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The importance of privacy and privacy in Islam is discussed, as it relates to the loss of family ties and the social and political stability of the people. The speaker emphasizes the need for donor-serving individuals to support families and finding solutions to problems. The importance of praying and not criticizing language is also emphasized, as it is crucial for everyone to know what is important and what is less important. The speaker also discusses the use of words to describe actions and events, and the importance of finding solutions to problems.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Ali, he are so happy here Jermaine are bad. Obviously, I have a bit of a cold, hopefully in shoulders now Corona. And I survived for another few weeks to give this Holika.

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But I may, I may cut it a bit short today, if I feel like I can't go go on. So inshallah we'll continue today from where we left off last week, and this year of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And we had arrived at a milestone, when when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam stood on the mound of suffer, and he called upon all of Quraysh and he announced Islam to them. As I explained before Quraysh knew that he was a prophet and that he was talking about Islam this was not something that they had not heard of. However, he had not made it public a public matter yet. And Quraysh their approach was as long as it's not a public matter, they're not going to touch it, they're gonna

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leave let it go leave it alone. But the moment I use thought those and made it a public matter.

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Now Quraysh had to take a side. Now the nobles of Mecca they had to take aside the either choose what their response was going to be, are they going to accept his offer? It is thought I sought to accept his claim, are they going to refuse it? How are they going to deal with it? So Croatia could no longer be neutral, up to this moment, up to the end of the third year of his birthday, it has to serve his privacy. The nobles of Metco are neutral towards his his prophecy. So Allah, how do you stop yourself from so no one was saying anything, because I just thought to Islam was just choosing certain people, he was talking to certain individuals that he wanted

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to be to be a part of Islam, and he wasn't making a public matter. But now he did. He did that after he had spoken to his family, and the two occasions that I told you the stories of last time, and I told you that when he made it

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public, as he was speaking in the midst of his explanation of what what it means to be a prophet, what it means to believe in the lies, he's breaking down all these all these Islamic concepts to them. Someone speaks out right in the midst of the of the of the group of people who are listening to him. This is very uncommon and improper. At the time, if someone is speaking publicly, people listen, this is a known Arabic norm. There weren't very many norms in the in Arabia at the time, but this was one of them. You know, and I'll give you a few more examples of this as we go along in this era. So we speaking out of your salon to restaurant and someone starts to blurt out someone starts

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to heckle him it

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literally as he's speaking, and unfortunately, the person who's doing it is someone who's very close to him. It's his uncle, it's a Buddha himself.

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The profits unless it was Uncle starts to spin out as the profit audience thought was me speaking, and he doesn't he's not saying something that is a logical or rational he's not arguing the profit audio salatu salam points, he's just cursing the prophets of Allah, Islam, just using profanity. You're saying very rude things to the Prophet. As he's standing there, and this is not the first time obviously.

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I told you we're gonna we're gonna go through the strikes of a Buddha. And Buddha will continuously harm the prophet Isaiah started to ascend throughout his life until it would have dies time and time again. And I will demonstrate for you each and every time the prophets of Allah Allah, lambs response, because that's what I'm interested in. I'm interested in his response to his uncle, the uncle that his name is going to come in the Quran.

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If I were to ask you about those who oppose the Prophet Allah, you sought to ascend throughout his life. You can you can tell it from me a lot of names, you can give me a Bucha hell you can tell me how Bucha feel, and you can tell me more if you've been telling me all these names, but I asked you which of these names exists in the Quran?

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Does it also been existence his name there is he really didn't reveal his name there. No, there are stories of what they did. But their names were never in the Quran. This is something of worth. It's important. The moment your name is in the Quran, that means your name from now on will be recited in the book of Allah until the Day of Judgment, your name will always be known. That's why it's even harder for Allah and who is special. His name is in the Quran, none of the Sahaba or for them, God was Edelman, our Torah. He got that he got that honor for his name for you to get the 30 hats and every time you say his name on the Allahu Anhu

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the only one of those who opposed the Prophet alayhi salatu salam whose name ended up in the Quran was the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, his uncle, his own blood,

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Abu Lahab

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there a lot of reasons for that. There are a lot of reasons for why that happened. Some of those reasons are to establish the norm of Islam, that Islam is a religion is a faith is a way of life. It is a methodology that goes beyond bloodlines, that everybody is welcome. And it's not just a family matter. The Prophet Allah saw some uncle's name is in the Quran. Not in a good way, unfortunately, but in the worst

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A possible temperature. The ILA have been well,

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after this happened after the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was was publicly mistreated by Ebola haven't he? And you left out a saucer Musa anything he got down the mountain didn't say anything not one bad word just left his message whatever his message message made his way to the people he was happy with that and he left and Allah subhanaw taala the next day would reveal to him to see what I've done but yeah, I'd be you know have you been with

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whom Allah who will make assembler sales slow now and tele hub? One or two who him a little help up? Fiji diva. Hello Minister, do y'all know the surah but what the meaning of the surah is has or the meaning that it carries? is of extreme importance.

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Done by means may they be cursed? Or may they be downed? The hands of a Buddha hub mean what he did? Whatever may he all him all of them, not just what he did, but he as a person, may he be cursed as well?

