Memorise Tabarak #1

Yahya Ibrahim


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We're beginning to milk the very first verse of the 67th chapter of the battle and

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that battle can levy via de Monaco hawala coalition in audio, tab Erakat, tab, tab. So the tongue is open just a little bit in between the teeth. tab, tab l cap, tab bound or cap. That bow Okay, don't forget that live there before the raw tab battle cap, tab bow or can levy tab l can levy a levy the tongue sticks out with them. tabouleh can levy a levy Be ye d b a d

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tabouleh. Can levy b a d e, ba dee da Baraka Levy, ba D Hill.

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Elmo, Elmo, Elmo alimony. Now notice that there's a calf it's not a car. It's a cat. So there's a little bit of a push out of air Cat, cat, cat, tab, Erica Levy, big hill MOOC. tab. Erica Levy, big hill molk tab arrow, Cal levy big hill molk tabernero aka levy big hill.

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Tabare aka levy big hill

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Tarbell aka levy via D Hill molk tebrau aka levy BIA D Hill molk tabouleh Erica Levy, Eddie Hill Monique. We're Whoa, what the heck? It comes out of your chest not just your throat we're whoa hoo ha ha you should hear your throat flex ha ha ha ha it's like ha ha ha well, Hua it's not hard. It's not have it ha Hua. How? Hua Hua Hua were who are eila cliche in the world who are Allah Cooley, Shay, in Cody, Shay in Cody. Pour, pour not care, or not like cat paw, like, caught? Or the Audi Audi we're home wahoo eila coalition in Audi tabela can levy BIA de hilman kumala coalition in Audi slowly in sha Allah tablao la cap tablao Raka levy tabernero can levy BIA de tavera can levy big

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hill molk Baraka levy BIA D Hill molk tabernero Cal levy b. d. Hill molte. Tarbell rakan levy ba D. Hill molk Tarbell aka levy b. d. Hill muku. Who were who were who

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were Who?

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Were who were Allah. Notice that I mean, it's not a it's not wahiawa Allah wa who Eilat I wahoo Eilat. Wahoo

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wahoo Eilat cliche in body wahoo

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wahoo. I like cliche in Audi wahoo. cliche in Cody Tarbell aka Levy, big hill molk wahoo Allah cliche in Cody tabarrok la de ba de mon wahoo. coalition in Cody. Tarbell rockin Levy, big hill molt wahala coalition in Cody. Tarbell rockin Levy, big hill, Mooney. Wahoo Allah Konishi in Cody Tarbell aka Levy, big hill wahoo Allah Konishi in Audie Tarbell aka levy big hill Mont wahoo. Allah. In Cody Tarbell aka levy talebearer aka levy big hill wahoo Allah, nation in Cody Tarbell aka levy big hill wahoo, Iowa coalition in Cody tabouleh levy via D Hill Molko hawala coalition in Cody Tarbell, aka levy via D

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Monaco coalition in comedy