Musleh Khan – The Prophets Prayer #11 – Fiqh of Miswak

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The C work provides a cure for illnesses, physical health, and a sense of clarity to one's face. It also helps in removing teethaches and improving one's memory. The use of the sea whack is recommended for longer trips and for reciting the Quran. The shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping of the shaping
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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was Herbie he ultramarine buried sirmaur alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato.

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So in sha Allah, tonight we are discussing the C work. And the C work as we mentioned to you is a miracle of Allah subhanho wa Taala It's a miracle that we have something like this, something that is pure, something that is natural, and something that we will always have access to in sha Allah hotelera Allah, the me sweat work

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has many benefits to it, some of these benefits are doing up and other benefits are a theory or from for the dunya and the hereafter. So what we mean by that is that some of the benefits is medical benefits, physical benefits and things that you can actually experience in this world. And when we say these benefits are further here after obviously these are blessings and rewards that a person is given for using the see what the advantages of seawalk are many. Number one is that the C wax strengthens the gums and prevents tooth decay, strength strengthens the gum and prevents tooth decay. So there's a medical benefit behind it. These are all from the AMA, by the way, and even some

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of them are even proven from some of the statements of the companions under tab your own as well. Another benefit or advantage is that see work helps us eliminate tooth aches and prevents further increase of decay. So it also prevents tooth aches as well. It creates a nice pleasant fragrance in the mouth, which we're going to be talking about the wisdom behind all of this as well. So it gives you a pleasant fragrance in the mouth. miswak is a cure for illnesses as well. So these are not just restricted to the mouth. This is the thing that a lot of people think a lot of people think that see what the benefits of it is just whatever's in your mouth, clean teeth, you know, pleasant breath,

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pleasant odor healthy gums, it's not just restricted to that. As a matter of fact, even some are limit talked about how the seawalk helps your breathing and your respiratory system and helps you digest food better. Some of them are lemon even there's a statement amongst the sahabas that celiac also increases your memory as well. See work also brings clarity to the voice. So if you want to speak you want to lecture you want to recite or lead the solder. One of the best ways to do this is to begin by using the C walk as well. C walk also eliminates bad odors and pre improves your taste buds. So you end up actually enjoying food and tasting food a lot better by using the C wack c wack,

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as we mentioned, sharpens and improves the memory as well. C work is also a cure for headaches, C whack creates nor on the face of the person that continually uses it. A person who uses the C work you will see new on their face, how do you know you have no one on your face, it's very simple. You know you have no room or when your face becomes a pleasant picture for everyone to look at. In other words, when somebody looks at your face and they don't see like a zit, they don't see that you look tired they don't see that you look old or you look this or that but they just see calmness and pleasantness in your face. That's why all the or lemme you can look at their pictures or their

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videos and you can just sit there and stare at them, you know, because you're just admonished by the beauty and the presence in their face. You know shut them off Tata shampoo at half either hola is really one of those individuals, sometimes, you know, you're just looking at how the note of Allah so agenda and the acts of worship that you do, how the effects it has on a person. You know, you ever meet somebody where the first meeting that you have with them. Somehow things just get connected, and you just like them, and you look forward to seeing them again, it's the first time that you've ever met them. I'm sure all of us here this has happened at some point in your life

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where you met somebody, and they just seemed like a really good person and you just want to meet them again and again. That's another sign that the person has no water in their life and especially on their face. The sea walk helps us with them. The sea whack also causes the teeth to glow. In other words, it gives us a sense of shining this to the to the teeth as well. The sea wax also assist us in our digestion and how we consume and digest our foods. We mentioned that the celiac also brings clarity to our voice. The greatest benefit of using the celiac however is that you gain the pleasure of Allah subhana wa

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Ouattara know, the reward of sada is multiplied as well, it's increased in reward. According to a statement of alioto de la Horan, the seawalk when you use it, it increases the reward of solace 70 times more 70 times more blessings of just using the sea walk in and of itself or before the sought out when are the timings that are recommended for you to use this see what what are the timings that are recommended? Number one is the recitation of the quarter end. So before reciting the Quran, it is recommended to use the seawalk. Number two is for seeking knowledge and even if it's just you know, reading a hadith or reading an article, but just basically being in that state of seeking

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knowledge, it's also good to use the seawalk as well.

