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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar

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workboat Hello

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she had won a

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medal Russell Oh

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eShare do

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more Hi I'm Matt arise Oh

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Hey y'all

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how are ya y'all

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hamdulillah Haytham Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah Hina Medina who want to stay in or who want to study he wants to still feel all who want to still settle

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when I will be learning him in shuru fusina Women say Dr. Molina

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Mejia de la Ferla medulla OMA yoke lil Ferran taggi The Allahu Allah Yom Murshida push her to Allah Illa Illa Allah who don't who hola Cherie kala Isla Hanwha hidden hidden sama. Let me tell you the saw Hey, Burton Walla Walla, Walla, Mia Kula who Khufu one had wash heard one Nana de Jana. What are we mana Mohamed Abdullah he was too. Well, Sophie you home in Hawaii Wahhabi Bucha Allahumma salli wa Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad in wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine Wahba add your own Allah Jalla Hoon theme of committed zeal

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Gugu come in by embody the lick for here Cal hija Lottie I should do pasa we're in La de la Marietta Fed chairwoman Hulan how we're in I mean her lemma yes shock Paco via Raju, women who were in I mean, Lana Boomin, Hachette in when Allah Who Bihar feeling I'm dama loon in Surah Al Baqarah, where Allah subhanahu wa taala addresses the shortcomings of Bani Israel.

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Eat when they were given

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the obligation of is to love you so to bucket Allah subhanaw taala gives us a few examples he tells us about the first Khalif about Adam, then tell us about those who are given the same

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obligation but didn't do a very good job with it but who is slightly and then he gives us the example of those who perfected it like Ibraheem Alehissalaam and Yaqoob. And that's basically the first use of Bukhara.

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And the longest piece of it is the piece where he talks to Python about all the problems when it ran into knots so that we can hold them to it and point it out for them. So that we don't make the same mistakes, because we are next in line, because we were given the same obligation after after them.

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And one of the things he points out to them subhanho wa Taala is the verse that I recited upon you, he told them and then after that, after all that I gave you see, this idea came after a long

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chapter within the sewer where he talks upon what's allowable, what he did for bunnies, eaten the number of times he bailed them out and saved them and showed them miracles and showed them things that they would have never imagined to see. He tells them and then after all of that, by such believable come, your hearts hardened, and they became like rock, and even rock, even there are some rocks that will explode and water will come gushing through them. Some rock you will find rivers running amongst them, some rocks will fall and crumble out of the reverence of Allah Almighty Himself. And yes, some of our hearts or some of their hearts was were harder than rock.

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I went throughout this

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throughout this throughout the summer through a series of contemporary issues, and I addressed a number of topics.

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Granted that 50% of the topics were based one way or the other on on sexuality was either talking about relationships, talking about navigating differences, talking about marriage, and how to maintain how to approach and how to. So and to be honest, within the time that we're living it, I think it's a pretty fair representation of the problems that we struggle with, I think 50% of our problems as an OMA fall under that category, we just we have we've lost a little bit of the compass of how it is that we're supposed to carry ourselves regarding these issues, which is why I took maybe half of the of the series. But I also talked about a number of other stuff I talked about

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talks about climate change, we talked about

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digital addictions and other things. Today, I'm going to offer this final hope of winning the series and next week, we'll start something new as this is technically we're in the first part of fall. So summer's over. But I'm going to conclude this series today. And I'm going to talk about and obviously I haven't covered all of the contemporary issues. So don't feel like oh, you only talked about this stuff. What about there's a lot of other contemporary issues that are worthy of being addressed on the member. But this is these are the topics that I chose for this series. Today, I'm going to address the contemporary issue of spiritual drought. Spiritual drought, or the hardening of

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the heart is something that the OMA did not have, in the early generations as Muslims, that it's something that we didn't necessarily struggle with that much. But today, we for sure, do. We for sure struggle with spiritual emptiness. With this dryness that we feel on the inside. That human race has always tried to find a way to fill that gap. Because what we found out as human beings is that no matter what, no matter how much materialistic possessions you have, matter how rich you are materialistically and how many places you visit, and how much control and power you have, that there's something on the inside, there's something on the internet, if it's empty, then you just

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cannot find fulfilment, and you cannot find true happiness.

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The human race almost

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all across cultures and religions agreed to a certain aspect of what I just said. And I found different ways

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to achieve spiritual highs. If I may use that term, they've looked for different ways. That's why you'll find different practices and different cultures, certain things people are doing and you're wondering, what what is this? Why are they doing that? Because they feel this drought on the inside. And they just want to find something to keep it alive.

