Ramadan 2023 Quranic Reflections #01 – Surat Al Baqarah (1 – 153)

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AI: Summary © The importance of having clarity on the situation when praying is emphasized, as it is important to keep the hallway empty and practicing the Quran. Prrowing to keep the hallway empty is also emphasized, as it is designed to encourage people to practice praying and not just read the word "by the way." The importance of protecting one's identity and being mindful of one's own actions is also emphasized, along with the importance of learning and working together to achieve success.
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A few now just to point out a few things Charla. So the other space will be available for solar, but obviously there has to only happen when this space is full.

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This space has to be filled before we can expand to another space. Obviously, that doesn't mean in the middle of prayer that you can't stay where you are, is preferable if towards the eighth or ninth block, if you're still if you're upfront and you

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intend to stay till the end to come back, if there's space here, sometimes there is sometimes there isn't. Now just I'll explain this again after a shot or before a shot for people to understand because

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it's important to have clarity on it. When it comes for the Moom to pray in front of the Imam, not exactly, exactly, no one accepts that we don't have that here, standing up there, no one on the other side will be standing right in front of the Imam. So that's not the case at all. But for them to be in a parallel manner somewhere ahead. So they're not they're ahead of the line, the straight line that that actually is where the Imams feet is going perpendicular to him, then their opinions on the matter within the schools of jurisprudence. So the Maliki, I have no problem with it. So we now know that Allah Allah and His school of thought, don't have a problem with it, especially if

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there's any reason for it.

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You know, I'm gonna shove it in his old opinion. He's okay with it. If there is reason, if there's a lot of water, if the space that you're praying in is now packed, and you need to kind of expand, you can expand backwards, you have to expand forwards, you know, shuffling his old opinions. Okay, within and his new opinion doesn't

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matter how many there's two opinions as well, the opinion that had been Tamia has in his fatawa allows for this, again, when there's when the area that you're gonna be praying is full, and you need to expand, you have no choice but to expand upfront, and he's okay with that. Al Hanafi don't allow it regardless. So out of the form of the head, we have one that accepts and then to that is a 5050. And then one that doesn't, that's more than enough evidence for us to allow us to expand comfortably and safely forward for people who like to pray, especially when we're it's a little what I mean, we just talk about how we just don't have an option to do it any other way for now. So

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that's just the jurisprudence behind it. So you're welcome to use this space up front, the men will be on this side on the far side from where I am, the ladies will be on the left side, the closest side here, there's a room for them specifically, the bathrooms that are right behind this wall are for the ladies, There are bathrooms on the other side of the wall, there are for men, so the bathrooms that are just right outside of the door. They're those three bathrooms that are here for our sisters. And then on the other side, there are bathrooms that are for their brothers. So just that's just a few housekeeping points. And then the last one is that we are going to try to the best

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of our ability to keep the hallway empty.

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during prayer. If, if that's possible, obviously, if it's if we're packed and then we wherever we need to pray, we will pray. But if possible, want to keep the hallway empty, so it's easier for people to move to go to the bathroom. So we have a lot and congestion on the door at the doors. It's just an issue of flow and kind of respecting people's spaces. So if we can keep the hallway empty, they'll be optimal. If not, obviously, the whole place is packed and it's packed. And that's what we do. But we're going to try and keep it empty shelves. So that is why I just wanted to kind of point that out. Moving forward, I just need someone to press the thing if smoothies like so inshallah the

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the series that I'm going to be covering this, this, this Ramadan is a little bit different than what I did last year or the year before. And before before for the last four years, what I did is something called Surah summaries and they're all online right now, where I summarized

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each Surah of the Quran in a lesson and one or two rows. And over four years before Ramadan, I went through the full Quran Hamdulillah that was the biggest battle going on over the last four years I able to do that. It's very meaningful to me as a person to be able to kind of summarize them and explain there, they're available for some for anyone who wants to kind of listen to the summaries and understand a little bit of what the SUTA is talking about what the theme is what the point of the of the verses are altogether as a whole. What I'm gonna do this year is not that far away. It's not that different, not far off, but a little bit a little bit adjusted. So

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instead of taking each sword out and summarizing it, I'm going to put up there for you exactly what's going to be read that night or So tonight, we're going to start from the