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The third time that it's recommended is when the the mouth has an odor to it. So if you ate a particular food or something, and you want to remove the odor of that food, obviously the C wax is there for you to use. Another sin or recommended time is learning or teaching the religion so just being a teacher alone.

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Also the seawalk is recommended for the teacher to use as well.

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Making thukral law use the sea walk as well. Entering one's home we know this of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions this, that when you enter a home, you should enter the home before you do so use this you work. What's the wisdom behind that? The wisdom behind that is obviously if you've gone to work all day and you're busy, you know you've ate your sandwiches, you ate this that you've been talking, teaching, doing so much activity all day. The Wisdom why you use this before you enter the home is at least you have you bring up present a pleasant welcome in the home, you come home, you know you have some level of cleanliness, everybody's comfortable to see you

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and things like that. It's not like would you see like on TV when the guy or the or the person comes home after a long day's work, and everybody's like, Oh my god, you smell so bad, we'll take a shower, and then we can go meet or something, the sea whack eliminates that at least you can bring some level of pleasantness in the home. Another recommended time is before entering any good gathering. So any good gathering as well is that you also want to have a seat with you. So you want to use a sea walk every single time before you sit in the holler as well. I do it all the time. And I encourage all of you to do the same as well. So that's another thing I'm going to do. Next time we

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have our halaqa we're going to pause, everybody's going to use their swag for like a minute or two. And then we're going to start our Halloween. So make sure you have your swag. I'm not going to leave this alone for you guys. Okay.

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Another time that it's recommended is when you're experiencing hunger and thirst. So if you want to actually eliminate now these are things that guys that you know, medical tests have happened. People have actually tested this to work and found these benefits from them, that it also helps to eliminate or to control the hunger and Thurs that you might have at that particular moment.

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The sewak is also good for the soul as well. So when you wake up for the soul to faster, it is also recommended to use generally speaking, it is also recommended before meals and after meals as well. It is also recommended before taking a long journey that you should use the sea lac on returning home from that journey before going to sleep and upon wakening whenever you wake up. So whether it's during the night, whether you wake up the following day, doesn't matter. It's also good to use the see what

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we're going to talk about the toothbrush and the toothpaste and where it lies and all of this in sha Allah later. How long should a miswak be? So how long? What's the length of the Syriac? And how long should it be the sin is to not have a C work longer than the hand span itself. So you want to make sure that it's at least within the wrist area up to the middle finger or any one of the fingers, that's fine. But the point is, is that you can take the C work and you can keep it in within your hand span. If you can do that, then this is a good length for the C work. Like I mentioned, we live in a time right now where you will see a lot of strange things. I mean in Saudi that the way they

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sell the sea what they sell it in like its its original form when it's cut off from the tree. So you have like these long sea wax that are pretty much this long. And the guy will just you know you'll tell him you want like a real worth or two reels of Scylla. So he'll chop it into pieces and give it to you. But some people they don't do that. They're like give me the whole thing. clip off.

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The end and you see the longest sea walk on in the world and he's using it while he's going. Because he said he feels elevated or he's probably he's, he's more into the certainty than anyone else. Right? So you don't want to do that that's actually against the sun net to do that the same idea of the thickness of the sea work. The thickness of the sea wax should be the tip of the pinky finger itself. If you want it to be the tip of any of the other fingers, generally, that's okay. But anything beyond that is against the Sunnah of little salsa lahardee was selling them? Is it hot on? No, it's not. But it's really difficult to use, it's very difficult to use a C whack that's like

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that thick, and you know, you're cutting, you know, you know, you're gonna start bleeding your gums and all that sort of thing. And it doesn't really clean very well. Unfortunately, we live in a time where these details are overlooked. Basically, the merchant is going to say to you, Well, look, I assume you either buy it or don't, somebody else will come and buy it. So it became like that kind of a business thing. You're not going to find the merchant saying to you, Well, look, I have this really thick see what but it's not from the sooner so don't buy it from me, he's just gonna sell it to you anyways, that's why you'll occasionally see people doing that and have those see wax, and

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you'll even find them packaged the way that these ones are packaged as well. So you just want to keep that in the back of your mind.