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And quite honestly, if you don't feel that at all, that's even a bigger problem. Meaning if you are experiencing that spiritual drought, where your your room your knifes has nothing to be excited about, there's no connection with a larger with a bigger picture or something that's beyond you or a purpose that transcends your own existence. Without if you don't feel that that's up there's something missing regarding that and that's I don't even know where to start there. I don't even know where to start. You remember, he says something really cool. He said look for your heart in the Quran. Look for your heart within the Quran, meaning when you're reading the Quran, and if you don't

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find your heart within the Quran, then you don't have a heart so sob

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Are there for the for the reason that you don't have one be upset and find your spiritual high by knowing that you don't have a heart to begin with.

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And I'm not here to chastise I do want to point out that this issue is contemporary. It wasn't always like that. As Muslims we we we found something the Muslims found something in what the prophet Allah you saw to some broads this spiritual fulfillment that just made them not care about anything else they just stopped caring. Now, Ronnie says

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I love this quote PATA in Allah Layli layer do you do wanna feel Salah T him? Ma Hua Maga Judo Judo who? Lula who we feel him we're in Canada Hello Jannetty female yaku roofie Hello lady, but in early color I assume for you is that indeed the people of the night the people who pray during the night are in a state of such happiness and fulfillment? It is it exceeds whatever those who are partying or doing whatever else they're doing find within their settings and indeed if if the joy that the people of the night find within their relationship with Allah is what gender are finding and Jana then they're happy. Now agenda must be very, very happy.

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He says subhanho wa Taala FM and inshallah isn't this these two verses intuitives FM and inshallah Hala who Fidella who is slammy for who I learned udimi rugby for where you know little car sia T Kulu boom in Villa hula you can see about early Mubin Allah Hoonah Zela sanel Hadith de Kitab Etosha Madani, Dr. Sharia Roman who julu de la vie, Shona Rob boom, some totally new julu home Rocco boom, Isla de que la the Rika who Allah Yeah, de Bie he mean, a sharp woman you're really learning from a local woman heard, says what about the ones whom Allah subhanaw taala opens their hearts and their minds to Islam, and they find themselves in a state of enlightenment from their Lord.

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Indeed, severe warning to those who allow their hearts to harden when they are reminded of their Lord. Indeed, those are the ones are in a state of complete loss. Allah is the One who defended the best of speech, a book

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that supports itself being is not contradicting itself with a shadow behind meaning no part of it is contradicting another part of it Muthoni, one paragraph after the other, meaning it follows one

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that has a sequence to it. It's not just a mosh of, of verses or words, sequenced paragraph value based. The skins of those who listen to it will have goosebumps to Metaxa docshell Roman who julu Does the wording in the Quran, they feel that which is which is what the spiritual high that I'm trying to talk to you about is they find it when they hear it. And after they hear it. Their hearts and their skins become fully submissive to the will of their Lord. That is that is the guidance of Allah He guides to that whoever he wishes, and those who are misguided from that will find no guidance elsewhere.

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For years after the beginning of the batha, the birth of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. The beginning of his of his prophecy isn't still in Mecca, sort of Hadid would be revealed in Miss Oh tells us that when this verse was recited upon them, they would go amongst each other and they would speak and ask themselves What did we do? What did you do? Who's responsible for this idea? Who is the one all everyone was but that but they felt so ashamed of it and embarrassed and upset that Allah subhanaw taala would say something to them like that? Where he was sage Elijah who Allah Mia, needy, Levine Manu, and Tasha Kulu boom, the decree Allah He knows that Allah Amin al haka, what are

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your Kuno Calvino? Oh tool kita Bamiyan Pablo Fatah de Mille mo do for PASA Kulu boom worker zero minimum first goon Allah mu and Allah how you feel? Or la vida Moti her Baba Yun, Lachlan will, T La La Quinta, he says, has the time not come? For those who believe to find within their hearts the connection with their Lord when they hear his remembrance being recited upon them, and when they hear the truth that He gave them or do they want to be like those who came before them? were given the book, allow time to pass, let this whole topic go and their hearts turned hard. And then the most of them went what? Cathedral minimum fascicle and that's the that's the consequence. nots

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A consequence, you go astray.

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You lose focus, you can't you can't walk the path anymore. You can't say it's almost impossible.

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So, as a Muslim and I'm saying this because if you're even a Muslim most of your life, and you don't find that you don't find that joy, there's no joy. Read here the Quran, you read the Quran, don't find any joy. You hear someone talking about Allah subhanaw taala with the prophets of Allah Hadees CIBJO Salah about the Quran, you don't find that joy inside of you, you're not, you're not getting those goosebumps anymore. You're not feeling that spiritual high, where you're in a state of just bliss, where nothing else really matters to you.

