Adnan Rajeh – Quranic Reflections #11 Surat Yunus 34 – Surat Hud 109

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of returning to action during the upcoming weekend and setting aside time for fear. They stress the need to be prepared and mindful of the limits of the box, which is designed to prevent oppressed behavior. The speakers also emphasize the importance of finding joy and happiness when faced with negative outcomes and the need for individuals to see what they have to offer. They also discuss the challenges faced by Islam, including persecution and corruption, and the importance of finding the best practices in one's life.
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Hello Bill Alameen Allahumma salli wa sallam over a calorie you know, have you been on Mohammed in while early, he was so happy your man you know, but

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it is the 11th night of Ramadan, and the coldest March 20 that I've ever witnessed and the entirety of my short life.

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I guess I cannot believe that it's still snowing outside Subhan Allah. But the first first third of Ramadan is officially over. We usually say that last night, but I usually wait until the 10th day is done cm and then we can say that the third the first third of Ramadan is done. Well you guys have any thought about Indian tea whenever the thirst third is done it just kind of dominoes after that, and you very soon we'll be talking about the last 10 nights and then it will be the philosophy will be your first apology, it's a good time for everyone to remind themselves of the importance of taking the opportunity of Ramadan and renewing their intentions and putting themselves back on track

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if they lost focus on what they wanted to do throughout this month. And what they wanted to achieve for themselves is a very good time to do that. I mean, you should do that every day. But definitely when the first 10 nights are done, and you're entering the 11th You'd think the second you know, the second third of the month, you want to step out and make sure that you are how did you do the first 10 days? What did you do? Well, what did you not do? Well, what do you want to fix, I always try and push people to improve the graph of attendance and massage it whether it's whether it's pleasure or Tavi or after also in try and be as as present as you can. This is the month of taboo, you know,

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rituals. It's hard sometimes with the images that we are seeing coming out from Gaza to you know, to focus on a bad but I guess I think the niche that that is that is taken with what's actually occurring overseas is to increase your budget with the intention of being of service to them. And I'm doing that what you can do it for them.

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May Allah subhanaw taala grant them perseverance and Grantham Miani salvation as soon as soon as possible. And really just making and you know, just looking at yourself and saying that I need to be better and being better, it starts now. And even though you may not be able to meet you, and I may not be able to, to, to hold the hands that are pulling the triggers. But one day, one day you may be able to, and it's important that we're prepared for

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when that one day will come. So today we are in solid, we're going to continue to conclude finished sulit. Eunice, and we have, we're gonna go through the majority of solitude, just a small piece of solitude, we'll be right left for tomorrow.

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So that you understand solitude and sort of use your brain of law, this second cluster of sorrows in the Quran. And of course, the slides have all this stuff in it. Yeah. And if you, if you go back within the watsapp group, and I'll paste, I'll probably post it again, in the group, because sometimes people can't go back, I'll post the link again, you will find that I break down all the clusters, and I put down some information for you to better guide you when you're reading these sutras and trying to understand them. But this second cluster from Unistall, right will mean

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the soil, they talk about the critical points within the disciplines of Islam, things that you must have, that you do that you cannot afford not to. If you don't, then the actual discipline won't function in units within theology talks about Allah and other. And this is a topic that is a must for every Muslim. That's why I tell everyone here that if you're attend, like an upgrade, of course, and attend, I have stuff online that you can attend, where you can learn a little bit more about this concept, it is important to understand it to understand all of the surrounding elements, because it's a cause for disbelief. For some people, it's also a cause for people not to be able to

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practice Islam appropriately, because they're either too passive, or they don't have proper technical, or they don't understand what their role is. And they don't know how to deal with difficulty. They don't know how to deal with ease. They don't know, just understand what's happening. So it's important, and that's what Eunice talks about, and basically what it covers. And it does that in multiple ways and tell stories that or attend to that. So include talks about the message and I talked about yesterday. So two talks about the message. That's the second Yani concept. And within it the the or that's the second topic in that the concept that is the critical

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that you cannot afford not to understand is reform. The message of Islam, if you somehow remove successfully reform from within it, you

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it becomes Toothless. It has no bite. It has no edge to it anymore. Like there's it doesn't do anything. It doesn't change people's behaviors. It does not influence people's