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beginning of it I have 153 And I wrote wrote for you where it begins, it begins from i 26. Now you're wondering why I did that because you shouldn't be holding a Quran or a phone during Asia. So if you follow along, which I encourage you so you don't misunderstand. I actually encourage you to do this if you're if you're not humbled. You don't know the Quran by heart. Feel free to hold the Quran and follow along in tunnel yeah, there's really nothing wrong with that. It's actually something that will keep you focused and helpful for you. But don't do it during Asia, Asia as far as we just we just stay focused with the Imam so you don't always put for you where the tunnel

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begins. So you know where to start just in case you get lost. And then what I'll do at the beginning of each night is I'll tell you quickly what the theme of the sutras are the sutra that's going to be recited that night is and then I'll choose certain verses and I put a lot up there I by no means I'm not going to be able to talk about all

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them at all. But I'll try to get through a couple. And then if this works and you find this beneficial, then next year, we'll try and get through the ones that I didn't get through this year. And that doesn't mean that the rest of the verses in the suit are not worth reciting, obviously, all of the book of Allah subhanaw taala is of interest in the beauty and all of them. And actually, I could easily choose way more than this, I'm just, I'm just picking, just picking a verse and I'm wanting to kind of explain it to you and bring it closer to you. But all of the Quran is extremely worthy of reflection and contemplation and to see it, and honestly, I could put any number up there

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and still talk about it and enjoy talking about it. But I just made some choices for the for the benefit and Sharla of of what I think people will want to know or should should know, at this point, the way I'll do it is that I'll talk about the theme and then someone will get a volunteer to recite the verse that's up there because I don't have them written. And then if you have a phone or something you can keep on kind of go along with me. And whenever they're being recited in Somalia, you have something to reflect upon, or you remember that that first was talked about beforehand, but that's the plan inshallah moving forward. So every night if you're a little bit early, you'll get

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basically deliver a preview of what's going to be recited in Somalia. And I'll reflect on some verses with you. So you have some idea about some of these sorts of these yet, and hopefully that will help it enhance your experience of attending thoroughly and listening to the Quran being recited. The plan will be to make a shot once it's time, and then we make done right away. If I'm right away, we pray a shot. We give a few seconds or a few minutes, just pretty soon. And then we start with demo inshallah we'll do 10 o'clock at 810 10 o'clock after Oh, yeah. And then to have shutdown, and then the final 13 will be huntin, it will be with them. Sorry. Now the 1211 and 12.

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Like, you can intend them tomorrow. Yeah, it's not a problem. I get this question every year. So I just want to make sure so so now you can combine three and four and five and six and a million intentions together fuddled, you can follow this follow me just make the intention of my show. It's over. It's the most valuable pair of tonight, by the way. And it shows the most important prayer of tonight, just like pleasure this for tomorrow.

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But when you bring Sunday, you can you can actually combine all of these intentions. So you can combine the intention of praying with tarawih and Shafaq, for whatever in the same intention, that's not a problem at all, meaning you're not actually you end up winning more Huseynov by by doing that if you want to. Okay, so the first user that we're going to be saying tonight, we do a user and a page. And the reason we do the page because we try it we're going to end are going to do the customer site to the last part of the Quran on the 29th night of Ramadan. So we have to push ourselves a little bit forward, you got to do just one user because it's 30 user in the Quran. It's

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all in sutra Baqarah it's all with historical data. And tomorrow, you know, just as a spoiler alert, also all historical data, is the longest in the Quran, and is around two and a half years, roughly.

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And Allah subhanaw taala chose to put it at the beginning of the Quran, because it does serve an extremely important purpose. So it will Bukhara explains what this story is about. It tells you what this system of lathe is why it's there, what your role is, who did it well before who didn't do it too well, and what the rule is, what the mechanics are, what the this mechanism of life is going to look like in terms of rulings. And that's why it's so difficult. You'll find at the beginning of it, you have this small introduction. And then right after that you're going to have a definition of who Adam was. And then it talks about when he talks about when it talks about Ibrahim at least and

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because when it started the example of people who didn't do this well,