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How should it be used? We talked about this in our last discussion, that the C word for those of you who are joining us that weren't here, the C lock is held like this. So basically the thumb and the pinky finger is at the bottom of the celiac, and the rest of the fingers are controlling it from the top. It's the perfect way to control it. Now, even though Rahim Allah says that the sin of the celiac is that you use it with your left hand. And the reason why he says that is he goes back to that principle about removing impurities, you should always do it with your left hand because that was the practice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But according to the vast majority of

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oral Ummah, the prophesy centum himself the companions do, you would use their right hand when they would handle the seawater. And so that is the majority opinion regarding them.

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The miswak Let's look a little bit about the history of the miswak itself. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam laid great stress on the aroma of using the sea walk in and of itself. And this is why in two explicit narrations, one of them he says, if it wasn't for hardship, I'd make you do it before every will do and in another narration before every sada There are numerous advantages to all of this which we will be talking about in sha Allah in terms of the history of the sea, welcome. The sea walk is of course, a tree twig, or part of a branch that was used to brush the teeth during the time of the Prophet salaallah. Hardy who was selling them, but it's not restricted to that. As a

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matter of fact, the prophecy is seldom had there was a particular narration that was associated to him, that he says that the miswak was the Sunnah and the practice of all the prophets and messengers. So what that tells you is that this possible that the seawalk was used by Adam it, he said him, and it was used by all of the prophets and the messengers that came after him as well. But it became a recommended act with during the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam but this was something that was always used was the sea walk in and of itself.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one setting authentic hadith narrated in the Muslim head of Imam Ahmed, for things amongst the practices of the MBA, there are four things that the prophets and the messengers, they would practice circumcision, perfume, miswak, and marriage. These are the four things that they used to practice. So from this Hadeeth here, it clearly shows that this could have been something that they used to do as well. There are several other ahaadeeth also relating to this as well. The importance of the seawalk in Islam, as we mentioned, here, there are they fall under one of two categories. There's either a materialistic benefit which we've gone through many of them,

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and then there is also a spiritual benefit or a benefit of the era when it comes to the sea walk. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once mentioned in a hadith in the sunon of ebony imagine use the sea whack verily it purifies the mouth, and it is a pleasure of Allah azza wa jal gibreel alayhis salam encouraged me to use the sea wax so much that I feared it would be obligatory upon the oma. If I did not fear imposing hardship upon my oma I would have made it a blessing.

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Good Tory upon every single person. Verily I used dismiss the C wax so much that I fear listen to the words of the process of them here now. He says I use this UX so much that I am afraid the front part of my mouth will start to peel. So what's happening here is as if you used to see wet like this, and it's always rubbing against your lip. So what the prophesy sem is talking about is that the see what will eventually causes lip to peel like that's how often he would use the C word. It really gives you an appreciation of how clean the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was, how clean he was even with his with his mouth and his entire his attire as well.

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There are many a hadith another narration narrated by a Chateau de la Juan him. She mentioned the prophesies send them used to practice using the sea whack,

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used to practice using it before the widow or Sala before the tahajjud prayers. And he also used it and he made it fuddled upon me for all the remaining prayers. So this is his wife speaking, she says that he used to use it for the winter prayer, then he would use it again for 200. And then he would tell his wife to use it so much to practice as though it was compulsory upon you to use it. And even the province I sell him himself he used to see wax so much that people would think that it was actually wajib to use that seawalk Mmm, lasagna rahima hola in his book, here were aluma. Dean, he mentioned that there are various adab and etiquettes of the seiwa with respect to sleeping. And he

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mentions that this, the celiac also helps us fall asleep in a more comfortable manner. It encourages a person to sleep more relaxed, and get a better night's rest. And even there is a statement amongst the odema whenever you sleep use the seawalk anyways, now the C whack upon entering the home we discuss this and this is based on on statements of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and also I shadowed the Allahu on her. And she says that the first thing that he would do whenever he entered the home is that he would use the C whack. So basically, guys, you need to have one of these everywhere you go. Like even in your car, even if in your pocket, wherever you are, the C work is

