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smilla merona him and humbling that was sent out to a ceremony Allah rasulillah Hey Mr. Bowden.

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This is our second dose shall law with Allah has released to some of the characteristics of the battle rap man subhanho wa Taala and as it relates to the battle man the servants of Allah and their dealings with the book of Allah and male the fact that this is the blessed month of the Quran

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month of Ramadan shadow Quran

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we mentioned last week the ayat of the Quran in surah l for time, that the prophet will come some Allah while he was so lemma yomo King Amity and is going to complain about his community will color Rasulullah Robin cometa do have handle Khurana Majora on my lawn and people have abandoned the Quran. Want to do today and shall lies with Joe and do on the subsequent lessons about this issue so as to encourage ourselves in the community, to be of the people who are doing the right thing in terms of being connected to the book of a lot and doing our level best to avoid being from the people we're going to be mentioned today. Those people have actually abandoned the Quran because the

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abandonment of the Quran means a lot of things today we'll begin by saying one of the meanings of abandoned in the Koran is not learning the Quran and this Masjid, the masjid of Al Hadith. I think the vast majority of the people who attend this Masjid the members of this Masjid, if you will, we are not Arabs. We are non Arabs Agim. So we don't know the meaning of the Quran. Nonetheless, we have a religious responsibility to connect ourselves with learning about the different sciences of the Quran and they are many. And there's a lot of virtues as well in learning and teaching the Quran the newbie of Islam sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam in form this community hydro come

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mentality of Quran, Allah. The best of you the best from this oma is the one who learns the Quran, and then he teaches the Quran. So that is a deal that goes to show the importance of learning the Quran. And as I mentioned, there are many sciences of the Quran, we have to learn about the science of Tafseer the explanation of the Quran to the best of our ability, we have to learn about a science that is called a NASA Waldman. So where certain is abrogate of is it even it taught me a lot to be pleased with them saw a man who was teaching the people, and this teacher used to just tell stories, stories about this happened and stories about that happen. I know a famous story concerning the Imam

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who came to the house of a family and there was some money on the table. There was some money on the table. The Imam, he took the money and he put it inside of the Quran. He got up and he left. The wife said to the husband that the man has stolen the money. And they were afraid to bring this to the attention of the man. They had so oven about the man. And then finally they approached him and they said Listen, man, the money went missing when you came you stole the money. The man said to them, I didn't steal any money. I saw the money that was there but I took the money and I put it in the Quran go and check it. So they went and checked the Quran they found the money in the Quran. A

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whole year had expired, and the money was in the Quran. So people will tell you that story which isn't true and it even could be criticized because if the Imam came and he saw money on the table is something that wasn't the Imams business to touch anybody's money. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man Hosni Islam and Mark Turco mala Yani from a person's good Islam is leaving alone that which does not concern him. So that story actually goes against the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a famous story when we hear it, it's a nice story. It can benefit some people are leaving it tied up so a man who used to give those kinds of stories he said to that

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man Do you know the NASA send them and so the you know, the science of what is were abrogated and which is abrogated them the man said no, I need the Emir removed me me me a lobby please and told the man you are, you are destroyed and you're going to destroy other people. You are a strain, you're going to send other people a strain. So we're not a group of people who tell stories like

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That and we rely on stories. So as it relates to this, it goes to show clearly the virtues of learning the Quran in the sciences of the Quran, the science of as Bab and nuzum. Learning when and why certain is were revealed in the Quran. So the point here is the Muslim has to learn the book of Allah. Allah mentioned in the Quran murottal Khurana Torah Tila read the Quran correctly in Arabic and Arabic, not an English not in Spanish German, not in Dutch read the Quran correctly in Arabic. So you have to learn at Tajweed how to read the Quran is one of the sciences of the Quran and they are meaning from that which shows the virtues of learning the Quran is a hadith that I mentioned

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last week that the EBU Salallahu alaihe wa alayhi wa sallam access companions, which one of you would like to go to the place where the camels are the camels of Zika and it comes back every day with two fat voluptuous camels without committing any sin. He didn't steal the camels. He didn't Rob anybody didn't stick anyone up. He goes every day and he comes back with two cameras. They said all of us will love that. He told him someone law while he was selling them for one of you to go to the masjid. And to read to is of the Quran or to learn to is of the Quran, the Tafseer then this is better for you than two camels. the companions of the Prophet like jab that had been Abdullah, me