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Who who will? Like I said, What did his wealth help him? How did his wealth help him? Or how will his wealth help him? This surah is speaking to the Prophet Alia Southwestern from human to him. By the way, one of the issues you'll find in the Quran, when you study the Quran is that some suitors are speaking to you from a different timeline. Some stories are speaking from a different place, a different period of time, some suitors are talking to you during the life of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, some are speaking to you from history from back in the past, and some are speaking to us from the future. This student is speaking to us from your multi AMA. This surah is what you're

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going to hear what it is what he's going to hear on the Day of Judgment. You're gonna hear these words, he's gonna be told that that day, what are your wealth help you? What you will make what you earn, how did that help you? And I asked, What does that have to do with anything? Everything that we've seen so far from what willowherb? What does it have to do with wealth? I don't understand what his wealth has to do with it. He stood up during the during the prophet Ali Assad's feast, and he spoke out against him said a few bad words. I didn't see any money involved. And now he stands up again. When the Prophet Alia Sacco says probably speaking, and he hackles him and says something

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rude. I don't see how money is involved. The Quran is breaking it down for us a little bit, is he

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was a bit was a bit smarter than everyone around him, but not for the good reason. I wouldn't have listened to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was narrative. He listened to it he listen to what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was saying why because he was very close to him.

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Buddha was an uncle that was very close to the Prophet. And he saw to the point where both his sons and Otaiba were engaged to both the prophets and Alexina, his daughters Rafi and Uncle whom, at the time, during all this as happening, wouldn't have his both his sons are engaged in the profit and loss of two daughters. I want you to keep that in very close family ties. And we're happy to listen to the Prophet Alia Saddam's narrative, he came to a conclusion,

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he came to a conclusion that this is going to mean meaning if donor aid works, meaning what's going to happen as all these idols that are on top of the cabin around the cabin are going to fall, they're going to be removed, okay, be there anymore. And that means all the tribes in Arabia that show loyalty to Quraysh, because they're allowed to put their idols on top of the Kaaba, all that loyalty is going to go away. Which means once that loyalty goes away, that isn't the shooter. It will save the travel or the or the caravans of the summer and the winter that the people of Mexico became wealthy because of we're no longer going to be protected by the treaties between Croatia

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between all the tribes.

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He just thought about it logically. Though hate means no idols no idols means no treaties, no treaties mean my business will start to fail. I wouldn't have came from the family of Abdul Muttalib, who came from Bani Hashim. I told you the prophet Ali Asad, Sudan, his family had high status. But no Hashem had high status. They were never people of wealth, though. They didn't have money. They were very rich, just not with money. You're rich with their reputation of good ethics and morals and the good and the height of that they did for people but they were never rich financially. A Buddha worked very, very hard all his life to secure his family's future. He worked

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very hard and he built a business he was proud of. It took him years to become wealthy. You're probably thinking what is he defending? I'm gonna have no, I'm running you through hula hoops thought process.

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If we need a surah in the Quran,

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and we don't benefit anything from it, then that is by far the biggest loss. If you read the Sunnah and you think the Sunnah is just there to to point out I wouldn't have was an evil person, and then we move on, then you didn't learn we haven't really learned how to read the Quran. Anything in the Quran is there so that you and I can reflect upon so that we can make sure that we don't do the mistakes that the people before us did. Or else reading Quran is gonna be completely useless. If you read any Surah that's talking about any group of people, or mood or finance

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In his people or been to Israel, or Abu Lahab, or anybody, you read about the mistakes they made, and you don't take those mistakes, and extrapolate them to your own life, and see if you are making these mistakes or have the potential to make them and start making changes without you sick, make sure that doesn't happen, then reading the Quran is not helpful at all.

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I'm giving a woodhouse thought process, he worked very hard. He spent all his life working day and night to secure the money he had the business that he began. And he became wealthy and he became powerful. And he was a part of Donna dua. He was part of the parliament. Of course, he sat there, he had a seat, he had it, he had a front row seat, and he had a vote and everything I wouldn't have took pride in this. And he felt that he did this in the name of his family, but we'll ask him, and now Mohammed is coming around. And he's preaching a way of life that will take that all the way.

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Mohamed Salah Hadees, I was saying he's preaching something that will cause him to lose all of it, he's going to lose it all.

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So he opposed it. It didn't oppose the concepts the prophet is taught son was teaching it didn't oppose to hate didn't, didn't hate the value system that the Prophet Allah saw to someone's presenting, he just hated the consequences is the average person is sitting here. There's figuratively speaking, there's a scale that's sitting, it comes as a part of life it comes it's always it's always in your in your head or just above your head all the time this scale it just imagine the scale, this scale exists at every moment of your life. Every day, every every every moment, literally every decision you make, you have this scale. And within this scale, you put

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that's how you make decisions.

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This, you put on one side, I'll give you example. You're sleeping and your phone goes goes off and and special time.

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630 You slept up to 30 or four.

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It's very cold, and you're nice and cozy in your in your bed. You're very aware that the moment you leave your bed, you lose 85% of the coziness, it never comes back fully right? When you go back to bed after you pray, you never got that full amount of coziness that you had when you were sleeping in the bed before. So you're thinking do I get up and pray you're just lying there do I get up or not? This is literally this is when you're lying there thinking your scale is right above you, you don't see it, but it's there. And you're putting things in both both hands on the scale. First of all, I should pray. So that goes in this this scale, depending on how heavy that is. And then you

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put Well, I'm tired, it's cold, I'll get up in five minutes. I'm not gonna I'm too tired, I didn't sleep. And whatever, whatever it is, whatever it is you have on the other side, and you just drop and drop. And then and then the skill starts to starts to move. And depending on which hand is heavier, that's what you'll do. That's your decision, you'll make your decision just based on that. That's how life works every moment of every day. Everything we do, we just put it we have a scale. And we just put it up very quick. We're very good at it.