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something that you should always have with you. As a matter of fact, some of the companions in the in their battles, battle code and all the other different battles. They used to keep the seawater inside the handles of their swords. So even during the battle itself, they used to use this Ewok as well. Another narration mentioned that the some of the companions used to take the seawater, and they used to stuff it inside their turban. So when it came time for the window, it would be easily accessible for them and they would use it all the time. So it was something that was a part of their lifestyle, they wouldn't just have it for let's go to the masjid or let's go read the Quran, it was

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always with them. So you want to have a couple of these, you want to have one at your home your car and when you're you know when you're going in and out of places you always want to keep one with you, as well. The miswak of leaving the home we mentioned this is also the son of the Prophet sallallahu already he was setting them. We mentioned also before and after the meals that are available a lot of the alojado he mentioned I have used the miswak before sleeping after rising meaning waking up before eating and after eating and ever I since ever I heard and since ever I heard the profits of the loved one it was send them advising me to do so. So he was it was a

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constant habit. But then eventually when he heard the prophesy centum encouraged him to do so he never left it alone. We talked about the beeswax should be used when reciting the Quran. Now seminary lemma they mentioned that when you recite Quran, and you start off with this one, it'll actually give you more stamina to continue reciting longer. You know how a lot of people when they recite Quran, they're always you know, they want to read, but their mind is lazy or their mind is tired. One of the ways to eliminate that is to use the C work. And in sha Allah it'll encourage you to continue to recite why, because the fluency in the Arabic language will come easier to the tongue

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when it's used when the seawalk is used. Second benefit when it comes to reciting the Quran

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is the clarity in the Arabic language. So, the romantics they said that you know, you're a good reciter when you can recite like the Arabs because obviously the poor n is in their language and they would know how to pronounce the words and you know

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The eloquence in the language is perfected by them. That's why the top speakers sorry, the top writers in the world are all Arabs, most of them and they all come from Egypt or other parts of the world, they're Arabs. And the reason for this here is of course, not just because this is their language, but part of it is the sea walk in and of itself. If you want to build that fluency in the recitation of the Quran, to see what assist you in doing that. That's why a lot of people don't understand why I call this the miracle of Allah. This is why I call this the miracle because of all of these different narrations that we have a one to use this to work. And this work should also be

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used on Fridays as well. The prophets Alomar they, he was sending them one said, All Muslims, and he said this on Friday on Juma ID as well. And he says, Oh Muslims, Allah has made this day Friday a day of read for the Muslims. Therefore take a shower, use perfume and use the sea wax on this day as an obligation to you so make it fun upon yourself that you will use the sea welcome on the Friday as well.

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Then the swac during the fasting the Prophet sighs Selim himself used to do this whilst he was fasting. Now, when it comes to toothbrush, toothpaste, and these other things that you know, we use in our times now, this here actually has has, in a lot of ways acted as a substitute for us, when it comes to cleaning our teeth. It's act as a substitute where most people don't use the sea walk in the morning anymore. I mean, like it's something kind of like absurd, you wouldn't use it, you need to have your you know, Colgate and toothpaste and you know your tooth, but you need to have that. And the reason why is because we want that refreshing feeling when we brush our teeth. Well, some of

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the orlimar said that, because of that notion, and because of that idea, that ideology that we have embedded in our societies that you know, you're only clean if you use toothpaste. This is why that's this here has become one of those forgotten suddenness. It is the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to use the sea walk, even in the morning, this was their toothbrush. So every time they would wake up, this is what they would start their day. As a matter of fact, I encourage this as well, I would encourage you if you can, to try to wake up one day and just use the sea walk alone and see how that feels. And if you want to use the toothpaste ethic is uh, you know, you're not

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feeling that freshness and by all means, go ahead and do that as well. But the point is, is that this is all part of you preserving the sea whack in your life, preserving it as much as you can.

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The sahabas or the companions when it came to the sea work.