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Allah be pleased with him. And Sultan Allah who had he was setting up jabiru said that the prophets Allah Allah one he was sending us to teachers that don't have an istikhara Salatu listy hora, and he used to teach us the hook Patil hijjah in Al Hamdulillah he now medu he used to teach us those two issues with the same emphasis that he would teach us a surah from the Quran, so he used to teach them the Quran and they used to learn the Quran from the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The companion said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were of the Align home was set in teach them the Quran. And while teaching the Quran if he came to an ayat that tells us to make sajida

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Rasul Allah will make Sage there in the middle of the dots in the middle of the class, that presentation, and the companions will make that such that along with him. So all of that goes to show that learning the Quran is from what is an obligation upon the Muslims, especially in light of the fact one of the signs of Yom Yom is that the Quran is going to be taken away to the point and to the degree that the Koran would not be in the earth, not even one ayat will be in the minds and the hearts of the Muslims. So learning the Quran, the prophet will complain to his loss with Hannah with Allah, my Lord, my people have abandoned the Quran. And that is the condition of many people. And as

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I mentioned, it's a deal and a proof that the Prophet was divinely inspired some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, because How did he know that was going to happen? His companions did not abandon the Quran. So he wasn't talking about his companions. He was talking about what was going to happen later on. that many people are listening to me right now. They don't learn the Quran. So right now the blessing month of Ramadan. This Masjid Greenly Masjid, every day they're given a Quran Tafseer class three hours from three o'clock to six o'clock by our brother chef Dr. Asin honey isolate a tremendous class, Willa. He tremendous class, the recitation of our brother, our student, the son of

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our brother, Ibrahim, half Eva hula who tada the little brother, the young brothers reading the Quran in Arabic with Tajweed. And it's nice his recitation and then he reads the English and then Dr. A chef us and Hanif gives the explanation. Three hours from three o'clock to six o'clock. Someone may say, Oh, that's long. I can't possibly take all that time to sit for a class. Why not? They're giving you a break within those three hours, and for your information and whining in the blessed month of Ramadan, and emammal Buhari and other than him from the setup of the Redeemer, the redeemable Hadith annual Hadith lmm Sufi Sophia and authority those scholars and the memorable

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hottie used to read the whole Quran in one day, the same day, every day in Ramadan.

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That would take about 10 hours to complete the whole recitation of the Quran 10 hours, they will do that in the month of Ramadan because it's the month of the Quran and Emma Malik, he was stopped teaching Hadith, he would turn to the Quran and just

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Start reading the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the month of Ramadan. So if any Mahmoud Buhari spent 10 hours in the Quran, having alone hima high determination, then we can at least make the effort to come in to learn about the Tafseer of the Quran. While you're just sitting there in the comfort of your own home, it is an opportunity to learn the Quran. Also from the meanings of abandoning the Quran in addition to not taking the time out, to make it yourself and to position yourself and your children to learn the Quran. Yes, your children because what happens as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in authentic hadith, Allah do Coleman Sai he comb your children

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from your efforts. So if you take your child and put him in position where he or she can learn the Quran, it is to a certain degree like you'll learn in the Quran, you'll get the reward of that child learning the Quran but it doesn't exempt you mother and father doesn't exempt you from also trying to learn the obligation of learning Tajweed and other aspects of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala the second meaning of abandoned in the Quran and they are meaning they are many, we will not exhaust all of them talking about our few each Friday in the month of Ramadan because there are so many will love them with Stan from abandoned in the Quran is not believing in the Quran, or believing in part

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of the Quran. But even in some of it and not believing in other parts of it, embracing some of it and not embracing other aspects of it. This is a problem. I love old Thai that said to Benny asstra ear with a suellen in karate. It is a question of booty refuting them in rebuke even rebuking them for took me noon to be bothered keytab What took me know maybe about four matches at all meaning if I do that, is you'll feel higher to dunya Do you people believe in some of the book and you disbelieve in other parts of the book and what is the reward of the person who does that except that he will be debased?