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attitudes or ways of thought. And that's what Islam is for Islam is a system that was you bring upon an individual or you bring upon a society or a community, it will enforce change, it will bring form, bring forward some form of change. And that change is based on the fact that it's done has within it the concept of reform. It brings reform. It identifies and identifies different types of corruption, and then it goes and it addresses those types of corruption and changes them

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If you remove that, from Islam, Islam becomes an

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it becomes a

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nice, quite cheap, you can just you can put it wherever you want, you can just team and it's quite it has has no doesn't do anything, if you want to keep Islam just within the walls of a masjid, or just come in, and that's where you pray and it's ready to go when the outside Islam has no existence, not in the life of the individual nor in the life of the community, then what exactly is it is it good for, and that's what dictators around the world want Islam to be? Right. And that's what governments around the world want Islam to be including our own, you want you they want that team, Islam that has no edge that has no truth has no bite has nothing that has no it does not

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challenge the status quo in any form. It just sees if it's going to challenge the status quo is not through his plan. It's just through general basic socio social issues that I mean.

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Chomsky, in his books will often talk about a concept that I think is underrated, and we don't we don't only discuss enough

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that we live, we live the illusion of freedom. We live the illusion of freedom. And the way that we live that illusion is that because what happened is that

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the instead of saying that you don't get this thing, which is what dictators across the globe do, that's where it's very, it's very honest. And it's good old fashioned dictatorship is nice and honest and right in your face here. No, they give you limitations. They, they they construct a space. And they limit that space from both sides, saying that this is as far as you go here. And they talk about those limitations. And they allow you to think within those limitations. reinforcing these limitations as if they are Maxim's just so that you don't end up thinking outside of them, when they really aren't self evident points. They are just constructs of the status quo or the

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ruling the ruling few that they don't want you to think outside of this box. But it's a box so you have a lot of room to think within there. But they keep are reinforcing the importance of the the limits are the capacity or the borders of the box, so you don't go out of it. And this has been the problem I need. This is what we have we have here today. That's why when Muslims challenge you I need the you know this new

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gender ID definitions that are coming out. And it's confronted with a lot of violence like violent thoughts and violent words and violent behaviors. Because you're you dared speak outside of the of the limitations of the box that they drew for you. You can argue within the box as much as you'd like it just not outside of it outside of it that says off limits. So we start arguing that No, no, this is ridiculous. It's ridiculous. You're you have chromosomes yesterday and you have genitalia. What are you talking about? There's something this is something that's been around for since the beginning of time. Yeah, what why is this suddenly no longer, no longer part of update of basic

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understandings of basic basic comprehension of the world. But when you argue that because that's, that's outside of the box, it becomes very, they bring in the law and they bring meaning they start using the law to try and maybe scare you or put you and that goes for everything. Only when it comes to the Philistine. You only talk about what you want. But don't talk about theory on EBO Bahamas, North Dakota McCollum no talking about their Jani, the the

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what's the word from Oklahoma? Resistance, sorry, my brain is not working today. And I'm not here to actually only talk good, good or bad. Get in. That's something that I made a decision for, like maybe 20 years ago living back in a place where I could say whatever I wanted regarding that topic specifically. But here we don't have the right to point out that resistance is is the right of people who are oppressed. You say that you you lose your status, you lose your job, you're put in jail. This is the constructs. This is this is

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this is intellectual tyranny, there's no difference than then physical tyranny really physical maybe it hurts a little bit more but intellectual journey in the long run ruins everything. Islam brings reformed Islam challenges, status close. It's time challenges Gandhi Maxim's that societies accept and live by without without questioning. And if you remove that from us, if you remove reform from Islam, there's nothing left. And I I've done like maybe three series specifically on solitude, just going through the stories of the prophets, because each prophet had a different challenge in terms of the corruption that they were facing. Mussolini's Trump's corruption. He was facing political

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issues. He was facing financial and Luth was facing facing ethical and saw that was facing the only entitlement and indifference and who was facing any

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arrogance and oppression and new heights that was facing racism and nepotism. They're all facing something different. So their stories are a little bit different. But they all came and they and they challenge the status quo.

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No, I didn't come and talk about the financial aspect of his Dean.

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No, he came in talked about the thing that they were doing wrong. None of the things that we're doing right?

