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The speakers discuss a proposal to share photos of Jesus on Facebook, which is considered powerful and has been accepted as a "bringing light." They also address the meaning behind a statement from Allah about "slack being a blessing," which is not about what people have in their bodies, but rather what they think is blessing. The speakers stress the importance of not letting materialism hold people back and offer suggestions for ways to achieve richness and wealth.

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I'm very honored to be here with you all mashallah very, lots of familiar faces, of course, come to the lab. She had done in his absence, I feel intimidated to feel his big shoes, but I'll try my best to be in later Allah to, to share something that's a benefit to, to all of us.

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I don't have like a particular idea that I'm pursuing for the next few times that will be with you. But just you know, like, you know, the word clouds or hotter in Arabic comes from the idea that my Hatha Albiol right, something that occurs to you thoughts that are productive, and then you refine them and presented somebody. So that's really what a platter at its core is. Kind of give myself an excuse here.

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But jokes aside, so I'll just share some thoughts that I had around just things that I see things that I experience, I hope that there'll be a benefit to you. And of course, we contextualize everything that we say and do in light of the Quran and Sunnah. Jazak Allah, Muhammad, thank you. So particularly, I was thinking about something that the provinces have said, it's a longer Hadith that he personally spoke about, or in the in the rewire he spoke about it in quite a bit of detail. I don't want to expand on the whole thing that will take a lot of time. But I'll expand on a part of it. And this is a man the Hadith the context of the hadith is a man capable messenger of ALLAH and

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he said to the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam, ya rasool Allah He el cine see what ages right and in another narration, he says, At what age is that O Messenger of Allah teach me, give me some advice, but keep it short. Man is mashallah very demanding. He wants advice on his terms. Allahu Akbar, the Messenger of Allah gives him a very beautiful advice. The last part of it is what I really want to focus on. He said, it's also

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he said, Well, he made a semi MFI, yet dimness.

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And I'll translate literally first, and then the meaning we will expand upon it in SHODHANA, a geometric semi mafia dinners, gather all despair. Like if you were to have all disparate gathered, but have it in one place when it comes to what people have in their hands. What is the intent but when he says, That's awesome. This is actually an expression in Arabic, a geometric shape and right is to not mean just to physically collect some items or whatnot. It is, it means to

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completely absorb something completely, represent something, personify something even you see, what he's saying is that what people have of the blessings that you think that are blessings, and you can even appreciate as a blessing, don't have any desire for any of it completely, like, make sure that your heart is completely void of the things that people own.

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And the implication here, you know, what's called a formal Maha love in Arabic, is that you should not look at them, desiring what they have, then, as in turn, belittling the good that you have in life. That's what he's saying is also known. Right? That you look at what someone else has for blessing, you know, something that's nice, something that is attractive, something that is desirable. And that makes you belittle or take for granted, the blessings that Allah has given you. That's what he's saying to this man. Awesome. It's a very, it's a very deep idea. This is something that is mentioned many, many a hadith chef Ananda the whole series on Zod, which is

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live in a very, you know, like, like a detached life, for lack of better word, they're detached from desires of grand jury, right? You contend to be what you have. And this is a deeper topic, but I find it very fascinating, because the Messenger of Allah says, awesome, spoke about it, many, many times. And he his personal life is very fascinating because he actually lived that way. Right? He was actually a fairly wealthy man, when he was a young person. And when he got married, he got wealthier. And when he when, when Allah has sent revelation to him, that's when you can see like his financial situation like took a turn, right? And when he died, Salem, he left behind just a few

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items, a shield, you know, some household items, everything else he had given away completely to the point where he lived this detached life. This is not to say by the way that we're not to have like,

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goals in life or aspirations. That's not at all the case. Right. In fact, if you

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You look at the Sahaba, many of them were extremely well off while being extremely pious of my motherland, for example of the Ramallah minerals as debatable, it is actually narrated by other hobby that is verbatim now one is inheritance was 40 million or 50 million. Okay, and what that means, like he doesn't qualify the currency, it could be a dinar, it could be the hum, or whatever it is that you qualify that as that's a very large sum of money that he left behind when he passed away, while we were on when he's one of the 10 greatest Sahaba. The point is that it's not pursuit of, you know, good things that the messenger is saying you shouldn't do, what he's saying is, don't

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let that be the be all and end all of your life number one, and whatever you have, someone else has got to have more. As you have a nice car, someone's gonna have a nicer car, you have a nice house, someone's gonna have a nicer house, okay, you have a pool, someone's gonna have a better pool is this, there is no end in sight to what people have materialism has. It's, it's a rabbit hole with no end. What he's saying is salsa, lamb, or Jimmy or in the semi mafia dinners.

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Don't let the good that people have make you forget about the good that you have. And then don't let that be a reason why you take all your blessings for granted. And this is a powerful, very, very beautiful idea. This is something that is unique to us as Muslims, this is very much against the current when it comes to materialism, the society that we live in, you know, people feel sad, they go buy something, right? People have this FOMO right, what's FOMO?

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Fear of missing out on what?

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On what? on purchasing items, right? Oh, I missed out on this. I missed out on that. Right? People don't have FOMO have. I missed Salah in the Jamara. That's the real like, opportunity that you've lost. That's not coming back ever again. Right? Think about it. That Salah that you missed in the masjid. If you could catch it, that's not coming back again.

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Everything else you can kind of make up for, but that one opportunity is timed and is gone. But our conditioning is living in the place and time that we live in. We're conditioned to buy we're conditioned to consume and we're conditioned to always look for Okay, what else can I do? What else can I buy? Right? And this is something that is very, just very common, right?

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In this kind of occurrent I would recommend that we think about what the messenger said well engineering, the SME mafia, the nurse. Don't worry so much about what people have. Don't worry so much about the blessings on another person's enjoying, thank Allah for the blessings that Allah has given you. And Allah has guaranteed us that in Shackleton as either Nakum you are if you are thankful for sure I will give you even more. We ask our sponsor for more of his hire more of His goodness and more of his blessings. We ask Allah for cleanups right contentment of the heart because that is true richness and true wealth. Joseph Malacanang salami number