar saw that many of them wore new clothes. So the clothes that were in Makkah Medina people used to wear you know a certain simple clothes, but now they came into contact with a Byzantine Empire. Jerusalem was ruled by the Roman Empire. So there was some you know, beautiful clothes, clothes that were different. So Maria Lautaro Cobourg Messiah. And what did he say? Amara the Allahu thymosin America data, buddy GLD, apnea Agnico additive

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appvalley. What is the stage we have taken the the ways of other people look at the way you are dressed to Sahaba economy one Allah He tells me they said here Messiah man, it is only the apparent situation. The people here with a certain degree of clothes, a certain amount of clothes. They have a certain degree of you know, coordinate quality. I don't like to call it but maybe call it a certain degree of

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Standard of living therefore we are in that particular way. But beneath us so how did we were literally allowed to show that beneath here on our armor is still here. He's still here. So oh my god someone you know satisfied, but he wanted to further you know, see what is happening. So he told Abu Zubaydah it

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was the Chandra was the leader of the Muslim army. So he told me that I want to come to your house to eat by your house, to Abuja if you cerato humara the Ultron Omar don't come You will only cry house

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Johanna wall Abner Hi America, Dominica Chivas men and

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Zerah Killian aapke gut manager so he came home to a woman that presented to him some food the food was so simple, whomever they allowed him despite his simplicity could not eat any cities this all what you got. So beta said yes this is what what equity what are we allowed to say? This the world can change everyone who VEDA but it cannot change you will be there is it will be equally important. I mean, well I mean we'll have

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each other each and every month he has a special person who is an amine a trustee the amine of this

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the meat of this movement is a wu wei de so this is how you know one of the Allah when he was there in Javea, Amara Villatoro gave a talk to the people of the Sahaba who will get some of that is made mention it nicotine but no Obadiah will be higher. So it will be relevant the higher has been mentioned I made mention a one of them. He said Asli Oh Sara era come to sleep. Oh Allah Nieto Oh my companions you rectify and amend your inner self up there are several

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particular Allah Tala will will reform your appearance Subhanallah we want to wear big big creams and perfumes etc. But there's a lot to teach us make two o'clock good. If your flat is good, Allah will make your appearance good. There will be a load in your face. Despite the fact that it might you might not be in a particular way but if your o'clock is good, it shows in your face. There is a certain mood that comes in your face. And then he also said What am I truly asking? For I'm gonna make all your deeds for the sake of the hospital Allah will take care of your worldly needs. Astrid Killian up to two Jihad Quran Allah Tada Aki dunya we mocassin are the new is directly coffee.

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So while they were in Javea, the Christian ruler scale, some delegation came and they said, Omar, what are you going to do to us? Up Gatoring yamasa komaneka ABCYa up to Amanda again, we will give you safety we will give you security. Yeah, Islam, the justice of Islam. We don't know the beauty of Islam and the respect of others. We ourselves in our in our actions, we don't display what the beauty of Islam is. So Amara Villa tuna was in Javea the next morning now he's leaving from jabya to enrich the keys of Jerusalem. Temple chandan Allah to Sahaba Nika Hawkins, when you put your persona you happen was called to enable green as I've said, the cantata they don't look upon it with with

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honor. You must rather go with a mule or a horse, go with the horse. You know, because if you go with a camel, they look down upon you, in today's time is like you know, you bring in a jam, and instead of going with a Mercedes or BMW, you agree with that data. So the people who say Jariwala que se hear you to data.

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So they say to don't go with her with a camera, go with the horse and change your Japan. You know, you got a quota, the quota hit several, you know, Pettis in that way, you know God ready to go. So they put up Japan upon Alterna a better clothes and numero uno when he mounted the horse. The horse was searched to the horse started jumping.

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For sure cricket Nila to Monica toto apne his Greco

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leave this whole particular course of yours, give me that my my camera and take your Japan and take your beautiful approach. Give me back my quota that has all these, you know pictures. So Omar Villatoro went in that particular way. In the meanwhile, the leader of Jerusalem so far has it been a complete emptiness read yesterday he had a red carpet, like a red carpet a welcoming in which the leaders of the Christian community some you know all the different people of Jerusalem, they were there to welcome the conqueror of Jerusalem. And now they thinking that the person who is coming he will come with great Shanna shock and he will come with great

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swamphen slender. Omar Are we allowed to know in that time they were changing they between him and the server? Amazingly, it was so happen that when the time they came into Jerusalem, it was the turn of the servant to write on the camera. And he said, Oh woman, you have no money. How can I go? You have to come on the camera. He said we are in agreement, we will remain on the camera. I'm not going against my agreement. It's so also happened that there was a mud puddle, just outside Jerusalem when he was about to come. So Amara Villa two news feed got wet with a mud puddle. So he took his shoe and he put it over his shoulder. And that's the way he came into.

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So the people they were looking and amazingly made mentioned in the previous lectures, that Alas, compare the last name is companion will come into Jerusalem with his shoes, what is shoulder

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this is the way of your mouth entered into Jerusalem. And up till today there is a door known as Bobby Omen, that is a door with a woman of the Allah who entered into Jerusalem. He came into Jerusalem. So the first thing he asked Bishop sufferance. Bishop was the person who was in charge of Jerusalem. He said, Take me to the place where Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when to Mirage from the rock. Right now the rock today is in the Dome of the Rock. The dome is over the rock. Just this better to open in real time so awesome. Well has a mirage Can you tell again, how much Aleta

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Bishop sufferance and then tomorrow the router also asked, you know, God had been a bad no cabin Africa was a previous Jewish person. And he knew about the previous scriptures. So he took tomorrow the Lautaro. Now just look at this when they came there, that particular place was full of rubbish dirty, completely dirty. And the reason for that was that this place, you know, they call it now of course the Jews used to regard it as sacred. But the Jews were not allowed to go into Jerusalem by the Christians

