Muiz Bukhary – All the Prophets of Allah Were Sent with Islam

Muiz Bukhary
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Brothers and sisters in Islam, I want to highlight something of paramount importance extremely important. And that is that Islam

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was the religion that all prophets of Allah was sent to it. Given that we are unpacking the word Islam in this series, I feel it imperative that we discuss this. Again, let me repeat myself Islam was the religion, that all the prophets of Allah was entered. And as believers, as believers in Allah, this is what we must believe in. Islam was the religion that all the prophets of Allah sent with. Now you may you may ask. Sure, well and good, but what is your proof in this regard? Where is your proof? How are you arriving at the conclusion that Islam was the religion that all the prophets of Allah sent to it? Yes, obviously. Mohammed Salah Torabi, wa salam whyalla he was sent with Islam.

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But what about the other prophets of Allah? Were they also sent with Islam? Yes, my dear brother. Yes, my dear sister, and I invite you to come see but Allah subhanho wa Taala has to say in the Noble Quran with regards to this. Let's start off with the Prophet Nuh alayhi salatu salam, the Prophet Noah. Allah is the agenda he mentioned in Surah Ibrahim for interval later on from us to come in Agile in Algeria. illa Allah wa wa Amir to an akuna Minal Muslim mean

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no Hollis LA to Salaam. He says and if you turn away from what I have to say if I intervene later from us to come in adjure then I have not asked you for any reward any payment in Nigeria illa Allah wa my reward is only from Allah wa Amir. And I have been command dead an akuna Minal Muslim mean to be of the Muslims of

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now with regards to Ibrahim Alister to Islam. allies of agenne he mentions in circle Bukhara

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woman, Baba miletti Ibrahim lemon Sufi NFC will occur this toffee now houfy dunia We're in horfield, karate lemina sada hain. And who would be averse to the religion of Abraham. Abraham is led to Islam except one who makes a fool out of himself. And well of all this stuff now who feeds dunya and we had chosen him in this world. We're in the hoof in our head Atilla Minnesota hain. And indeed he in a row will be from amongst those who are the righteous lemina solly hain is call Allahu raba who are slim and when his Lord said to him, a slim submit to the will of Allah is of a gel color slim to layer up behind. I mean, he says, I have submitted to the Lord of the worlds This is a sort of

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Baccarat, the early I was 130 this is 131 and now 132 wasabi ha Ibrahim or Bernie haywire kubu Yeah, Bernie Yeah, in a lot of stuff Alico Medina Fela muthana illa unto Muslim moon.

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Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam instructed his sons and so did the Prophet Jacob jacoba to Islam. Oh my sons. Yeah, Benny. Oh, my son's in a lot of stuff. Allah como Dean Indeed, Allah has chosen for you this Deen this Deen falletta mutanda illa Anton what falletta mutanda do not die except whilst you are Muslim moon Muslims.

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I'm conducting an Ironman 130 3am Quantum shuhada is it held on Cobell mode? It's called an ebony Mata Abu Nam embody. Call Luna Abu Isla. Hakka Isla. Ibrahima, what is Mariela is how called Isla Han wahida wanna know Allahu Muslim moon?

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Or were you witnesses when that approached jacoba to Solomon he asks his sons what when he asks his sons, Mata Abu Nam embody Who will you or what will you worship after me and then they respond Naboo Isla Huck, we will worship your God. We're Ilaha ik and the God of your fathers Ibrahim and his smile, and it's how Illa Hanwha Haider one god we're not Nola who Muslim moon and we are Muslims. What about Musa alayhis salaam in Surah Yunus Allah azza wa jal he mentions

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coil wire coil Messiah call me

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Tom bill

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Yeah follow me

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if I

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was naming

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bacala Musa and moosari slat wassalam he said yo como my people in quantum momentum billabong for LA hit the worker if you have believed in Allah, then place your trust upon him in Khun Tom musli mean if you should be Muslims, but about the ISA alayhi salatu salam O Allah azza wa jal, he mentions in the third chapter sort of Allah imraan and as you can see, for every prophet, we're bringing proof we're bringing evidence from the Quran from the Quran. Allah is a virgin he says with regards to Jesus, the prophet Rizal is led to asylum for lemma a hacer Isa min humo cofra Kala man Ansari in Allah oral howery Yuna nah no unsought Allah He men be love wash had it be an musli Moon

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when a cyclist that was roaming he felt

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cofra from them. He asks them who are mine Ansari Illa who are my supporters for the sake of Allah for the cause of alliance of a gel called El Hawa Yun the hawara Yun they responded nano unsought, Allah, we are the support is for the sake of Allah. Allah Nabila, we are believe in Allah wash had an old prophet of Allah or Isa Allah is that was lamb bear witness, you bear witness you testify we Anam Muslim moon that we are Muslims.

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Now we have today monnalisa to Islam in Surah, two naml which is the 27th chapter from IRA number 29. Allah azza wa jal he mentions

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amendments will a man Allah to Salaam he writes a letter to Bill case. Okay? in that letter, he basically says, in whom in Sulaiman were in the hole Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem so the letter begins Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, his writing to Bill case. I'll tell you I lay here what Tony Muslim mean be not haughty. Be not arrogant with me but come to me as Muslims.

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And then Allah mentions when when Bill case she she realizes I mean she embraces the message. She says, pilot rugby in Neil Viola FC was slammed to masuleh

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what a slum to Mara Salima

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me, she says Robbie oh my lord in new column to nuptse I have wronged myself for us slim two and I submit ma Suleiman with Suleiman lillahi Rabbil alameen unto Allah, the Lord of all words were Aslam as in MA MA Solomon, slim to master lay man. I submit Islam man Suleiman with Sulaiman al Islam. Now what about the Prophet Yusuf and Islam Islam Allah azza wa jal he mentioned the sort of use of Rob before the date any mean al Mulkey while Danny me

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cleaning lahardee fall down I somehow

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don't donia here on dunhua funny most NEEMO

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honey bee saw anything, Robbie oh my lord for the agitated email milk you have given me of Dominion of rule of Kingdom, while I llanthony and you have taught me means that we really hide it from the interpretation of dreams for our table, our origin eight of the heavens and the earth, and totally give it dunya will afra you are my protector in this world and in the Hereafter, though of any muslimah cause me to die a Muslim will record a beside here and join me with the solid hand with the righteous man allies of Agile cause us to die as Muslims and join us with the righteous I mean

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now what about as you can see, we've discussed so many of the prominent prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then the jinn. Which Dean do they follow? Allah azza wa jal he mentioned in Surah Elgin one nominal Muslim one min Nell Muslim una wamena Casa tune from an Islam for like at the heart of Russia Allah mentions that the jinn for them they say amongst us are Muslims were a nominal Muslim moon from from amongst us, Muslims, woman nellcor Satan and from amongst us are the unjust,

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the unjust the wrongdoers from an Islam and whoever has become muslim for Allah ik at the heart raw Russia da. They are those who have sought out the right course. So as you can see, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam in

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Edina in the law Hill Islam indeed the deen by Allah is Islam and nothing other than Islam every prophet of Allah from day one was sent with Islam were may Yeah, but why are all Islamic dnn Phelan, Yoko Bella Minh, and whoever desires other than Islam as a religion it will not be accepted from him. Well who will karate minahasa reign and he will be from amongst the losers in the hereafter May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us all. So I hope I have made it extremely clear media brothers and sisters in Islam with regards to Islam being the religion that every prophet of Allah was sent with. And this is a basic understanding with regards to the word Islam. I hope this video was of benefit

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and I look forward to talking to you all in another episode soon inshallah. diala Desert como la Hara was that mo aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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