Did You Know The Soul Gets Hungry

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Ibiza Allahu Allahu wa sallam he said in El Kaluga letter so Boca Marietta Hadid Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that the hearts the rust, just like metal rusts so then they asked him to be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one as Sheila Oh ha how do we polish it? How do we cleanse the heart? He said to them, delay our tongue Quran with Vic remote by reciting the Quran, yet through Allah Him He will use a key him read the Quran, it will purify your soul, it will purify your heart, it will purifying you from bad actions and bad character. It will purify you from all this, and I share with you at the end a story.

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There was a scholar,

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a student walked and entered upon a scholar and the scholar. He saw the students very worried and concerned. The signs of stress and worry were apparent on his face. So he said to him, my son, go and pray and read some Quran. So the student went, he prayed to God, and he sat and he began to recite the word of Allah. After a while, he got up and went back to the shack to his scholar. And the scholar witnessed that the signs of stress and calamity and difficulty had been erased and faded away from his face. So he said to him, my son, your soul was hungry for the Word of Allah subhanahu wata Allah, your soul was hungry for the Word of Allah subhanahu wa taala. So try it next time. When

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you are distressed when you've come back from a long day of difficulty and stress and misery, and whatever it is that you're going through, sit down at the end of the day, just before you sleep, pray to look at and read the message of your Lord and try to understand that use the field Assadi buy a copy for yourself and read an explanation and a commentary on the IR theory on 2345. Whatever Allah azza wa jal allows you to read and see how this would be the greatest therapy for the wounded soul