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yomo kiama in the dunya is going to be debased and Yama, Yama is going to go to a serious punishment that has been prepared for him and is lying in wait for him. So believing in all of the Quran, especially during this time, where normative Islam is under under threat, we have those people want to be liberal, they want to be free. They want to cherry pick as a relates to what to believe in and what to practice in the book of Allah. So the Muslim believes where the Quran says that the Quran is the speech of Allah. The Muslim believes in the story of he some who say Brahimi I hope he believes in different aspects of the Quran. Even the miracles like the greatest Quran, the greatest miracle

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that the Prophet came with, was in his the Quran. But there are other miracles like israa when meraj she believes in that. But then when it comes when it comes to the hijab, she doesn't believe in that. When it comes to a man being allowed to have more than one wife, for example, she doesn't believe in that. It's just an example. That's how people are. So the issue here is believing in the book of Allah. Oh my lord, some of my people, they have abandoned the Quran and they may have heard of the Quran and that they don't believe in it correctly. They don't believe that the Quran is mu Haman is super impose and over every other piece of literature, every book, every newspaper, every

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other book, The Quran, the Quran should supersede everyone's opinion, everyone's culture what he has to say. Allah will try that mentioned in the Quran. Yeah, are you Halina amanu Aminu? biLlahi? We're also the world keytab levy not zillah zillah Mozilla I don't know surely all you who believe believe in Allah and believe in his messengers, and believe in the book that he revealed to His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So that is an ayat commanding the Muslims to have a man in the book of Allah who Suhana with the island, Allah tada mentioned another either the Quran for me at Dr. niccole Mini Huda from an tabea who die for homophone la mala when your Zune

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when my guidance comes to you, the guidance of the Quran, the die of the Quran, the nature of the Quran, when my guidance comes to you, whoever follows the guidance, then there will be no fee

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Upon that individual know that those people be afraid they won't be sad. So by believing in the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala, we will be divinely protected from having inherited going off the mark. We will be divinely protected from having fear, fear of what the non Muslims can do to you what your enemy can do to you what's going to be the future of Islam and so forth and so on. So there are a number of ayat that allowed Allah as mentioned, showing that it is an obligation to believe in the book of Allahu taala. He mentioned in the Quran. in the lobby for the electoral college on Laura Duca era, my ad wehrli the one who has made the Quran furrowed on you Mohammed is going to return

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you back yomo kiama further Alaykum Quran further later. Quran is first. What What does it mean foreign foreign means Why do you have to do it? It's an obligation. Verily, the one Allah who has made the Quran Ferb upon you yam, Oh, honey, and upon your community sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he returned return you and all of your community and everybody to him. Yo Kiana. What does Ferb mean here. It means the one who has made it further upon you to believe in this book, to believe in what it has brought and what it says and in believing in the Quran that ended up itself is a lecture by itself and it means many things is that we take all of the Quran and not cherry pick. It is also to

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believe that the Quran is adulterated and it cannot be you know, tampered with. Allah describe the Quran he said about the Quran layyah t Hill ba to benei a day you allowed me Kulfi the Quran, falsehood cannot come before it in front of it, no can false it come from behind it. And that is because it is the book of Allah. So therefore, it is an obligation upon the Muslims not to abandon the Quran by having the wrong type of belief in the Quran. And this is why those brothers and sisters are given down to Christians, we have to be very careful about saying things like Allah said in the Quran and the Bible God said, This guy said we have to be careful because maybe Allah didn't

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say those things. And we shouldn't be using other books and sources as the primary source of our dour when we can avoid that. We shouldn't rely on our intellect. When the Prophet said Pharaoh, Karen Callum Allah he mentored, the best speech is the speech of Allah. And he said about himself supanova Allah, Allah who knows zela Rasul Allah Hadith, Allah has revealed the best speech and the best speeches of Quran so you'll find individual it'll give a lecture, the whole lecture is void of him mentioned in one iured instead, he'll say, share someone so said, I will share songs so say and share someone so said and the share so and so. And it's like a broken record like a pirate. He'll

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give a hug bar and you won't hear one ion of the Quran. It's just the shell song so set and the shake song so and I did this and he starts to talk about his own personal life and stories. This is not acceptable in the deen of Allah. So believing in the Quran, it entails it in Intel's many things, believing that the Quran is no more believing that the Quran is appropriate. It is Manassas. It is relevant. It is okay for every time and every praying place. Sometimes you hear people sarcastically saying things that actually statements of disbelief. The person will say Well, are you telling me that I should believe in this in this in that which was mentioned in the Quran? As if

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he's having doubt any? Does Hydra have the book of Allah subhana wa Taala Allah mentioned in the Quran am another rasuluh Bhima una de la la human well known coloane am and I believe women are at wakatobi