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Why would you come and talk about something that's already working and draw a blind eye towards the stuff that aren't. Islam comes in it looks at the Islam is practice, practice appropriately comes in takes a look at the landscape. And it points out where corruption exists. And it goes after corruption. And it phases that status quo. And if you remove reform from it, it becomes Toothless and doesn't do anything. And we just accept everything as it is, as Muslims, the financial system of the world is something we don't agree with.

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We don't just completely wrong, they know it's wrong, they know it's corrupt, you know, that it's actually designed not to work is designed to collapse, eventually, it's designed to keep people who are rich, very much more rich, and people who don't, who don't have a lot to continue to carry a lot of risk. And it's like that, to the core of it to the core of it, it's gonna stay like that for a long time. Because of that the environment is failing, because of that people are becoming are becoming less and less and less and less and less well educated, even though there are schools to go to, because because it's not, it's not possible to actually learn if you don't have that piece of

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freedom in your life.

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That's what sort of talks about. So it's really important. Sudha is one of the ones that we have to take time and understand the message behind it, because we need it as Muslims in the West, we for sure we need to because it's really easy to get all comfy and cozy with the status quo that we're living in, especially when it's offering you more than what you ever could have imagined to have living elsewhere across the globe. So I'll end with that in sha Allah and we'll we'll go through some verses. I'm looking at the number of votes are very, very small. I'm just gonna I'm just gonna do my own thing, right? It's only nine people altogether so I'll just do my do my thing. So let's

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just do is number 58 OF SWORDS Jonas so 58 Yeah.

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Are you do meet him in a shade on your Raji Bismillah here rush, rush, he will be filming law he won't be rushed mercy He Febi the federal yes Rahu.

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So this is a very beautiful process.

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He says, Say Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam be firmly learning wherever you're at he Febi Dalek Ophelia for Jose with the bounty of Allah subhanaw taala due to the bounty of Allah subhanaw taala. And due to his compassion and mercy in the consequences are the results of the showings of his compassion and mercy for the Vatika failure for a home may they be happy and satisfied with that. And this idea teaches us something really important that Allah Subhan Allah in the Quran has never telling you to live a life that lacks joy, or lacks happiness or lacks any your ability to find satisfaction and fun with what you have. But it's how you do it that matters. It's how you see

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what you have and how you view it. So instead of viewing what you have as

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an accomplishment or achievement or something that is that is yours. You see it as something that is coming from Allah subhanho wa taala. So you see it as fugly. Allah, you see it as Rama Tila, it makes a big difference between I did this or this was given to me by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada that, even though it's still yours in both situations, and you're holding on to it, but that attitude is extremely different. And it makes it makes it just it makes the world world of difference in terms of how you actually how you deal with it later on, and how Allah subhanaw taala holds you accountable later on as well. So here, you're being told, be happy, and enjoy and celebrate, but

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celebrate His bounty. celebrate His mercy, and you see it as coming from him. Subhana wa Tada see it as a blessing coming from him Subhanallah because when you do that, then you actually use it in a way that pleases Him. Subhana wa Tada if you continue to connect that what you have to the source and you connect it to Allah subhanho wa Taala then what that means you will continue to use it and utilize it in a way that pleases Him. If you see it as your own, you feel that you just do whatever you want with it, because it's yours. It's not really yours. It's his but he gave it to you. So use it the way he wants it to be used. So that's a whole different mentality. Like that changes things a

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lot. Is it mine? Or is it yours? And you just gave it to me? No, no, it's yours and I'm just holding on, you're holding on to it for me, okay. That means I should definitely if we're going to use it have to use in a way that pleases you. Because not really mine will be felt Mila he won't be Rama de vida Lika, which is through these things that you should find joy and find happiness, who will hire on me my energy, my own is better from whatever they are gathering and feeling that is their own. It's whatever Allah is, the puddle of Allah, the Rama of Allah that He gives you some high note that you see as coming from him that is better than whatever it is that you gather in this life and see

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as your own and see as your own effort. So it's just an AI that teaches us a little bit of the mentality and the perspective the attitude that you have to have. When you see you look at your life and look what you have. Okay, let's do

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Whoa hyena Musa as he

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mikuma be miserable you watch it through boo you tech

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team sada werebear sheary Meili, in so hyena Musa he and double o mikuma Musa buta and we reveal to Musa and his brother