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A Buddha hub

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had a had a there was something in his life that had an infinite weight. Listen to me very carefully. Everything in your life has a weight that you have assigned it yourself. You've given it a weight, you didn't do it consciously or subconsciously,

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your family's well being has a weight,

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your reputation has a weight, your health has a weight, all these things have weighed. So when you're stuck with a decision, you're putting in the two hands of this scale, different things that they all have a weight weights that you've assigned them. And based on which is ever heavier, you're going to make your decision. A hula hoop unfortunately, has something in his life that had an infinite weight mean the weight was was infinity, meaning it outweighed everything. It was his business it was his wealth is what he worked for all his life to achieve to him touch anything,

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touch anything you want, but don't touch my money. Don't come near my business or my money. You touch that and you lose all I will fight you till the end. to the bitter end. He is willing to go through Jahannam and he did because it don't touch his love. Just not because this has an infinite weight. You can put anything else in the other hand because when you think about it, why? Why we didn't accept Islam. I cannot think of a person who has more reason to be a Muslim than a Buddha. You understand what I'm saying? I can't think of someone who had more of a reason to accept Islam. He is the Prophet salallahu Salam zanco. He knows him very well. It's not like he's an estranged

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uncle that he doesn't know he's knows. The Prophet. Allah saw some very well. He was dead there. The day he born, he was born. He was so happy the day the Prophet SAW Selim was born, that he freed slaves. At a time when Islam wasn't even there. He just did it for the out of happiness with the Prophet Allah is being born. He and he slaughtered sheep and he fed people the day the property is taught son was born. Both his sons are engaged to both his daughters. Obviously a father wouldn't want his children to be and his boys to be engaged. If you didn't like the person you love the Prophet alayhi salatu salam he was a part of his family isn't

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Not like I would have came from a different family as we're going to see examples very soon of people who refused Islam just because they didn't belong to the same family. They felt that there was some level of competition to didn't want. A Buddha is from Bani Hashim. He's related with the Prophet Allah says he knows the prophet. He knows he's honest. He knows that he wouldn't lie. He is sure of all this. He loves the Prophet Allah uses him prior to Islam. I can't. I can't imagine a reason why I would have. I can't I can't understand why I would have didn't accept Islam. Why he wasn't one of the first Muslims. When you think about it makes more sense for you to have to be one

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of the first Muslims not the opposite. Then why? Why do I have reviews? Well, that's why he was pointed out in the Quran. He was pointed out here because he was the least likely person not to accept Islam. Maybe you can understand the the excuses and Jehan and aqua and others. Maybe you can accept these excuses make? I'll give you excuse me make some sense. But why? Why would I want to say no, there's really no reason. And if he's not going to become a Muslim, then why would he have animosity

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toward him, for example, as far as we can tell, then didn't accept at least throughout his life, but he was never an enemy of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the same thing goes for Hamza and Abbas and all the other uncle's. Most of them didn't accept Islam until later. Most of them didn't accept Islam at all. But none of them were enemies. Why did I decide to become an enemy? Why did he go to the complete opposite? It just the scale? The prophet sent them with his narrative threatened Abu Lahab is money.

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He threatened his business as wealth. That was it. No, no. I have a question for myself. And for you.

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Do you have something in your life that has an infinite weight to it?

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Is there something in your life that has an infinite weight? That outweighs everything? Everything? It's a very dangerous thing to have. It's you may have it it's just the time and and life has done exposed it yet.

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But having something like that is very dangerous. If someone tells me my family is infinite Wait, what does that mean?

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If at some point, you can't make enough money through a halal source to take care of your family, you'll use a haram one. Is that what you're saying? Because that's what's gonna happen.

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Anything if you're a potato, anything, if anything has an infinite weight in your mind and heart, it's a dangerous thing except one thing excepted

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except doing the right thing, except righteousness, except the truth. The only thing in Islam that has an infinite weight isn't how everything else should be meaningless. That's why when you're lying there, and you're and your alarm went off, you're all you need to tell yourself that the right thing to do right now is to pray for sure. That's it. That's the truth. That's righteous right now. Anything else besides praying for God now is battle is falsehood. And that should have the infinite wait.

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It's very simple. You're lying there, and you put a bid on the scale. And you'd like to say for sure, but you're tired and you're cozy and it's cold and you're warm. And if those things then it'll start going back and forth. And one day you'll pray for you. And the other day, you won't, because it's somewhat similar. Other people as the opposite figure has no meaning to them at all.

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That means nothing. There's no wait for this prayer at all. They don't even don't even they don't even put the alarm on. Correct. Some people don't care for facial. They're not Muslim, or they're Muslim, but they don't care for these things. You don't even put the alarm on because not something that they care about. And others the moment it goes off, they're up there. Because the weight of this it outweighs everything else. I'm tired, I'm cold. Yes, all that has some weight, but I'm putting I'm putting it up against infinity. Something that weighs an infinite weight in my heart. In my mind, I won't even think twice. I get up I move. That's why the Prophet alayhi salatu salam never

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hesitated in his life to do the right thing. You will see this throughout his life he saw to Islam, but the problem is sometimes you don't see it. We get accustomed to it. We think everyone can be like that. We think everyone can be like him I always thought was I'm never hesitated do the right thing to say the right word, to be merciful and compassionate and patient and persevere. And at times of difficulty. We think that's normal. It's not, it's not

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what if you're willing to live has an infinite weight.

