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The upcoming week is discussed, including the timing and recitation of verses in the Prophet's leagues, the schedule, and a social media campaign. The speakers express their desire to bring their presence to the event and respect their weight and presence, as well as their need to learn to read and find space in the parking lot. They also discuss the limitations of parking and encourage people to stay in touch with them.

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I mean Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik Ananda be you know have you know Muhammad

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Ali he also has been a band for her the heliad from Somalia listen Halima to Mubarak and he was saying if you had excelled I'm gonna Salah to Allah say you do know your rasool Allah Allah Allah He also be human with your Salah, native Joe and supported night or Baluchistan, increase your salah upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and every good deed that you can think of tomorrow and sha Allah Jim was at 230, just in case you had forgotten from last week, the 115 We don't do any more we do at 230 This one's called the minus at 230 in sha Allah Allah the last it's just we choose that timing because there's no other massager that do that timing in the city. So it's just a service if

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you for people who find themselves differently find it difficult to make it for Joomla after work so 230 is the time that we do and shall with Adam. And obviously Ramadan is most likely going to be Thursday. So Wednesday night we will start tight we'll have our first night if done will be it'll be more than a comma and then we go I shall give you two minutes for it. So now that we go for Catolica and then three with her and recite the Quran insha Allah Allah for Allah subhana given stability within the 2929 nights of Ramadan to come, the rest of the Ramadan program for us will be shared inshallah we'll have a daily dose after selecting the weekdays will be different than the weekends

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weekdays will be the attributes of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam which is a series of inshallah hope, you'll find it very beneficial and enjoyable, and weekends as I've always done for the last maybe six years or so I usually choose a surah and I covered them over Saturdays and Sundays throughout the month and this year in Charlotte's miss with facilite Shah, you'll find it also very beneficial, and they'll always be a Delta before tarawih for Asia, so Asia is going to be nine o'clock probably next Wednesday, right so nine o'clock. So around 825 or something I give a dose it'll be this year, I'm going to just you'll know exactly what verses were reading every night like

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I'll put them up there we'll start this verse we ended that verse and it's like clockwork inshallah. And then I'll talk about some of the key is that we'll be talking about there will be recited throughout the night. So I'll tell you what verses are going to be recited what the sutras are, obviously, the first few nights, it's just one color. So it's really simple, but I'll explain the themes and then I'll talk about chosen or two or three depending on the time to share with you so that when you're reading you know, you have some context, you have something to look forward to as you're going along and show that with the Salah, that will be the dose inshallah throughout the

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month, and hopefully you find that beneficial as well given the data after also every day there'll be a Quran program, meaning there'll be some brothers here are available if you want to learn to read if you want to memorize and want someone to listen to you if you just want to participate in a citation customer or something you can come from also basically until maybe half an hour before I'm going to be to run and Danny will have done almost every day throughout the month, the last 10 Nights we'll talk about once we're closer to them and show with them. Just as a quick reminder tomorrow after maghrib I do a Ramadan prep and Arabic though isn't there. And then Saturday and

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Sunday are the second second or third session of the robot preparation series. It will be an English Saturday and Sunday so you're welcome to show up for those as well as between motivation

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for one

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Yeah, so if people can just drop off their kids and go for it, you

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it's not Oh, yeah, we will have inshallah we have the space over there. So we may have an extra space during Ramadan, we may it will be up front, it doesn't matter, you can still pray behind us even though you're ahead of us in terms of days, not a problem, let me have some extra space. But we are limitations actually not space as much as its parking space, like we don't have a lot of parking space. So it'd be very much appreciated if some people are coming in at the carpool. And if you're actually going to make it here like last year was a la and home the first couple of nights were to i Till now they give me a hard time but the first four nights of Ramadan it's like a year later and

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they still talk to me about the first names for them a lot of last year they get because it was very difficult there was a lot of you know, a lot of people came in there was not enough space inside or in the parking lot. So honestly, if you inshallah you're especially if some of your younger your son or your daughter and their teenagers or their high school or the university want to attend here, I want them to be here and want them to learn and enjoy Ramadan, try to make it earlier, try to make it as early as you can. Like, if you come at 850, you're not going to find a spot like 10 minutes, 15 minutes before it's still going to be so consider coming to the end of the dose or maybe mid dose