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that make specific houses for your tribe for your for your home for your people,

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places for worship like houses where they would go and they would worship together. demo earlier call me como de Mistura boo, boo you talkin tabler and make your house the house the Qibla direction

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well our theme was Salah and establish your prayer in the midst of their oppression

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Moses don't hold on to him I said I'm in the midst of their oppression we're told to do this for bananas about eat this is before they they they got when they walk through the Red Sea before they get rid of us around this is during the years where if you're on continue to oppress and murder and be enslaved and in prison in prison but it was like he moves out a summons brother we're told you have to have establishment of Salah so here's what you're going to do you're going to specify houses for them and make your houses the Qibla and then that's how you're going to pray

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because you need you need certain things for a commute for a must for for Muslim community which is what Musa and held on Isom preached obviously Islam is not the Prophet I need to start with some specific Deen it is only there's a dean and there's Deanna Dean is the is the theology and the values and the practice and the basic, the fundamentals and the Dianna or the or the jurisprudence points, like the Hydra is in the hot arms and stuff like that, and that will differ from one province to the other this these laws will differ. But the other the dean will say the same and then Dina and the lady stem always husband from Adam and Eve to Mohammed salah. It's always mean no

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Lola and then economist salah is the same concept exists, maybe maybe the details of how much and how many times and how many guys in the exact form that changes that's that's at the end of that. That's the jurisprudence piece, but the concepts are the same always been.

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So most of you said I was told in the midst of being oppressed in the midst of persecution.

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You need to establish Salah, because that is how you establish a community without establishing Surah jamaa you cannot have a community and Muslim tree does not exist. So he specified for his people, homes houses, where they would go and pray and they would all direct themselves towards the house of Musa and hold on on Easter. This is one understanding of these verses. There are many other understandings of these verses that I'm aware of. But I'm telling you the one that I think makes the most sense. Why God would want you to come tabler you always need direction. Without tibula there's no direction we stand here and you put your hands up like this. Right? This is what you do. If you

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perform Umrah or Hajj correct if you don't, if you go and perform Umrah or Hajj you stand in front of Vulcan, right? And you turn and you say Bismillah Allahu Akbar, right? If you just say Allahu Akbar, that's enough by the way.

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So this same movement, this is the movement towards this is your establishment of this is my direction, this is my tailor, this everything, everything serves this serves this concept of the country that runs it the concept, the concept of the No Oh, well, abating will the island pneus of the house of Allah, that everything is based on Allah's house, house, think about the word house, what is House

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House is a place where people come together where families exist, where there is mutual interest, where people protect one another. So our thermometer is is is this house subpoena with data because we belong to one. So every time you stand in Salah and you put your hands up, you're doing it tours and hydro less with the same thing towards the Kaaba, your reestablishing your connection to your tibula to your direction to your center. Without a tibula without a center and direction. You don't know where you're going.

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If you don't know where you go, and what difference which way you face, and how quickly you walk, who cares? If you're if you get in your car and you're driving and you don't there's no direct there's no destination. What difference does it make whether you take right or left? Or drive 60 or 50 You're not going anywhere. So who cares? Only if you know where you're going. Does the mapping things become important? No take this right not that right to you end up stuck in traffic here and then there's less light if you go this way, because you know where you're going. But if you don't have a direction walk in any direction you walk however you want them shot okay, but who cares? It's

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not going anywhere. You have to have a cable we have a cable as Muslims or Kepler's creator haram. It unites all of us. It reminds us what we're about. You can't be Muslim and not be a part of a nation because you stand or else when you pray, pray in any direction you want.

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Yeah, but you can't. Your Prayer is not valid. You have to Issac will come down to the best of your ability. And even if you don't get it 100%, doesn't matter as long as you are looking for the qibla, even if you got it wrong, because the concept is that you know where your direction is, you know where your center is, you know what your efforts serve, they serve the betterment of his house Subhana wa Donna, his house, which is this family that we have, for better or for worse. So Musa was told in the midst of the persecution

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about early home Ikoma be miserable. You tell what your allowable you take on Pamela, we are Team of Salah whereby she will make meaning and when you do that, give the believers Good, good news of players to come. Because once you establish that can that united or collective direction, and people start establishing prayer in JAMA together instead of each one doing it on their own, separate they do it together, we do this together because we're one that's why we do it together. Because we're one family or one group or one Oma.

