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And the Allahu Anhu finale tonight the collection of mobile herding cats, right? Those were, however, not really a hadith it's similar to the one I narrated and maybe a couple of days ago or maybe a week ago, or something or they follow the law on who said, and when it comes to issues of hypocrisy, which is the theme that

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we're talking about for the next maybe a couple of maybe next week or so. He's an authority on the matter because he is someone who the Prophet alayhi salatu salam entrusted with the names of the hypocrites and he understood the concept very clearly and he the Sahaba was an authority on the on the matter so for us, it can only be seen to be similar. So he said it'll be a little I know in this in this narration that we have this authentic narration is what he said cada in El munaf etain le Elma Sharon men whom I had in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can Oh, you're not even use your rune. Well, yo, Mama, Yoda Harun. So he said about the Allahu Anhu. He says, The hypocrites today

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are much worse than they were at the time of the prophets of Allah, Allah, he was like you said them, because back then they kept a lot of things hidden. They kept it under the under the lid. And today, they're coming out and they're saying, and they're doing things in they're making it public.

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So hello, Ava, what he's this is an observation I think, is very much worthy on your narration to contemplate for a moment, or they've already saw from the Hipparcos, during the time of the Prophet audio, so it sounds like he saw that they, yes, they were hypocrites, but he knew their names. The Prophet LDS wasn't pointed them out to him. But they kept it under allah, they didn't go around, showing things off, they didn't go normalizing behaviors that were that were incorrect. They didn't brag about these behaviors, they didn't, they didn't do that they kept it, they kept a lid on it, they kept it quiet, they kept it secret. But once the brother Ali usados and passed away, maybe a

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little a certain degree of reverence kind of fell off. So they didn't feel the need to do that anymore. So they would come out and just publicly brag or talk about the fact that they don't do this or don't do that anymore. And this is an observer observation of are they for himself that this is something that bothered him, it's a problem. And this is an important point that I think is worth sharing with you.

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It's one thing to be sinful. It's another thing to go around talking about it as if it's not a sin. They're not the same thing at all. Like they are so different. It's like day and night. It's it's it's not the morning and noon is day and night. We all sin by nature, we all fall into sin, some of us get stuck with a sin for a long time, chronically, they can't get rid of it, they try to do doba time and time again, and they struggle with it. And they just can't get rid of it. As long as the person does not brag about it does not normalize, it doesn't go around telling people that they do it asking others to validate them for doing it does saying it's okay, then they're still safe. The

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moment they come out, and they start talking about it and making it as if it's alright to do it. And there's no problem with it whatsoever. That's when they're putting themselves in danger. And that's when you start ruining a community. That's when you start actually ruining a society. That's where you are now a threat to the society itself, once you start behaving in that manner, and are they even on the level I know this is his observation. And I like it because he was very, very, he was very careful regarding the information he was given by the prophet it is lottosend. And what he was going to do with it was very careful. He didn't play around with it. So he just made this

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observation that there, it's weird now, they used to, they used to not brag about the stuff they did. Now they're walking around acting like it's normal. It's normal to betray, it's normal to to gossip, it's normal to miss prayer. It's just normal to drink. It's normal to whatever it is that they're doing. They're acting as if it's not a problem to do these things on a daily basis. Be very careful.

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In Islam, we're not we're not, we're not allowed to shame a sinner. That's not what was most supposed to do.

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But you as a human being who sins, which is every human being that has ever lived and will ever live. Be very careful in what information you share. And what you ask from those around you regarding the struggle that you're going through, ask for support, ask for aid, ask for help. Ask for assistance, but don't go around talking about things as if they're normal, just because you can't get rid of it. Just because you can't stop doing something wrong doesn't mean that we all have to say no, it's okay. It's okay. Now it's all right. Since you can't you guys need to stop it then. All right, we'll just forget about this whole value system that we have, we'll just wipe it and just

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change the value system so that now what you're doing the longer a problem. That's not how this works. And that's the fear. That's the problem with the hypocrites back then. And he's saying this, because I know when, like, literally half a decade after the Prophet sallallahu Sallam died, not 1400 and something years later. So we are we are much more danger if something like this has already happened, obviously, but we can at least make sure that we don't participate in it. And I think that's something worthy of contemplation. I'll end with that young man will hurry up so he and Dave at abelia Man are the Allahu Anhu.

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In Almora, Athena Luoma children men whom Allah had in the VDSL Allah Allah

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You already you will sell them but God can we even use your rune while yo mama yeah Jehovah Salah colossal Allah is Allah Allah Allah Allah cyber Senator Bancolombia Huntington Allah Allah Hey learn to struggle feel good to break also Allahu wa salam O Allah