Mindfulness of the tongue #9

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Well, early humans so here's your main Oh God.

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We say hi and if you Mr. Fogarty human Hadith, the idea behind the utility of the Allahu Anhu cod can utilize a collection of both haughty and Muslim arrangers by I've even had him I'd even had him. Perhaps I'm a party, as you know how to MOBA is the very famous Arab, prior to Islam, who was known for his generosity became the always he's a mythic, he's almost mythical. He turned into something that was beyond that probably what he actually did, the stories became quite exaggerated and, but he became the symbol of of generosity and

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altruism, as someone who refused to ever eat a meal on his own etc. And hamata is someone who was obviously a saint, meaning he was a master of his plan, and he was someone who highly respected his son ID. Well, the Allahu Anhu is someone who did not accept Islam early, he says I'm very, very, very late. And it took a lot of persuasion. And when he did, he spent a respectable amount of time with the bride value, salatu salam, and because he is a sacred meaning, like his father, he is a leader in his own tribe. Some of the Hadith that he narrated became very famous because this is the leader speaking so the people would memorize it and then narrate it on and this is one of them is

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and it's anyone how do you feel heard before. And this is still within the theme of mindfulness of the tongue, and I'll do that for this week. And then next week, inshallah we'll talk a little bit, we'll talk a little about hedge, probably probably by this week, or next week, and we'll do one or two sessions about hedge. Obviously, those who are going to hedge are gonna be already gone. These sessions are for those who aren't going to hedge to kind of encourage them to go to hedge by explaining them in ESSEC. And the purpose of these things and how it works. Someone who's going to hedge should probably two or three months prior to go and attend the seminar or attend a workshop or

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something to learn how to perform hedge appropriately. When he says pilot ID pilot that got a lawsuit Allah He said Allah Allah Who early he was salam al Mota. Oh, that got off on the record on either the natty Fatah whether I mean her properly it's awesome once we're seeing and he and he recalled or he was in remembrance of the Hellfire. So we have sought refuge in Allah subhanaw taala fronted by a Shah, have you a G alert me Raul, every time he looked up either your salatu salam to see something he would look down again and do the same thing. And any other bIllahi min. I don't know. I will

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look up again. You want to say something? They look back down again. Or we will

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have another three times every time he came to say something. He would just he would pause he just look look away. Again. It's Danny Otto makalah Salam is as you can see, Ali Asad said I miss him and he was was contemplating something was very intimate regarding this issue of calling it upon Nora Willow V shaped data. Amara

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turgid B Kelly Metin by Kiba and protect yourself from the hellfire.

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It Taqwa depending on how we're using it, if we're using it Islamically the Stila Han meaning we're using the Islamic meaning of it, it has a definition, if you're using it linguistically has a different definition. There are similarities obviously between the two, but the word Tilak could have for example, and there were Dakhla these are Islamic words that are coined by by by Allah subhanaw taala by the prophet Allah you still have to ascend they have specific meanings within Islam, they have the Stila, they are a part of the nomenclature of Islam and Taqwa and taka are examples of that. But the word what kind of the word the Words have meanings within language as

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well. So here in this in this hadith, he's not really talking about the whole concept of dukkha, which is very important, obviously, and people should understand well, Muslims, he's just talking about just using the linguistic meaning of it, which is again attached to the bigger picture but still is in linguistic meanings. And what that is for you to protect yourself or prevent something is preventative that's the concept that's why it liberally we'll call it for example in our in our discipline is basically preventative medicines over dinner hungry, tired. Body a large if you've heard this proverb, meaning a small amount of money to prevent is better than spending a lot when

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the problem already occurs. But God will not prevent or protect, protect yourself from the Hellfire prevent falling into the hellfire. Whenever we shut the camera. Even if you all you have to give is a is a half of a date or as piece of a date. Not a full date. Forget about giving like a lot of money, you have nothing but not if you don't even have a full day you just have a piece of a date. So you're going to use a half date, to give someone as sadaqa as as a good deed to try and prevent yourself from being in the Hellfire by blank protect yourself from being punished by Allah subhanaw taala you're giving the Son of God, the Son of God to work in so many ways. You're obviously you're

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we're commanded to give zakat and other sort of God but also sadaqa is your way out of punishment for other problems. Like if you if you can't if you if you fall into sin, and we fail to perform proper Toba or we forget about our Salawat aren't great or if you want to kind of get rid of all of that you give us other cuts and that kind of covers all of those problems as the members show

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Okay, he says the cetera the Sahaba couldn't do it and you will see he come out

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and conceal all of your sins and all of your shortcomings with generosity because generosity will conceal all sin. No one, no one remembers the shortcomings of the generous person who gives a lot of wealth. So the Prophet Allah yourself, it's me saying it's gonna prevent yourself from falling into the fire protect yourself from hellfire, even with just a half of the date, the Ilam digit and if you are so poor, you can't find that.

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Because imagine Paiva then a nice word a kind word.

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kind words. So if you have nothing to give, if you have nothing to give in your life, which is okay, you may be in a place where you're barely making ends meet. You can barely take care of yourself and your family and make sure that things are stable for you and that's fine. If you don't have something to give you don't have extra to give. That'd be Kelly magenta EBA, a kind word, a word of higher your tongue as it can be the reason as in the Hadith generated at the beginning of this whole series. When he told me he asked me to hell Jacobo NASA

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led him to Narita Hassan Al Cena team what throws people on their faces in Jahannam, except their tongues. He says here Alia salatu salam one of the ways you can protect yourself from Johanna was a kind word. Just use it well just use your tongue for the right thing and you can protect yourself you can shield yourself from the Hellfire by saying something kind thing something nice like Kadima play Cuba, and I'm talking like a lot of Allah who method and Kalamata and play button Kashia Latina you bet in Oslo Therby to move

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to the cooler cooler Hainan in Europe, or your booty boo Allahu Empfehlungen. In

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Lomita Corona, recite these verses install and install Rahim. See how Allah gave the example of a beautiful word like a beautiful tree. And a good tree like a healthy tree starts puts his roots into the ground deep and then it goes upwards and then it starts to give fruit and it just continues to grow into as goodness does that kindness when you say something kind, it goes into the ear of one person and it results in something nice coming out of their mouths. It goes into the ear about other people and it keeps on going and keeps on populating and it just never ends. And that's how you can protect yourself from wildfire. Just make sure what you say you say that which is kind and the

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profile of your songs I've said this as he was in a moment of deep contemplation of other webinars where he couldn't bring himself to say anything else. When he was thinking about it, he says if you didn't want to go into too much detail, just protect yourself

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don't underestimate the effect of anything to protect you so everything you've got is worth protecting or using it to protect yourself from hellfire even if all you have is just a piece of data that's all you got. Give it it'll protect you you don't have that say something nice it'll protect you do something do something because it's just too it's just too enormous it's too horrific for you not how could you not it is the worst thing that ever is I never wasn't ever will beat protect yourself with whatever you've got to give us the bottom line on his thought was I'm no point in explaining what what it actually is there and why go through all the gruesome details just just

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I'm telling you protect yourself with whatever you got half a date a kind word. Oh worth it. You always say hunky Mustafa Lee human Hadith he ID if you heard him at ba YOLO annual con. I know that gonna be your son Allah Allah. He was a lemma for Karla that gala Nara photo with a Manhattan Shahabi big he sent me a lot so mfah Tahuna when it will be shipped the Tamara Ilam Tegid Furby Kelly magenta Eva Coronavirus, Salama Salem straggler