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We haven't been for a while. But that's why we do it.

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And we haven't been a very good one for a while. But that's that's why this is the reason that we feel for one another. Your pain is mine and my pain is yours. And wherever we come from, we share we share the direction we share the Qibla think about that. Just imagine if you zoom out, people all around the world are praying, and they're all facing towards the same spot. Wherever you put them continue to face the same spot. They know exactly where it is where they're facing it because that's the that's the stuff

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that unites efforts that unites energies, because we know where we're going moves out as I was told to these people during persecution unite, make your house similar. Make make your dollar what you were teaching the Qibla that muscle also wasn't there yet. Or at least Yanni was not apparent to them yet. They didn't know where they didn't know where the cupboard had fallen down. During those years. It was not established again, it only was not clear to them. So they made their house of moves.

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So they had direction. And this had to happen during times of persecution during times of difficulty, not when they became strong. No, when they were weak. They had to establish their Salah and establish their direction and establish that Jama and that unity. All right. Let's do 100 So it was 100

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like Jeopardy.

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can any Neff seen to Mina Ellerbee easily

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where I will reduce the island lady in Allah yeah for you.

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well that kind of innocent and took me now in nila,

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at the end of Surah Ulus that talks about cola and burger we had this, this nugget this gem that no soul has the ability to accept Iman to internalize Allah, the belief in Allah subhanaw taala except through the permission of Allah subhana wa Tada. Again, changing the way we look at it,

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changing the way we look at it, I just the verse that I talked about before this one, but we felt Lilla he will be on our committee he is seeing everything that you have everything that you possess, as bounty from Allah as as a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. So you're allowed to enjoy it and celebrate it. But that means that you'll use it the way he wants to be used. Because you see it as coming from him. It makes it much easier. So you're not told that don't enjoy dunya No, enjoy dunya but enjoy it as a bounty from God and then use it that way. If you can't do that, then don't enjoy it. That's where I am. I just don't enjoy because I can't I find it hard. But if you can do it right

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then you enjoy dunya enjoy doing it. Can you see it as something coming from him so it's more beautiful because coming from ALLAH, but then you have to use it the way he wants. So here this is the same thing when I Canna he never seen and taught me know in love even and no one else has the ability to accept Iman into itself except to the permission of Allah subhanaw taala which makes Iman a gift as well.

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Which makes your ability to achieve and obtain a man a gift. And that's how you have to see it and that's how you should always see it is something that he gave you so he bestowed it upon you. You didn't do this yourself.

00:24:10 --> 00:24:23

You may have taken steps in that direction. You may have taken some steps in that direction and Allah will reward you for it. But obtaining EMA know that that was a that was ALLAH Nicola de mana Roberta well I can Allah. Yeah. Howdy, Manisha.

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And this iomica innocent and Domina Ellerbee is Neela it just the IRB for it when OSHA Buka

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RB Colome. Jamie, and if your Lord wanted every living soul on earth would have accepted Iman for enter to Creo NASA had dire gooloo Meaning what you're going to go and coerce people to accept Eman. You cannot coerce people to do this. Oh my God and he never took me in love, isn't it? No, because no so has the permission of Eman exceptive. Allah subhanaw taala offers it to them. So the fact that you sit here today

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It's because Allah subhanaw taala granted you permission. Allah subhanaw taala granted you this, this, this gem, it's a blessing that is beyond any other blessing that you will have Iman that you know Allah subhanho wa taala, that La ilaha illa. Allah is not a foreign concept to you. You don't have to climb mountains, and walk through jungles and swim against the the current just just to accept to understand that, you know, it's a part of your upbringing. You're granted Iman for free.

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But you have to see it that way. Well, yeah, I'll read you, sir, either leadin Elia, and he puts a punishment upon those who don't understand. So whether he means by this donors who don't end up achieving Iman, or whether he means by this those who don't understand the value of iman, I don't know. I don't know what he means by this subhanho wa taala. I think he is the second one. I think he's pointing out that punishment is upon those who don't understand that what they have is a blessing. Imagine walking around feeling like a man is an accomplishment of some sort. Worthy of feeling vain and feeling arrogant wizard I was a biller. We are extremely fortunate that we have

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this is a blessing I will never we will never ever be able to show enough gratitude for him the day we die and beyond could never be thankful enough the fact that you granted you this and because you see it like that. You can you can enjoy it before the law heal your TV with me Derek Ophelia for how you can be happy that you were but you see it as a gift from Allah and that means you will use it in a way that pleases Allah subhanho wa Taala by spreading and by teaching and by educating by being humble. Alright, let's go to if we're doing good time today 27 I would

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make it through till the end.