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but Ibrahim is example of someone who perfected it, and then was the first and then after that we just have verses upon verses that talk about teachings. That's why in these verses in sort of buckler, you're gonna find talking about cm and Hajj and Salah and zuka, Riba and follow up and so urgent, everything is gonna be covered. Because sort of like I said, Here's your way of life. Here's who, how it started, here's what you should be doing. And here are the rulings that allow you to actually practice this properly. And then and then the content the continued continuation of the Quran allows for that story to continue so the beauty of the Quran is that the Sunnah is themselves

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the way they are designed and then put in a row tell a story like the soldiers themselves so this is like the the zooming out aspect of seeing the Quran so you're not just reading the verses that kind of flow until a story you know if you zoom out and just look at the sutras themselves and what their themes are their themes are telling a story to if you if you're able to kind of see it from take a step back which I'll try and help you see. So I have number 30 who is someone you want to let you hold this and then you can try and do it for me.

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I want people to recite for me is number 30

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And I'll tell you what this is quickly though exactly be like really quick.

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim with all around ocarina

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in Niger I fill out of the body all the geography and I looked at what else we could do.

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Our new subdivision will be handy go

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all in the

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moon good luck and I'll give opportunities to people to recite the verses as well Yanni.

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So it's more, there's a little bit more participation. So right off the bat right off the bat. And so in the Quran, were just after you have this very short introduction to the Quran, it really short into 29 verses at the beginning of the Quran. And sunnah buckler, an introduction to the whole Quran tells you the story of everything, basically. And those will take a long time for him to explain. So I'm going to skip them for time. Then right after that introduction, the first verse that Allah gets to the point immediately, and he tells you and when I told them Aiko when your Lord told them an acre, he was going to put on Earth a steward a Khalifa. So immediately, everyone got a little bit,

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and what do you mean? Why are they able to do this? Can they actually speak on your behalf? Can they actually behave on your behalf? Do they have the capacity to do such a thing? They got very scared. They were a bit. They weren't clear if it he said no, altogether, but the maniacal even had some questions of what, why and who are they? And this is the verse that defines you. And I like right off the right at the beginning of the corners of your define you and I are given a role immediately. You're a Khalifa, you're a steward, you're a caregiver, you're responsible for this earth, on behalf of God himself. So when you speak, when you walk, when you behave, whatever it is, you do, you are

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doing it on behalf of Allah subhanaw taala himself. Now the beautiful part of this is well, why why did he choose? You know what, why would he choose them? She was the human being. So if you go to the verses, you'll find after the after the mullah, you can basically, you know, showed a little bit of doubt or doubted the ability of Adam. And Allah told them I know what you don't know. What did he do immediately with Adam Alayhis Salam? What was the first grade after that?

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What do you do for Adam? Well, I lemma he taught, Adam proved that Adam was teachable, is true. It's their capacity of gaining knowledge. It's the capacity of learning that made Adam it isn't the proper candidate to be the steward of the earth. Because when He taught Adam less Matt Akula, he called them and Adam and beat him beat him tell them that when he told them when they saw how quickly Adam picked up and learned and expanded his horizon was now capable of communication understood things. The quieted down, okay, this, this, this creation is different. So you are the steward of the Earth, beginning of the Quran is number 30. And Bacara, literally just after the

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introduction, that'd be sort of as an introduction to the Bucha. Korea nine versus introduction right off immediately in Niger and open all the fun if you're going to be a steward, based on what what Allah Madam, he taught him. And Adam learned, yes, he made a mistake out of his sinner. But that's not a problem, because that mistake was predestined for him to make. It's a part of a larger story. But Adam is capable of learning and as long as Adam is capable of learning that Adam will find his way back. And that's why that's why our Dean began with the word once up, learn. That's what that's what actually means. It means to learn, but it's a much more, it's a much more profound

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word. The learned Tottenham is specific, UCLA is much more broad and what it actually means It means analyze and observe and benefit and think and reflect and contemplate a pickup experience. It means all of that put together. So this verse at the beginning of the Quran is extremely important, because it's telling you exactly who you are. And there's no time delay. It's not being given here. Read through the Quran for a couple of versions out. No, no, no, here's a quick introduction. And then here are a Khalifa and the reason is because you can learn so the moment you stop learning the moment you lose the capacity to educate yourself, you don't have the ability to expand your horizons

