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Hello hola Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Welcome to suddenly we're sending them robotic identity you know have you been on my million while he was here Gemma no but the only the Imam we preserve he will study he'd be settled in Hassan and a bit of Allah one who called Daddy tonight question number zero and it has a reasonable achieved narration in terms of authenticity is raised to us by then also Hollywood the vet who became who was the judge of Damascus for a while he used one of the Sahaba, who lived quite a bit after the porfolio Salatu was Salam and went with the Muslim armies and made it to Damascus and stayed there for a while and educated a lot of the time he

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ain't who lived there.

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So he's very special to me because he was on the minority Mashpee the actual manava of Damascus were built. The first one that was built was built for Abu Dhabi Pakistan don't speak. So he has a specific

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significance for me specifically, personally. So this is within the female significance of massage and I'm going to try and tackle this topic from a number of different angles hopefully, I'm not trying to preach the crop to the choir here meaning people are here they already come to massages with me Why Why are you telling people who are already here? No this is this is very even for you even for those who come to massage but I think it's also important understand exactly what significance they carry even if you're here so that you treat it properly and then you see it within the light that Allah says otherwise you will see the massage and within because sometimes we have a

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an illusion or delusional view of what a master is supposed to be looking for what's it look like? What's What's it Sound Like we're supposed to do for the community how we're supposed to be treated, I mean even that needs to be fixed. So even though that says we want one when you give us a piece of advice later Kunal messaggi do Baytech the in Neisseria two lawsuit Allah He said Allah Allah you already he was selling them a hole in Allah mamina Lehmann carnitine, massage do Bayto and Amna will JOAs Allah Serato yomo piano, he said, Allah and who may massage it be your second home, or be like your home, place where you're comfortable, where you go often, where you're you're checking just

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like you check into your house, it's a place that you're always you're attached to you don't feel it's not a place that you visit.

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The difference between your house, your home and everywhere else your house and everywhere else is that you don't visit your house. That's your house. So massage, it shouldn't be a place that you visit. No. Maybe there'll be massages that you visit like Masjid Al haram. And masjid never we will go every once in a while you'll visit them, you'll come back. But the massage that you live in vicinity or within your city shouldn't be a visitation place. That's your home, you have ownership there, that the cleanliness of the place, the beauty of the place, the service of the place, the significance of the place, etc, etc, is something that you are a part of, and you are accountable

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for just like everyone else. So it's not you're not a guest here.

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This is not trying to be rude. You're not a guest in this mission. This is your mission. This is the house of Allah has to be your home has to be your house. That's how you should see it. Just like you'd enter your house and you see garbage on the floor. You pick it up, something's not working, you fix it. Something needs help you you offer it, you come into a masjid, you're not there to comment. You're not there to point things out. And no, you're there to immediately see your house. You come and you start working to help out you see what needs to be done. And you do it because I do feel why should we do this because I would go to that said he's heard the profile of your Serato.

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Some say the following. Indeed Allah has guaranteed he used the word guaranteed Amina has guaranteed for those who make masajid their homes, safety on the day of judgment and safe passing upon the sloth into Jana. You know, they'll sit up the sloth is basically the pathway that is that is right on top of jahannam. Before what on the Day of Judgment. The last piece of the puzzle is getting to Jana. But unfortunately between you and Jana is jahannam. And it's a pretty, pretty steep fall. And there's a very, very narrow pathway on top. And you have to get a cross join them to make it to Jana. And it's the scariest moment that exists on that date. And the probability of southerns is

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thought to assume tells us In another Hadith, that that's one of the moments where you forget your family, you forget your parents, you forget your kids, you forget everyone and all you can think about is just making it one of the moments where you just stop remembering that you belong to any to a group or that there was anyone that you loved in your life because you were so focused on yourself. So ALLAH SubhanA saying it's guaranteed for you. If the massage is or your home that you'll be safe on the day of judgment and you will make it across the slate off the agenda. So imagine the beauty of doing this is not something for free. You do it and then you get something

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amazing and extremely significant out of it at the end. Your week Imam will result will be sent out in Hasson and Radi Allahu Anhu called Lita Kunal Messiah do Baytech for in Nice, I'm here to rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi early he was sitting on my a hole in Allah Wamena Lehmann carnitine masa G to beta who alumna will GWAS Allah sloppy yo Malkia sadakazu Allah Islam Allah Allah Allah Subhan Allah behind action Allah Allah, Allah and just still feel good to great what's on Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad anyone else? I wish me good luck and thank you for all for coming for them.

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answers your program we'll see you in Charlotte