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verily the messenger he believes in what was revealed to him and sold to the believers of this oma all of them believe and I love the books that Allah revealed in the Mullah aka in his messengers solo to LA he was sent me who it is for those people who make 100 of the Quran in this way, but not believing in it. Then this is a sign of copper, and a person puts himself in a very serious position. yomo kiama. What happened to Benny israa L is just that Allah, tala mentioned about

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Benny israa aim were Aminu. Bhima and Zelt. To Musa Deccan Dima ma come

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to kuno Oh what I want to care for them be believing what we have revealed to you Benny is Surat el which is more subject to that what you brought the Quran supports the Torah, the NGO the Quran supports that. So believe it and don't be the first of those who disbelieve, he mentioned another either the Quran wama Yak for Bihar lol fast you

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can sell in the Quran, the Ayad begginer from the Quran, those ayat Allah said, no one disbelieves in them, no one disbelieves in them, except that the people who have Fiske they are the people of evil, evil doers. So with that, being in the case, learning the Koran, and believing in the Quran, in its totality, and everything that Ulla mentioned in it, and about it. Number three, from those things that we will mention concerning abandoned in the Quran. And this is an issue in reality, excuse me, if one, this is an issue in reality that shouldn't be my young buddy, it shouldn't be because it's easy to do for the one that a lot makes it easy upon Him and for Him. And it's

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difficult for the one that allowed to Allah has not given him tofield and that is from abandoning the Quran. Number three is not listening to the Quran, just disengaging oneself from all of the activities that are around him. And if he doesn't want to totally, absolutely disengage himself, then partly disengaged himself. One example is the month of Ramadan. And we're not too far from Sonata Madrid, and this day would have been over. inshallah, so the lady is in the house, and she's cooking. So in the kitchen, she has the Quran playing. So she's listening to the Quran, while she's doing her cooking, and so forth and so on. Everyone is in the house, and the Quran is playing. They

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played Soto Baccarat in order to keep the shape on out of the house. And at the same time, they are listening to the Quran. So the kid is growing up, and he's listening to the Quran as a part of his life. I know as a child growing up in America, as an African American, we have our own culture. And music is a part of our culture, just like it is a part of everybody else's culture. And I remember, like it was just a crystal clear insight. I mean, it's crystal clear, even with me fast, and it becomes even more clear, because as we fast, our minds are really clear. I remember growing up, and the music and the sounds that were beaming in my house in the rooms of my house, when my mother was

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cleaning up when things were happening, when we used to go to parties, when we used to go to picnics, when we would go out on a family outing, we will wake up for school and my mother would play the radio play songs that to this very day. If I were to hear some of those songs, they will take me back to that time. Then I say what Allah said in the Quran asking the question, I tested the rune a lady who were at the lab Levy, who hired would you people exchange that which is better, you take that which is better. And you put that aside and you take that which is worse. So you take that which is better, which is the Quran, put it on the side, instead of playing it in the in the house

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so the children can grow up on that listening to that, being acquainted with it. Put that on the side. And then we play music, Eric using

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Indian music, wherever African music, hip hop whatever it happens to be. So the Quran the Quran, listening to the Quran, not listening to the Quran rebag Allah is one of the signs of the non Muslims of Quraysh and the non Muslims in general. They do not want to listen to the Quran. Allah mentioned describe their situation in the Quran he said about those non Muslims will call a lady in a cafe rula tessmer only had the Quran what else Oh, all feed I look I'm totally born. And those who disbelieve they said during the time of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Sleeman kathira they said to their friends, to the other non Muslims. Don't Don't listen to this Quran.

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Don't listen to the Quran. And when it's being recited, make noise, make noise over it so that you will be the ones who are victorious.

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Because the non Muslims of Quraysh they actually knew that the Quran had the ability to affect and to impact. They used to warn each other. Don't go listen to Muhammad, because he's going to mesmerize you with his magic. And some of the salvage from the people, you know the ones who are riffraff, the people from society who don't think for themselves. They just fly with everyone that comes they used to listen and they wouldn't go. But there will be some people will say, Don't tell me what they do. I'm smart enough to be able to discern what I hear. I can tell if it's true, or if it's not true, and they will go and they will listen to the Quran. And then when they will sit and

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listen to the Quran. They will go back to Qureshi and say Hey, hey, this is not the speech of a human being. Some of them will go and they will listen. And they will accept Islam. Allah tada mentioned in the Quran called Oh Hiya, LA. And no stemma Anna from mineral Jen

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for Carlo in semi Quran and I Jabba Yeah, the lol ha, yeah, the erosion for Armand de Waal en nuestra Kabira. Bina

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tell them your Mohammed, tell your community, the Muslims, the non Muslims tell the world.