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At least acknowledge that that's a problem.

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That's all I'm saying. Just acknowledge that that is not normal. That's all.

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And if you do that, then you can start taking some steps forward. You know, the Hadith and in the collection, I'm telling me the it's called Hadith hamdulillah envelope not Robbia. He is one of the Sahaba who wrote the ye

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really love this hadith because he is very spontaneous is very genuine. He just says what he feels. You need people like that every once in a while. You need people who just say what they're thinking without the filters. So one day, he was walking down the street and he was really upset.

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Head down elbow coming from the other side. He knows him well. So he sees Hey, handler are you doing? So he looks at him? And he says nataka humble, humble, humble. That's how handled is doing guys how humble is doing hunger has become one of

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what I like to call your humbler. Producing Takala is what he said. By Nicola endo Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by your head de una vaca en el Ayni Narada Jana Tawana, we're sitting with him He speaks to us it's like it's like we can see Jana and not with our own eyes as he speaks to us. So Manoj falafel, Hola, they will as well Joel will be hurt, and we leave. And then we go. And it's our wives and our children and our barn animals in our houses and this person screaming and that thing got broken in. And it's a whole it's chaotic, and you are completely encompassed by your life and you're just I know, like, a second ago I was I was literally I was in a state of complete I

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didn't care about anything. And now I don't even remember. So I'm gonna obviously I'm gonna there's no other explanation aside from I am gonna I felt because I'm with the Prophet one way that I go home and I'm completely welcome smiled. He didn't want to answer him himself. He didn't want to he said let's go to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam ask him because it'd be nice and he's all located and that's very nice that he did that. So you went to the profile of yourself to the bar Valley associate without any coaching just asked humble How you doing humbler? So we told them same thing now if after Ambala Rasul Allah, but there was some interview Ali so he smiled, telling me

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why. So it's only the same thing. Because of your Serato somebody otaku and I feel booty come come out Hakuna and de la Fahad como una mala eager to photocard Allah Kenya humble. So if you were to be at home as you are with me, then you wouldn't be human anymore. You would be one of them in Africa. laminitic, I would give them so you could be at a level that's not human anymore. It's normal. Yeah, humble isawa. It's not an hour for my asleep and an hour for good deeds, no, this how do you this thing, it's an hour where you have a level of spiritual fulfillment, where it nothing else matters, and then an hour where you actually go and you do the work. Because in order that spiritual

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fulfillment is there for a reason is there to fuel you to do the work? You can't walk this path without it? You can't? It's impossible. It's impossible to make it to the end to the to the finishing line without that piece. It's just not I don't understand it. I don't. I physic I try. I can't comprehend a Muslim who has complete spiritual dryness on the inside how they expect to walk this path for 60 or 70 years. It's impossible. There's no There's no rule. There's no spirit we use when we talk about sports. We can't do that. You if you have a team that you like, and you look at them and say there's no spirit in this team. What do you mean? What do you mean? You know what you

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mean? There's something missing? Yes, they're wearing the jerseys. They have the shoes on, they know how to kick the ball. They're standing in line, they showed up on time, but there's something missing and without that thing, they're not going to achieve anything. They're not going to win any championships. They're not going to get the support their own fans anymore, even though maybe their stats aren't that bad because there's something missing to the Spirit. And that's what this Dean is about. He says all of your salatu salam Hadith and collection of Imam Al Hakim was still that I could be censored Hesson well in the nurserymen Allah, Allah will classy the fire this person away

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from God is the hardened heart as the fire this person away from Allah. Plenty of karate. How did he ask it ultimately in a horrible huffy Steve Sidoti

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Allah and will also let him talk to her. Oh, well safe. Similar insha Allah Yeoman Abdo Sita thank God that I didn't think that he will Hadith or annual kala Roshi one person.

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When I'm Raha Maha Sera. They only had 32 Fula Tina shots to either Hida thema Allahu

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I'm here to food at Contura El Masri Mina behind in Minho, Billa he SubhanaHu wata. Eidelman foobie dini him

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women ylim Tila your Rohit orderBy Amin ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada ma Allah hope Helene and Julio La Mara Allah what I'm sure will be the early Corolla the kind of anal Muslimeen will still be on FM K funny Mr. K for yourself you're a Muslim and you have the hyena and yeah because I'd be telling men how to be say you're gonna be easier. So Allah Allah He was selling Maru who could have been heard that hope. What Oh, hold ASA fee her Makana if you Google Sahaba team in Kabul. Yeah, when it kind of U shaped multileaf Kofi Luthor,