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And that's just normal. That's just biological.

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We want to live you want to live forever, as a Muslim has to be has to outweigh your are willing in our love of life itself. It has to outweigh the love of life itself. And if it doesn't, then it's just a matter of time before that's exposed. That will be exposed. Mark my words. Allah subhanaw dias puts us through life. For the reason that we're here. There's a good reason for it. We will be tested, we will be trialed and if and if there's something in our lives that outweighs doing the right thing outweighs righteousness, it will be exposed at some point

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It will be exposed. Ebola hub, this was his trial, his money, his wealth, he failed.

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He failed. He turned against his own nephew. The person he knew was speaking the truth because of wealth. my ohana and Humala who America said, Oh, I love what I have. How did your wealth help you? He's talking to me on my piano. Tell me, what has your world done for you now?

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Sales Law No, it's not, you'll be punished. Well Murata, who homiletic It's a PART part of the sutra. It talks about his wife, her marital hottub is kindling, that she's kindling the fire. She's bringing bringing fuel to the fire. Literally, not really, it's more figuratively.

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It's not just him, it was his wife. Together, they did it as a unit. This is a very scary Surah

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it's very scary.

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Not only the person who made the mistake, but those who, but those who caused it those who contributed to it. TGD ha habido main method. The word method, hobble main method is the is the rope that they used to carry skills with long time ago. Right? That's what the message is, is the rope the use of you know, old timescales. That's what I must say it is you hold you hold the skill with it.

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So observe that skill every day. Because every moment of our lives were doing that. He failed his and his name was forever in the Quran for it. He's the Prophet alayhi salatu salam during this period of talking about

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a man going public with Islam. His narrative was Buddha in Allah, the Hulu, Jana, hula Illa de de Nullah Combi hideout Abu Agim

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Bashir, who went through in a fetal your 01 to zero his narrative was Sayla Allah Allah Allah you'll enter Jana Cena Ilaha illa Allah and one day you will rule will rule all of Arabia and all the surroundings of it. See now you know, hey Lulu and be optimistic and don't be pessimistic, the pro values such as and began his Dawa with an optimistic outlook. He didn't start his download by talking to people about punishment, he started to download telling people you will accept this way of life and you'll become prosperous. You accept this way of life and you will thrive and you will become successful and change will occur within this region. That was the narrative he was he was

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sending publicly audience that it was to them.

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But he couldn't be neutral anymore. So the persecution began.

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Qureshi is going to we're going to go through it together or he is going to try everything.

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But he is going to try with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam o with the Sahaba everything they can.

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You're going to be wondering at some point during these stories, who's stronger Quraysh Mecca, the nobles or the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam, even though he's outnumbered?

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You don't numbered by far up to this moment. Maybe he asked 200 people maybe there's a lot of controversy around how many people were already Muslims that were in the first four years, we're not sure. Top number 200. Maybe not even.

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He was outnumbered. You didn't have a lot of wealth behind him. He didn't have the leaders. When he went to the Parliament of Makkah, he didn't get them. He didn't get him when he showed up. He didn't get

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him in Mahira. He didn't get these people. He didn't get the big names. They refused his own uncle Ebola was a part of this also refused. So we didn't have this the social strength. He didn't have the political strength behind him it is salatu salam. So he's going to start getting persecuted it so I'm gonna give you two examples of two suicides that were revealed just before this all went went down. Just before the persecution began to sorrows were revealed. The prophets Isaiah Berlin receives with loss of

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lost while also I swear by time, no thought lost. That also means time.

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What else do I swear by time in Mill in Santa Fe hostile indeed, the human being isn't continuous loss of what

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whenever ALLAH SubhanA makes an oath, it's always directly related to it with the suit of talking about

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the human being is continuing is in continuous loss of time. We're always losing time. We're always losing time, not just through our own life, our individual lives, but by just from a generational perspective, we're losing time.

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The reason that your parents got upset with you for mistakes that you made is because you're making the same mistake that they did. To them. This is a horrific waste of time. They made that mistake before they did that. They know what comes with this mistake. It's not a good thing. Yeah, even even to my daughter, my son, listen to me, I made this mistake. And I walked down the road of this mistake and it was horrible. Let me let me win you some time. Let me save you some time. Don't walk down don't do this. And then they do it anyway. And you lose your mind. Then you have the right to because it's so hard to see people waste time especially that when all that we are all we really are

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is just time. We're just time well

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We're here for at 90 spins around the sun. It's just a ride, we're gonna spin around the sun a couple of times and then move on. It's all it is.

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And time is the only currency that we actually have. And there's not much of it.

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Ask people who are in their older age older years, they'll tell you, they remember it being 20 and 30. Like is yesterday, they don't know where the time went. We don't know how they're 40 and 50 and 60. And so if they don't know,

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just time passes by, we're in continuous loss of time. That's what Allah subhanaw says, As human beings, we lose a lot of time we make the same mistakes, we repeat them time and time again, whether our own mistakes or the mistakes of those who came before us. But there's an exception, which is the whole point of the story. I'm a chef, hey, by the way, He is quoted to say that if this was the only sort of revealed, then it would have been enough,

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through his study of the Quran, his comment was hard. The Quran had nothing but this surah that would have sufficed, you would have had enough fuel enough understanding of concepts to actually build to build a community and build a society and build a civilization just with this with this simple understanding. Just three verses Illa Allah Xena Manu, except those who believe

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why middle saw your heart

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and perform the deeds and the tasks that Allah subhanaw taala created them to perform. Now listen to the two words after this what our soul Bill what our focus over what is telethon mean, to us means they exchange advice.

