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Certainly Mubarak, I'm gonna be you know, have you been on Muhammad, while early he also be here, as you may know that

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the theme that we're going to start in sha Allah off for the next maybe few weeks

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is going to be talking about treating parents and relatives.

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And then after that neighbors with excellence and

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the reason I think this is important is because that to a certain degree, we're living in societies that are somewhat disconnected. And we ended up

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we ended up losing that touch, and losing the the understanding the proper understanding of what bidders will validate, you know, so it'll go hand in hand since you are and all these concepts at the Brock audio side those and by the way, I do want to say coined them, but that was a big part of his identity as a as a messenger as a social reformist, meaning if you spoke to a when one of the out whether from Croatia elsewhere, who didn't necessarily believe in him or did and and I said, Can you explain to me what the Prophet SAW Allah Hi, Simon, Mohammed is bringing on his lesson, then they would talk obviously, about dough hade for sure, that would be the first point, but then they

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would immediately Jonnie kind of go into that, we're gonna be very, you know, say that your home, you know, House New York, he points out these things even before they're even talk about prayer. And so Dawkins, like maybe talk about sadaqa, but don't talk about prayer. And so yeah, I mean, has it don't bring those things up. But those are acts of worship that are very personal, between you and Allah subhanaw taala. But, but these aren't, these are actually this is what this is what allows societies to prevail, these small concepts that we sometimes take for granted, or we don't spend enough time thinking about what they mean, and how they can be practiced. And I'll, I'll narrated a

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hadith about these ideas, and I'll look at it from enough angles and inshallah we'll try and talk about as many scenarios that are, because this is a question I get quite often it's one of the topics that come up quite a bit and what does that actually mean? But before we used to talk about the bit of

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the Hadith today is to actually define the word define the concept, so I'm gonna define it through two Hadith. The first one Yahweh, the Imam, Muslim and fee, so he he and, and the worst Emily Sandman or the Allahu Anhu. God, ultimately, your Salah Ali Ali was like was salam and in very well, if you said there was even some annual the Sahaba or the great narrators of Hadith, asked the Prophet Allah and so he said, I asked him about determinism. What is the what are they mean? Honestly, it's a really good question. Some people act like it's a no this is a I don't think even most people know what they mean. What Does better mean now but anyway, it was better to me. What is

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ism? What is ism? In the Mahabharata, viola, actually motherhood? I'm in Hamilton, I will Isma Well, here are the five things I talked about. One of them is Islam. And if you look at the translations, they bury Oh, there's like six different translations of sin is one of them. is, you know, a reasonable one. But what does it actually mean? This is really important, actually. It's a very profound question to ask the prophet Isaiah what has been in them so this way, he answered Allah, he assaulted them. It's amazing. So kata it will be a real personal holiday. Well is my hacker theme of the week. Okay, Daniel Polyana eaten us. The mirror is having good character is the is the

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consistency of good character of good choices of good behavior, good treatment. ism is what goes around within your chest like what are the thoughts and ideas inside of you, that you would hate for people to know you were thinking?

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That's what Islam is in are the things that we think about, that exists somewhere inside of us, that we would not be willing to share with people? Like we'd be very embarrassed if someone saw you thought that you thought you thought that what would you think that? Like? How could you think, what was what was going on? That's what this is. So at least listen, instead of defining it religiously, which would be a three hour lecture, he would have to give it to us, we have to define better and it's an religiously, he defined it personally. He said, Look, there's a better easier way to define these two terms. Just look at yourself, what is good character and behavior to you. That's better.

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What are the things that you don't want people to know you ever thought of or intended to do? Or did or the intent that's what Islam is? And it's, it's perfect because this is exactly how we're supposed to deal with these things to add to this hadith because of narration, yellow Imam Ahmed themeless. Nadine, we said that the Saudi and I'd be thrilled about a call. So ultimately be your Salah Salem. I'm Johanna Lully, Amaya from wanting to ask the prophets and what is halal and haram? For me? This is like a bomb question. It is one of those questions that someone comes and asked me after like a long day. I'm like, Why? Why do you have why? How do I answer this question? What do

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you think this is? How do you think I'm not? I can't answer this question. In five words, I have to sit you down and we have to talk for a couple of hours. It's it's very tiring. So he asked it rough it is a very difficult question. So he answered it. So again, oh, to join me, join me I'll tell you manually, you know how to he had that he just had you know how to do it. He had that wisdom where you could take something very complex and just answer it with a couple of words and and you would walk away thinking about those words and we would continue to think of

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Up until the Day of Judgment still not fully comprehend all of the angles. And when he said it will be a rule, it is how we answered it because he said Halal was halal for me it was haram for me. So We answered it by defining bit. And it's important, because good is what you had three when it was when it was wrong for you, but it'll be a rule.

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Second at enough so what am I in Ely hill called? Well, if more Miralem TechCon Ilian NIFS? Well, me up to my in LA hill called in color move to a little better is that which brings the soul serenity, satisfaction, or happiness and excitement? No serenity, we're brings calmness makes it feel fulfilled. And what brings the heart ease? Again, he's using very specifically, you asked a huge question, you're gonna have to be very careful with the interpretation of the words he's going to use. Because very accurate. He's very precise here, not about what makes you excited, makes you happy. It makes you know, what brings you that peace. And that serenity inside of you. That's what

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bitterness and Islam is what brings you the opposite. What makes you maybe maybe for the moment, you're, you get that high, that quick cut. But after that you feel bad about yourself and you feel very unstable, you feel like I don't know what that was about. And you want like, you almost feel dirty, you don't want to go back to doing the on you want to be a part of that. That's why we're in a circle, move tune. Even if the Mufti tells you, it's not

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to move the needle is fine. That's what tape because, again, he defines it for you. You know why I'm saying all this. Because when we talk about the delivery thing, if you understood these two ahaadeeth, you understand that the definition is personal. It's personal. The concept is universal, the concept of excellence with your parents and your relatives, but the definition is going to be personal. I can't tell you what to do with your parents, just like you can't tell me because your culture and background is different than mine. So what may be acceptable for me to do with my parents may not be acceptable for you, and vice versa. So it's a it's a personal definition. So

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barren ism, when it comes to these relationships is going to have some degree of a personal, there's gonna be a personal aspect to it. And that's important. It's very important don't compare when we're talking about these things. Look at your reality. And then take the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is definition he gave them to you he told you but what do you consider good character? You know, maybe different than what I consider a little bit. We come from a farming background.

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We're very

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and loud, that's how we are i To me, that's normal. I know other people who who would find that extremely offensive if you speak though, and I understand that and I respect that I don't you can't We can't I can't carry them to my standards. I can't they can't carry me to theirs there's a little bit of differences just because the backgrounds the profile isn't defined it personally in a beautiful way it is and this is the this is the genius of Muhammad solace and we're lucky just because he because no one people listening just didn't understand but now when you look and you analyze and you go back amazing amazing he chose personal definitions twice for this these terms for

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these terms specifically because he knew he knew that how the OMA was going to expand and how we're going to need people to have a little bit of that personal touch you got to be you know, Muslim wouldn't be so heavy on in the West visa man. Although I know God has certain ideas that Allah has and I believe it isn't the father it will be a rooster holy Okay, well if mama Hakka feasts of the Ricoh Acadia and your poly ice nurse salatu salam ala Alexandre, you know, just talking to Blake was the Allahu wa salam O Allah Kennedy.