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The current unrest in the United States is causing tragedy and violence, with Muslims being viewed as immature and irresponsible. The importance of speaking out against violence and protecting people from evil behavior is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to act with their own caution and not let others become a Muslim. The need for people to be aware of their actions and not let others become a Muslim is also emphasized, along with the importance of testing actions and offering support to those affected. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to act with their own caution and not let others become a Muslim, and suggest attending a recent event called story night and a new elevator construction.

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at a marina by the love of Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah Buddha.

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Welcome to politicking. Now,

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Paula horizonte technically Madonna Buddha I was lucky

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enough to be here for a while.

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We'll move on, are you ready to compete at him wonderfully, who is an amateur boxer, he suddenly were silly MD, Dr.

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da da da. So

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I my intention originally was to continue the series of photos I was giving, I titled them, let them get married. And I was going to talk in this third part about what Allah says about men that already are supposed to get married and the guidance he gives in light of certain causes, through the story of musante. So now that I have decided to postpone that, because of the overwhelming and troubling news that everybody's been watching, that's coming out of India, among other places. And this kind of violence that has broken out against Muslim communities is not just isolated to India. The kinds of things that are happening to the Uighur Muslims in China is well known even though some people

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are in denial about it. There are there are the kinds of atrocities that happened at the Sri Lankan Muslims are not a mystery to those who follow up on what's been going on there and erupts every now and again. So this is not an unheard of phenomenon. And if this conversation was happening 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago, maybe we wouldn't be talking about one place or the other. We'd be talking about Bosnia, we'll be talking about Kosovo, are you talking about some other place where these kinds of horrific acts against civilian populations have taken place? And I wanted to, you know, take a step back, and really try to understand how is it that we as Muslims can think about

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this reality that takes place this unseen, you know, unthinkable kind of tragedy that keeps on occurring one time after another after another. And of course, when we're going through such a trial to try to recall is we should condemn this or we should say something about it, or we should speak out against it. But if you just think for a moment we speak out against it, then we should? Is that all? Is that a holder supposed to do? Because once you speak out against it, and somebody writes to me sometimes on social media or whatever, I'm giving another support and others say something about India, or say something about Kashmir or say something about the leader. Okay, once I say it, then

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do you feel better?

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Word and and we've turned this the social media itself and public conversation itself into a means by which we blow some hot air, we say some stuff, and then nothing changes, our mentality doesn't changes, our approach doesn't changes, it doesn't change our will be need for each other is reminder. Actually, what we do. And one of the most important features of our religion is that we spend our lives giving each other counsel to the truth, what they'll also be happy with us all the sudden, right? And we don't give each other false, you know, false conference, real conference, if you can physically do something about it to help, you know, to stop and you will you do it, if you

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can support financially you support financially, if you can raise your voice, at the very least you raise your voice, all of that is true. But I wanted to take even a further step back, and help us understand something that we don't just spike every time an incident takes that takes place we take we took take a larger look at history and seek some guidance from Allah as to why this stuff happens anyway, and why is it happening to Muslims? Why particularly to Muslims, this kind of tragedy keeps on occurring in different parts of the world, every few years, something like this is happening. And so what I wanted to share with you is something that I have been thinking about for a long time that

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belongs to sort of God. And so the Gulf of course, the first story in it is the story of these young men who decided to accept their faith.

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And when they accepted their faith, they became different from everybody around them. You have to understand they're they're from the same race. They speak the same language as their culture. Their families know all the other families that are non Muslim. They're the only Muslims there, but their food, and their culture and their clothing and their language and their nation. All of it's the same. They're exactly the same. But the only thing that makes them different is now that they don't believe in different gods, they only believe in one God, they're Muslim. That's it. That's the only thing that sets them apart.

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Now, that's the case. In many parts of the world, you have people that belong to the same country. They're racially practically the same. Their language is the same, but they're different religions, and some of them are Muslim, in some cases, variable, some minority. But in practically many other things. They have a lot in common. They're sharing the same society, they're living the same life. That's also true of a Muslim community living in the United States or Canada or Australia or somewhere else. We may be ethnically different in some cases. But in much else, we belong to the society just like everybody else does. And one thing that sets us apart is our Islam.

