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In these segments, various speakers discuss the success of Islam in bringing people to reality and avoiding negative consequences. They emphasize the importance of verifying one's beliefs and avoiding false information. The success of Islam is highlighted as a way to avoid conflict and achieve goals.

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Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara Philomena Havenwood serene Muhammad also the lives of Allah Allah He right only he was have your salam to Sleeman perfume cathedra.

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On my Babu Neverland sisters imagine the times also relies on Salam in Makkah, where he preached Islam, it was a time of huge change, right? massive change, if you look at it.

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It was somebody who was preaching a doctrine which ran contrary to what the Arabs had believed in and what they used to do, as far as their belief and worship is concerned.

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For centuries, as long as they could remember.

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And what's more, and this was really, if you look at it, that was the, in my view, that was a real reason for the

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for the opposition to him was not really

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so much because of the theological angle, that theological difference of worship worshiping only Allah subhanaw taala because people who worship many gods,

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they can add and subtract quite easily they mentally they are, they are okay with that is the monotheistic people, the people who worship only Allah subhanaw taala, who have problems with adding on anyone else to his worship, and this is a hungry lads is out should be. But people who worship many gods, you know, for them to add on something is not a difficulty. So it was not, it was really not so much. I mean, I'm not saying it is not at all. But definitely that was not the main reason. The main reason was that Russell was an asylum representative. For them

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a complete upheaval in their social order.

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They had a system which was run by these BD by these billionaires like the oligarchs. In today's world, if they are Russian, we call them oligarchy. They are American, we call them billionaires.

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So they had a system of government, which runs which which ran, and the people who ran it, were these oligarchs, these businessmen, these billionaires, who meant who met whenever they felt the need to meet in a place called another one, which was the gathering house. And they decided whatever they decided, now they were supreme, their word was law, they were above the law themselves, they could quite literally do whatever they wanted, for example, of jail, murdered in broad daylight before, probably hundreds of witnesses. So many, so many have been through yet another Alana and her husband,

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you asked her the alarm, and there was nothing to pay. I mean,

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nobody criticize him. Nobody said anything.

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You had, we have a caller who used to torture, beloved Isabella Delano, you know, every day is to beat him and torture him for no reason. And nobody said anything, the poor and the and slaves and so on had absolutely zero rights they had they could do the wealthy people could do whatever they wanted with them. And they had every luxury that money could buy the everything was legal for them. As far as they were concerned, there was no one who would

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tell them something is illegal, or they should not do it. So if this was the kind of

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situation they were in, and they loved it, they were very happy with it. Now comes this person.

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And to from their point of view, to make it to make matters worse, he is one of them.

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And on top of being one of them, he's also one of the privileged class. So ideally, according to them, he should have been enjoying these things himself, right? He should have had slaves, they should be the people who should have done what got drunk or whatever, he should have been enjoying these things. And obviously, you know, you are you enjoy something, you support it. So this is what he should have been doing. Instead of that. He is criticizing these things. He's talking about social justice, he's talking about anti racism, he's talking about women's rights he's talking about

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is being against alcohol. He's speaking against operation of the week and so on. So obviously, this was not acceptable to Him. This was something which was, you know, very bad. And so this is, you know, maybe maybe he's gotten mad maybe gin affected him or something is wrong with his mind, which is why he's saying like this because to them it's a it appeared to be something which was completely illogical. So how can somebody in that position

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It can, you know, their their point of view was if he was somebody who would who was not entitled to this in their system, and he was, you know, criticizing it, then one could say, well, you know, he wants it. So he is,

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you know, he's fighting because he's not getting it. But in this case, it was somebody it was his for the taking, I mean, he was, he was from the premier family, there was no one to stop him if he wanted to behave like hell, or Ebola or anybody. But he did not behave like that he on the on the, on the contrary, he took up the Cardinals and he took up the issues of, of the week. And, and of course, that meant the women of the slaves and so on and so forth. He talked about charity, he talked about, you know, this mindless pursuit of profit is and this is a this is a bad thing and he's talking about the the hereafter which according to these people were you know, this is a

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illogical thing. I mean, how is what's here what's your after we don't see it. So how can it be real? Now this is the this was their problem. And so there was huge upheaval now. Again, maca was literally the center of the world for them because of the kava, and people used to come from all over Arabia, for pilgrimage and for trade. And Macau was was became a trade center between

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Sharm in the north and Yemen in the South. These caravans which went north and south, they will stop in Makkah.

