Zakir Naik – Fasting While Undergoing Menstruation or Post Natal Bleeding

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A woman is discussing the restriction of fasting during menstrual cycles with a representative. The woman believes that fasting during the period will harm her health and lead to problems later on. She also mentions that even after the period stops, people can start the fasting again, but it is not optional.
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Next question from the point of view of a woman who is undergoing menstruation, post Natal bleeding, is it prohibited or optional for them to fast this up as far as women who are undergoing the menstrual cycles are posting to bidding. According to our beloved Prophet Musa al Salaam, its mission, say Bukhari or sense a Muslim, that it is forbidden for a woman to fast, who is bleeding due to xtracycle oppositely beating, so it isn't optional, it is forbidden. And the reason is because when the blood flows out, in a lady in a woman, she loses a lot of blood.

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And on top of that, if she fast, it will not be good for health. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, it is His mercy that he has exempted them and made it complicity not too fast otherwise, it may be damaging for the health. And Allah subhanaw taala does not want to overburden any of the human beings. So that is the reason they are exempted from fasting. And even in the middle of the day. If the ministration begins to break the fast, even if it begins a few minutes before sunset, they have to break the fast, but they have to compensate later on. But if the undoing the menstrual period, and if the period stops just before fudger. Even if they didn't have a bath, they can start the

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fast. But if it ends, even a few minutes after Pfizer, they cannot fast. They have to break the fast and they have to compensate later okay.

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