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It's mercy

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smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah Rasool Allah, many brothers and sisters, the viewers salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My name is Josie, and I welcome you to another episode of reflections of Ramadan. Today, inshallah hota. And I will talk about a very important topic, which, in fact, has a lot to do with, you know, this beautiful month of Ramadan, the month of

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the month of the month, whereby we should, you know, go back and, and revive this brotherhood amongst one another, and, and consolidate if there are any problems with your friends and whatnot. And this is the topic of today, the topic of brotherhood, slash sisterhood in Islam, this topic of brotherhood, really, it's so important that, you know, when you look up their mothers and sisters, and you see what's happening to us as an oma, as a nation, we have become so in fact, scattered and segregated. Even the fact that you go sometimes to our massage in our mosques, and then you find segregation into our own massage. And

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what is this brotherhood that we're talking about, you know, the Brotherhood that we hear about in the books of the Hadith, and the books of the highest of Sahaba? Like the very well known Hadith, which is in Bukhari Muslim

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about the the Prophet Moses to them, when they migrated, you know, he migrated with the Sahaba, the Mahajan, you know, to Medina, and then found the unsolved

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and then he asked the unsolved to help out the mohajir in those who migrated with him from from Mecca, and then came suddenly Robbie and others

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suicide obeah he took off to his home. And then and unfortunately, was such a very wealthy man. So panela he left everything in Makkah and then he came migrating for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah with the Prophet Mohammed, Isaiah.

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Because here are the Sahaba who have been persecuted and kicked out from their homes. So they live their wealth and everything else behind them. And then they they came to Medina with the Prophet Mohammed it sister. So Kim said the hobby

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and I wash my mouth. Like I said, this hadith is supported Bible had a Muslim, and also the Imam. And so he went to the media and Abu Dhabi would sound an authentic seminar. He goes, and he says, oh, man,

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here's all my wealth. Imagine, he comes in, he brings all his wealth. He says, Here's all my wealth. Have, I take this half, and then you take the other half. And under a man more than that, I have two wives. I'm willing to, you know, keep one and you can divorce the other one than you can and then you can marry her.

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If you were to hear that today, you say, this is not an Islamic This is not right. How can you divorce this Myskina This is not brotherhood. But in the time they were willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of that brotherhood, really, they meant it. And sadly, Robbie is like today, you know, after the like the Brotherhood that we've the fake brotherhood that we see today. No, no, I'm just talking you know, sometimes not in general, I cannot generalize. But you do see it out there. You see it in the massage it right after Juma and on the other. He comes in he got hugs, you know, and you know, it just the buddies were hugging each other. You feel like the hearts of

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hugging? Really, sometimes you feel that? You feel like okay, just like your skin to skin, belly to belly, but the hearts are not there. And then he says, Yeah, would you come with me? You know, come with me. And then he just pushes you come at you for lunch. And then he pushes, you know, he's just like, he said, Don't come Yeah, come you want to come for lunch?

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This guy says, Here's really my wealth. You know, here's half, take the other half.

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And he meant to do that. And he meant what he says about his wives. But men who had also the dignity of a healer and who advises barakallahu Lika Lika Malik, may Allah bless your wealth and bless your your family. Just show me what the market is.

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Show me what the market is such a very good businessman. In fact, he went in and he did some transactions and he became so

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wealthy men love. But the essence of the story is the tap of brotherhood of hope

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that they had between them in them and what we know now

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as Allah subhana wa tada says, the believers are brothers, brothers in humanity, brothers in faith. So what happened to that brotherhood all of a sudden, you see a father in a brother soon his own brother, you see a machine inside the machine, going to court fighting amongst one another. Having groups inside the message in a father being sued by his own son will Yaga Bella, I'm Father with us this what we see out there, what is happening all of a sudden,

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what happened to this? Oh, whoa, whoa, this brotherhood.

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This is why when we look around us, and you look at the Muslim situation, really, we have lacking a lot of qualities, good qualities, and amongst them is the sense of brotherhood.

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And I mean brotherhood, with nothing, you know, no bad intentions behind. Like, I'm calling you just, you know, because I need something from you. When you see that kind of brotherhood know that. In fact, he just like mere things needed. You know that because if I need something from you, this is what I would come in and visit you. But that's not really brotherhood. That's a fake type of brotherhood. That's not the kind of brotherhood I'm talking about. That's Masonic,

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or we call an RB Masada, like he just like, because there are some types of needs.

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I'm talking about the real type of love the type of brotherhood and sisterhood.

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What is happening? And this is why we want to revive that that type of brotherhood, as the prophet Isaiah cillum says, in many ahaadeeth, in fact, this this, we're going to talk about the whole of the whole, the so called the rights of brotherhood because you're my brother, you have rights upon me and I have rights upon you, you sister, you have rights upon me, I have right upon you. We have right upon one another. So what are the rights of brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam?

