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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to Islam, including the use of masks during busy public spaces, health unit recommendations for people to wear masks, and potential cheating in public settings. They also mention various collections and merchandise, including a man selling fruit and a woman selling an eatery. The speakers emphasize the importance of honesty and accepting responsibility for one's past mistakes, and stress the importance of not cheat and not giving up. They emphasize the value of honesty and accepting responsibility for one's past mistakes.
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Clearly he also has to remain a mother I do for her the healer to Leila to not only imagine mobile like are you sending a female Excel I mean I saw that yeah let's say you do moda yoga studio early he also be you know

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there's a lot of joy monster bus at night there's a lot of Balakian this natives the sunnah to increase your salah upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Naga deeds as a reminder tomorrow Sharla Jamar has dropped to 30 and we will encourage people to wear masks when it's extremely busy so during drum on during the weekend nights when there's a lot of traffic will encourage that and show the staff will be wearing them and we encourage those who are vulnerable or those who have to wear them and those who are sick too.

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You have the you have my blessing stay home for the day. Just as a the

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the London health unit recommendations of not that people have to wear masks and door yet but you're looking maybe heading there in Sharla or not but just it's all comes comes down to the numbers so if you can keep the numbers low inshallah we'll continue to be able to enjoy our freedom.

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Yahweh Imam Abu Dawood fee Sunni he be sending him he said I didn't so when I became a writer a lot of the Allahu Anhu

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that isn't a collection of Imam what would or wouldn't as soon as the inauthentic generation rate goes by Maria This is the theme of Hadith that have the word lay some in the in its meaning it is not in keeping with our values or whom we are not this is what we're not about we don't we don't do this it's not amongst you're not amongst a gotcha part of our group if this is what you do. And this is very valuable and and in the

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the range of topics that these Hadith cover is just very wide it's not just one thing he doesn't just focus on ethics out of here saw to us and I'm we're rituals are actually looks on a lot of different things on his thoughts and he talks about and just shows how versatile his view of being a Muslim is. And that's what this actually does it it shows how the Prophet alayhi salam sees what a Muslim is a Muslim is someone who has a lot of there's a lot there's a lot about you if you're Muslim to a lot of aspects of who you are is you're not just you're not limited or containing just one domain or one discipline or just one category this will have to be in everything else. No,

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there's a lot about it and that's why he points out so 20 different things out of his thoughts and today they want is very important. These are very famous Hadith, a lot of narrations I'm just gonna use the one widowed but there's many others in different collections by now muram And maybe you'll sell Allahu Allah your early he will sell them the super

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rabbis and went by the market for Roger wooden Joby

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Oklahoma, you saw a man was selling some type of food, something edible. For say Allahu

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unbury he asked him How old were you know how was he going? Are you selling in about a home so he told him for all he Lee and

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it was the prophet Allah you saw it was Ron had the y could be that it was revelation from God or it just he was intuition either either or for this hadith either. Or it's fine to put your hand in the food, like in the whatever, you know, like people get cartons and there's fruit or something. And so he puts his hand to go through the stuff. So he finds everything that's under the surface is all mucky, it's all filled with water.

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Firstly, I lost like a bomb. So we asked the person who

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was this

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generation clasificado Asaba Mater. When when there he says it was rained upon. In addition, he doesn't say anything, a class or a law, how do you sell them? The reason that I have not he just he just puts his hand in he feels the water. He looks at him. And he says, Yeah, please, I mean, and wash

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is not among it's not in keeping with who we are.

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To cheat. To be dishonest. Lay some in men rush, rush to cheat any form. Any form of cheating. Cheating is just a is just another word for dishonesty. So all of this

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is very dangerous. If you open the door for cheating in your life. Like if you're young and you allow yourself to cheat just a little bit, just to glance really quick, nothing big. Just couldn't remember a number. Silly number that you don't think is important at all. You felt like you didn't have to memorize it to begin with. So you just allow yourself just like that.

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No one saw it. Just dry balls just

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you allow yourself to do that.

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And then it just it's like a you know when you're small ripping in fabric just just goes and then that's yeah, there's no end.

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Don't cheat this hadith.

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If you're young, in school, listen to me. Don't cheat. You have no idea how many exams I failed. But like you have no clue

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by not even willing to disclose. I have failed more exams than you can imagine. People look at me Oh, I don't feel I fit. I refuse to cheat. There's something I was taught young do not cheat because once you reach that ethical barrier, there's very it's very diff

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Gotta go back from wants to cross it and you're like, you've allowed yourself to cheat a little is becomes very difficult to come back and say, no, no, I don't do that. I don't cheat, I just don't cheat, just just say, just take what's yours. See, when you cheat, you take what's not yours, you're taking what's yours, it's a little bit more that you don't, that's not yours. And if you get used to taking something that's not yours, even if it's a mark on a paper, then you'll be okay, taking things that aren't yours outside of that, it's just a matter of time Shangela and loves it, he just wants you to make a small, just just a small adjustment, just chill a little bit, just a little bit,

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just anything, so that he can later on build on that. Because if you're allowed to do this, then you should be okay doing them. And you're okay doing this. That's the argument why. And it keeps on getting bigger and bigger, don't allow for it. Just, if you live with honesty, you may fail. And you may get chastised. And you may be in a position where you're ashamed of yourself for a moment, but at least you can look yourself in the mirror and say that I'm honest, and I don't cheat. And I never will. And that's a really, really valuable thing for you very valuable for you to be able to look yourself in the mirror and say I don't cheat. And I'm someone who was honest. And every transaction

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that I do, I only take what is mine. And that may not be a lot and I'm not be great and it made me maybe mediocre and a lot of aspects but at least I'm honest about it and that is valuable for your integrity for your self esteem for your self respect to do not do it. Lay Samina he said lace. I mean, my wife is not amongst us. You're not a part of this group, if you cheat me because you don't understand what we're about being honest about what it means to be Muslims that you don't allow for that because there's no reason to cheat. Because you are someone who accepts accountability as Muslim you accept it. If you do well. And you don't do well you accept I didn't, I didn't study I

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have to I deserve to fail, I will fail. That's it. I'm okay with it. Because it's my fault. Let me you know, face the music. Just just be That's it. That's what it means that you're okay with that, you know, trying to get around your, your mistakes, you accept them accept accountability. That's a big part of who we are. We are people who who work hard and accept it, accept whatever Allah gives us and accept accountability when we deserve it. That's an F as a core ethical value that we carry. So it's really important and this hadith is very meaningful to me because it's like, the way that it's narrated. He just puts his hand and he feels the muck he looks at him

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you're Muslim. Yeah. Makes me numb and rush. You can't be amongst us and and cheat and lie to people and no, you can't do that.

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Your wedding would be suddenly he said, Hey, I'd be hereditarily Allahu Anhu call mellow and maybe your son Allahu Allah He was he was sending them a be salty. What are you gonna do to him? And if I said that one time he first of all who? Oh hey, you can actually

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plan for shower Bill Bella. God for cada lace I mean, mana wash. Silica Rasulullah sallallahu it was like 100 times a week or something or having something

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