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Verily, it has been revealed to me I've been told I've been informed that a group of jinn were listening to the Quran when I was reciting it. They were listening to the Quran. And when they listened to the Quran, they came and they told each other and see to be quiet, be quiet. And they sat in a lesson and the Prophet was reading sallallahu it was telling them after they finished the recitation of the Quran, they got up and they said, this Quran, it is an amazing recitation, it guys who rushed the guidance and as a result of that, we believe in it and we will not make shift with our Lord. And then they went back to the people move it in the genuine back to the gym, and they

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started giving Dawa Illa Allah so the Quran by merely listening to it, it has an effect and it has an impact that the scholars call la jazz. It is a miracle and it is amazing. alone. subhanho wa Taala mentioned in the Quran NFV Danica vicara lumen karnala who can

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Oh per summer, well who was Shaheed Verily, this is a book that is a reminder, and it is a remembrance. For the one who has a heart he has the ability to contemplate, to reflect, to understand and is a remembrance and a reminder for the one who gives to it, his listening his undivided attention, and he is paying heed, and he's taking heed, he is listening. So abandoning the Quran is not to take the time out, to just sit down and just to listen to the book of Allah even if you don't understand it, to be moved by it. So that that Quran that recitation that caught on it causes you to have even more Eman And Allah subhanho wa Taala as it relates to the Hadith of the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Rasul Allah used to listen to the Quran he was sitting with his companion, one of the aroma of the Quran, a scholar from the companions, his name was Abdullah Amos rude may Allah be pleased with them. Rasul Allah said to Abdullah beautimous all sallallahu alayhi wa sallam read for me the Quran read me the Quran.

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Abdullah bmus Oh God, he was shocked, surprised, maybe shy. He said God also Allah, you want me to read to you and upon you and for you the Quran, and the Quran was revealed on you. You're the man here. You're the expert. You're the teacher of the Quran. You want me to read it on you. The Prophet told him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Hebrew and a smile Who made it? I love to hear it from other than me. I love to hear it from other people. I love to hear it being read. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam attentively. Abdullah minimus all said I began to read Surah An Nisa. He began with Sudoku, he sat and he said I came to the iron in sort of nice, I will allow Tyler

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mentioned in the iron confer k for either jednom and Cooley met him be shahidan widget now because he shahida How is it going to be yo mukaiyama Mohammed, if we bring every single nation yo mo kiama and we bring the witness over that nation, their Prophet, their messenger that was sent to them and then we bring you over this

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On over this nation, when Abdullah being the most old read that I had, he said that the Prophet said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has spoken Stop, stop. Abdullah Abdullah Massaro says so I stopped, and I looked up for either I now who refined, I looked up and I looked at him, and lo and behold, his eyes was shedding tears, the effect and the impact of listening to the Quran. The scholar said that one of the reasons that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did this was to establish and to show up to 18 months old and the rest of this old man that less than two, the Quran is from the Sunnah, because the Sunni is what he said, what he did. And when something happened in his presence,

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and he saw it, he heard about it, he knew about it, and he remained quiet, then that thing that was done, it is considered to be the pseudonym because he had no he heard about it, and he gave us tacit approval and he remained silent. So by listening to the Quran, the prophet is showing us sallallahu alayhi wasallam that that's from the Sunnah. He brought this religion and he brought this Quran. And by listening to the Quran, he himself was showing us it's a lot of rewards in that, and there are just too many examples. The Time Is Flying. But I would really like to take more time out just to go over this aspect of making hygiene of the crown and abandon the Quran. By not listening to it,

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you're driving to work, you're coming from work, put on the Quran, you're idle, you don't have anything to do. Put on the Quran. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He was passing by one of his companions. His Konya was Abu Musab al ash it may Allah be pleased with him. Abu Musab was reading the Quran Rasul Allah passed by, he heard him reading the Quran, he stopped and he listened to him he stopped and he listened to him. Now you can imagine the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was always busy. He's a father. He's a grandfather. He's a husband. He's the he's the teacher. He's in. He's in control of the army. He sallallahu wasallam has to have dialogue. He has to have discussions

