Porndemic #11 – Intention require Attention

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One of the most common questions that I always receive is, can you please give us some tips and tricks on how to quit pornography addiction we already know about the damage and the harms the pornography could lead to. But now we need some practical steps to help us cope with this addiction.

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Welcome to part two of pandemic with the solution in mind. Every week, we're going to meet to discuss few tips and tricks on how to get rid of porn addiction and start a fresh new life that you've always wanted. Please note that all the tips that we're going to discuss even though they are based on experience, knowledge and suggestions of experts, they may not work for everyone in the same way. So you'll need to try and attempt as many tips as possible so that you can find whichever is suitable for you. Having said that, please also bear in mind that in the next few episodes, we will be discussing essential points that are a must for everyone. No matter what your excuses are,

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you must apply them day in and day out. Let me now take you to what I call starting out in the next seven episodes. Also, as I mentioned earlier, I will be talking about tips that are very essential for you to start the journey of recovery from porn addiction and any other undesirable sexual activities. And step number one, I called your intention require attention. What does that mean? We all want it to live a life full of purity full of goodness, full productivity. However, our intentions alone are not sufficient for us to execute what we have intended. So your intentions must be accompanied by the necessary actions that will help you get what you want. And here are some

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examples. your intentions, for example, is to reduce screen time and use social media perhaps one hour a day, two hours a day Max, depending on what else you want to achieve throughout the day. And if that's your intention, that's great. But what have you done to achieve that because you will never be able to achieve anything but just wishing and praying about it without taking the necessary steps towards achieving what you have intended. So perhaps you will download some applications that will remind you of your screen time, or maybe you want it to make it a little bit difficult. So these applications will even block social media at a particular time. So no matter what your

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intention might be, you must accompany that intention with the right action. That's why I always say good intentions are not good enough unless they are accompanied with the right action. Even from a religious point of view. We know as Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him told us whoever intends a good action, you intended to do something good, but you didn't do it for any reason you forgot you slipped. God might you write it down in the scale of your good deed as one good action, even though you didn't perform it. That's why I said good intentions are good, because at the end of the day, it will be written in the skill of your good deeds as one good action. But then the process

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also also continues by saying that whoever intends a good action and did do it did perform it. God Almighty will multiply the rewards by 700 times by many more faults. So good intentions are good, but they're not really good enough, unless they are accompanied with good actions as well. So this is really the most important step towards recovery from porn addiction and any undesirable activities. If you intended something good, then sit down and write what are the actions necessary for you to bring this intention and translated into reality. Please do your best and put this advice into practice and let me know what was the outcome. I'm available by email, or even comment below

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this video and I'll get back I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you so much for watching. Please Before leaving, subscribe to our channel, share the content if you found it beneficial, and I'll see you next week Thursday 8pm Perth with pandemic with the solution in mind