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or learn then you you cease to be able to actually be what Allah Subhanallah created you to be I want to share that with you and Chuck has a very important This tells the story from the beginning them was taught and them learn is he made a mistake but Adam learned and that's the that's the secret of what he was able to do. That's what the magnetic and once they bought a demo Ambit home get a smart man, but OBS met him by now. Once he showed that Adam could teach you understood, he learned he told them Didn't I tell you I know the unseen of the heavens and cosmos in the earth. And I know what you hide and what you don't say, the Minaya didn't come back and say well, no offense,

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but what was so he knows some words, but no, they understood. America understood the value of of them learning dangers, okay? So he's capable of adapting he can he can receive revelation he can actually observe and learn from experiences. So he can actually be a steward. He can take care of things because you make some mistakes what mistake once he'll make it a million times afterward because he was able to see it. And someone read the eye after that, turn on and serving will be rewatch soon circling

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that Luna Nikita

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number 44, in solitude, Bukhara. It tells the story of bunny sloth, like I said, there's going to be going to be parts of the story that the item was the first to leave. And then when we saw you didn't do a very good job at it, they made a lot of mistakes, not so that we can shame them with it, but so that we can learn not to do the same mistakes. Amongst the mistakes that ALLAH SubhanA pointed out was this very scary verse for all of us. I can't move on and nice had been bitter. But then so now I'm full circle, you're gonna go around commanding people to be pious, to be good, to be virtuous to behave and wait in their proper manner and to have the best character and you hold people

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accountable to the smallest mistake into every shortcoming and if they're not behaving exactly the

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way should they should behave at all times, you're immediately critical of what they do what they're so now in full circle, you don't do that yourself. If you're not holding yourself to that standard, you go around commanding people to live to a certain standard that you have no interest of living to. This is just the other people can do it. If you don't, do you have no logic at all? Do you not understand or comprehend anything for that topic alone? One of the scariest verses in the Quran, by far one of the scariest for especially for people like me who do what I do. Because it's the fear of telling someone or advising someone or encouraging someone to do something and you're not doing it

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yourself. You're not holding that standard yourself. Be very, very careful. If that doesn't mean you can't give advices Be very careful. Think long and hard before you critique someone before you criticize someone's behavior. For you hold them accountable to a certain to a certain thing that they did that you don't think think about yourself, are you holding yourself to that same standard? Or? Or is that because that's where hypocrisy begins. That's why That's why this verse came at the beginning of Allah so I'm breaking unpacking that idea let's open the box he starts when I start holding you accountable for something that I'm not going to do. I'll do in the background, I'll I'll

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make highlights for myself something that I'll make haram for you, but that module and say How dare you? Is that what is saying? I know I know it sounds but that's what the is saying? How dare you go and tell command people to be virtuous and you forget yourself. When that Lunel Keaton and you're reciting the book. And you're, you're reading the book in front of you, you're gonna read the book, tell people to do something, and you're gonna do it yourself. We'll find out

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the verses after that. And so it starts with the cow. I'm not gonna ask them to read because you know, there's no these verses of this. The Sunnah is called with Bacara. And

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it's called Bacara, because it tells it within the Surah, it tells us the story of the cow, the story of the Bacara. What's the story of Ibaka is very important. It's an extremely important Islamic Islamic concept that I want you to learn most alleys,

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told us people in Bogota, they had someone had died, someone was murdered, they woke up tomorrow morning, someone murdered in his bed. It was obvious he was killed because someone had slit his throat.

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So they asked most of them who did this, this is a very important person or had a lot of status. So they were very upset, and they wanted to know who did it. So most of you said, I'm turning to Allah subhanaw, Taala and DUA and Allah I told him, tell them to slaughter a cow. And then to take one of the cows bones, and to tap the man within the you would get up. And you will tell them who killed so he told them the whole Bacara.

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So they started asking questions. First of all, they thought he was joking around, he told them know, the system will tell us what type of car but then he started to explain to them what type of car they asked him three times, they asked him three times explaining the car. And the more they asked him more detail they were given until it became really hard to find a cow that fits the description that most out of them had come up with. Here's the point is to talk about this story. So you understand because the moral of the story here is actually last for most people. The moral of the story is that they shouldn't have asked any of those questions. He told them to slaughter a cow.