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he has to go into negotiations with the people who are now Muslims in the city. You know, like we're saying now we're on lockdown with the corona. And before Corona, we didn't have time for the Quran. What do we have to say now? What do we have to say now in the month of Ramadan, and we're not really engaging in the listening of the book of Allah azza wa jal, so he was busy. despite that fact, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam listened to the recitation of Abu Musab ashari who didn't know that the Prophet was listening to him. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Rasul Allah saw Abu Musab The next day, he said Laura eighth and he was a STEMI Electra attack Albury Ha. If you would

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have only seen me you didn't see me but if you would have only seen me, I was listening to your recitation yesterday last night. Abu Salah Sharia was listening to your recitation, he said Verily you have been given a miasma from the Messiah Amir of Al darood. Al Tao Buddha, you have been given a flute, from the flutes of what the old was given the meaning of flute, not the actual instrument of a flute, which is haraam, but that will have the Psalms. He had the bore the bore. And I remember when I was a Christian, we used to believe very heavily in the Psalms. And I remember reading from the Psalms in our church that we used to go through Al Hamdulillah for Allah He Daya for towhee for

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Al Islam were ruled to be like him and and COVID will ship will cave it will hoorah fat will better. But I remember that the Psalms of download. He used to praise a lot and the way we're praise Allah, his voice was amazing. So Abu Musab Ashley's recitation resembled that So the point here is that the EBU sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to listen to the Quran. Look what happened. Another example and they are many. He was waiting for our mother I Isha his wife wrote the Allah was some Lola what he was saying. He had an appointment with her that she was supposed to come to the house. He was waiting for her, but she was late getting there. Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when she came

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into the house, he said what happened when you Ben responsibility of the husband, to ask his wife to ask those under his authority?

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DNS supervision where you been? Why are you wearing that? Where are you going? Who are you going with this is the responsibility is going to be questioned about that. You know, in these days that Ramadan unfortunately every single game Ramadan, we have this situation where Muslims are killing other Muslims and Muslims are being killed by other Muslims gang activity, anti social behavior and this mess Jade green a Masjid, we try our level best to try to eradicate and address these issues and I'm doing that right now.

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This year is no exception to the rule where and Smethwick about a week ago or so after Ramadan came in a group of people, youngsters from our community, they engaged, you know, in some violent activity, and I saw this with my own eyes and the WhatsApp message was sent to me. And one of the guys took a knife, and he stabbed the guy in his heart. And then he took a step or two back and then he fell back on his head and he died, checked out dead.

00:36:06--> 00:37:01

For what? For what, there's no benefit for that lost his life for Nothing. Absolutely nothing is a shame. And it is a set of circumstances that are quite disturbing, quite disturbing. The nibio sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, he has brought a religion for us a religion that tells us when we have to do our best to engage our community and focusing on the book of Allah. We don't have time for all of this other stuff. The father is responsible for knowing what his children are up to. Who is his child running with coming with going with seven with dilla with talking to the internet, the PlayStation, all of that? So he said, Well, you've been Ayesha, why are you late? She said

00:37:01--> 00:37:36

you're still alive. And the way the reason why I was late, it was a religious issue was a good thing. I was in some way making thorough thorough with the women just chewing the cut with the women talking out on the side of my neck with the women just you know, smacking my lips and doing the my lips my tongue the way the cow does, just talking clam fatik there was a religious reason that caused me to be delayed. And that is I heard one of your companions reading the Quran and will lie he and never heard a recitation like that in my life. The Prophet heard that sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:37:37--> 00:38:22

And he said, Show me. Look how he wants to check it out for himself. He could ask the lot send jabril I want to know who is that? He says Show me. He didn't have that in the middle. Hey, he wasn't housing nosm he knows the unseen. He's omnipresent. He doesn't know who she was talking about. He wasn't there. That's why he said why you like if he was has a nozzle, he wouldn't know why she was late. Yeah, he by the rock man belay. alikom. I asked you by lon the month of Ramadan this year, leave off this Hurrah fat prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam knows the unseen and prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is every play simultaneously lauhala he, Ella.

00:38:24--> 00:38:42

I heard him yet also Let's go. So she took them. He went Salalah why they were Salim and he started listening. He said, that's my companion, that Salim the free slave of Abu hanifa. And then he said Alhamdulillah Levy, Jai, Lamin ametrine

00:38:43--> 00:38:56

or praises are due to Allah who has put in my oma a person like that. A person like that whiny pay attention. The Prophet when he listened to his companion, some a lot. He was seldom.