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And so Makkah became a trade center.

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So it was a, it was a very happening place. And there were lots of people from all over who came to Makkah. And these ideas they were spreading all over the place. So the Horatia especially were very perturbed that they were very disturbed that this was happening

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in this context around called Viva the SG from us, Jonah in south in southern Arabia, he came to mark and he heard people who are saying that we have a man among us who is affected by Jin. So this man because he was, was a nice man, he was a, you know, a kind hearted man. And he knew something about exorcisms and so on. So he went to us. He asked them who is this person they showed him. So he said, he went to him. And his intention was good, he didn't go with a bad intention. So he had never met resources, and he didn't know anything about him. So he wants he went to him and he said, Look, I know how to exercise.

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A gym.

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So you know, if somebody is possessed, I know what to do.

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So would you like me to, to, to cure you? Would you like me to take our take out your gene?

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That's what I

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simply said to him, the hotbar must know which is the the

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callback that we usually do in Java. He said I had the whole Anistar you know who and stuff who are not going to be here when at our code array, when I will be live in Cerulean fusina means a Yeti or Medina, Mejia de la vida family Lola who Oh my God the Father had the other one I shall do Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allahu la sharika who wanna shadow number Hamedan of the who also.

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So he just said this to him. And

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the man was struck. He said, Oh, Muhammad, he said, stop. He said, can you repeat this? Can you repeat the words to me?

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So Russell doesn't sell repeated the words.

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And then the man said, By Allah, these words will reach the depth of the ocean.

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There are some terms after him if you really believe that then accept this law.

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And the van extended his hand he said, I shall do Allah ilaha illallah wa Chawan nagarsol Allah.

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He accepted Islam just like that. Right? And then the soldiers are seldom said to him, take a pledge for your people.

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Right, accept Islam on behalf of you people. When you go back, they will all become Muslim, and Baywatch said I pledge. All our people. That's amazing story to think about is a man who got to die in one single meeting for a few minutes. That's it.

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And it shows that Allah subhanaw taala guides, all those who are sincere and Allah subhanaw taala sent His Messengers on March Allah to guide us so guidance is never denied. If somebody is not guided, then they must ask themselves, what is it that I'm doing to shut out guidance because Allah subhanaw taala sent his Nabhi so that people are guided and so that people will be saved from Jahannam and they will go to China. If that was not the purpose, then there was no need to send them away. But Allah sent the Navi because he wants this to happen.

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Many years later, as soon as I sat on one of the

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armies of the Muslims, they were traveling and they passed by the village of

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me mad.

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And as they passed by the commander, he stopped and he asked his soldiers, he said, did anyone take anything from these people? And once one just says, Yes, I took one gallon from them. The commander said, Give it back. Because these are the people of demand, and also allies or sell them give them protection.

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How about if I was on the alarm, who

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he said in the time of Jai Leah, I had believed in my heart that the religion of my people is false, and that worshipping idols is wrong. Now, you see these kinds of these, these kind of people you see them to this day, there are people who are not Muslim, who are following, you know, continuances, they are falling because they're not falling, but they are, they are from some other religion, which worships idols in the noise rock. So they don't follow the religion. They don't they don't worship, they don't go to their

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places of worship temples, and churches and whatnot. But they have also not entered Islam, but they are there in this space between

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between right and wrong.

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So I'm not aware of the law. No, he said, One day, I heard that there was a man preaching a new religion. So I went to meet him secretly. And I asked him, What are you? He said, I'm a prophet. He said, What does that mean? So I'm not sure what does that mean?

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So you said the, the man said,

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he said, The man said I was sent by Allah.

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So Allah said, what did he send you with?

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He said, What did he send you with? And

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he said, The man said, Salah, tell me, he said, he sent me with a message of worshipping Him alone, associating no gods with him, and not to worship idols to destroy the islands.

