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AI: Summary © The importance of showing love to one's father is highlighted in the hadith, as it is a way to express a sense of loyalty and decency. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of showing love to people in a pharmacy, even if it means finding a better performing pharmacy. The use of "has" in the hadith is a way to describe a feeling, and it is not offended by sending a message with a back-to-school message. The conversation between a man and his father touches on loyalty and decency, and the father mentions his love for the mother and the potential for a new relationship with the mother.
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While early he was so happy to hear Jemaine about Yahweh, imam or Muslim. Is he here and Abdullah Hebron, Yamato Mila Bobby Radi Allahu Anhu Malakal.

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Kala never use of Allah Allah, Allah CIBJO Salam, this hadith is a collection of a Muslim rageous Rabbul aalameen Amaro, and

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in the obviously the theme of treating your parents and relatives with excellence, I have to say this is one of my favorite Hadith. It's one of my favorite, I think, that kid asked me that question that I still haven't able to answer, what my favorite hadith is, it ranks pretty high on the list, I couldn't and I'll try to show you why. Because it's just the amount of you can take so much from it. You can look at it from so many different angles in a part of his videos and obviously, but there's so much more to it than that is what he says out of his salatu salam ala, in about and why Liberty, stata to a Rajamouli Allah would be the most virtuous of virtuous characteristics like bitter, the

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most bitter, bitter, like the best part of, of all of all parts of it is for a person to show love to the people whom his father showed love to when he was alive. And it works for both mothers and fathers the usage for father here, you don't have to put up mother because there's no gender specificity in this action. So they saying Father is equal for both. Just to put that aside.

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He said the best type of better is to show love

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to those whom your father loved when he was alive. And from this hadith, there's way more I'm going to try and focus on the the middle way the end piece but there's way more to it than that. You see, if you truly love your dad if you truly, truly show better meaning and love is a little bit more optional here is the effect of love that Allah subhanaw taala is pointing out and affected which is better. If you truly want to be bothered with your father, then don't just do things he likes, look for the people he loved and love them and show them love even if you don't show them love just because he loved them. Now the property is taught to a certain set in them or close to you. I'm like

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a father. So if you love him, so Allah Allah is something he will show the people whom he loved love as well. And then to take the on a larger scale, Allah subhanaw taala is your Rob, the father is an app, which is one degree lower than a rub rub is a higher degree. So first supposed to show the people our Father's love glove, then the people that are rubber gloves should show be shown even more love. Because Rob is more connected to you and is more majestic and is more profound than a father is. Actually the name Rob is it's put that way so that it's just an upgrade of meaning upgraded the letters a little bit. So it's a stronger meaning. It's higher, it's more important. So

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if you are going to do perform better, the best performing pharmacy better is to show love to the people your father loved, show love to them, then imagine what you should do to the people whom your Lord loves.

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And that way all of his time went yet again. Yet again, all of a sudden just becomes love again. And again. No matter how you ring. No matter how you hit this, it just comes back to the same point. No matter where you start. You walk you walk, you walk, you come to the same point. Again, you start with email, you start with this stuff, start with wherever you want, walk down the line, have any concept and you come back to the same point, the point of showing love, that's what this is about. There's nothing else that's that's the essence of this whole story. You want to be bounded with your parents and go see whom they loved and loved them. Because that's evidence here. You love him out of

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your thought to me I'm so bitter to the Prophet Allah says I go love the people he loved. Who did he love Ali salatu salam, his family were coming to Friday he loves his family on his side doesn't love them doesn't mean that you you give up any of your of your your fundamentals or you're compromising your ethic but you love them. Well, they were taught this, you were taught if he saw someone who was from the rock valleys, family go we hug them and we stand by them because this is someone who the Prophet other you saw to Sam loves the most amongst us because he's related to them. This issue of love, he loved the scholars he loved the pious. He loved the people who were selfless. He loves us.

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We love Dali, his Santosa who does Allah subhanaw taala love, not hard to figure that out either. And show them love and then Yahweh Allah, He Musa D Allah, Allah boo boo, boo boo there is the son of Abu Musa Ashari right. So he's over there said but a tagine Medina Furama was I came to Medina was a tiny even Omar ibn Ahmad of this. The guy who narrated this hadith came to me for Cara Lee Yeah, Barbuda attended the Lima it took over Do you know why it came to you? Taco Tula? No? Tada Tada Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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NIDA, Roger Raju and he about Raba who feel probably if a person wants to show a better to his father in his grave palaeocene Ella with D. Then he goes and he shows love to the people he loved were in when the who kinda Boehner

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Vika ouabain O'Meara is been a Veeco obey in Amara with doing with doing what? Verb to an LC whether it can between your father and Gen Moto, which is my father, there was love. So I wanted to kind of bring that back again, email Muslim Nerys to us that kind of no more either Raja Ania, Tarawa Harada Hemara. In Russia, they say, Hey, Mama, whenever he was going to take a stroll, just to kind of clear his head, he had a certain donkey that he liked. Yes, that donkey is not a donkey. It's actually a nice a very beautiful and intelligent animal, by the way, I know out of love to use that as the way to demean each other and bigger but small is actually offended when we use the word

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against each other because he's much better than most of us. And he's really totally fine. It's a beautiful animal, he would get on the fly. And I've heard I've seen donkeys and I know what I'm talking about. They're very beautiful animals. And they're very, they're very nice to have and he would have an email that he put on his head and he would leave and go take a straw for Arabi and Takada. And that's their food and their food and he saw a guy a Bedouin person and Bedouins are usually you know, they're not they're very they're not known and they don't really mingle with people they just come to buy things from the medina they go back but I'm gonna saw him and he said,

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Aren't you fooled? They've been fooled and but an arm pilot finance data and memory here for our acaba Hashimoto

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ma a manager who thought, see, and then he got off the donkey. He put him on his donkey and he took off his MMR and put it on his head, because I heard these are years go by Polina Rafer, Allah who we sent Obama, because he's a teacher at the time and people loved him. He said to me, ALLAH forgive you. Here who came out on Quinta to head into Tarawa li ya mama to the should to sick this is a donkey that you love you use when you slowly enjoy yourself. Like they feel bad for him. He takes no time off and you're taking this time off, you're enjoying it, you're giving that your little leisure to this person Putana

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and I came to him and now rasool Allah HIPAA Don't you know the Prophet Allah is also called in about Roseberry thriller to Rajouri Allah would be he Baghdad and you will Lee that the best abilities to show love to those whom your father loved after he dies, were in the hookah Anabaena V while they you know, O'Meara Maha button.

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And indeed, between his father and our mother, my father, there was love. So I did that for him, or the Allahu Allahu Akbar. And this is the beauty. It's this, this love that's shown, because we understand why understand the loyalty, you understand this connection, this this lineage that keeps on going this heritage of love and beauty, and loyalty and decency, which is what better isn't. And when you understand it that way you understand the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, if you love your father and you will do that for your father amazing but what about some Allah Allah was looking to sell him? Is he not a father to you? What about your Lord Himself? jelajah What is he to you?

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jelajah Omar, then you understand that this is why I love this hadith because if you just take it and you break it down it's extremely profound and it teaches at a really nice yeah lesson for us to learn I hope that was a benefit to you all to email Muslim with Visa hater here at Villa hidden Yama. katabi Robbie Allahu Anhu malerkotla Kala never use Allah Allah He early he will send them in about well very similar to gradually Allah would be sort of Rasulullah Hassan Rouhani or satisfactory condition Allah Allah it's tough to break what Allah was telling him about like I want to be you know Muhammad in early yourself