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When they were hiding in the cave,

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they said something to each other that a lot of deemed important enough that he should, you know, place it in the Koran so we can always listen to it and hear it every Friday.

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It's remarkable that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that this surah is something that will protect us from great fitna and we have to come back to it in times of great fitna over and over again every Friday so Sunnah of the Prophet sighs I'm to recite the surah. So what we learned in the sutra has a lot to do with the oma going through fitna. So every part of it deserves special attention. So what they say to each other, what I read to you is in the home, any of

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those people for sure, if they overpower you, if they come over, if they become dominant authorities over you, Yojimbo, they will stone you to death.

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So if you go back, you're, you're from them, you're their citizen, you're a citizen of that country, you are just like everyone else, you even look like them.

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But if you go back to them, because the only thing different now is not because you've done some crime, or because you've stolen something, because you believe in one God. Because of that, when you go back, they if they overpower you, if they overrun you, they will stone you to death,

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oh, you're a token female that is or the other only other option is, or you will assimilate you back into their own religion. They will take it they make you go back into their own religion. The thing that makes you unacceptable, worthy of hate is that you're Muslim.

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That's what makes you worthy of it that you have some shred of Islam left. Do you have any bit of this and by the way, these people, these young men, the only thing we know about them is they decided not to worship multiple gods. They know nothing about halal and haram food.

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They know nothing about dressing differently. They know nothing about their family life should become different than you know, they have no other regulations or laws, all they know is they're not going to worship multiple gods, they will only worship one God. That's it. from what we can tell them this historical account, they don't even have access to the Bible, or the Torah, they have no access to profits, they've just come to the conclusion that only one God should be worshipped. And that is dangerous enough for some people to hate them so much, that they are ready to kill them.

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Kill them if they could.

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That is not a new reality. In some societies in the world, that has always been there. That's always been there. People who truly believe in Allah don't fit.

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They've never fit. You can you can try to fit. You can dress like everybody else. You can talk like everybody else. But there's always going to be an element in your society, in every society in the world, that is going to absolutely despise you because you're Muslim. They're going to hate you. Because you believe in Allah. There's nothing you can do about it. You can try to convince them that you're not all that bad. You can try to, you know, dispel their misconceptions, and try to hold programs where you try to tell them no, no, no, we're not. We're not crazy. No, we don't hate women. No, no, we don't want to blow everything up. Or more cool. And I want the scary looking thing on

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purpose. It's not because it's my religious club, making a point. Because these cultures are scared, these people are terrifying. They're scary. They're going to destroy you. And what happened in the prophets time. So a lot of what danger did the Prophet pose to the Quran, he's from college. He's from them, he's from that nation. And if you know one thing about courage, they have respect in all of all of the region, because whoever comes to that region is safe.

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And if you know one more thing about the Polish, and the tribal life of Arabia, the only people you're ever going to be loyal to is your own tribe. So there's two things my guys palatial special, because they make sure that everything remains peaceful inside Makkah. And second, you never heard the people of your own tribe, you can go to war against some other tribe, but your own you solve problems. You don't find your own people. They willing to bend their own rules, break their own rules. Just because the prophets lie, Selim is calling for one God. So the idea, you know what happens when we go to a society? It's natural human beings. We're social, right? So we want to fit

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in with everybody. You want to be like, we don't want to be the weird people. We don't want to stick out. So a lot of times we start compromising what we look like what we talk like who we're friends with, so that we feel like we're more blended in with the rest of society. We're not sore thumbs. We're not that weird. And we think Well, now that I don't call myself Mohammed anymore. I call myself mode.

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You know, I don't call myself a Sam. I call myself Sam. You know, I only call

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Norman. Norman. You know?

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Let's Let's not, you know, I don't say Salama, anyways, that was up.