00:38:57--> 00:39:45

He didn't get jealous at his recitation harshly learn some of the people if they find a person from their contemporaries, their friends, their relatives, he reads the Quran with a more beautiful voice. We have hazard. We are jealous. We have hacked were against her Prophet Mohammed then say in front of his wife, his jealousy. Why are you looking at the man? Why are you listening to that man? I know some people they're jealous. They don't want their wives listen to this dire that dire jealousy but mommy wasn't like that. His wife her the height of the keytab of Allah. He said to his wife, that is Salim the free slave of Abu hanifa Oh praise a due to Allah there has put a person

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

like that made a man like that. And my own man. Why is it important to have a man like that? Because if we have people who are Quran reciters of the Quran and they can read it, it makes us more inclined to come and listen

00:40:00--> 00:40:51

more inclined to go to Frasier back in New Jersey and at the savers because I have a lot of people that have love for in New Jersey there's a Mr call Miss j as hubballi mean Miss j as heavily I mean on Fourth Avenue Miss J. They have a brother by the name of a share Abdelaziz from Africa half naked tabula Martin knows what he's doing with the book of Allah will hamdulillah you go and you hear that man's recitation, you will be hard pressed not to go to listen to him for Salah to failure, that recitation will give you more desire to get up to go listen to this man's recitation. All praises are due to Allah that has made a person like this and put them in my own mind. So if you look at

00:40:51--> 00:40:52

some of these Quran today,

00:40:53--> 00:41:41

you like who you like, I like who I like she likes, who she likes, and so forth and so on. We look at some of these people today. My favorite reciter is the Somali chef, a chef, Abdul Rashid, Abdul Rashid Ali, Heather, the man can recite that Quran. You listen to him, he makes you want to listen to the Quran. There's a man by the name of Mohammed karate rod, they record the tremendous recitation of the Quran, he's from Kurdistan, the man from a Sudan His name is noraim. Mohammed saw the alpha d tremendous Quran, the Quran, you listen to that, and Masha Allah, they connect the highest of the community to the book of Allah by listening to the Quranic one as I mentioned, the

00:41:41--> 00:42:32

jinn are affected as it said in Surah to Jen, they listen to the Quran and they were affected by the Quran, the non Muslims even the people make *. Allah tala mentioned in the Quran to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a head on men and mushrikeen esta Jara katha Gil who hide as Mark Olam, Allah, yeah Mohammed, if one of the polytheist the non Muslims if they came to seek your protection thing give them protection so that they can hear that speech of Allah the Quran, perchance perhaps they are going to be guided way that coriell put on fancy two level was stemming for standing with our one seat hula hula counter hormone. If the Quran is being read, then listen to

00:42:32--> 00:43:18

it and be quiet in the hopes that you have Rama by listening to the Quran, being quiet and listening to the Quran. Laila come to her moon. There's going to be Rama as a result of listen to the Quran. The Malacca when someone is reading the Quran in the masjid and the Muslims are learning and reading the Quran. He says a lot he was suddenly much Tamar comfy beta member Utila yet Runa Kitab Allah He waited darsana who female Bayno in lenez, Allah tala Rama, there is not a group of Muslims who come to the house the masjid and they read the Quran and they learn the Quran to things that I mentioned. Had you read the Quran, not to learn it not to read it. He said they come to the Quran domestic they

00:43:18--> 00:43:46

hear the Quran. whenever that happens, the kina comes down and the Mullah ikka come down the man that he could come down and they surround them that is an impact of the Quran, the mushrikeen of Quraysh the non Muslims, they used to hear the Quran they will embrace the Quran. Allah said about Unruh. Kitab about the Christians that when they hear the Quran when they hear the Quran, those people as he said, Tara you know whom tofield woman a dumb man a dumber man, the

00:43:48--> 00:44:35

the Christians when they hear the recitation of the Quran, they listen to it, you will see tears coming out some of the eyes coming down some of their eyes because of what they know. It contains from the truth about what was said about move sign or a sign what happened and what's going to happen y'all know kiama so during the time of the Prophet, this was the situation sallallahu alayhi wa Allah it was sell them. So with that being the case, listening to the Quran, why it is important, and I conclude by saying, We listened to the book of Allah azza wa jal, because in his guidance, but the mere listening love it and to it gives Rama and it affects us. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

00:44:35--> 00:44:57

sallam will be sitting on his camel, the Quran will come down and the camel will fall down. The revelation will come to him. The Quran with the camel will fall down Allah said in Saluki Anika Colin's tequila, we're going to reveal to you a statement that is heavier Mohammed low in Santa Ana Ana jevelin Nora a to her jam matassa

00:44:59--> 00:44:59


00:45:00--> 00:45:06

build this Khurana mountain, the mountain would have fell down follow a Sunday out of the fear of Allah.