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They exchange advice was saw means to give advice to awesome means to exchange it.

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We are in continuous loss of time, until we of course, believe in Allah and do the right thing that's understood if you're not believe, if you don't believe in Allah, then your whole way life is a waste. If you're not doing the right thing that obviously everything you're doing is a waste. But amongst those who believe and do the right thing. In order for you not to be a loss of time, you need to exchange advice,

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advice of what is what is righteous and what is worth living and dying for, and exchange advice regarding what a sub or what is worth being persevering for. And it's a two way road.

00:27:13--> 00:27:19

When I sit and I give advice, that is what Sir, I have not yet fulfilled the surah until I accept it.

00:27:20--> 00:27:46

When I give my students advice, I have not yet fulfilled the surah until I accept their advice as well until I listening to them. And so just as much as you speak you listen, you don't fulfill the Sooners meanings. And this is what is missing within our societies and communities. This is what is missing. We don't listen anymore. Those who have knowledge and those who are in places of leadership and those a bit older, they have a lot to say they have very little time to listen.

00:27:48--> 00:28:01

And because they don't have time to listen, the other people who they're speaking to don't want to listen. And now we are at a in an ultimate level of time waste. Because no one's listening to anybody and the mistakes are being

00:28:03--> 00:28:41

but when you look at the OMA one of the things that makes me want to bang my head against the wall is the number of mistakes that we repeat generation after generation, place after place. It's the same thing is this we have been complaining about the same problems for since the day I couldn't I could understand language. From the day I start understand people speaking is when the same complaints and same problems, the same issues and three continents were lucky the same stuff every day, every community, every family, every everything is just the same thing. Time and time again, we literally wait for times in the year to fight about the same stuff. Every year, just around the time

00:28:41--> 00:28:52

of the Prophet numbers, birth dates, or some time around are shorter or sometimes around anything, just it's just the same time so we can start fighting over the same stuff again and again. And again.

00:28:54--> 00:29:07

And it is so hard to understand why why can we seem to find solutions is because this is not this very simple concept. That the that Allah subhanaw taala made sure the prophets of Allah hasten no had just before the persecution began.

00:29:08--> 00:29:41

Just before he got really, really rough, and it's going to get very rough. I'm going to I will share with you only a fraction of the stories that exist and I'll let you go and look for the rest of them. Because some of them are too brutal for me to tell you. It's gonna get very rough, but they were carrying this concept very clearly. In order to get out of this we need to we need to communicate, we need to network we need to fix our problems, we need to find solutions. And it has to be a two way road. The prophet Isaiah sought to some didn't just sit there and give advice and tell people what to do. He listened to them. Nobody listened better than him. Ali salatu salam were

00:29:41--> 00:29:43

to learn from him learn to listen the way he did.

00:29:45--> 00:30:00

Women who listened to the source of Toba? Let's notice he talks about the prophet Ali Hassan says so you believed in because maybe you're saying now you're making things up. Listen, women whom Alladhina you Zune and maybe were who Luna, who are uzun and some of them will harm the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when we asked them

00:30:00--> 00:30:16

Why are you doing that you say who Oh isn't wasn't means an ear. He is not an ear, literally, it is thought to us, but figuratively he listened. He would listen to people, they would come. And they would say things. And sometimes the things that they're saying would turn into abuse would turn into profanity and something improper, but he's listening on a

00:30:18--> 00:30:20

full, who's on hydrilla, calm,

00:30:21--> 00:30:57

say, yes, he's an ear of goodness, for all of you. He listens to you on a thought was set on. He's continuously listening to you. And then He answers you, based on what, that's how he lived, his thoughts. And this is the sort of thing what our soul will help, I need to advise those around me of what is righteous, and they need to do the same for me, I need to advise those around me of what is worth being perseverant for what is worth being patient for what is worth working hard for the need to say the same to me. And that is how we grow. And that is how we stop wasting and losing time. Or else we're going to continuously lose time.

00:30:59--> 00:31:08

We are in a continuous state of time loss until this is fixed, until we start listening and advising one another.

00:31:10--> 00:31:19

Or else 10 years from now, some other dude will be sitting in my place, saying the same stuff. complaining of the same problems

00:31:20--> 00:31:37

mean the same thing. Now, I think that a change. We're just going to keep on doing this perpetuating the same problems until we change the way we approach it. Until we start following what Allah Subhan Allah taught in the very simple rules of the Quran. I am not asking you to go and study certain Nisa in detail.

00:31:38--> 00:31:49

Just listen to me sortlist. Just make sure that that's clear to you that that's how we're supposed to be. So my son and my daughter, my younger brothers and sisters, when you're advised by those older than you, listen,

00:31:50--> 00:31:56

listen, because what you're being told is the experience of a lifetime before you

00:31:57--> 00:32:28

believe me that those who are telling you not to do something, are telling you not to do it, because they have done it before you. But sometimes they're too embarrassed or ashamed to tell you that they made that same mistake. But that's the only reason I don't do this. Because we've already walked down that road. It's a horrible Road, don't walk down, it's and my brothers and sisters who have children are talking to you. Listen to what they have to say, Do not brush off what they're trying to tell you. Don't brush, don't act like it's unimportant. Don't interrupt them and tell me what I've heard this before. Listen, listen, so you can understand what the struggle is. So you can put

00:32:28--> 00:32:37

your finger on what actually is what they actually need, so that we can grow, or else it's just going to be frustration and loss of time.

