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AI: Summary © A woman named Kate from Bl datedre was approached by a woman from Mozambique who was driving on the way to their city. They decided to give her a lift to Tate, who was driving with them. Kate was the passenger in the car and they were discussing Islam. They eventually decided to give her some leaflets and read them in her time. She later joined a restaurant where she sold her own chicken and eventually became a Muslim.
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I want to share a very special story with you once that Adnan told me the story my mind blew up with a mind blown. That is exactly how I felt.

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I had to travel from Malawi to South Africa, and the flights from Malawi to South Africa were very, very expensive. So I decided that I will drive from Malawi to Mozambique, to this city called cape shack dinar is a Malawian chef who decided that he will take me he volunteered that he will take me to take we embarked on the journey. We were crossing the border, we got a visa for Mozambique Alhamdulillah. And

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at the border, we found a lady standing

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you know, waiting for a vehicle to take her to the same city, Kate shares dinar who was with me, he knew this lady from Blantyre and he said Salaam to her or he said hi to her. And she was a non Muslim Christian lady. And she said, I'm going to take shares dinar said, Why don't you join us? This sister was picked up on the road she was picked up on the road was driving. So she sat in the back of the vehicle while myself and Czech dinar were sitting on the front seats, shared dinar was driving and I was the passenger in the front seat. So while we were on this journey, the journey was about two to three hours, I don't remember exactly.

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We decided that we want to give our to this lady while we are in the car, she is with us and we are giving her a lift to Tate. We might as well talk to her about Islam, and we started talking to her about Islam. And for nearly two to three hours we were speaking with her we were giving her giving her reasons as to why Islam is the truth. Why Islam is the best way of life one can follow why Islam is basically the faith that was revealed by God in the Quran, and was sent by Allah to different profits, and don't try to give the How to or trying to give that to her. And continuously repeatedly, her response would be mm hmm, Mm hmm. Mm hmm. She's just listening to and just

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listening. This is how she would respond at times myself and shares dinar would look at each other and think, why is this lady not talking to us? Why is she not responding? Why is he not asking questions? Why is she not showing any interest? Maybe we are wasting our breath. Maybe we wasted our time. On the way we stopped, and we prayed in a Masjid she was watching us. And then we had some leaflets. We distributed those leaflets in Mozambique, even though the language of the leaflets was English. And in Mozambique, people don't speak English. They speak Portuguese, but we thought we'll just give these leaflets out anyway, in case someone knows the English language, and the lady

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basically thanked us for for the left. And we gave her some leaflets and we told her take these leaflets and read them in your time. He was happy. She had the method. She took the leaflet. She took the material, but she did not accept Islam. So I looked at Czech dinar. And I said, sure there are maybe we wasted our time this lady was maybe very stubborn, and she didn't want to listen and perhaps we should have, we should have been quiet. And she said to me, leave it to Allah. It is up to us to give Dawa and it is up to Allah to guide people. So we forgot about the lady. Sometime later, maybe in in a year or two. I went back to Malawi, for another dollar project. And we were in

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a restaurant. Again, myself and jack dinardo sitting there. And we saw a woman walk into the restaurant and hijab. He was wearing hijab. So she then said, Do you see this woman? I said I do see her which she is a decent the lady whom we gave Dawa to in that car. And now she is a Muslim. She's winning a job. And not only that she's selling halaal chicken to restaurants. She's doing a halaal business. So I was so pleasantly surprised and I got so emotional seeing that. I wanted to speak to the sister. She had dinner, basically invited her. And she came to our table and I had a chat with her and I was so inspired looking at her and she looks so happy being a Muslim. I wanted to share

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this story with your brothers and sisters for a reason. I want you to understand that. Never Say Die in power. Never give up. Don't ever think that your doubt will go to waste. You don't know you can plant the seeds. And Allah can bear fruit from those seeds. That seed may bear fruit in a year in two years or possibly in 10 years. But you don't know how Allah subhanaw taala is going to bring fruit from that seed so long as we are sincere enough

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Now, Allah will always bring about results from that. So just wanted to share this story to inspire you that I did not think that this woman will accept Islam because she was very hard against our she didn't respond positively positively or negatively but eventually she ended up becoming a Muslim. Just wanted to share that story with you.