Holding Fast to the Word of Allah

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My Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabi you know have you been on Muhammad in one early he also had big Manuel bad yo Imam Muslim if you saw he, I mean Robbie Allah wanna call it the Hadith tonight the collection of Muslim ranges by nature this is the final Hadith within this theme of holding fast to the word of Allah subhanaw taala in the way of the prophets of Allah hindsight was, I think 50 I didn't realize you did 15 already to move on to something different show that tomorrow

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is what he set out as a way to kind of end this theme. I hope this hadith you'll find the interesting palette similar to rasool Allah He said Allah Allah He earlier he was telling me who were who are being heard. I heard the Prophet once say something when he was sitting amongst his his companions. This is what he heard him say because her house was very close to the masjid obviously, that was the wall to wall. So sometimes you'd be sitting out of your salatu salam interrested with the sahaba. And they were talking and she could hear from inside so she would listen. So this is what she heard him say I thought it I thought it was I'm in need. I don't hold until the little men

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Yeti do I lay your income? I'm going to be at my basement on the Day of Judgment. Now we'll be waiting for you to come to me that day.

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Like my eyes are gonna be out for you.

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Yes, a lot of pious and good people will come and they will get their share.

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But I'm really looking around to see to see if you're going to make it the people who descend from you and the people who descend from him Ali Hassan to Islam. For Allah him there Yoko tapa, Anna Dooney Ming come, yo, Mama, hurry, Joe. And I swear to you on that day, some of some some of you will be taken away from me. On that day, I see you and I want you to come and take a sip from the basin and move on to the Jannetty name. And as you're coming and as I am filling your cup and greeting you and welcoming you, you will be removed from my vicinity

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even though I know you will Apolo many women Almighty No, no, they're there. They're from me. And they're from my nation as well. Like I know them well. I know where they come from. I can see on their faces that they're descendants of, of the people that I love and from myself, I know them for your call. Julie was sent to me. In Nikola Tesla at Miami Aruba, Adak, Mazza Lu, una isla kabhi him, you don't know what they did after you left, they continue to regress backwards from the moment that you left them.

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You don't know after you left what they did.

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Because the Prophet alayhi salatu salam assumption is that once he left and he left the Quran amongst us, and he told us this is what you hold on to till the last moment you adhere to Every word, and you move forward with it today with all of your mind, you assumed that after he passed away, I use thought to surround the Muslims will continue to do that, in anticipation, and in desire and hope that they would meet him that day at the basin and be able to drink and enter with him.

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Data Rama but because some of them didn't, there'll be removed from his vicinity and will not be allowed to access and you'll be totally exhausted and the truth, you don't know what they did after you left. They kept on regressing backwards, they kept on going backwards, they left what you gave them. And they went back to their early and old habits. And they slowly slowly disconnected themselves from that which you asked them very clearly, to hold on to with all of their minds, but they didn't. They didn't.

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He left us the book. He This is the legacy of Muhammad Sallallahu ala Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam right there on the shelf. That is what he left us. And he was very clear about it, hold on to it. Hold on to with all of you got. And if you don't, on the Day of Judgment, you'll try and come to have access and you'll be taken away. And you won't be allowed because you're aggressed you didn't do it. You deviated you change what the faith was, you didn't practice it the way he explained earlier. So to say we didn't hold on to it the way he taught. And that will be by far the worst moment of any of our lives. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from that. There is no worst moment

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in the life of anyone than the moment that you come that close. You're that close. That close to that sip, and that access. And then you're pulled back at the last moment, as you actually see him on your thoughts and you're not only are you there, not only are you close but you saw him when he saw you back and all that's left is just one more step. Your hand is out just about to take it from his hand and then you're pulled back. You're pulled back.

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And that's the biggest sorrow that any of us will ever face and may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to adhere to the book of Allah subhanaw taala with all of our mighty Yahweh Lima Muslim faesal Hey,

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An issue of minimum meaning you know the Allah who I now call it semi to be your sal Allahu Allah you early he was seldom a Yakuza who have been a US hobby in me I'll hold it until the Euro man URI do I lay I mean come over Allah He like your quota and Dooney Ming come region Yamaha for APU mini Amin Almighty for your power we in Nicola to the Marfa Aaloo Baddeck Mirza who LG Runa acaba him, Salah Rasulullah. He said, Allah, Allah, you know, let me I'm diggin Shinola Illa. Just don't feel good to where they are. So Allah who was telling them about a kind of, you know, Muhammad, you know, early, you're starting to rain so I can log in and buy the cloth eco Musa