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Some of those habits including Abner Ibis, little Viola horn Houma, he mentions that the seiwa can treat it as an obligation upon you and don't be neglectful, be constant in using it for verily in it lies the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal, the Merciful and it's greater reward is in the Sunnah. So even our best mentions that the most reward that you get for using the seawork is just before the prayers itself. So again,

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you know, I can't enforce this for a show because that might be short notice for some of us, next solar, try to have a seawater with you. Don't come and pray unless you gotta see work with you. I'm telling you, brothers and sisters, what I found, I don't know of any evidence for this, it's just something for myself, I've been using the sea Whack for, you know, a lot of years. What I have found for myself, is every time I start off a Sala whether I'm leading it, or I'm following in it, every single time I start off in prayer, I've always found that when I used to see work, my focus and my concentration, my whole sure in the Sala just seems to be that much stronger. I don't know why. I

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don't know if it's something like psychologically wrong with me or it's something that I'm just perceiving it in this manner. I don't know. But if there was some truth to that, it just only adds to the miracle of the see work itself to try to do that. Another companion once mentioned that there are two things of a Muslim that are the best. Two things if he does it, these are the best things that a Muslim can do. And he says performing to HUD, Jude Sala and then constantly using the sea walk, performing to hydrate and constantly using the sea web. There. Mm hmm. Michelle, can you rahimullah him

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mentions that the miss work is one of the laws of our Shetty era. And it is as clear as the daylight. And this has been confirmed by everyone and the people of this world.

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Some of the some of the dub or the mannerisms when it comes to the C work itself, the majority of the rhythm and they say that C whack is not followed. Okay, so it's not compulsory for a person to use the C wack. However, despite all of this, the Shetty RS still gives a great amount of importance in using it. So the majority of our alumni, they said as a result that the C work is Mr. hub, it is highly recommended to use it. What does that mean? If you use it, Allah gives you a reward. But if you don't use it, Allah doesn't punish you for not using it as well. But obviously you lose out on that great reward.

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Here's a statement that's very, very, very true and very, very interesting. One great scholar used to say, He who becomes neglectful about the job is deprived of the suddenness. In other words, the person who doesn't have good luck doesn't have good etiquettes is a person that will be deprived of certain acts of worship, which is very true. Most of the people who don't have good manners, they are not going to find them that those are the guys that are going to be praying all their Sunnah prayers that are going to be giving the extra charity that are going to be smiling, they're going to be saying salams to everybody, they're not going to be doing those Sunnah acts of worship. So it's

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been deprived from them why because of the issue, then it continues, and he who neglects the suddenness is deprived of the font or it or the compulsory acts. So one of the ways that why the compulsory acts becomes difficult is because we would neglect the syntax to evolve around it. This is why a lot of people they ask him, you know, every time I praise Sala, or every time I want to give us a cat or something, I always have to force myself to do it. And whenever it's time to pray, I have to force myself to pray. Well, this is because you're missing a lot of the sudden acts that evolve around solid that evolve around the poor and and other things like that. So here, it just

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it's it's a ripple effect, then it continues and he who becomes neglectful of the fata in is deprived of its reward in the hereafter. So eventually the person loses everything you neglect all that's compulsory, then the person becomes humiliated in the Arthur then it continues the types of C work the types of C work it is permissible to use all the types of tree twigs provided that these are not harmful and poisonous. So obviously, the C lack any tree twig you find generally is okay, but you also want to make sure that it's safe to use as well. It is obviously held on to use anything that's poisonous or anything that would cause an effect a negative effect in your mouth.

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Now there are a couple of trees that are hot on because there are specific ahaadeeth about them the pomegranate or the Roman tree is how long to use its branches or its twigs as a see what the bamboo tree as well it is how long to use that as a sea wag.

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The hope I can say this word right that chambly tree the Chamblee tree, spelled ch a m b e li E, this is a type of tree I haven't looked this one up here in particular and just to kind of have a picture of how it is, but this is also a specific How does the prophesy Selim specified This is one of the trees that you don't want to use us for

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the privacy send them also mentions the type of C wax that are recommended. Now people ask this all the time there's so many different kinds of C wax. So which one is recommended? Number one is a type that comes from a tree called the P low tree, the pillow tree PE l p e l the pillow tree then the second type of tree is the Zeitoun or the olive tree itself. Then the third type is a bitter tree. So any tree that has some bitterness to it is also permissible. And also another type of tree is the walnut tree itself. Now the miswak of the pillow tree The first category that we mentioned, the prophesies senator mentions that the miswak of the pillow tree is the best one. Now how do you know

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when you have the PLO tree? Some scholars they said it's actually it's like a greenish color. We don't have access to these trees. They grow more in the hotter countries in the you know the Arab world.