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And when I talk about this rights, the right of brotherhood, the right of sisterhood in Islam,

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the first right my brothers and sisters of my brother of brotherhood, the first strike is an bufala love for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah, Allah, Allah

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that I love you for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and I dislike not you per se but I dislike that haram thing that you do.

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I love you for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and I dislike and they hate not you per se but you know the thing that you that's what I dislike know you, you see my brother, you see my sister, but if you do something hard on that act, that's what I dislike. That's what I hate. But we as brothers, I love you for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. So the first write of brotherhood is a job of Allah wa.

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Bordeaux Villa and this hadith is narrated by Abby oh mama, as by Haley that the Prophet Mohammed Ali Satish Lim says, Whosoever loves Lila for the sake of Allah and Allah yeah and he dislike or hate for the sake of Allah I remember like I said, Not like hate you as a person, but he that that act that you do Lila for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah He gives for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada, woman Allah He prevents from giving or from doing for the sake of Allah and in something haram I'm not going to do I'm gonna not prevent myself from doing that for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah because I feel Allah subhana wa tada whosoever does these for unsegmented email

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that person has completed Eman the fate the elements of fate.

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Now, but first is and fulfill loving one another for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and remember the Hadith which is invoked as a Muslim also reported by necessity when they will not have the beautiful Hadith and disintermediate also the pauses narrated by Abu hurayrah about the seven the seven people or the seven categories of people that will be put under the shade of Allah subhana wa tada the day when they'd be no shade except the shade of Allah subhana wa Tada. One of them are two people who love one another for the sake of Allah.

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Two of them, those people who love each other for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada will be called that day, that day, in the day of the Day of Resurrection whereby the sun will be on the top of their heads. People will sweat so much. Some people will, will will will sink in their own sweat. Some people's their sweat will reach their ankles out of their bellies and there's some people who who sweat will reach their their floats and others would like ice. Like I said they would seek in their own sweat with a doubler like I said Son on top of this, and these people are naked and anxious. She said you'll also want naked, naked men women all naked. He says yes, but more often

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The matter is more dangerous. The matter is more than just be naked. But nobody would care about anybody else that day, everybody will be saying myself, myself, myself, myself, nobody would care about anybody else. A mother carrying her baby, she will drop her baby. Nobody cares about nobody else. Everybody will say myself, myself, myself, myself, in this really particular You know, my brothers and sisters, this this state here, Allah subhana wa tada will call seven categories of people,

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seven categories of people to be put under his shade, that day, there'll be no shade except the shade of Allah. Amongst those seven categories are those who love each other for the sake of Allah.

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Yes, may Allah mix us amongst them.

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Those who will be called by your name, come and be under the shade of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there's another Hadith beautiful, reported, this habit is also sound and authentic. The Hadith narrates a man by the name of Danny

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Holden, he says, I went to the mosque, and I were to the masjid there in the mosque. And there was somebody giving a lecture. So I sat down listening to the lecture. And then when the lecture finished, I asked about that person who was giving the lecture, I was told that was more ads, they told me that's more admirable. What is a Sahabi of the Prophet Mohammed is awesome is a companion of the Prophet Mohammed is such as them, and this man, his name is, this will hold any who was a temporary, you know, his predecessor that came, you know, at the time, he did not see the profit as a surgeon, but he came at the time of the Sahaba of the companion. So when he inquired as Who was

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that man, who was giving that lecture, they told him, it is mine. So he came back the next day, to talk to him, that he saw that my ad was already given a lecture. So he went together and he sat down, listen to my ad, or the law, giving the lecture and then when we finish the lecture when he was coming out,

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about this one to him, and he says, Oh my god, I would like to tell you something, or I love you for the sake of Allah says, What? Say that again? Allah, Allah, are you serious? And then I will do this as well. I love you for the sake of Allah.

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And then we'll add again one more time for the third time. Oh, Allah, Allah, are you serious? Are you sure? And then for the third time, I will use this one law he I love you for the sake of Allah.

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And then when I says, I'm sure glad tidings to you. I have heard from Mohammed arisa. to Sudan. I have heard from the Prophet Mohammed, it is sad to say that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, was a bad habit, to have been a fee, whatever it may have

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been a fee.

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Allah says, I shall love those who love one another for my sake, I shall love those who visit one another form I say, I shall love those that sit in a beautiful gathering talking about me for my sake, I shall love that

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love in one another for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala had

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do we see that love nowadays?

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Making setup?