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So Ahmed said, can I follow? And he said, The man said, he said, You cannot follow me now. But when you hear that I have prevailed, then you can come and join me.

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I was at that I used to constantly ask about him and his condition. I always ask people, where is this person and how is it situation now? One day that I one day I heard that he had migrated to Medina and was victorious. So I went to meet him. I asked him, I said, Do you remember why? And also Rasul Salam said, Yes, you came to meet me in Makkah. He said, he also Allah teach me about that which you know, from Allah, and teach me about salah and wudu. And also Eliza Salam taught him

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so many beautiful stories like this, which are, may Allah make us among those who

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respond to the truth, the way the Sahaba responded to the truths.

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Another one of these famous

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stories is that of a user or a party, or there are no I wasn't invited, says that.

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My brother and I,

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and my mother left the land of a fob now see, these are people who have not come to Islam yet. I mean, they are still on whatever religion they had. But the heart tells them that what they are worshipping what they are doing is not correct.

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So I was one of them said that my my brother and I and my mother left the land of a farm because our people were disrespect to disrespectful of the mushroom ash horror, horror, the sacred monster the fireworks were bandits they were highway robbers, and they raided caravans and now reading alone in

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in Arabia, seventh century Arabia was not was not a considered to be a bad thing. You know, people tribes rated one another. And it was considered legal and whatever booty they got from the rates was considered legal. So people did that all the time. Now the these people, the FR. Rated caravans, but I wasn't really very his point of view was that

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they should have, they should, they should have stopped that during the holy months. Now, he said they didn't do that. So these people they left the river.

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He said we stayed

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with an uncle

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He was very generous to us.

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Then he said while we were staying with him, some people were jealous of us told the uncle that abuser or VLAN, whose brother who nice, was interested in his wife, in the wife of the uncle. So the uncle mentioned this to our mother and his mother. Our mother was infuriated. He got very angry. And he said, This accusation has cancelled all your hospitality and they left.

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Then they settled yarmulke. Now one day always went to Makkah to do some business, and he met a supervisor.

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He returned and door I will, for the alarm know about it. He said, There is a man preaching the new religion.

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And he told our Motherland what Rasulillah Salam had said to him about the new religion. Now, I will revise he said that I have already been worshipping Allah for three years. He said, I used to pray in whichever direction Allah subhanaw taala would point me to, and in whatever way that Allah subhanaw taala will guide would guide me too, and I would pray all night, and then I would fall asleep and wake only when the sun woke me up. You see these people how sincere they were in

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in wanting to be close to Allah subhanaw taala. And in wanting to

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in one in their own spiritual welfare, they were so interested in just worshipping, you know, endless marathon all night, and this is not something he did on just one night, it was his custom. And he would say, I would wake up in the sun would beat me up.

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Now on this door,

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then the people were accusing Rasulullah sallallahu of being a sorcerer, and so on. I

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You have not satisfied my curiosity. I must go and see for myself. So he

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went to Makkah. And

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the first man he saw, he said, Can you guide me to Mohammed salah? Unfortunately, that man was not a Muslim. And so he's started shouting, he called people he said, Look, see this man is, you know, wanting to be more was a wrestler when they started throwing stones at our version of the lotto, and they started beating him. And he says until I fell unconscious, he said when I when I walked on the left if there is a when I woke up, I went to some of them, I drank some water and washed myself. And he said that I went to the kava, and I stayed there for 30 days.

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He just did by the cover for one month. He said, I ate nothing. I only drank zum zum. He said, Not only did I feel, did I not feel hungry, not only did I not feel hungry, but I actually started gaining weight.

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He said then I saw two women being tough. And on Eastern, they used to touch two idols, one called ISAF and the other one called either

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two of the idols in the car.

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there was a man like that he was flaunting he was a man who was who had no fear.

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Secondly, he was very direct, and he was usually polite. So he said what he wanted to say. So he made some

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he made a sort of, you know, nasty comment about that.

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And the women they heard about when he said first, you know what he had to say? He, the women didn't hear him the second time, he said, he said, I said something even worse, more nasty. And the women heard him and they started screaming.

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And they ran away.