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Now, yes, at the end, the description was out to be a yellow cow. That was neither old nor too young. It was not worked on in the earth, there was no physical defect deficits in the way it looks or problems. Oh, all these descriptions. It was hard to find one like that. But when he told them is the whole Bacara water a cow? Had they slaughtered any cow? Anyone, any cow as long as it wasn't a donkey? Or a mule? or something, it would be fine, then this the whole thing would have worked out perfectly. But they didn't. And they kept on asking, and what and what they got was the optimal description, like the best type of cow to slaughter in this situation. But had they at the beginning

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slaughtered a black and brown cow that was extremely old and spent all of his life working. It would have been it would have sufficed, it would have been enough, but they didn't. What's the point of the story? This is how our deen is built? Yes, sometimes there are the best. There's the best case scenario. But within Islam, the capacity of doing different things is there. Meaning Allah designed the deen in a way where there's more than one thing that you can do that can be right. Sometimes, yes, there's an optimal. You know, there's there's the perfect way of doing things. But then there's a bunch of other stuff that if you do, you're fine. As long as you stay within the two within the

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boundaries of what Islam is. Islam is not a line that you have to you know, it's not a tightrope that you have to walk. It's a river that you swim in. So I may be swimming here and you may be right over there. So we're not exactly in the same spot. None. But we're still within Islam, as long as I'm outside of the banks running on the land outside. So they were talking about Obatala any Bacara would have been fine. But no,

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no, they wanted to make it hard for themselves. So Allah made it hard for them. They kept on asking they got the answer. Yes, this is the best. You look for the best. It was really hard for them. It took them a while to find it. It all worked out that way Allah told them to. But that's the point of this story. Any cow would have sufficed. So when Allah gives you a command, yes. My job is to explain to you the range of what is acceptable. That's my job. And it's your job to choose. Where are you going to hold yourself is

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Your job to choose where you want to be like, what are you going to do? Are you going to aim for that which is best, something a little bit less, you're okay on the lenient side, that's your job. My job is not to tell you what Musa told his people. I don't do that I don't come and tell you has to be buckled up to left alone, whether it be grown our nucifera

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Raza luthier will have the skill to deal with Autodesk will help them also limit to lash yet if you don't have to do that for you. Now, if you want to do that yourself, that's totally your right. And may Allah bless you for doing it. But you can't hold people to it. You can't hold people somebody's trying to help themselves they made a mistake the whole point to the story. Don't do like Eve, don't do that. Don't ask the Prophet alayhi. Salam to don't leave it if he gave you an open and open end command if Allah subhanaw taala left things that he didn't talk about is for a reason. So scholars can later on come and set the range for you the spectrum of what is acceptable, the spectrum of what

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is acceptable, and then you as a Muslim, make the decision of what you want to do. How hard how,

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how far are you going to go to achieve perfection versus how Okay, are you with some leniency my job is not to hold you to that which is more conservative than that which is more difficult or to perfection. My job is to explain to you the leniency of it all and then you do with that what you want. Once we flip that culture around, once you come to me looking for leniency and I try and make things difficult we ruin Islam altogether. You ruin the deen completely that's the beginning that's that's the Agra fall of Islam you just keep on going down. My job is not to tell you perfection. My job is to show you what is acceptable within the range of Islam and then it's your job to protect

00:21:36--> 00:21:36

your deen.

00:21:38--> 00:22:09

It's your job to protect your deen I'm not responsible for your deen you don't come and ask me a question look and say Oh, *. Just give me a fact. What do we what do you think this means? It's a job. What do you think this means? If I think if I tell you is halal, you can do it. You can blame me? Well, lucky miskeen if you think that's the case, if you think that you can blame someone you will Kiama you can't you when you ask for a question in Islam and you ask for a factor. It's your job to when you listen to the answer to actually look for the reasoning behind the answer. And to be because you have to own it. You own this not me. My job is to give you the different opinions you

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have to own your choice. You can't blame this on anybody. Is that clear? This is very important. Islam is the point of this story. Islam is designed that way there's going to be different ways Bacara anything would have worked. Any color green cow blacked out white cow, old cow, young cow, all of you would have worked yes, there's a perfect type that Allah is looking for. That will get you the most pleasure but anything would have sufficed My job is to figure those out. Find them out make sure I give you the answer and then you either look for the not one or you look for whatever you want. And there's no right and wrong and it's not my business, but it's completely yours. It's