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Easy sometimes even making them just to the people that they know and in fact is one of the things or one of the signs of piano, Allah, one of the things that they have the judgement is when you only shake hands and say sit down to the people that you know well by the prophet Mohammed and is sad to see them. He says in the, in this heritage reported by Buhari and narrated by Abu Leia, that the Prophet is Sufism says, He by Allah you shall not enter agenda as you become a believer, and you will not become a believer enter the love one another. And then the Prophet is Islam says Don't you want me to tell you about something that will increase love amongst you that will trigger that love

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amongst you? A few sedima just say set up amongst each other. You see somebody Assalamu alaikum Salaam Alaikum Assalam Alikum just say Sarah, you know, just just convey your setup

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that will earn you the love of Allah subhana wa Taala that will trigger that love between you and your brothers. And of course, earn you know eventually the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala says this is again one of the rights of brotherhood is to love each other for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you know what, the sooner my brothers and sisters, the sooner as the prophet Isaiah Sutton says in this hadith and the head it is narrated by dad and the head it is reported by a Buddha would have eaten so he narrated that, that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says he they have been rushed to Accra, who for you know your Hebrew Villa when a man loves his brother

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He should tell him that he loves him for the sake of Allah. How do you say it's a Sunnah? When a brother loves his brother for the sake of relation Go and tell him. I love you. If a sister loves your sister, she should go to their sister. I love you for the sake of Allah. It's a Sunnah the premises for you.

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And I'm telling you here, my brothers and sisters, Muslims, mighty viewers, I love you for the sake of Allah. Because we're brothers and sisters in faith. We're brothers and sisters in humanity, I love you for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I mean it, inshallah to Allah subhanaw taala. Again, gathered us upon love with the presence and the company of the Prophet Muhammad Ali Salatu was Salam. So that's one of the rights of brotherhood is to love one another for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala had another right is not to carry any evil feeling towards one another, not to carry any envy any evil feelings, any animosity towards one another. The Hadith which is really well

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known about that man who came in as a prognosis and was giving the lecture one day, and there was one man who came in this hadith is in fact narrated by us and the reporter. In his Muslim.

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He says that one day we were sitting, and it says that one day we were sitting and a man came out of nowhere. And then before that men came in the Prophet Aria, Sufism says, a man will come in, he's from the people of gender. And just people all of a sudden, they looked at this man who came in a very regular man, the second day, the same thing happened. The province of the Sahaba, all of a sudden the provinces and men will come in right now that man is from the is from the people of Ghana of heaven, the same man who came in last night, the statement came in. And then the third day, the same thing happened, as the problem was sitting in with them. He says, a man will come in right now.

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He's from the people of Ghana. And again, the same man, from the first and second day, the same man came in. Then Abdullah

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he says, I've gotta go and see this man and see, you know, what, what made him so special? So he goes to him and says, Lauren says, you know, I'm having some problems with my house, I came up, can you please You know what, you know, can I stay with you for three days for some time? Another man says, Sure, come stay with me. He didn't tell him what happened. He didn't tell him the story. The problem was, he just wanted to see what is so special about this guy. And then he says, Well, I don't see anything wrong. I mean, he didn't say anything special. That man does not do any extra prayers. He doesn't do any extra fasting. He just just like the other people, the other Sahaba, the

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third day, then he came to him and he says, You know what, let me tell, you know, I must have any problems or anything. But I just, you know, we were with the providence of Sudan. And then for, you know, three consecutive days, he said that a man will come in is from the people of Ghana. And then you came in the first day, the second day, the third day. So I wanted to come and just to see what's so special about you.

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And then that man says, Well, this is what it is. There's nothing special really about I mean, this is what it is, is what you saw, he lived with me, right?

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And then as Abdullah was leaving, and then he called him, he says, the man called me says, Come, come, let me tell you.

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Before I sleep, I forgive everyone. I don't carry any animosity or envy towards anyone. No hazard, no envy, no ill feelings towards anyone. And then Allah says, That's it, this is it. This is why you are so special.

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You don't carry any animosity or any influence towards anyone. So in fact, it is the right of the Brotherhood, not to carry any influence towards one another.

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Not to carry any bad feelings towards towards one another in the envy especially envy because envy burns, as the prophet of Islam says, envy Burns has an axe, as fire burns, would envy burns, good deeds as fire burns wood.

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So the second write of brotherhood is not to carry any ill feelings towards one another. Also, the third writes about one another is at least as many as you cannot help you by the Muslim, then coffee Santa Ana, refrained from slandering one another refrain from slandering your Muslim brother, your Muslim sister.