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Now as they run away, the Metro service was Hello. And I will

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also ask them, what was the matter why they are running and screaming, and they said that there is a heretic over there, and he said something very bad. And also the game told our body when he asked him, he said, Where are you from?

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I will throw their arms around from the top. Now wrestlers are seldom

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he put his hand on his forehead like this. And I was very sad. I'm from a foreigner which was put his hand on his forehead.

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So I will go there and said I thought he did not like what I said. So I he said, I put my hand forward to take his hand away from his forehead. But a worker slapped my hand down and said, Put your hand

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because it was sort of put his hand on his forehead like that.

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You know? Like we say facepalm

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in astonishment, because here was a man from the bandits of the VA, in search of the truth, whereas the OraSure Maka was supposed to be the guardians of the cow and whatnot. And they were the religious leaders of the Arabs, they were worshipping idols. So these things were Law TV, see how Allah subhanaw taala guides who he whoever has sincerity and who he wants to guide.

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So then our referee said that the law he said I accepted Islam. Now I also told him to keep his Eman secret, he said do not announce it. But this was not his nature. So I was rather Lana went out the next day and he announced his mind in public.

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Again, the same thing happened people gathered, they started beating him until he was unconscious.

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But mercifully, they would have killed him. But mercifully, whatever hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala sent Allah has been Abdulmutallab

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who came, you rush to rescue and he said to the people do you know?

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He said, Do you know who this man is? Do you know where he's from? He said, he's from the fat

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guy. As soon as the people are this they run away. Because the fear deliver. And if you know if I would have had been killed or the alarm, they were afraid that the fire would not allow a single caravan from Makkah to pass by them. Now this this thing happened again. Next day, same thing happened. The third is if you have three times,

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then that's always said to

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our bodies and go back to your people. And when you hear that I have prevailed, then you come and meet me. Then you can meet me.

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So I was gonna say I went back to our people and he started preaching Islam. By the time wrestlers came to Medina, half his tribe

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were Muslim. And the others they said when we go to meet as soon as our salaam we will also accept Islam. So one day, the Tsar was our big cloud of dust, approaching Medina and they rushed for the weapons, thinking that it may be an army coming to attack Medina, but as soon as you don't worry that is a Buddha or the law. And that was true. So the whole time of the fire came and they accepted Islam. There was another tribe at the time who were the rivals of the reef are also called also tribal bandits and however, they will call us

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when they heard that reverted accepted Islam they gave rustlers and asylum and decided to revive accepted Islam you also want to accept this. And as soon as the resolution May, Allah forgive me for that and give peace to Astra

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offer is for Allahu Akbar and salaam Allahu Aslam.

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Now think about this, the big lesson that we have here is that when you make effort, Allah subhanaw taala, not only grant success, but almost that a grand success with Barack. So the result of the effort is not in proportion to the effort, but it is much more than the effort, the work of one man, which resulted in two major tribes accepting Islam, I was referring of the land who had spent only a few days in the company overall service on certain before he was sent back to his tribe. Yet his preaching was so powerful that his whole tribe accepted Islam. And then thanks to that another tribe

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of Allah Salam, they also accepted Islam. So whoever searches for guidance, Allah subhanaw taala will give it to him as long as the person is sincere. This is a very important thing to keep in mind. Sometimes we will say, Oh, but you know, what can zones do? They did not have guidance? No. If they didn't have guidance, it mean, it means that they didn't want guidance, they got guidance, and they rejected guidance because a lot of our data does not. If Allah didn't want to guide people who would not have sent them to a salon, we wouldn't have sent his books, he wouldn't have sent any of their valuables around. Because people only people who are living their lives in whichever way they

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consider to be right. You know, and then things were going on. So Allah did not need to,

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to send guidance and to send us a beer and to send his books and so on and so forth. If it was not his intention to guide people, but Allah subhanaw taala wants the best for his people. And therefore Allah subhanaw taala sent, sent his umbilical

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he sent his books. The last of them is Al Quran Al Karim and the last of the available Salam. And the Rasul is Mohammed. Most of us always end up after him there is also after him there is no Nabil.