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I'm gonna read I went on for for me you have a few more minutes

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Yeah, I knew Levine

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was smiling. What do you look at feeding other Boone early is the first command in terms of the sequence of the Quran. So if you start if you open sort of 510 you start reading the first time you'll find Yeah, you Allah Dinamo is 104 is total dakara. So in my mind, there must be some significance to this verse because Allah subhanaw taala is making it the first one that you're going to come by as you're reciting and going through your hutzpah. This is the first time where Allah is going to call upon you specifically to oh, those who believe that's me. And Sharla show us all of us. Yeah, we're here just calling upon me. So what is it like the Poor Laura inner, we're calling

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Varna was smooth when it came through, you know, either Aleem, I'll explain this a little bit more when I talk to him in the SAT because I'm gonna diversify a little bit more detailed. But here's what he's telling us to do, or not to do. Don't say Latina. Don't come to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and say, if you're very raw in or if you go to regard to the country I come from,

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if you go when you shop, in the market, this word is the most used word by far like this is the word that's all right enough, right? You come how much is this? Is 3000 lira or you know, meaning, you know, give us less. And by the time you're done, you buy it for 50 literally from 2015 No problem and he still makes money off it. That's just how they were. So what I mean can you bring it can you lessen the bra is saying don't say to the Prophet, listen to commands. Bring it down a bit. No, too much. No, we don't want to do this. Oh, we have to have to dress like that. No, no, no change that. We can't eat this. No, no, no, no, we don't want to do that. Let's let's let's get it No, don't come

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and bargain about what Allah subhanaw taala commanded.

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Coulomb Vorna and say give us time.

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Be patient with us. Let us learn. Let us comprehend give us time to to absorb. Give us time to understand help us help us along. What smile and say what smile and say, listen to what we have to say we have we have some struggles here. We have challenges. There are difficulties. I'm not clear on this. But don't come ask me don't come to us come to Islam as it is. Come

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to Islam as it is, come to Islam as you are. But come to Islam as it is not as you want it to be. This is Islam it's not gonna change for me or you or anyone. So don't come see Allah Inna, just come in and say this is what Allah Subhan Allah commanded it's five prayers a day is the month of Ramadan, see on your page as you know, dressed in a certain way, you're going to speak in a certain way, there's certain values that we adhere to certain things are haram and certain things are, are obligatory, and that's how is it is don't come and bargain about these things. But if you need time to learn or time to, to commit or you're struggling, that's that's within your rights. All I'm gonna

00:25:36--> 00:25:45

say I need a time I need help with smile, and then command the person who's telling you to do this, what's tomorrow, listen to me, listen to what I have to if this is a one way kind of

00:25:46--> 00:26:19

conversation, if I'm just then nothing, this doesn't work. If you want me to sit and speaks to all the time listens to nothing. He's not willing to listen to the people that he's explaining things to those who are leadership proceeds aren't listening, then nothing works. There has to be two Westmalle This is what the person who was being commanded to follow the word of Allah is saying back, you're saying over now a smile. And we'll see that again. It's within the cell. Give us some time and then listen to us because we need help as well. This is one of the most beautiful commands in the Quran because it gives us the attitude. This is the attitude the attitude is we don't bargain

00:26:19--> 00:26:31

with with Quran says karma is haram. We don't bargain with that. I'm not going to change that phrase. It's not gonna change is It is haram. It's not changing. Doesn't matter what's happening in the world. That's the That's what he talks about. And that's it. That's the line

00:26:33--> 00:27:09

for those who are in and look to change that. But say you're involved now with smile. See, we need we need time. We need clarification. We need help when you need aid throughout the struggle with that, and that's your rights. So how about time you think they went from one state to the other you meet? No, it took time, time before they actually arrived at a state where the Prophet alayhi salatu salam could pass away and they were able to continue this was 23 years of his of his life, it has taught us that I'm invested in them. So why do we expect people to switch like that? That's not fair. That's not fair to ask people to do that. So we come to massage and you want to hold people to

00:27:09--> 00:27:42

a certain standard based on what based on what they just came here. They just started as long as they're not telling me at all you know, like they're coming and telling me let's change this whole system. Then it's my job to make sure I'm little I give them time let them let them grow let them learn let them make mistakes, protect them, made them support them help them along the journey that's the that's the goal. That's the point of all of this. Not to hold people to a stand when they don't meet it you remove them what is it what is this? But because you're on the other side is because Allah gave you that you know Headstart and you're already well adverse in this you're going

00:27:42--> 00:27:45

to do that that's not fair and that's not acceptable Islamically either.