00:32:39--> 00:32:42

So that the casserole was revealed to the Prophet earlier, so to sell,

00:32:43--> 00:33:26

beautiful Surah Al her como de Kathal, you have been distracted, by wanting more to Gaza is mostly in the books of school if you went to an Arabic school, that is usually explained as having children reproduction. And that's the biological term. And that's proper. But the actual word in Arabic doesn't mean reproduction is comes from the root of Kustra or cathedra. Which means a lot to Cassville is wanting more wanting a lot. And how can with the castle, you have been distracted by wanting more of what you have everything you just want more, whatever it is that you have, you want more of it. Anything good that you got, you want a little bit more a little bit more money, a little

00:33:26--> 00:33:47

bit more social status. We want more kids, we want more houses, more cars, we want a better reputation, we want more time off, he wants to travel more we want you want more of everything is just how we are and that's fine. That's how we are. That's how Allah subhanaw taala created us. There's nothing shameful about that. What the Sunnah is saying is how come it has ruined your priorities.

00:33:48--> 00:33:54

The problem is with the priority list. This is my theory. I've said this a few times before, this is my theory.

00:33:55--> 00:34:29

My theory is that at some point during the history of Muslims, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had had had passed down the list of priorities. He came to life life was completely a mess. And he prioritized things for us. He made this beautiful list of priorities. And once we once we started to practice it, things worked for everybody. And then that list was handed down generation after generation and things worked. And the Muslim and the Arabs and the Muslims went from a couple of tribes fighting in the middle of nowhere to an empire that ruled three continents at the head of every good thing that happened for the last 1000 years.

00:34:32--> 00:34:33

And then we got lazy

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

and no one memorized that list. They just handed it down and no one memorized it. All the fairies are stacked up. And we're just handing them down to the person behind us handed down and then someone somehow at some point, I don't know what when exactly dropped all these priorities and scattered them on the floor. And no one saw this person. In a moment of panic. He went quickly and he started to put all the stuff on top of each other, but he'd never memorized the list properly. So it wasn't sure which one went on top and which

00:35:00--> 00:35:30

When went on the bottom, and it was in the middle, so he just stopped it to the best of his ability, and then continued to give it to the next generation. No one saw this person when they no one saw them when that when they dropped this, the stack of priorities. And then that person in fear stood there waiting to see what's gonna happen, can he just just pass these priorities down to the next generation, things seem to work pretty well. So he said to himself, I must have got it perfectly. Little did he know that when you mess up the list of priorities for an OMA, it takes a couple of generations before you see the effect

00:35:31--> 00:35:37

you'll be you'll be gone. By the time the effect of your mistake is actually seen and felt

00:35:39--> 00:35:44

that we messed up our priorities. And we no longer knew what's important was less important.

00:35:46--> 00:36:00

Until this day, we have not been able to get that per user stack, organized properly the way he had it out of your software set until this day, we don't know what's more important and what's less important. We don't know. We're still struggling with these things.

00:36:01--> 00:36:27

We still feel haircuts are more important than a proper understanding of, of why you're Muslim and why you're alive and we still feel these things or we don't know why. We're not sure. We still think our appearances in front of people and the opinions of people in us is more important than our actual relationship in our hearts with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada we still believe that somehow hola como esta Castile you've been distracted your priority list has been ruined by wanting more

00:36:29--> 00:36:35

macabre until you die until it until you visit the cemetery which is mean you die Kela sofa Tala moon

00:36:36--> 00:36:41

may indeed one day you will no no no what to McCullough sofa Tala moon

00:36:43--> 00:36:45

and then again yes indeed you will know

00:36:46--> 00:36:57

probably he's talking about you'll know what's worth what's what's priority was not when they will come on you'll know it color, no dollar Munna and Melia in that era when ninja him to military,

00:36:58--> 00:37:16

teen to military alone, Naomi, then Annie name. In Arabic language, there's something missing in this in these ayat, there is something that has been taken off to an English and you'll understand the sentence is incomplete. He's saying Indeed, if you knew with certainty,

00:37:17--> 00:37:32

that one day you will see the Hellfire with your eyes. If you know with certainty, that you will see it with the eyes of certainty, meaning you will see it and you'll have no doubt that what you're seeing is the truth that you will see the punishment of human scale with your own eyes.

00:37:33--> 00:37:40

If you knew that there was there's a day that's going to come where you're going to be asked and held accountable for all the good moments that you lived.

00:37:42--> 00:37:43

And that's how the sutra ends.

00:37:45--> 00:38:09

And even from an English perspective, there's something missing. Right? The sentence I told you is incomplete. I'm telling you what he thinks the PIO Tiana, if you knew that the day would come where you would see punishment, if you knew the day would come where you gonna be held accountable for what you have been enjoying in this life. And at the end of the sentence. There should be continuation then you would have this yes, that's exactly what's left for the imagination.

00:38:11--> 00:38:14

There the scholars have to see it as a limiter, Haytham,

00:38:15--> 00:38:29

your answer is lemon datum, you would have never been distracted, you would have never ruined your priorities, you would have never chosen something less important over something more important, every would never done that you would have always prioritized properly.

