Adnan Rajeh – Hypocrisy #10

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker encourages attendees to contribute to social media platforms and provide feedback. The two groups of Muslims in Afghanistan are different and not related, and their deeds are deceptive. The importance of having a strong personality and being recognized for one's actions is emphasized, along with the use of attrition and pride in relation to one's political status. The speaker also emphasizes the need to read one's own mind and value others in relation to one's actions.
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You know what we're hoping to do you have a chance to come in roast us if you want to or contribute or participate or ask questions or whatever you want yeah, it's open for your we actually ask you to attend and come in you know make some comments or you know, whatever give us feedback or critique or whatever you feel is appropriate after a year of kind of functioning working. So, we welcome everybody to come here we Inshallah, the people who run the place or have been here will be available and to answer questions and to interact with you inshallah. So I, I would definitely encourage everyone to attend if your time allows you at 515 this Saturday.

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Okay, so, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is saying that when the signs of Iman and when the signs of hypocrisy, so it's interesting because he's making it about one thing, right? He's making a sign of imminent sign of hypocrisy, your attitude towards one thing, and that thing is a group of people and their name belongs is a long slog. Why is this important? Here's why. long slog are the people of Medina who accepted Islam, technically speaking, 10 years after the Prophet alayhi salatu was someone else's prophecy. So they're 10 years later, technically speaking to 10 years late. They weren't from the Prophet Alia Sato Sam's family, they weren't related to him out of his thoughts

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with them. So they weren't from many Abdulmutallab or Bani Hashim, they weren't called A cian. They weren't even from the descendants of Ismail Ali Salam

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is an important point. Maybe you may or may not know this. You see, the Arabs in Arabia are two groups, a group that were the direct descendants of Ishmael son of Ibrahim Ali's to them, they called the nanny, and I have nothing to do with that. It's called Nadine, but no, I don't. And they all descend. All of them descend from his mind. And then you have the other types of Arabs are called catani. And they descend what we think they they think or this is what we believe it is Centrum who died east and I'm sorry and hood, but they're not descendants from volume is made descendants of Ibrahim and it's made or Hebrews and that's what the Arab Hebrews that's who they

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were. And they had their own understanding of things are a little bit different. Culturally, they're different, a little bit different from a race perspective, heritage perspective. That difference was obvious within Arabia between these two groups of people. So the probability of Cyprus I'm coming from the central lineage of those attached to his man his grandfather is I'm going to call it himself was stood in front of Abraham, he, he comes from the midst of that lineage would go and seek help from an onshore or hydrogen owes and are not related to him at all out of your Salah to say whether or not descendants of Rahim Ali Salam, as you understand our deen is the deen that follows

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me letter Ibrahima Hanifa. We got we've all back to the teachings of Ibrahim Ali's to them and they're not related to him. So it became customary for some Muslims to actually say no, this deen is about us. The people from Croatia, the people from Bani Adnan, these people here the onslaught and either just secondary, they're secondary to the story. They're not related to us. They don't you know, they're doing what they're doing, you know, thank you. That's nice, but they're secondary. So there's a little bit there's a little bit of condescending going around going around happened, and the proper value Serato. Sam took that very seriously. And he stood extremely

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powerfully against that narrative saying that no, there is no difference. Just because you descend from Ibrahim, does it make you more valuable to this dour doesn't make you more important to this message in this teaching than someone who isn't any by any means. And he elevated the status of alongside the people of Medina who stood by the profit out of your cycles and gave him a house, gave give them a home, gave him protection fought with him died for him out of your salatu salam, he elevated their status. And he said and many and this is the Hadith that I think did the best. He said I add to the Eman the the evidence of your iman is that if you love it on SOP, not that you

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pity them or sympathize with them, if you love them. If you see them equal to yourself or higher than that means you have true Iman, that means that you truly understand the value of this data of this message. You're not looking at lineage, your heritage or status or ranking or race or background. You're looking at Islam, Islam is the valuable thing. And these people are the reason is climbing standing on his feet to get today. So if you love Islam, you love them. We're both old Ansara 25. And the sign of hypocrisy is that if you don't like them, if you feel that they're pushing, you're taking up space, or they're making it uncomfortable for you because they're claiming

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credit for what they did for what they actually did. That means you're not here for the right reason. You're not a Muslim for the right reason. You don't understand what's valuable, and raised and lineage and status and pride is ahead of what's actually important. Your personal agenda somehow become more valuable became more valuable than Islam itself. And that's the sign of hypocrisy. And that's what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said these things and left it this is this hurt a lot of chests that hurt people who didn't want it to be different, but want the deal thought to be second, second degree citizens to be

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I started group they're not they're not central to this word. The central ones were the descendants of Ibrahim, they're just helpers. No they're not they're equal to us they're even better. Actually if you don't love them you're not me. And if a part of you dislikes them then that is a sign of hypocrisy Subhan Allah so Allah Allah Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to beautiful lesson that he taught here on iOS autos and he forced your end that if your ethics aren't right if you're if again decency of seeing credit where credit is due, I'm acknowledging those who sacrifice decency I'm just saying you put everything you gave your life for this you also got nothing by the way the outside did not

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did not were not head of state at any point the onslaught of gave everything and took nothing away if you don't love them if you don't see them to be if not equal higher than yourself, then you don't even value with them to begin with. And I think that's the message there is just is just breathtaking important. You have to read my mind body you well Muslim couldn't be so hey and the highlighter not the Allahu Anhu call kala Nabil Salah Allahu alayhi wa early he also have you send them to the email your phone belongs to the filthy Bucha who will answer Sadaqa Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wasalam service Michael Hendrickson Hola Hola. Hey, learn to stop to break also Allah was

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telling them about I'm gonna get a Muhammad as always make sure we'll see you guys next week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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