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You know, I change everything about myself. Maybe I'll fit better because then they'll think I'm, you know, maybe I'll think they'll think I'm a real Canadian, or real American or real Australian. Or I'm a real I'm a true Indian.

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I have a true this or true that are true the other because I'm gonna be like them. This is also a delusion.

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No matter how much you pretend, no matter how much you pretend there are forces in the world that will always be there. And even if they see one trace of Islam and you will you still have a Muslim name used to identify yourself as a Muslim, even if you just pray on Fridays as enough for me to hate you. Some of you know some of you work in offices, and you go to schools, where you you've experienced this there are people you don't you, you might not even be that religious. But the fact that you're Muslim is enough that people look at you funny.

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And there's some people just have that in them. It's not just the media. It's not just propaganda against Islam, there is a mindset that shaitan wants to perpetuate has always wanted to perpetuate that the He will make believers for some people, he will make believers an object of hate.

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And the purpose his purpose in doing that is also clear. Shannon's purpose is also clear. On the one hand in Nevada comerciais bonhomie for Alia who filata halfmoon, Baja funi Mini, that's just the devil trying to scare you off his friends. He wants to scare you have his friends, stop being afraid of them. You and I have to understand, and we're, you know, the people that are going through such things whose homes are in danger, who can hear writers outside, and they're not sure who's gonna break into their door, the ones that are trying to protect their children and their daughters and their mothers, those people that are not sleeping for a few nights now. Those people that are afraid

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that their homes and their businesses are going to get burnt down. Those people a lot as a project be created that much stronger than you and me, because a lot does not put a burden on someone that they can't bear.

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The responsibilities and the difficulties a lot put in my life are ones that I can handle. And Allah give them much bigger trials, because they can handle a lot more. And so it's extremely immature and irresponsible. For some people to say this must be Allah punishing them for some of their sins. How dare you? How dare you or anyone else say that someone is going through a catastrophe in this life because of lies punishing them because of what they've done? You and I have no right to speak on behalf of Allah.

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You have no now mama can Allah julio de la.

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Allah will not tell you what's happening in the unseen. Allah didn't tell you I'm doing this because of that. People say these things, and this is ignorance. And sometimes it even comes from the mouths of Muslims. Those believers that are being tried and tested in such horrible ways, they this may be their pathogen. And there are reasons Allah describes that we go through such disasters for ourselves, the measles, hubby's having a play here

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womac naka de la julio de la Molina, Allah, Allah.

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Allah will not leave you like you are until he separates those that are good from those that are filthy.

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He wants to test how long how much, sometimes every safety will be taken away from you. So you can truly recognize the only safety lies with a lot.

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Nothing will happen to anyone, no one will die sooner than they're supposed to die. No one will be tortured. Because they didn't want that to happen. No one will suffer any calamity without a less permission. And every one of those trials that you and I go through, that those that we love, as our online are going through every one of those trials, Ally's watching.

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And it's at that point that some people will say, where's my Why isn't he helping?

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Where's the love it getting any help, you know, and they'll lose their faith. And there are those who will say, This is what a light is messenger promise this will come.

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This trial will come, this difficulty will come and most important will stand in the face of it. The one who dies, Shaheed you know defending their home, who dies doing nothing wrong, who's an innocent who has been killed, when he comes in front of a lot, he will ask a large soldier to send them back so you can get killed again.

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He's going to do that. So we we on the one hand, we make the art for people that are going through such extreme struggles. But on the other hand, the real reason I wanted to share this whole book with you today is for us to understand we may be at peace here. 100 Allah has given us a peaceful life, you don't have to look around every corner who's got a gun out, you don't have to go on your way to the machine. And there are places in the world right now where Muslims have to do that. Like to think twice about going to the machine. And whether or not they'll come back alive. That's a reality for them. That's not a reality for you and me. But that doesn't mean you and I are any

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That doesn't mean that we're, you know, that's never gonna happen to us. Don't be delusional. You and I should not be delusional. We should know for a fact that these trials will come and can come at any time. They can happen at any time. And the thing is, we don't want that to happen and therefore we want to look like or fit in with everybody else. That's not to say

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Because once you do that, once you leave a law to try to get protection for people, then you no longer have the protection of the law. You left a less protection because you thought fitting in with everybody else will keep you safe, it won't, they're not going to hit you any less.