00:38:31--> 00:38:47

These are the tools that were revealed to the Prophet Allah, he sought to sit on the Sahaba, just before the persecution began. And they're very important. Because some of those Ahavas life, lives are going to be put on the line, some of the Sahaba are going to die.

00:38:48--> 00:38:49

Now what's more important,

00:38:51--> 00:39:01

is standing by what is right is standing by righteousness and believing in Allah subhanaw taala living a life of quiet or surviving. It's just a matter of priorities.

00:39:03--> 00:39:21

And you'll see this time and time again. And it's and I believe for a fact that some of its had some of these tools not being revealed during these periods, that the Sahaba would have responded to difficulties differently, but they didn't. I still find it hard to understand how they were able to stand their ground during a number of incidents that occurred during their lives.

00:39:25--> 00:39:25

All right.

00:39:26--> 00:39:28

I'm going to tell this story. It's a fun one.

00:39:30--> 00:39:59

There was a man and I start telling you the stories of the Prophet audience experienced with persecution. We'll start with the prophet Isaiah Saul says persecution, they don't tell you about the Sahaba is persecution so we'll go through them in that manner. So the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam as he was talking about when he went public. And when he did minimal Hira, one of the head, one of the head people in Croatia if you remember the story of rebuilding the Kaaba, I told you, he's the guy who had the guts to actually hit the you know, bring down the first piece of brick. Right, and he is someone from Croatia.

00:40:00--> 00:40:23

Use a very known figure. He is the father of highly elite who will will later on he talked about in detail was he in the mohila was a man of wealth was a man of status was a man of fame in the region. And he was when he was basically the leader of the power of Parliament at the time. People came to him for advice. So when when he would say something down the lines of our truck owner, were you to sell Hua y now Lima Quraysh.

00:40:24--> 00:40:37

How is it that Allah subhanaw taala would choose him over me? And I am the best man and Koresh and the most powerful and the most intelligent, I have the most money, How could Allah subhanaw taala choose him over me, this is what he's saying.

00:40:39--> 00:40:55

Here the arrogance in his in his narrative, that's what he's saying. So the Prophet is legit, Sam would hurt would hear this. So we're gonna go to him. And he would speak to him. And he would talk to him about Islam. And he would take time to talk to unbelievers. And he would recite upon literally the Quran.

00:40:56--> 00:40:58

And Willie is listening to the Quran.

00:41:00--> 00:41:23

And something's changing in his heart. He's hearing these words, and he's slowly starting to feel something different. As he was slow and the Prophet alayhi salam was optimistic about it. He felt that this may work because if he believed was to accept Islam, then then everything would change. The story of his of his life on a start to sell would be different. I will be telling you a different story. There'll be no Hijra to Medina, there would be no need for it.

00:41:25--> 00:41:33

And when the Pete the nobles of Mecca felt that was happening, they decided immediately to kind of jump the gun and they went to elite and they said, Yeah.

00:41:36--> 00:41:53

Yeah, we'll lead emerge guru, female to Mohammed, what do you have to what is your what should we say about what Muhammad is saying? I mean, we need some narrative to counter what he's doing. So I said, What should we say on a phone? Why No, sir. Should we say that he is a wizard,

00:41:55--> 00:42:37

for color will lead ray to Sahara was a mirror to whom was a mirror to Tala Seema home woman who will be sad. No, I know wizards, and I've heard their sorcery and what they say and how they act, right? He's an experienced man in life. And this man is not a wizard. Because you even know who anyone who shyer than we must. We'll call him a poet will say that he's a poet, and he's coming up with all this weird poetry for Carla look I love to share with Shara was the mirror to share on on Arabi. When Jimmy will NC will gin I have listened to the poetry of Arabs and non Arabs and humans and jinn. And this is not poetry will not be shared. This is not poetry. He's not a poet. Because

00:42:37--> 00:42:39

who isn't who again?

00:42:40--> 00:42:42

Then he must be a sorcerer of some sort.

00:42:44--> 00:42:45

The boiler luckily

00:42:46--> 00:42:47

what a fire alarm

00:42:48--> 00:42:59

worker the bomb? Well, he did. What my hobby can I've seen the sorcerers in their lives and their illusions. are an illusionist, a better word for God and could be and he's not one of those.

00:43:00--> 00:43:22

Every time they come up with an example, he shoots it down. No, no, no, he's not. He's not this. No, no, he's not that. For color is enormous. You know, he must be he must be insane. Or he must be ill for Karla mightly said, you know, he's done saying we know the guy. He's not gonna say there's nothing for cardio. For K for Winchester, or whatever. Then how would you describe how would you describe what he is saying?

00:43:23--> 00:43:25

So we will eat in a moment of truth.

00:43:27--> 00:43:39

In a moment of a purity of sincerity. As he's thinking, I don't know what to call him. We can't We can't call him a wizard. We can't call him a sorcerer. We can't call him an illusionist. We can't call him a poet. We can't call him insane.

00:43:40--> 00:44:09

I don't know. We can't call him anything. Really. What about the Quran itself that you're listening to? How do you what do you think about what you have to say about it? Oh Allah He, in Nikoli. He led the Kulu the Hello. We're in la he nephila. We're in the hula Muth Miran, Allah Mugu Deaconess, federal when the hula Alou What are your ID? He said to be honest, what he says has has this beauty has the sweet nectar to it.