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at the Samuel Petrovsky, which puts me down. So in this particular way, this Christians had no significance for him. The Jews were not allowed to come into Jerusalem. So that place where they went, it was completely covered in dirt. So umara the ultra roto happy puncher, two he looked at it and he said nebbia cream sauce from nitro hummingbird Jaya dowdy. Salatu Salam Jaha

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Sal atika you hit your hip today. This is the place but by that time there was no Dome of the Rock there was no building there. So this only the rock was there. The rock through which Libya crimson Islam went from there to mirage. So it allowed to know both there and he said you must make a budget. I'm suspended budget to cabinet

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to happy budget finance to carping about Nicaragua Tjahaja rock is we make the magic behind the rock to omernick and a year if we make it behind the rock it gives the impression we are worshipping the rock. We will make it in front of the rock. That is why the place blue dome that is there it is one of the Allahu Akbar well the masjid say pelea humara the Allahumma Dona Kutna mastery so when you read two rakats Namaaz in that particular place. I just want to be it mentioned when he was coming into Jerusalem you read this dua Allahumma tallinna, for Tanya sera which Allah Nami lucasville Telangana sera Oh Allah grant us you know, a very easy victory and give us authority over this

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mobile can bless it please. So Omar have you allowed him when he went there? He read two rockets in Amazon and now look at this, who himself says I'm had prophesies in a hadith in Abu Dhabi. I would go to Jerusalem and read namaste

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first person in this moment to fulfill that prophecy of Nobita inshallah Salam go to Jerusalem. Jah Jakob no mas pero se Bella aadmi was McMahon, Abu Abu kumara the Allah to know that you read namaste and you know how we preserve our history, your heart that Lika can morally Allah Allahu Turan, who read in these two rockets Surah Bani Israel Subhanallah the Astra be Abdi because Allah makes mention of materialism and then the second in the other 30 read surah Assad will attack a neighbor who is the sole Mahara? Oh that would remember Allah Tala when he used to remember Allah in a mihrab which is in Jerusalem. So Omar Are we allowed to chose those two particular ayat because it has a

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reference to material.

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So tomorrow the Allahu Turan who after that, you know, he built a masjid and this all everything has happened. So after that one of your loutra will remain there for a certain amount of time. And then the bishop one day say that let me take you around. So the bishop was you know, showing

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With respect to him because of humara, the ultra No, was the conqueror. So they came to a place at the time of Zaha Sara, which was in the Church of Nativity, but also known I think, is a whole subculture. So when they came to that place, it was a time of Zaha. So humara the ultra notice the bishop said, is a time of numbers come read nimasa Read numbers in my church. So O'Meara the ultimate refused, he said, I'm not going to read numbers in your place. And the reason why I'm not going to read numbers in your place, is because if I read here, then the Muslims will say after a time to come, they will say hamara polyphony Johanna mastery. I'm Johannes Cooper cup Zachary. How

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big is guitar Cuprum Cup Soccer. They will see that our human read here and they will take over the church. And I'm not going to allow a Muslim to take over the church of a Christian after we concrete.

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This is the tolerance of Islam. You hippo whatever, TASH you have Mr. Mulcair our dairy, soy milk Hakata we have always made mention of him. When Muslims were strong, they were tolerant.

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Jeff admitted

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to Smith, whatever dosha was mela Dahlia, or Jeff comes on pertahanan to Smith.

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Article 20 M dictate Amaranta vada Rene whatever Daphne Wren petroleum apne Amelia dromedary name year Johanna hamari come surekey allometry This is a result of our weakness when we were strong we are tolerant tomorrow the Latino could tell him you keep your church we are not going to read the Marcia O'Meara theological went down the road three 400 meters and you went to read namaste and exactly is umara the Allahu Turan who he felt the Muslims there made a masjid they were uma retinas and treat is known as mosquito net to the church.

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And this is the way when he was there. Now there is a difference of opinion.

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As a beloved, the Alana was asked to make the exam to one rewire. I read the city, they told him to read in Java when the Sahaba were there, wondering why it makes mentioned Allahu Allah, that the next morning after he conquered Jerusalem, he told us it belongs to the ultimate make the Assam comforter and when will be allowed and meet the budget orders. He started crying out of the memory of our beloved Korean saucer him thereafter. Then the Sir Sir, you know, the sopranos came and said let us have an agreement. What is going to be the agreement? So Amara Viola and when they wrote the agreement, what is the agreement from the servant of Allah? In the Ameerul Momineen Omar, the

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inhabitants of Jerusalem are granted security of life and property. On key John Omar Omar who's not only that, in in the in the agreement, the crosses and the churches shall be secure. aapke Girija Janet will be my first go and make your keep your keep your churches, that is also and this treaty applies to all the people of society the places of worship shall remain intact. They shall neither be taken over neither be pulled down. People will be free to follow their own religions. They shall not be put in any trouble. Boats are okay but Salah who didn't give a man a man

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so that we didn't use a monument Sarah who didn't have a machine that would say God, okay, why don't you turn and break this Church of Nativity? The Crusaders are coming from Jerusalem from Europe because they see our holy churches there. Our Holy Church is there. So if you break the church together the people of Europe the world crusaders who will come send our dean

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would say burqa Academy is great a person that became he didn't break the church who arrived to break the church. Yeah, him was the man who killed Yeah, he was the man who killed himself. Is it their asset? Is it their asset journal quotes fatawa and you see Terrassa inshallah. NASCO min Allah will put on Kenny Walker sha Allah, may Allah give us a topic of understanding and making our way through the one on

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