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And things like that grows in there. It doesn't grow in this here because the winter would kill this kind of tree. So this kind of tree here, it's like the greenish, brownish color or shade to the sea whack itself. And it has a very, very strong and bitter taste to it. This is the kind of seawater that you'll find on the floors of the hot room, all throughout in Mecca and Medina, those old Bedouins that are sitting that this is the kind of seawater that they sell as well. Then you have the zaytoun, or the olive tree, this is the very heart siac. Like sometimes the Arabs, what they would do is they take this kind of sewage and they would have to soak it in water overnight before

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it would soften. Like their teeth just wouldn't do the job. It's a very hard and it's very, very smooth. It's as if somebody has just like scraped off all the edges from it. And it just became a perfect smooth surface. This is that type of tree as well. The PLO tree, the Prophet salaallah, Hardy, who was sudden as a matter of fact, even some of the earlier they mentioned this as well that the PLO tree is is very good for getting the clonus or the cleanliness, the glitter of your teeth. So when you smile, then you see that shining this like that star that comes out of your teeth. Well, the way to get that is of course from this type of swag, the one that has the strong bitter taste to

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it, the prophesies send them also recommended this type of see what to use, because this was the C wack that was mostly available to them. He recommended all the companions to use this as well. And he also used to give this type of celiac as gifts to other people as well. He would give them as gifts to other people. And he would tell them use the celiac of the pillow treat him Mr. Udo do lohana he mentions I always used to keep our whole stock or a bunch of these pilo see wax for the Prophet sallallahu it was some as you all know, urban massage he used to live with the prophesy Selim for some time. And it was described that no Sahaba resembled the Prophet sallallahu early was

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send them in how he walked more than a bit rude. Nobody could walk like the privacy stuff. So from the back, he would just think it was really him, what obviously height wise and so on. He was different because even Massoud he was a midget. So it was a very shortened individual.

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The miswak of the olive tree. This here was also one of the senesi wax, the prophecy seven he spoke highly of this type of tree as well. And he mentions us the miswak of the olive tree, because it is a miswak that has Baraka in it. So it's it's you know, has some virtuousness in it. It purifies and makes the mouth wholesome, clean and pleasant. So what is the significance of the olive tree celiac, this is where you can eliminate the odor of the mouth. So it's especially used for that. It also mentions that it removes the yellowness of the teeth as well. This happens a lot where over time and over age or depending on what we eat or so on, we find a little bit of that yellow discolor on the

00:33:11 --> 00:33:31

sidewalk itself. So one of the ways to eliminate that is with this type of C whack the bitter tree. If none of these are available. Then the third category is of course the bitter tree itself, any bitter tree can be used, and that's fine. And the walnut tree of course, is the last option.

00:33:32 --> 00:34:15

One of the sin acts of using the sea whack is that you also want to have an intention as well, because the need of using the sea wax should be made in order to affirm and to confirm the reward of using that suit or else it'll just be a regular practice. So you want to have in your heart A Nia that an intention that you're using the sea whacker for whatever purpose but more so to please Allah and follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, let's look at some of the etiquette etiquettes really quickly, the sea wax should be a straight twig. So you should try to avoid see wax that have a real roughness to it. So you always want to know it. When you pick up a

00:34:15 --> 00:34:59

sweat. It has at least a nice smooth surface over it at least the best that you can find. The cvac should also be clean. So if you see markings if you see some decay in the in the branch itself, you don't want to use that kind of see luck. This UX should also be soft and not too hard. The best way to get a C whack, take the C whack and bend it and if you can bend it almost where my thumb is. So this tip here can almost reach my thumb. That's when you know you have a very good and very fresh see work. So you want to bend it and see that you know a lot of the ones that are in the packages are excellent for that.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:00

as well.