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They're not going to dislike you any less. And now you lost the people, you've never had them anyway. And you lost them that you lost.

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Don't do that to yourself. Don't put yourself in that disastrous position. This is a time where the home I really truly has to repent and come back to

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we have to support those and we have to stand up against those that are, you know, causing lives lives of innocence to be lost. Our Deen is so powerful when any innocent is being killed whether they're Muslim or not. It stands against

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when Quran was revealed and a lot of xojo gave be even been put a lot for what crime was the baby girl killed, she will ask on Judgement Day that wasn't talking about a Muslim family. When Allah says but Allah can lead the team that the one who pushes the orphan, Allah criticizes the people who pushes the orphan around the orphan being talked about was not from a Muslim family, there was a shaky Hello standing for them. When you limit of 15 people who are cheating in businesses, and elect criticize those who cheat others in business, neither the customer nor the business person were Muslim. And the law stood for those customers that are being cheated. Our Deen is a D that stands up

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for justice no matter what. And it includes, of course, fellow believers when they're being persecuted. So our doors are with 10. But please, I don't tire of saying this. Some people might find this controversial I, I have to say what I'm convinced what i what i understand the institution of da, da, is a very powerful weapon. Allah gave a believer if you study the stories, and

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then when a believer sincerely turns to a lot with their heart, then things change.

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Things change, if you see any story of any profit, the turning points, the major events where things change is when they may die, actually, so God is not just some words, we say, but you know what we've turned on to, we've turned to Ireland to not a conversation with Allah, we've actually turned the light into conversation with each other. Brother, please make God Wait, what do you mean? I mean, God, you, you don't tell each other to meet God that comes from the heart. And it's a conversation with a law not with each other. Now the idea of law is post something on Facebook.

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Now the idea of do is say something on a microphone, that's,

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that's a very personal, intimate conversation between you and it's always been that way. There are some times we need to add to a lot together, that's fine. That's fine. But the reality of da is actually not words or sounds. The reality of God is what comes from the heart of a believer and which is the highest heavens. That's actually what it is. That's what it's supposed to be and don't turn it into anything else. And that the situation will not change, that Allah does not change the situation of an online it's not just Oh, the Indians have to change or the Kashmiris have to change or the Uighur Allah speaks to us as an entire oma. And the reality is pretty scary. It may be that

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some parts of our own life is suffering, not because of their own sense sense. But because of our sins.

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Because we're one body,

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one body. Think of it this way, the prophets I seldom described the okhla catcheside, right, like one a single body, when one part of it hurts, all of it hurts. And one part of it hurts all of it. Here you are eating unhealthy food, you're eating unhealthy food, or you're not taking care of your you know, your diet or whatever. And one part of your body starts developing a disorder.

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Right, the problem is somewhere else, and the symptoms show up somewhere.

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So we don't assume that they're going through a trial because they're messed up, where they may be going to meet a lot. Maybe it was using that trial too late the entire roadmap. How long before you know these, these, these, these shakings that Allah sends us before we wake up and say, Allah,

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Allah help is near.

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And that we have to turn back we have to be qualified for Allah. When I say we have to make the offer the oma and I want to end with this really, of course we have to make the offer to mind those that are suffering, those that are suffering in our own families, those that are suffering that we share that Allah Illallah with this bond of La ilaha illAllah what makes me a new Muslim. This is a stronger time and blood. This is stronger than blood.

