Zakir Naik – Four Criteria for a Person to Enter Paradise

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the criteria for achieving three P's, including faith, clarity of faith, and patience and perseverance. The criteria is given in Surah Tim. The speakers discuss the importance of achieving three P's for personal gain and success in life. They stress the need for individuals to attain these three P's to attain success and fulfill their potential.
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What are the criteria

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for a person to go to Paradise for a person to attain China?

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And the answer to this question is given in Surah

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chapter 103, verse number 123, we are losses while us in in Santa Fe, Illinois in a mano, a mano, solly, hottie whatever. So Bill heckard wasabi sobre by the token of time, man is rarely in a state of loss, except those who have faith, those who do righteous deeds, those who exhort people to throat and those exhort people to patience and perseverance.

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For a person to attain

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he has to do before p3 is.

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First P is the pleasure of Allah, to attain the pleasure of Allah, peace in this world and paradise in the hereafter. To attain these three p, you have to do four Ps.

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The first P is the purity of faith.

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Second, P is party righteous deeds. Third P is propagation inviting people to throat and the fourth P is patience and perseverance. invite people to patient and possibilities for any human being.

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To attain the pleasure of Allah and peace in this world and paradise in the hereafter.

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He should have a man that has purity of faith, he should have MLS Allah hath righteous deeds, piety, you should have otherwise So Bill Huck, he should do whatever so we'll have to invite people to the throat that will do propagation and whatever so bizarre but invite people to patience and perseverance.

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To attain three P's, you should follow the four piece

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