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you'll you'll find something you'll find you know, and try to carpool so that there's more parking spots, because really it's the parking space that we ended up struggling with. It's just not enough space for everybody. So it's something to think about in Charlotte and we're very, we're very young, we're looking forward to the month honestly, without with all the struggles but we do look forward to it. We do love it. We do want to enjoy it with you and Sheldon for us, you know for us to all embrace their month together and inshallah be closer to Allah subhanaw taala as a group and then kind of embrace that that spirit, but also we have to kind of just keep in mind some limitations

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that we may have and how to kind of get around with them. You're really man would have been a merger. He'd be a movie manager. The senator Hasson famously refused to give us anything I said and it'd be managed by Daka Ramadan, but Carla rasool Allah is Allah Allah azza wa jal and they just Ramadan reminders and Sharla just kind of as prep for Ramadan. The collection did How do you think the collection even merged? It has a reasonable chain of narration in terms of its authenticity and rate to us by ins where he says Ramadan entered. So the Prophet Allah is I mean rolled on came to the Prophet of Islam stood up in

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that in her the shahada, or the Ebola comb, is what he said in the shahada called the fedora con this month indeed has come to you is now on your presence, or his brought his presence to you. I don't this is the part of the Hadith that I love. And honestly, it's not even the continuation that has a lot of importance to it. It's just he said things that in another shot This this month indeed has come to your presence has brought his presence to you, meaning you're in the presence of something very important. You are now witnessing something that has a lot of status that has a lot of of benefit, it's very heavy, it's brought his presence to you now you're in its presence. So

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respect that revere that and treat that with it with the with the reverence that it deserves because it's here you're in his presence so I think that just the fact that I'm just the presence of Ramadan it's like, like Ramadan is an entity you know, the way the Prophet alayhi salam spoke of Ramadan it's like it's like it's it's a live thing you know, it's something that is somebody you can speak to it it comes in and brings a presence with its when it comes to no other month does that like to shop on Hold on? I don't even know if it'll be on Oh, what about like, I don't even pay attention to Joomla does I don't even know which one I'm in like it doesn't and I'm not saying you should it's

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not that but Ramadan is like it's a lie. It's a lie that brings it comes in has its presence and it's there and you should notice his presence as it notices yours and it's something very like it's an attachment to a period of time that I think is so profound and during this meeting, but fi healer electron Chiron Minh l Fisher Hyndman hurry Maha taka Hareem Elia Kula who wala Johanna Mojave Raha Ilana

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and within it is a night that is better than 1000 months, anyone who is deprived the edge of the reward of that night, has deprived has been deprived of all the good. Himalaya Kula has been deprived of all good things while you're from Ohio, Rohan and no one is deprived of the goodness of the of the baraka of the higher of that night in the room except someone who is truly deprived, meaning Allah subhanaw taala when he says, to pull out, this person is deprived, he doesn't look at wealth. He doesn't look at disabilities, he looks at the agility that they're losing the fact that they did not get anything a little further, that little color came and left and they got nothing out

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of it. That is someone who is deprived. Because it's so easy. It is so simple. It's 10 Nights, just commit to nights and you're good. You're you're 100% going to get a little cut because you're awake and you're praying during those nights. So don't just focus on one please I beg you please don't do this when he said them dense. Please don't do this 27 jamboree. I know people I love the 27 things is culturally very meaningful to me. I grew up in Syria that was the night that you know the shield would come and there'll be a little bit of but don't do that for your own sake for your own sake of getting the job of Rachel cuddle make sure that you attend and you commit yourself these these full

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10 Nights. You are with a man with no manager female Sunni Hebrew center, then Hasson and NSCP Maliki all

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da Ramadan Bacala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in her the shell of her daughter whom he lay in a tune. Hi Rahman Al Fisher hatin man Hurry, hurry, hurry Malhotra, Hula, hula yo Hello, Maha Yoga room, sort of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Swagelok Shinola Illa. Atlantis Toyota Williger Salalah Selim evocative Edom humbleness. I'm sure he's looking Ladenburg Luffy. Come see you tomorrow. Sharla 230 is Jumanji. Welcome