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Who is not just some people that you hear is not just some news feed. This is our oma This is something someone you have to have love for you and I have to have love for it. But and the best thing the best thing you can do for them is to help but Fine. Let's take one last step. I agree the best thing we can do for them right now at the very least you can do to offer them. If you can support in some way you support in some way you stand up. You want to

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You know, you

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can test what's going on fine. But Doha is only effective when it's acceptable to Allah, isn't it? That is not just me making some sounds and crying. It has to be acceptable to Allah. And when you read the prophets, warnings of a mountain or an incident, that's somebody that travels across the desert, whose clothes are torn and they're disheveled from the journey, and they're holding on to the walls of the Kaaba. And they're asking a lot for law that they mean they travel back, they back then they didn't take a flight ticket to the Kaaba. They traveled, they walk through a desert to get to the Kaaba, you understand. And they get to the government, they're breaking the law and allies

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origin tells the proposition tells us or members who are not

00:25:48--> 00:25:55

the ones that think he's drinking his heart on the food is eating his hair on the clothes, he's wearing his heart on the money makes this one basically,

00:25:57--> 00:26:04

he's okay learning from wrong means he's okay with taking somebody else's inheritance money. He's okay with not paying the loan back and saying I never borrowed money from you.

00:26:06--> 00:26:17

He's okay with eating somebody else's food. He's okay with lying and cheating and scamming. But now he's showing up at the cabin crying in front of the house and making dough out and now you're stuck. How is he going to be answered?

00:26:20--> 00:26:27

So before you and I say MiG tau brother, MiG tau brother, let's be God together, what are you qualified for? Have we

00:26:29--> 00:26:46

have we left questionable things that make up laws, you know, worthless before the law. So before you die, if you if we really care about the chaos that's happening, and we really care to make God then let's care about our law itself. Let's beat the door. All right.

00:26:47--> 00:27:00

Because it's not just empty words. It's not just emotional prayers that were that are felt from the heart. There's conditions that have to be met. Allah says Felisa God. He says, what do you do da da, da, da, da, da.

00:27:02--> 00:27:18

I will respond to the call, whenever they call me. I'll respond to the draft. Whenever they make da, he says, then they should respond to me. Let's say, My God, then they should respond to me. They should at least try to respond to me, Ally's asking you to leave certain things,

00:27:19--> 00:27:38

or do certain things in your life. You're ready. None of you here don't know that. I know that. And you know, that sounds complicated. Everybody here knows what we're supposed to do. And we're not supposed to do and we're still doing all that stuff. And still, and we have the audacity to ask how can we live is an answer my dogs? How can we own most dogs are not being answered.

00:27:40--> 00:28:17

And he knew we were not even making our part of the deal. We don't get to be hypocritical and say we care about the plight of the oma. If we're not changing ourselves, this is what a lot means. When he says in the law, you lead a woman called me, Hatha Yoga, you may be unforeseen, there is no doubt about it. Allah will not be wanting to change what is happening to a nation until they change what is happening inside of themselves. He will not change the tragedy of the catastrophe of the oma, he will not lift us from it doesn't matter where it's happening in the world. We will not lift from it until something deep changes inside of ourselves. Until we turn back to Obama. We have to take you

00:28:17--> 00:28:24

and I have to take personal responsibility for our share. In we are our daughters becoming

00:28:25--> 00:29:01

our share. It's not just Oh, it's Ramadan time, let's raise our hands and cry, and then go back and disobey Allah again. We need so much Doha this year, and the year before and the year before. And I cried. So what how can we didn't go anywhere? Yeah, didn't go anywhere. Because we're not doing a right, something's missing. Something's deeply deeply missing. And this is, you know, there's two points I wanted to make to you and remind myself of one, we're never going to make some people happy. Some people are always going to hate us, that's never gonna change the profits. If someone was the nicest human being you could ever meet, they still hated him, right? So it's not that you're

00:29:01--> 00:29:19

not nice. It's not that you're you're, you're not worthy of being liked. Or you're evil in some way didn't matter is the fact that you have truth, that you carry some reflection of your messenger. So a lot more on economy. That's a not for sale theme. And those who listen to the shell tend to hate you.