00:27:46--> 00:27:51

Let's do one more and then we'll go first. Obviously, look at the way things anyone else. Well, it's

00:27:52--> 00:27:56

a bottle he emailed boohoo be Kelly, Matthew.

00:27:58--> 00:28:10

All that in Niger getting nasty Imana although when you read Yeti all Jana, Lottie Nene when Allah,

00:28:12--> 00:28:16

trialed and tested Ibrahim with words meaning with commands and teachings and

00:28:17--> 00:28:52

Ebrahim perfected them, he completed all the tasks, all the trials, all of the exams, he was given out a Salam, whatever Allah tell him Fatah in Niger iukl In Nursey, Imam, I'm going to make you an imam. Imam is the same meaning of Khalifa is the same thing, the same idea, same idea. Exactly. Email means an exemplar, someone who will lead by example, not someone who will command from a booth behind is someone who is going to be right up front, actually making the difference with their own behavior so people can follow along, which is about a Khalifa is to Allah Subhana. Allah give us the example of Ibrahim as someone who's going to be an imam. And when you're the Eman you think of

00:28:52--> 00:29:27

someone up front here, the word Imam is much more much more important than that. Honestly, it's such a more it's more broad word in that we have taken it and kind of really fit it into like a specific stereotype where or prototype where you're sending up front here was you know, bleeding prayer, and that's true, but really, the word is much bigger than that anyone who leads by example, as an Imam, you are required to be an imam. Everyone's required to be EMA. You know, the funny part is ALLAH SubhanA. Allah says Ibrahim in Niger inocle In Nursey Imam you're going to be to all people in Imam he died and he said I'm with the smallest number of followers of a prophet that we have recorded.

00:29:28--> 00:30:00

Like he loves out of the prophets that didn't have their people punished. The one who passed away with the least number of people following them was Ibrahim he was kicked out of every place he went, he did not have a large following when he died. So he had the smallest following yet he was going to later on be the most followed human being on the planet till this day till this day with that what we have in common with all of the other faiths Ibrahim Ali we all agree on Ibrahim Ali's to them because he led by example, cuz he let he was different he led that's why the Prophet Allah Islam is told, who do you follow? But 30 mil letter Ibrahima honey for you for

00:30:00--> 00:30:08

all the way there Brahim though the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam, his idol, his example was Ibrahim Ali. So that's why it's exists at the beginning of Surah

00:30:09--> 00:30:40

Surah Baqarah. So obviously we're not going to go through many of these on any of these nights with us. All right, well, we'll try it, we'll try to do that. So every night, I will put it up, whenever we're going to be reading here and I'll explain the theme and I'll go through whatever verses I'm capable of going through Inshallah, throughout the throughout the night. This is the beginning, may Allah subhanaw taala. Grant us the blessing of this month alone, I mean, we Allah Hamdulillah He granted us the beginning of it may Allah grant us the ability to get through the totality of it and just to reap the rewards that exist at the end of Ramadan Allah whom I mean all of us together and

00:30:40--> 00:31:09

shows the group Ramadan is a beautiful time I hope in sha Allah that you'll find the joy the serenity the tranquility, the closeness the baraka doubt Ramadan brings to all of us and that we're able to experience it as a group this will require all of us to work together to be patient with each other to you know, overlook some of the mistakes that occur work together and calmness and peace so that we can keep you know keep this going and everyone showed up yeah enjoys the experience within that data so just that as a final piece and we're going to make event and right after that then we'll make your comment will will begin isn't like Tada

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the talking about a couple of them are still Allah who was sending them robotic and maybe them were hemorrhaging water early your site because Marian Santa Monica global

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