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The night CAFO room you owe me man. Okay. Bechet on me Donna woman at all. About okay lady, you know whom? Rosie Luna Eva manner or

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yourself, Bella. Now? New CommCare DB in.

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It's making sure that

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so this is this sort of tool it is within the story of know how to set them

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and they tell him my nadaka Illa Bashar Mithuna is the first problem that they had the second one when I arrived at Deborah aka Illa Lavina. Whom are the Luna the third one I know Hola, como la nina Amin.

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And then the final one vulnerable naka de bien. So they pointed out four problems that they didn't like about about the Dawa. The first one

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is that you're just a human being like mine. I like the elaboration method. You're just a person. And I talked about this a couple of nights ago. I know Josh now who Malika let y'all know who Roger along with him, I'll be soon. The whole point is that it's going to be a human being who brings this to you, it's going to come from someone who is like you, there is no purpose of this whole story. If he sends some kind of data, an alien or some other AI any creature that we don't understand that. If he did some I know what the I know, you would make sure it looked and sounded like a human being so it wouldn't know. Because the point is that we see this person or someone like us, what else? Well,

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how do you follow? How do you take? How do you? How is their teba? Or PA, like if the if the one who's bringing the message is not a human being? How do you emulate their lifestyle? Right? Which is, which is the biggest challenge you have when when they talk about HR, they sit down and say,

00:28:30 --> 00:28:57

be like Jesus? What do you mean? Like, like the Son of God? You mean, I can't I can't do that. But he'd be like, Oh, it'd be like he behaves? Well. He has to there has to be similarities. I think he's thought to a service human, who will fully come into our command kala kala Hua dama Islam as He created Adam, he created a salad spinner. So we emulate Ethernet to emulate him as a human being because we're human, to give me some other creature and told me to emulate how there's, there's nothing there's too much that's not in common I how do I follow?

00:28:58 --> 00:29:30

So it has to be a human being, or else there's no point of this whole story. If the value system was not human, was not flesh and blood, like all of us. Sallalahu it was it was that how would we sit here and learn from him. And he's telling his stories and hold ourselves to the standard that he held himself to out of your salatu salam would be would be useless because he just too different but he's not. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he was just different with his choices and with his, with his intentions and how he decided to live his life. So that's the first problem I know like elaboration on Mithuna. Now the problem that I want I brought this I have four is the second one. Well, now I

00:29:30 --> 00:29:40

know like a tobacco in the Latina home or the Luna body or body. And we only see that the people who followed you are the worst of us. Body arrived from the first glance.

00:29:42 --> 00:30:00

Just looking who you've surrounded yourself with. Yawn is the people who were who were once thieves and I need those who are slaves or poor. I don't I don't know why I would I would. Why would I care for what you have to offer me when I see that you only surrounded yourselves by people.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:30

The world wants thugs and people who are from the lower class of society. So there's a, there's a to two issues here that I think is worth covering or thinking about. Number one, that arrogance is horrible. For them to say that is just, it's just very evil in every form and manner to to look at people that way to divide people into good and bad based on their own criteria for them to divide community or society into upper class and lower class, they refuse to want to spend any time with the lower class, which is what they did.

00:30:31 --> 00:30:46

This is what they did for no holiday Sunday, I told him, we're not going to spend time with you if these are the people around you, oh, no, no Leca whatever I can out of the loan, or whatever. It may be my account. Oh, yeah, my name is Abu Illa, Allah bellota. Sharon, you want us to believe in you. And these are your followers.

00:30:48 --> 00:31:24

So their mistake is you don't judge a theology or judge a dean or judge a thought, based on the people who claim to follow it. You're not allowed to do that. If you don't like if there's a dean, or there's a way of thought that you don't agree with don't make the basis of your argument against it. The behaviors are some people who claim to be a part of it, but rather actually look at the at the meat of me read what the philosophy is, and then disagree with the points don't disagree with behaviors of people who say that they're a part of it, right? So that's their problem. And second, don't judge people they went in.