00:45:08--> 00:46:01

So if it hits the heart of a believer, it should affect them. Allah mentioned in the Quran in Malmo Menon and levena in a book, you know Allah, would you let kulu boom, we're either toliet la hinzu Dayton imana while arrabbiata workato verily the real believers, the true believers are those people who, when allies mentioned when allies mentioned their hearts tremble, yeah, he tequila. He takes he Yeah, he Fiala Yaki Allah said this Allah said that the person listens to it. Now like the people who say man I in China he that I'm trying to hear that nonsense. miss me with that nonsense. That could be a statement of coffee, the love the I said, very true believers of those people who, when

00:46:01--> 00:46:24

allies mentioned that the Kabbalah the Quran, the hook by whatever the vicar of Allah, their hearts become tranquil in his fearing Allah, and when his ayat are being read that to a man, the man goes up, the demand goes up, even if they don't know the meaning of the Quran, they are listening to and they say, this is the canum of my Lord.

00:46:26--> 00:47:05

One of the great scholars of Islam from the tab in his name was Mujahid, Mujahid Mujahid, he went over the Quran, so many times with Abdullah Ibn Abbas more than 10 times he said every ayat I will say tab, the companion What is this? I mean, what does that stop them at every iron. So therefore if the tafsir comes to you from puja had taken whenever Mooji I would read the Quran out of respect he would take the Quran he would say Kitab or rugby the book of my Lord, and then he will kiss it out of respect. We see that happen with some of our elders, some of them do this and put them on their head. Don't put it on your head, just kiss it because the the selected there but some of the

00:47:05--> 00:47:15

brothers look as ad bidda What are you doing? That says respect for the Quran Take it easy, very the true believers are the ones when a lie is mentioned.

00:47:16--> 00:48:01

Lies mentioned their hearts become fearful and when it is to read their amen is increased and they totally absolutely dependently rely on Allah with a telecoil another ayat and there are many Allah tala mentioned in the Quran. Allah who Nasrallah us and Hadith Kitab him with a shabby hammer Fannia tuck share a Roman hope. julio de la Vina Schoener a boom from mottolino jeu de Houma. polu boom, mira Killa. Allah is the one who has revealed the best speech, a book that resembles itself. It says something here that said the same thing over here, and it's saying the same thing over here.

00:48:02--> 00:48:50

And then the same, the same thing over here. It says it the same way or a different way, not too shabby. It resembles itself. And it is nathania. It repeats itself over and over and over and over again. It causes the skin of the believers to tremble. And then their skin and their heart shivers from the fear of allies with Jelena the vicar of Allah furbishing A baddie levena Yes, Tammy Runa give glad tidings to my servants who listen to the Quran and they follow a center for your own center. They follow the best part of it. So brothers and sisters in Islam

00:48:51--> 00:49:01

listen to the book of Allah give some time to the listening of the Quran. We go back to bed after fudger puran on make it low, listen to it.

00:49:03--> 00:49:56

When you in the car listen to it. Anytime you have a frog or free time, try to listen to the book of Allah macduffie behalf l putter and we're gonna stop here is shallow tada and ask Allah subhana wa tada by his greatest name, his ism and album to make us of those people who respect and love to listen to the Quran. They love the Quran, they respect the Quran, and they give a part of the Quran a part of their lives in time to the Quran. He says of Allah when he was sending them elcor on her jutaan leca iric the Quran will be an argument for you or against you. Did you listen to it? Did you believe it? Hi, that was so Lola who was sending them robotic, I don't know beginner. While he was

00:49:56--> 00:50:00

happy as mine. I don't want to ask you brothers and sisters. Not to the

00:50:00--> 00:50:09

Get to make dua that allies with Yo guys my parents to Islam and to the Sunnah was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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sure, I need to know.

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