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So Allah subhanaw taala always

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guides Surah Surah Salam said even if you hear one ayah from me teach it to others. Belliveau Malibu Annie one

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so, teaching and learning is an ongoing process. We, as the Umatilla, Amazon Seller have been given this responsibility of carrying forward the work of RBLS. I was at the Atlanta was not afraid of people, and he was confident enough about his deed and willing to pay the price of communicating it to others. It's a strange and tragic paradox that the only beneficial thing that you get punished for instead of being rewarded and thankful is is that

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other other other went to verify the truth himself. So it's very important for us to ensure that we have the right knowledge, you cannot

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benefit from wrong information. So many times there are people who pretend to have knowledge and so on, it's very important to ensure that you get the right into the right knowledge. So what are the Law No, went himself to verify the truth. He didn't just follow whatever people were saying. He went to meet wrestlers are seldom and to check for himself. When he was satisfied, he didn't come he followed it completely. And not partially. So this is the second trap. And the second problem that we have is that we follow

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off Islam what we like to follow, we don't

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follow it completely. But our referees are there or didn't do that. Unless you are interested. Yeah, even Armand would call official mica further, or you will believe enter into Islam completely. And that is what I was allowed or desire. But they entered fully and completely and not partially. And they did not do that gradually, over time. They just whatever Allah ordered, they started following it from that moment onwards. Without any argument, this was the secret of success. And this is the reason why they were so hugely, hugely productive and powerful and influential,

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is that don't just follow people use your intelligence.

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He said, Don't belittle anything good, no matter how insignificant, you throw the seed and Allah subhanaw taala will make it grow. There are many stories about the Sahaba, which show us a generation that was unique, people who are who had been

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steeped in idolatry, and all kinds of evil, all kinds of social evils and all kinds of inequities.

00:27:25--> 00:27:27

literally turned

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into the most pious and beautiful people the world has ever seen overnight, just like that.

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It was the strength of their belief, and the honesty with which they acted on it, which was the cause there was no issue with the Sahaba there was no hypocrisy, there was no

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you know, dilly dallying, and there was no schrijven day and

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they did not allow their knifes, they didn't allow their desires to come in the way of guidance. This was the sort of the huge, huge, huge

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Or rather, the big secret of the success of the Sahaba revine rally around a language main, which I remind myself and knew about, which is something that we need to think about and say that

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what is it that made them so successful? This generation where

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literally this, you know, they flipped, and they went from being people who are most definitely not worthy of emulation.

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And people who are, you know, on to all kinds of

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all kinds of evil stuff, they became the best of people. And this is something that we need to ask ourselves also, because that is our

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this is our problem today. Our problem today is the minimalist thinking that we have with respect to Islam, we try to do the bare minimum.

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I'm not talking about those who don't have anything at all that is we have may Allah have mercy on us, we also have those people who do nothing at all. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about those people who hamdulillah they,

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you know, they are good people, they want to do something good with themselves in their lives.

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But those people also

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they try to take it piecemeal, right? They don't want to take the whole religion

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completely as Allah subhanaw taala gave it to us. And that's why I like anything which is done piecemeal, it doesn't benefit us. And this is something to think about because, you know, we claim to be Muslims and yet

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The benefits that Islam is supposed to give us don't seem to be in our lives.

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So you might ask yourself what is the point of being Muslim because even after I'm Muslim, I'm still not getting the baraka that I like Allah promised me for example, Allah said, when a Muslim or a true believer raises his hand, and as Allah subhanaw taala makes dua, Allah will accept his door before his hands come down. But is it happening to us? Think about that is it is happening to us? It's not happening to us. We we are people who

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and the reason why it doesn't happen to us is because we seem to be we we seem to take things partly so the it never gets to the point where the balance dips, the bow balance negatives because we we don't put in enough effort into load into the bank for iterative development. And that is the big takeaway from the story of Viva as the

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foreign Villano that let us follow completely Alhamdulillah we said lai lai la Muhammad Rasul Allah, let us follow that completely not been bits and pieces. If you take something we live something this is not something for us to do. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us to what pieces even to save us from what doesn't please him was Allah Allah Allah will kill you while he was happy neighbour, Africa.