00:31:26 --> 00:31:42

They judge these people and said, they're lower, they're lesser, they have bad they have pasts. So they judge them. And that's, that's not acceptable. You know, don't ever do that in your life, don't go walk into a room and say, just bad people and then walk out, you don't know you don't know who they are and what they're about what their lives are like.

00:31:43 --> 00:31:55

The second piece, let's turn the tables around a bit. If the people were sitting behind beside a prophet, or beside, or those who are sitting under the umbrella of Islam are like that, that is normal for people not to want to join.

00:31:57 --> 00:32:18

This is just to turn the tables around as as a as a gem for us to learn regarding how we're supposed to be, if we are the ones who are sitting under the umbrella of la ilaha illAllah. If people look at and say I don't want to be a part of that group look at them, then we have to look look look long and hard on ourselves again. Because if we are making if we are Yanni

00:32:19 --> 00:32:20


00:32:21 --> 00:32:37

to those who are trying to find the truth, that we have to quickly turn things around for ourselves because you are misrepresenting something beautiful. And you will be held accountable for misrepresenting something beautiful. And that's that's the piece that we all have to take some time and think about.

00:32:38 --> 00:33:15

Yes, they are wrong. I pointed out at the begin, they are wrong to judge, they are wrong to hold faith accountable based on the behaviors of people that are allowed to to look at device society and to upper and lower, that's all wrong, that racism, that racism and that stupid supremacism is all unacceptable. But then maybe look at it from the other side. If you're sitting under the umbrella, and you are not achieving anything, and you're not successful, and your ethics are not great. And your behaviors don't reflect the space. Or maybe take a look at that and fix it. Fix it up because people are watching. Because those who want in aren't coming in because of what they see on the

00:33:15 --> 00:33:48

inside. It looks messy on the inside, doesn't look well put together. The house does not seem clean. Doesn't seem it's not well. So the Yeah, they weren't the How could they feel there's there's goodness here. I feel it all the time. When people just ask simple questions about the practices, the normal practices of our lives, our families, when we fast when we pray, just simple stuff. They're not even they have no understanding of Islam at all. But just simple questions. They feel this is really cool. But then they look at other aspects of our community. They're like, Oh, I don't know, if it was that great. And it probably would have worked for them, and they would have been

00:33:48 --> 00:34:08

better. If it was not great. It would have worked for the people who are following it. And they would have been better. If this is the best they can do with the faith, then How good could the faith be? If this is the best they can do with it? If this is the best the community can achieve with the faith that they have? How great can the faith be? Is that not a reasonable argument?

00:34:09 --> 00:34:31

I don't know if it's a reasonable argument. I don't know. Maybe it is maybe it isn't. I know that I would have made it. May Allah forgive all of us. Yeah. I would have made it to be on the other side. I probably have looked at it. Yeah, well, it is the best you can offer. I mean it Why Why try to throw Islam on me. You've had it for a long time. You don't seem to be doing too well with it.

00:34:32 --> 00:34:59

Why should I take it? If it was going to work? Would it work for you? Let me see. Show me show me results. So when they said to Amanda raka Tanaka in the Latina whom Allah You know, nobody, they were wrong. But there's something there for us to think about. Something for us to contemplate maybe. Maybe we need to be a little bit better here. Maybe you have to understand that Dawa happens to be behaviors and actions way, louder and way more powerfully than it does through words.

00:35:02 --> 00:35:39

Alright, no, I don't say this like as a way for, for people to say, Oh no, you're doing what we do here is not that effective. It's not that effective. This is not me. Beating isn't it is not that effective. It doesn't do that much. You sit here you talk, whether you're a great public speaker, a mediocre public speaker, or not very good doesn't make that much of a difference. You help a little, you help those who are already on their way to be helped. They're coming in, they're looking for something, you're just kind of bridging it. What really makes a difference in the world is behaviors actions, its achievements is success. That's what makes the difference. That is what makes a

