Our responsibility towards our oppressed brothers and sisters

Abu Bakr Zoud


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of using social media to promote Islam and encourage others to support their brotherhood. They also mention a man named Bill--I who claims to be part of " Easter" and is helping people in needy ways. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to be sincere in their efforts and not have negative attitude towards others.
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spread awareness, teach the people about the situation, teach your children in your family, spread it on social media and so on. And finally, what we can do my brothers in Islam is to donate and to help Abubakar Obi Allahu anhu. He gave his entire love to free a slave killer obeah luevano if that's his wealth to free a slave, how much more is expected from the believers, when their Muslim brothers and sisters are not only slaves, but they have been treated worse than a slave, and they're being killed and bombed day and night? How much more is expected from the believing nation, for we need to stand for our brothers and sisters in Islam, and we need to support as much as we can, or

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make dua for them as much as we can. And be sincere in your drama, be sincere in your help, and don't have the attitude of hope before. I've given a large amount before That's it.

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When he speaks about sponsoring and helping the poor and the needy, he said for calacatta

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v v v masala he says that the believer is supposed to be who is supposed to be someone who who Yani basically, he implements the action of a poem is a noun and a noun, it implies consistency continuous. So if I am continuously feeding on a day that is known as widespread hunger and famine, the masaba exactly what is happening in Hoopa. Today is a day known as the Masada Who do you feed your team and zakharova only skin and damage you feed those that are in need the orphan and the poor and the needy after this full MCAD Amina levina Amano if you're able to do that, and continuously remain upon that, then allow social because such a person with event feeding your brothers and

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sisters overseas is part of event. So just some money you take out from your pocket and you give them this is this is what's required from you. And not just from the Ghana, Mina Lavina Amano but also the sovereign wealth also Bill mahama