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So that's another right upon one another upon you know, for brotherhood to not to in fact, you know, refraining from slandering one another, another write of brotherhood is that to help one another for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. Upon here in your means, ones means to help one another. By

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helping each other apart, you know, based on your needs, as reported by the prophet Mohammed Ali sought to sell them an avocado. Nest. This is this is in fact, there's a hadith reported by Ebony IV dunya every a bit

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Tonya reports is headed that Rama, Rama. He says that the man came to the Prophet Mohammed Elisa to see them and then he asked him, oh, that's Lola, who are the most beloved people in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. And then the Prophet Allah Sutton says, the most beloved people in the sight of Allah are those who help others, those who help others, for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala, or those who bring a smile in the face of others, like a brother who's a Muslim or somebody who's in need, and then you help him out or you help her out, so much so that you bring a smile to his or her face, that is a very beautiful lead in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So much so that in the

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same Hadith, the prophet Allah Southern says, I would love is more beloved to me, you know, to to go and serve my brother, Muslim, then do decaf in my own measured, look, to do a tea coffee, my own measure, the Prophet says, it is more beloved to me to go in the service of my fellow Muslim than to make you sick of not having any other metric metric of in the measure of the Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam.

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So try, you know inshallah, who to Allah to help one another. That would also ensure Allahu taala increased love amongst us as brothers and sisters in sha Allah, Allah, another write of brotherhood is to visit one another, as reported by Muslim, in this hadith reported by mercenaries, a man that was traveling in the midst of you know, in jail was just traveling, and then he got met by someone in the middle of the way. And that person asked him, where are you going?

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And then the man says, I am just undertaking this journey. I'm going to this other village to visit so and so this is inside Muslim. He says, I'm going to this other village to visit so and so and then the man asked him, Do you need anything from him? The mess is no, I don't need anything. Just love him for the sake of Allah. I love him for the sake of Allah. And then the man says, I am an angel. I'm an angel, Allah has sent me to tell you that he loves you, as you love that person that you chose to go and visit for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Like I said, this isn't a Muslim. So it's a sound authentic headed. To visit one another. When was the last time we visited your

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Muslim brother or sister for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala just because you haven't seen them, you know, in the masjid, or you haven't seen them, you know, for some time and then you just picked up the phone, or you went and then you went and you knocked at the door. And you said, Well, I just missed you. I just went I came to visit it was like, Well, I don't need nothing from you. I just love you for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, I came to visit you. It is a right upon one another. On the right, my brothers and sisters, it's my rights. By continuing These are your rights and my rights, my rights upon you. Like if I say Stella, you should price them back. If I invite you should

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not accept my invitation. If I were to die, you should come to my Azhar to my funeral. It's not like a favor that you're doing to me is in fact, my rights as a Muslim.

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Muslim, it is my right as a Muslim, that you know, if I were to shake your hand if I were to say say that you should reply to them back if I were to die, you were to come to my funeral. If I were to invite you, you should answer and accept my invitation is our rights upon one another. Another right my brothers and sisters upon a point of brotherhood is Bedlam. Nah, see how to you know, give advice for one another for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah and remember advice to be given with with wisdom, you know, and advice to be given, you know, with wisdom again, enjoying good and forbidding evil. And also the last but not least, another write upon one another is that if there's any

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shortcoming that your brother Muslim is doing, not to expose him or expose her, it is the right is really his right and her right not to expose their their shortcomings. We're all human beings have the one level aren't we? We all thought we have so many shortcomings. You know, if you were to if there was smell of really to my sins, we will not be sitting not with one another one line. If there was a Smith to my sins, if there was a Smith to your sins, we will not be sitting with one another but Allah subhanho wa Taala does not expose us to

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align so merciful, does he does not expose our sins, you know, he says his view if you people know the sins that I commit, you will follow me but and hit me with your sandals, which is a sign of disgrace you will come and follow me and hit me with your sandals if you know the sins that I commit, but Allah subhanho wa Taala does not expose us. So what should we go and expose our brothers? Or if they have any shortcomings, but if they were to do something wrong, now we have to talk to them. We have to say no, this is wrong. This is wrong You shouldn't be doing that will check them out and lower the Hasina with wisdom again, in sha Allah, Allah May Allah subhana wa tada help

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us to practice and to convey if they are sick, we will go and visit them is also there right as well as you know, Muslims amongst the right of brotherhood as well. And shout Allahu Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to revive this beautiful, beautiful quality of brotherhood, you know, to love one another and to become again just like the Prophet Allah so to say since I am Muslim, and Muslim, Muslim, California, you should go back

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Baba Muslim is black with the Muslims they like pillars, they hold one another, they support one another. If I were to feel pain the entire body feels pain if one organifi spray the entire body free spin if my brother in China or Russia or Spain, Spain, I should feel that pain too. This is the type of brotherhood that we need to revive. May Allah subhanaw taala help us all to practice and to convey as a common law head was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.