00:35:02 --> 00:35:14

By the way, I only learned that from one bedroom, there was a bed window sitting on the floor in Medina. And I asked him the question, I was like, I mean, how do I know what's a fresh see what, and he will lie, he gave me the fifth behind this. He's like,

00:35:16 --> 00:35:53

he's like, sit down, sit down, sit out. So I sat down on the floor there, and I'm in front of him, right? I took a picture of him even because of this. And he's like, this is how, you know, the celiac. And he's like, kid, that kid could have bended bend, don't bend it too much, it's got to be in the right degree. So it was like a whole science for him. And he was really proud of it. But Alhamdulillah, it taught me you know, from that point forward, how to choose a good fresh select, then also, one of the etiquettes is that the Select should not be used while lying down, you should not be used while lying down. This is for one obvious reason. And that is the seawalk is a cleansing

00:35:53 --> 00:36:05

tool. So whatever you're cleaning, what's going to happen, you're going to end up consuming it. So you don't want to do that. You want to be able to dispose or you want to be able to spit out whatever impurities are there.

00:36:06 --> 00:36:48

A C whack as we mentioned, should be the the length of a hand span, at least, the C wax should be no thicker than at least the tip of the fingers. Before using the sea back, you should wash it. I mean, because it's been exposed to the outdoor so you want to do that as well. The ones here that we have in the package may not require that. So that's okay. After using it as well, you also want to wash off the tip. A lot of people ask though, when do you remove this tip, this tip here, you can remove it at your own discretion, you decide when you want to do this. For a lot of the Arabs, what they would say is that the tip you don't have to do, you don't have to physically remove it, it falls off

00:36:48 --> 00:36:58

after some time during like wear and tear, it eventually falls off on its own. And then you can scrape off or shave off a new piece. Personally for me,

00:36:59 --> 00:37:18

that takes a long time. So I I kind of prefer that I use a scissors and I cut off this piece after like a day or two. And then I shave myself a brand new piece there. And then I continue to use it. That's just my preference and how I like to use it as well. It should also be placed I'm

00:37:19 --> 00:37:38

sorry, it should also be placed in a respectful area shouldn't be just thrown on the ground anywhere. You should keep it in a safe place. This is also part of the etiquettes of preserving it. You should also not try to suck the seawork itself and try to you know when you're done a lot of people do this they'll use the coelacanth

00:37:39 --> 00:38:02

I don't know why they would do that. It sounds kind of nasty. Well, it is because basically all the bacteria there you're just consuming it. So this is actually against the sydnor the prophets Allah lohar Lee was seldom used to spit and shun other companions used to narrate this that we used to see him whenever he used it, he would he would spit in a corner after so you want to remove those, that's the whole purpose of the C whack anyways.

00:38:04 --> 00:38:46

You also want to make sure that if the miswak is dry, it should be moistened in water. So this happens a lot in our times, especially in the winter and summer and things like that. So you can just put it in the water. This is actually Mr. hub, it is actually recommended that if your see what does dry up, the prophecy is seldom used to actually dip it in some water and leave it there for some time just to kind of moisten it as well or to keep some of that freshness today. You may not have to do that. One of the best ways to preserve your celiac and keep it fresh is take a paper like a paper bag. So you don't want just a regular piece of paper you want the paper bag that you know if

00:38:46 --> 00:39:05

you go to like a restaurant, that kind of material. And then you wrap up this celiac and put it in the fridge and keep it there. Well I tell you, I've been doing it for a long time. Sometimes you can keep that secret for two or three months and it's as fresh as the day you bought it. And it's one of the best ways to preserve it so you can do that as well. It works great.

00:39:06 --> 00:39:10

The sea wax should not be used in the washrooms

00:39:11 --> 00:39:58

obviously for us here there's a different issue with that because you know you're in front of the sink and you want to use the the sea what this here this sudden act. What it's referring to is during the time of the prophets I send them the toilet was one area and bathing was something else was in a different area. That's why toilet in Arabic is called medihelp. And the shower area is called Jimin but in our times we use hammam for both, but linguistically That's incorrect. Mental health is what the actual toilet that a person uses. And hammam is a place where there's a shower. So what this is talking about is using it where the toilet is. The problem for us is our washrooms