00:44:10--> 00:44:22

And upon it, there's this prosperity and there is just this ease but there's this ease around it. And I feel like it's fruitful on from top on the top of it on on the higher side.

00:44:23--> 00:44:25

And it's generous from the lower side.

00:44:27--> 00:44:38

And it's something that is superior to everything I've heard and nothing I've heard has ever been superior to it. And the eyes of the Parliament of the people sitting there popping out of their faces.

00:44:40--> 00:44:43

Kinda yeah well Eid Matta cool what are you what are you seeing

00:44:44--> 00:44:53

us about it? So you left? Have you loved it? What do you love to your religion? Have you Are you following? This is like the biggest masiva they could have possibly imagined.

00:44:54--> 00:44:59

Because, of course everyone in the room have you left your religion? What are you saying? Of course we need at that moment.

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

He was kind of just, he was just admiring this beauty that he'd experienced. He'd never heard anything like this. He'd never heard anything like, yeah, you went in with the theater on the back of a cab bear with the Arabica photo here. What would you say if you're willing to stick there? Well, you're a bigger first smear for either nuclear coffin poo or for the early Kaoma ie the Oman ice or Anelka theory you never Uriah See, he's listening to these words and he's like, this is just amazing. And Allah subhanaw taala chose for the, to punish him to continue the Sunnah that he enjoyed the most, with his talking about him.

00:45:39--> 00:45:56

The sort of he enjoyed the most he enjoys the symptom of death here. So when he eventually refused Islam, Allah subhanaw taala chastised him through the same sutra that he enjoyed. When they scared him. He said, No, no, I haven't I haven't. I haven't looked nice Mighty No, no, I'm still there. What are you saying? Conan must Milan is this

00:45:57--> 00:46:03

for kind of Darwin, he leaves me some time to think I need some time to figure out a narrative, trying to figure out what I'm gonna say about him. So they left him.

00:46:06--> 00:46:06

So he

00:46:07--> 00:46:08

goes home.

00:46:09--> 00:46:12

And he sits there. He starts to think

00:46:13--> 00:46:25

he goes into deep thought. And he starts to pick up on it thinks of all the experiences and all the things in his history that he can think of trying to figure out what am I going to call him? What am I going to say about him?

00:46:27--> 00:46:31

Listen to the Quran describing to us how he behaved that day.

00:46:32--> 00:46:51

In who Kerala? Indeed he thought and he and he made assessments but delta is when you make an assessment for quality like Aisaka Butina caverta. Dr. Jani, may he be damned the way he thought. And then may he be down again for the way he thought

00:46:53--> 00:47:30

through maneuver. So I want you to imagine really just sitting there another one he looks, he looks into the it looks into the horizon, the maneuver he looked far away, just looking just staring into nothing. So maneuver to Mabasa what Marcel Arbor says when you is when you frown on your face is so upset you can sometimes you know if you know your family members and they walk into the room, you can tell right away if they've had a good or bad day, just something in their face will tell you that it's called bustle either by soda that means there's something in his face that is telling you that he is upset. And of course when we see someone like that, we poke at them more so that we

00:47:30--> 00:47:33

completely end whatever you know potential of hey, that could happen that day.

00:47:35--> 00:47:44

Please, if Allah subhanaw taala has given you the ability to see in the face of someone that you love that they're upset, please be wise of how you will proceed

00:47:45--> 00:47:51

to Mombasa Why buy sell, then he frowned. Then you can see on his face that he was in distress.

00:47:53--> 00:48:08

Too much about our stick about and then he made a decision. Then he turned his back to what he knew was right. Were stuck about on he filled his heart with vanity and arrogance. Fertile in her mother, in

00:48:10--> 00:48:36

her in her in coal Bashar and then he said when he finally he was going to speak and say what he thought of it you need to go with the narrative he said in however all this is said through a new author. It is magic. It's a form of magic that he learned from someone he is not a magician It is thought to us. But what he is teaching is magic, understanding and you see what I'm saying? Always it's politics, in politics.

00:48:38--> 00:49:09

That's what they do. They'll find a way to play with words so that they can get what they want. Now I'm gonna call him a magician. He's a magician know everyone knows that Mohammed bin Abdullah wasn't a magician. But what they're gonna say is is that this is magic that he learned from someone else your thumb means he took it from someone else some other source to hell on your thumb that he learned magic from someone else in neither in law Kowloon, Bashar, this is just the words the Quran just the words of another person. Someone else is teaching him this magic. These words have magic in them. He learned them from someone else. He's not a magician. That way he gets out of having to call

00:49:09--> 00:49:30

the Prophet sallallahu Sallam something that the people have Quraysh No, he is not. Because if they're gonna go and say he's a magician, people you're like, What? No, he's not. Everyone knows he's not. That's a silly narrative. So they can do something better. No, no, he's not a magician. But someone taught him this magic. Some men taught him someone someone we don't know who we're still investigating it. You don't know who taught him

00:49:31--> 00:49:40

and the parliament loved it. Perfect. Perfect. This will work and it did. It did work so slowly he sucker

00:49:41--> 00:49:53

you'll be entered to the Hellfire oh my god like I'm a sucker lie to the world terror lava to lil Bashar. Allah you have decided to Asha who was punished to be punished your Mattia for what? For what he did.

00:49:55--> 00:49:57

I think we'll end with that and Charlotte