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That's enough for that. And that will never go away. And no matter how much you try to present yourself in a different light, those people there are people that are valid. There are non Muslims that are balanced, that are that are sensible, they can see through it. And there are those that are drowned in hate. They're drowned in the whisper of Shere Khan. And they are they're now in the devil's playground. There's nothing you can do about that. Don't bother. Don't bother becoming likeable. Be yourself. Don't sell your religion to anybody, and not worth it. So they knew when they go back, there's only two things that are gonna happen either they're gonna stone you to death, or

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they're going to take you back into their own religion and they said

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Either way, and the second option that they will take you back in your own religion. Okay, okay, okay, I'm gonna go over Wilson.

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If they do that voluntarily who isn't happening then you will never be successful,

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then you will never be successful. The people who have been killed the people who have been massacred, they haven't been killed. They're not dead. This is the last thing I shared with you. I'm over my time. One minute though it's all take. What are the seven and Lavina put up Sabina? Why

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don't you dare assume about those who are killed in a less path that they are dead. Don't you dare even think that they are dead.

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they are alive being provided for in the company of their master for the Hina Viva adoptable lachemann for the they are overjoyed at what Allah is giving them from his own favor way assumption una Villa de nada Maha could be him and help him. And they're congratulating each other about those who haven't even joined them yet.

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They haven't even joined them yet, alas talking about those who have been killed, holding on to their song.

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They were killed holding on to their song. We may be crying for them. They're happy for themselves. They're overjoyed. And they're looking down at those that are still alive and saying, Man, they should, they're going to join us soon. They weren't even

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allowed to jump make us worthy of his gender, Elijah which I accept our, that our Shahada as those that are worthy of no questioning and are being given a less forgiveness and grace the grace of gender immediate allows them to ease the suffering of those that are going through whatever kind of trial beat political suffering, military suffering physical suffering, sickness suffering, but in any kind of suffering we allows them to make that suffering a reason for which our faith in Allah increases and doesn't decrease because no matter what loss we face, whether it's loss of life, or limb or money, or whatever else, the one loss we cannot afford is the loss of EMA every other loss

00:31:57--> 00:32:18

everything was going to go anyway. Everything else was going to go anyway one day you and I are going to be in the ground none of this stuff will matter. One thing that will matter though, is what we took over where our hearts were lies. We did not compromise the emaan of any believer no matter what trial they go through and ease our trials and never put us that we feel we're no longer able to bear the trials that were that He has given.

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garbanzos epictable

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in Oklahoma dedicated

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to schema.edu Mohammed colossal

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in the energy a lot more baddeck either Mohammed Mohammed Salah

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enemy in the

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above a lot of a lot of a lot. In a lot of movement. I do a sandwich

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when heart and fashion will not cut political will not be a matter of standing up in front of

00:33:09--> 00:33:20

tomorrow's a very special event here. And it's called story night. It's actually one of my favorite stories from the one that I'm teaching here on our campus. I'd like you to come and I'd like you are in your non Muslim friends with you.

00:33:21--> 00:33:23

And especially the youth I really love to see you.

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when I

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the show was

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Once again I'd like to remind you that tomorrow there's a storyline event at 630. I'd love to see all of you bring on some friends If you'd like to learn about karate in a way that's easy for them to process also. Additionally, I wanted to tell you that our intention, hopefully is to complete at least the second and third floor construction and horrible dog stars. So with hunger lights been going it's progressing pretty well. The city has approved the construction of the elevator outside the building for that has already started. You'll see the post outside of what the budget for it is. I don't do fundraisers here. I'm never gonna do one. I'm just letting you know that that's the

00:40:59--> 00:41:02

budget. Most of them are contributing based on their own

00:41:05--> 00:41:05


00:41:06--> 00:41:08

You know? Yeah, I mean.

00:41:11--> 00:41:20

Yeah, there's a there's a play being held by the kids and the kids events. In the middle of March. There are tickets being sold outside by them so you can try to get the tickets without attempting

00:41:27--> 00:41:27

to turn it on

00:41:33--> 00:41:33

by internet