00:39:58 --> 00:39:59

the way they're designed

00:40:00 --> 00:40:46

Aloha, Mr. Han, you have both of them in one room. So that soon is gone. And it's very difficult to do that. So here what the Rila advises is that as long as the toilet is nowhere near the sink, so a lot of the washrooms today, like, I mean, the toilet will be behind you, this is okay, it's still sort of in a restricted area. And so you can still use it within the over the sink and wash yourself. And it's completely fine. It's one of those sensitive touchy issues, it's very difficult to get around. And a lot as Scylla gel knows best, the see work should be used at least three times a day, and it should start off by the upper teeth. So start off by using the upper teeth, and then

00:40:46 --> 00:41:27

work your way down to the lower teeth. And you want to do this at least three times. So especially when it's time for the sudden, some people will be like, Oh, my God, let me just brush my whole mouth really quick, really fast, until the man says Allahu Akbar, know, what is sufficient of the sinner is three times three times the entire amount. So you start up once top bottom, then two, then three. And that's sufficient enough. Also, part of the etiquettes of the sea wacka is that you should not cut both ends. So don't shave off this end and don't shave off this end as well choose one end and stick with that. Again, this is the practice of the prophet SAW the law while he was

00:41:27 --> 00:42:06

setting them. Another etiquette when it comes to the sea walk is the sea walk should be used in a very gentle manner. I mean, like I said, you know, a lot of people when they use the sea web, they really get in there and they're like, Oh, my God, you know, and they're like, okay, you know, they start turning in and twisting, you don't want to do that the sea whack isn't it, you know, it's a very subtle thing to us where it should likely tap your teeth. And this is sufficient enough. Like I said, this is part of the miracle of the sea web. So you likely want to tap the teeth and use the sea lab, this is sufficient enough. So you don't want to get all crazy and you know, get all extreme

00:42:06 --> 00:42:24

with the celiac itself and get carried away with it. As we mentioned to you. One of the other benefits as well of the C work is a cure for illnesses, it also eliminates slime. You ever find you know, some some of us may have this problem where you know, when you're talking and you do this, and so the promise I sent him

00:42:25 --> 00:43:08

said that when you know we no matter when you're always swallowing, swallowing well this here the see what eliminates that at least you can have some fluency and some consistency in your voice as well. It's a it's an excellent detail when it comes to the C word. Finally, brothers and sisters in sha Allah, we want to conclude if you don't have a celiac, what is the sadhana practice? Number one, use the fingers, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, some of the companions didn't have access to see what so it was permissible for them to use the fingers as well. And of course, the index finger and also the the four finger, these are an even the thumb as well, all of these are from the

00:43:08 --> 00:43:52

center. So at least these three fingers are all from the center that a person can use to cleanse their mouth as best as they can. And of course, if you don't want to use the finger, and you don't have access to a swag, then of course, the regular toothbrush that we have today is sufficient enough. I hope that insha Allah hotaru lm, that kind of gives you a brief insight of how beautiful, this simple simple seawater that we have, and how much it means to us. This is part of our identity. Your children, parents, if they don't know about this, go ahead and get them one and try to train them and teach them to start using the seiwa. And children continue to do this. Make this a part of

00:43:52 --> 00:44:35

your life for the rest of your life. Insha Allah hotaru Allah, live on this earth with the sea whack beside you and leave this earth with the sea whack beside you as well. This is a true miracle of Allah azza wa jal and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to help us to preserve this great sunnah of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this is where we will pause in sha Allah hotevilla. Of course, as you all know, we do not have a halaqaat this Friday or the Sunday because of the lecture series. So again, I want to encourage all of you to come in sha Allah and join us for these lecture series. They will start on Friday after asoto So after I said one of the three of them, they will be

00:44:35 --> 00:44:59

here and it will start in sha Allah and that will continue until Arusha as well as all day Saturday and all day Sunday, the list of all the shields you will see that when on the poster when you leave them as to it's outside here, the sisters you also have that on your section as well. So we encourage you all to join us in sha Allah hotaru Allah May Allah subhanahu wa taala continue to perfect our salette May Allah subhana wa

00:45:00 --> 00:45:18

Allah continue to perfect our will do and most of all, may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept our efforts in this world and reward us in the hereafter. So these are the words that we conclude with what Alfredo derawan en el hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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