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The transcript discusses the authenticity of multiple hadiths and their potential for confusion, including the "has been in there" and the "has been in there" concepts. The speakers emphasize the importance of knowing the context of hadiths and the "has been in there" concept. They also discuss the importance of freedom of punishment and the "has been in there" concept. The speaker emphasizes the significance of Islam as a way to live life to the next level, as it is a way to push oneself and extend limits, and it is a way to live life to the next level.

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Early he was a gym ain't no bad. Y'all remember? He was 30 he was 70. So hey,

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have you heard of them? Oh, have you side check for the Allahumma lawsuit Allah is Allah Allah who was a limit by the eighth and eighth lotion and

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authentic chain of narration and damage will be low. I know where the tabby was not sure whether Ebola will say actually read the Hadith. So it's actually that's the, the wording of it. And, like, you know, it doesn't take away from the authenticity of your Hadith, because he's whenever, whenever the there's an issue of obviously masala has not really a point of this call to Allah. But whenever the WA doesn't point out to the person who told them to Hadith, they just jumped to the Prophet Allah. So it's only called Hadith. Marcel is something because there's a link that's missing. Now we have a higher probability to believe that this person is truthful about what they're saying, because

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a great amount of time. Yeah, I mean, so we think he probably just forgot or wasn't sure, but that does take away from his authenticity, meaning when we don't feed that hadith as authentically as we treat other Hadith so it loses its degree of authenticity. It can be Hasson if there's other Hadith that can support it, but on its own, it won't be so here. But when the database a isn't sure but gives you options is continues to host authenticity meeting he's like, I know I heard it either from this person or that one, then that still holds authenticity, because the database actually remembers at least one of the two people. It's just a matter and both of them obviously are any art. And we

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believe both of them. So the Hadith continues to be cited is the issue of masala which is kind of a little point during

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the Hadith has this very specific aspect to it. And this hadith is a third one that I'm sharing about.

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Ramadan will probably share maybe seven or eight before at the beginning of the month I was in Charlotte telawi. As far as we can tell, if nothing changes will be Wednesday night. Our system will be in Charlotte similar to what we're doing right now. We will pray we will make a then we'll make it far more prayer shot. I'll give you two few minutes for asana and then we will go to raka of tarawih and three Bucha are 12 of tarawih and one of winter however you want to you know there'll be divided so you can you can make whatever intentions you want to do as you go along. And you'll be reading in Sharla just a little bit with the intention of the hokhmah being on the 29th night in sha

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Allah to Allah if ALLAH SubhanA gives us the strength and the intellect to do so.

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He says all your thoughts on your podium in the relay in the this hadith is talking about Ramadan in the context of it is talking about Ramadan even though he doesn't actually use the wording in the Hadith but the context of it is Ramadan. He will say Ali is awesome in nila, he wrote taka he couldn't only young women well ala equally Abdeen men whom they are to Mr. Jab

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will say Ali Asad to Islam, indeed Allah for every day and every night we send Ramadan, there are people who are going to be granted the gift of freedom of punishment of it coming to know what's important to know about this concept of El Camino Gnar. It only exists in two spots within our deen like it's only talked about in two contexts, the Day of Arafah Ramadan,

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you don't find the Prophet alayhi salatu salam talking about this outside of those two days, or those two periods, they are out of OH is obviously the best day of the year. But then in Ramadan, outside of those two, we don't hear about it. So it's a very specific thing. It's context specific, and it's offered within certain periods of time. That's why it's important to acknowledge because Ramadan brings the possibility of you being stamped as someone who would never be ever, ever, never be punished, never be subjected to jahannam you won't hear it, you won't see it, you will smell it, you won't be there when it's paraded. You're not a part of it, you don't even know that you're not

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aware of its existence altogether. Aside from your belief in today, you're not a part of that. And that is something that is the most valuable. That's the most valuable thing by far that you can be offered to by Allah Subhanallah there's nothing that will be more valuable to you than the fact that you are declared as someone who will never be subjected to the Hellfire May Allah grant us that's coming to know. But he says I'll send it every night. And every day, Allah Subhana Allah chooses a group of people, and He grants them freedom of punishment. Now what you need to do is imagine who is he going to choose? Is it random? Is it a lottery type of issue? Or is it going to be based on

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merit? If it's gonna be based on merit that means within Ramadan, you are in competition with millions of other people who are trying to bring their A game bring the show the best they've got. So Allah subhanaw taala chooses them to be amongst those who are granted freedom of punishment. So Ramadan is important that you push yourself and that you try your best and that you extend you stretch your limits as far as much as possible, to show Allah subhanaw taala your seriousness, your commitment, and your desire in what he has, which is the ability and the gift of freedom of punishment, and he would add any insight to a standard that you say luckily, I didn't mean him that

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I was most

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Good job, Mr. Job, every servant amongst them who he offers to pile on to either funeral punishment is given a free dua, free meaning no customs, no obstacles, nothing. He just goes from your mouth right to Allah subhanho wa Taala and it's accepted the step doesn't mean you're going to get exactly what you want when you want as I've explained, many, many times, it just means that it's going to be responded to Allah and I will not reject it, it will not be neglected it's accepted by Allah subhanaw taala and you will find the baraka of that dua it's a beautiful thing if you because you never know that's why that's why it happens every night and Ramadan and with it comes this bonus

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extra piece of the package was as a free then you need it only makes you push yourself harder every night you're trying your best maybe tonight is an angel denies the night he drives me freedom and then I get that too and I ask Allah subhanaw taala for salvation for myself and my family or whatever it is that I really need in my life that I would like to see. So and that's the beauty of Ramadan because it gives you that you're always looking forward to it every single night because you don't know there's no need no one you don't get a text message saying that you're chosen tonight or anything it's just there's no way to know so you just have to continue to commit yourself to 30

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Nights that's why people at the end of Ramadan are sad because they don't know they don't know if if this is something they were granted or not and that they hope inshallah we live to the next level so I try harder because maybe I didn't try hard enough this year. I wasn't amongst them may Allah either makes it make us amongst them this year a Jemaine you gotta remember I'm a female study he be 70 also Hey, and OB Harada Oh ivsa Eden laudry. Now the Allahu Anhu Masha Allah Hamish Bala kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Allah Hirotaka I mean a nerdy

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Coolio meanwhile ala equally Aberdeen Minh home Dawa to Mr. Jab so the crossover Allah is Allah Allah Allah Islam Salam Subhan Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah Allah Allah wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala Baraka Luffy