00:35:39 --> 00:36:14

difference always has been. That's where the profit either you saw Justin went to college, you went to the leaders, he went to the people who are known for their nobility, known for their honesty for their, you know, for their, for their good values and being people that everyone looked up to you went to them because if they attempt this none everything good. That's why when Hamza and Omar It was a day of celebration, because these were two leaders. These weren't followers in their in their in their circles and in their societies. They were not followers, they were leaders, people looked up to them. When they accepted Islam. It made a difference. When inside even more odd are the law

00:36:14 --> 00:36:53

when I said that Islam, he brought in a full tribe. A third of Medina accepted Islam in one day. It took years for the rest of this Medina to accept Islam, but one day side had been more odd at the age of 24 or 23. would bring all of an oath because he was the leader of Laos. At a young age he was a leader he went to them and told them which Haman was haram Wakanda and even Quranic Haram has attached to Allah Ilaha illa Allah when the Muhammad Abdul was to do first Mahmoud Jamia and he said I will not I will not be your leader. Nobody want to see any of you until you all say at that level. So they all said all of them all once. And all of it almost became Muslim in one stroke. One brush,

00:36:54 --> 00:37:32

when it's not even more either died. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said it does. Then he moved to he out of short ramen, the Throne of Allah shook, because the melodica were carrying it were so happy that they shook. They were laughing and happiness that sad even was is coming up because of what they know about him what they heard, because it was his character. Sad was not a healthy, sad was only Muslim for maybe maybe seven years, tops, tops tops. He died 27 years old, maybe seven years. That's it. He was at a party. Nora Hatfield, no. Is he a huge complete? No, no, he was just someone who was a leader. He achieved leadership through his character. And then he was able to

00:37:32 --> 00:37:47

influence and that's what we have to think about when we think of when we recite this verse, at least that's how I look at this idea. And I'll end with that and show all the other points we'll talk about in a different setting. Let's do it number 78. Because that's the last one we can do. Yeah, or 100 because there's some people voted 102 100

00:37:50 --> 00:37:51

The UK I mean,

00:37:52 --> 00:38:11

we're on a whole slew. I mean, her whole emu has lead at the end of servitude after Allah Subhan Allah tells all of the stories, he tells the stories of new Hunter histogram, and hood, and solder, and loot, and

00:38:12 --> 00:38:52

Schreib and Ibrahim and Musa he tells the stories of seven prophets not all with the same links newest story is long, Musa has like three lines, right? But all seven were talked about here because they all had different challenges within their groups and they inserted who talks about reform, which is the critical piece of this message of Islam, and it pointed out what the challenges were at the end of all these stories he says that Lika mean Amba Al Quran this has been amongst the stories of all the cities that came before you now So who are they we tell these stories to you men ha ha Iman what have seen some of these cities still exist you can go and see them they were pardoned they

00:38:52 --> 00:39:29

made it what has seen in some of them were completely destroyed to the point where it's looked like they've been harvested like there's not there's nothing left for them. Well now that I'm now home and we did not oppress them what I can what I move on Fusa home but the oppressed themselves for now I'm gonna turn home Alia to humility and their own I mean do Nila Himanshi in la magia Umrah big and what are their false idols and their false beliefs and the corruption and the wealth that they had helped them when the word of their of your Lord came to them? Well, I'm as I do whom I really wanted to be. And all it did was just made their situation and their ending worse than it needed to be.

00:39:30 --> 00:39:49

What are the leaker Rob Baker, either a Hoggle Pora he of Alima and that is how your Lord takes in punishment the cities or the groups or the nations when they are oppressive when they are oppressors in the WHO Aleem Chedid is punishment is painful, and as severe

00:39:51 --> 00:40:00

when, when when when people decide to live through persecution and oppression and mistreatment and injustice, their end their end is paid

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00

In for

00:40:01 --> 00:40:37

the end is hard even even those who were who hated them when they see their end will feel bad to them for them because it's so painful and so severe this has been the story of life on this planet yeah Gemma from the beginning well i You don't need the Quran tells you the story but all you need to do really is just read a little bit of history and see how every oppressive regime every everyone and how what he built and and how what it turned into at the end and you'll know that the end of oppression persecution and corruption is always always demise it's always demise all without insurance or medical condition that

00:40:39 --> 00:40:42

was that Allah was telling him about like on an IV and Mohammed always like he's like well look here's

00:40:48 --> 00:40:48

a law

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