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the nebula your salatu salam PME he laid

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out the values and a number of her they have courses. Now you still do in Santa and you're gonna be here so Allah Allah you Allah, Allah Ania Hakuna iniquity if you had a terminal in your corner, Fifi Herlin Min. Min Asad Berlina he tell you by Octave. But if you had easy Deva

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well how do you think the Mossad nama waka finally Allah it's awesome

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to be here, Ali salatu salam was tell me I

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told my old car for

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you I need you to move away or Kapha

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Kapha forever but if I did do was allow you to move

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your car

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here Hey

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nurse Misha Tikona V Ville Hadees chief mainsheet the two Hawa Rohilla Deena and Avi Lucia Kikuchi Hadith.

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sha Allah eco Neff Nya and he Feldene menjawab Allah Nanak unfolding was dying like even How do you not lie? I mean, how do you

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how do you know Lady coward Hello? Buena. Buena. Hi them upon Allah subhanho wa Taala Chiquita HERBIE, he said Kulu bukem gelato.

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Hello and Rana illegible, not der Atia who Harsha. I'm with Assad the admin for Shatila gerbil yet Assad diamond Sasha Tila well GlobalData Honda

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Accord Yokohama was talking hola hola hola como estas yo yo fella Camilla 1000 was takfiri.

00:22:42--> 00:22:50

hamdu Lillahi wa, wa sallahu wa salam, O Allah, Allah may Allah and Abby yerba early he also had to heal Manitoba and Niger who have

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so the reason I'm talking about this

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is that it's important it's an important change that needs to occur within our own mom.

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The youth will not fully embrace this Deen without it. The reason that you enjoy Ramadan is because it gives you just a whiff of it. The reason Ramadan is so special to most of us the reason that we continue to have this nice memory of it even though we're starving for most of the day, and it's tiring, and we worry about it before it happens. But there's this nice memory that we all carry about Ramadan is because it gives you a little bit of a whiff of that spiritual high it's beautiful, your spirits a little bit fulfilled you're closer to Allah somehow you feel purpose you're enjoying that. And honestly life without that is almost not worth living. And with it, you're not missing

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anything. Like if you have that in your life, there's nothing really that you're missing out on. You don't need anything else. People who have that have everything they need. There's a known quote and this quote is the only affiliated with at least six different scholars, meaning if you depending on which book you read, the quote will be referred or cited by someone different. It doesn't really matter to me who said it it's the quote itself that I think is really just beautiful. I think they say even Taymiyah said it I don't know for sure, but I don't know. It's just it's unclear that when he was in jail, is what he quoted was quoted as saying to the, or saying to himself, and the guard

00:24:19--> 00:24:56

heard him Paula and Jannetty Agostini the Saudi murderer yes now I will be either a What can my my enemies do to me? My a garden in heaven and inside my chest? In I said you need Hulu if you if you put me in jail then I'm on my own with Allah subhanaw taala I guess I don't have distractions. I don't have to think of anything. I'm gonna Hulu with Allah subhanaw taala Where's Raji? Min Bella? desea, how to kick me out of my country. Then I'm a tourist on the outside. I can see the last word while Felicia heard and if you kill me, then it's not that I'm a martyr. There's nothing you can do to me. My, my fulfillment is from within. That's what he's saying in this in this quote, my

00:24:56--> 00:25:00

fulfillment is what is from within. And that's really what is

00:25:00--> 00:25:10

Islam has offered the Sahaba an offer those who followed it. That's really what it did. And people found that and people experienced that for a very long time. And I think we just entered a

00:25:11--> 00:25:15

different era. A lot more materialistic

00:25:16--> 00:25:19

aspects to it. I don't want to I'm not here to

00:25:20--> 00:25:59

curse Oh, capitalism or talk about Western ideology or how the industrial revolution I know that's that's not really what. But for a certain to a certain degree, we've lost our attachment to understanding what our spirits are. Your Spirit needs nourishment, just like your body does. Just like if you were to stay without food for a week, you would slowly come close to dying. You wouldn't be able to survive for too long without without physical nourishment. Why is it that we think without spiritual nourishment we can survive? Why did that we think that if we leave our spirits empty on the inside, with no connection with no love, I'm so sorry. With no love. This deed is built

00:25:59--> 00:26:35

is built on love. It's built in its essence on love. Everything about it is love. There's nothing more to it than that. Really. It's all about do you love Allah subhanho wa Taala you understand that He loves you and you love him back and you love whom He loves you love His Prophet Allah your side to surround you love that book. You love the deen you love the people who follow him Do you love his creation because that the potential of them being close to him, it's all about love at the end. And if you pull love out of it, if you just pull it out that I don't know what's left of it, it's a mutated ideology that I don't understand. I don't know how to preach, they don't know how to teach,

00:26:35--> 00:27:09

I definitely don't how to practice, I don't know how to evaluate for the people practicing it correctly, either. Because there's something essential that's missing from it. And that's not hard to bring back again, we just have to start asking for it and looking for it and trying to connect to it. And making sure that it has some degree of priority within our lives. And the examples here are endless. I can talk about this for as long as you'd like, give you story after story from with the Sahaba and the tabby in the alumni because this is what they this is what they experienced. They they found they found joy. They found joy when they were close to Allah. So when they found joy, you

00:27:09--> 00:27:19

taught you read the stories, and you see that they function a little bit differently. Because it didn't, you can only do things that you don't want to do for so long. And at some point,

00:27:20--> 00:27:50

you can't anymore. So either you stopped doing them, or you do them in a way where there is no essence to them. And you're saying what I'm saying when you pray. You can only force yourself to pray for so long before either you stopped doing it or you start praying with no essence to the paradox. It's just a mechanical movement that you need to get through. Because we can't comprehend doing something we hate for so long. But it's not supposed to be like that. It's not supposed to be like it's supposed to be something that you do or you find a certain degree of spiritual fulfillment.

00:27:52--> 00:27:54

When you have the hotbar certainly hanyalah Paula

00:27:56--> 00:28:04

Cole Hollard ILA come and feeback hatha yoga to Barry's who many Urraca while Tara who

00:28:05--> 00:28:09

want to those who want to do something with do something.

00:28:10--> 00:28:11


00:28:13--> 00:28:57

want to do something? Tegan or Farrah Luca Farah Lumo, Tabby and Hawa who I am and Berta yeah hello Bill Morales See ya in Allah He Shahida tune Tara who adopt LuBu I told you that tomorrow antenna La La for me man outside eater will tell them that robbery la HuFa tobe Pablo mama to cobbler yo man Euro Caleb Duma Casa but Jada who I definitely hope is doing all the while Bill kappa Wharton Sir Who well who don't see well who I hope that was a benefit to you while I'm waiting Allah I'm on Airbnb and I'll leave in football in Allahu ala Qatar who use Aluna Alain de Yeah, you are living in LA he was suddenly moved to Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohamed El Moussa later Allah

00:28:57--> 00:29:09

Ibrahim Ibrahim wa Burdick Allah Mohammed in wider early Mohammed Gamma DR. Ida Ibrahim either early Ibrahim for the Isla Mina in Nikka hamidou Majeed what are the Allahu Manuel Autobytel Hoda as

00:29:11--> 00:29:42

well Omar our man our ID, what are the Allahumma G or Maha meaning? Earlier UB and Akbar hit in one Sahaba to hit the hood in Miami 130 In Elementor the Alhambra Cerney Nila yo Medina one Rama tkr Hama rocky mean Allahu Melba fitted in a Muslim you know when Muslim as well meaning you know well me not even whom what I'm what Allahumma original movement in Muhammad Amin when I finished school but in microbeam WaterFire Juan Manuel Malcolm Amin what available man in blue mean West Indian

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Muslim mean Allahu Montessori is when an animal ought to be a plaintiff in MSG de la casa what would

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it be EBL alanine Germain eco Isla de Nicola den Jamila portobella You know I'm in Germany who will be no auto button also, for here on behalf of adjusted Anwar

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her mama daddy garlic Allahu maybe Aziz whatever hola who what I love Allah, Allah Allah you know, anybody Allah in Allah, Mohammed ideally when your son will eat, it will CORBA and fascia he will get you a building or a locum la la comunidad karoun Before we go for Salah inshallah the Halacha this weekend are all back on so tonight inshallah and tomorrow and the day after we will be back after Muslim tomorrow inshallah we will restart the sila Holika after motive, it's our

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I'm not gonna say it's our final run because I said it fine with me three times already. So it's another run. So you're welcome to show up in Sharla and attended and it's something that children and younger ages will definitely benefit from and enjoy. So please gonna show up for that. We the IDA. The amount of Development Academy has been running now for a year. This is our fourth semester, we have nine we have nine live courses that are running and three online courses that are available. This is something the idea here is parallel learning so if you're someone who if you have children are in high school, mature children High School, someone in university who wants to learn Islam in

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parallel to what they're doing in their lives is something that I would encourage you to show up in in attendance attend to take the course and learn and be a part of the of the thought of atoms that we're trying to encourage and dismiss you'd like more luck