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The speakers emphasize the importance of youth in life during difficult times, including struggles with animals and struggles with women. They caution against being too afraid to ask questions and avoid the danger of embarrassment. The speakers stress the importance of learning and growth for children to be successful in life and emphasize the need for parents to elevate their children to be strong and confident. They also advise parents to focus on their own happiness and success, and mention upcoming events and opportunities for learning.

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Are the villa administrators rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been listening. So you didn't know Hammond while early. He was Sofia Germain, my beloved brothers and sisters I said Mr alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always it will begin with the praise and thanks of Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah will testify that is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanho wa Taala and we send our love and our greetings so beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who is pious and his pure family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. Yeah, Allah blesses to be amongst them mean will hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Today, we will talk about Tuesday, and it's Father's Day, we're going to talk a bit about that. But last week, we spoke about trauma and tragedy and sadness. And you know, while you're

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doing research, a hadith pops up in this hadith, and Allah didn't find it yesterday, last week. But in today's lecture, I found it. And I thought, I'll just want to add this hadith, it's about last week, we spoke about hardship. And everyone's gonna go through difficulty and Subhan. Allah make it easy, whatever difficulty you're going in, going through. And we say that difficulty is part of life. It's a guarantee from Allah. And this hadith, the responses that Allah when he sees you going through difficulty he loves

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Allah, you laugh at me when I'm going through difficulty. Allah loves when he sees you in the space, because he knows he can see down the line, the relief is coming. He can see the cue is coming. He can see the ease is coming and you don't, we can't see it. But he sees it and he feels so happy. That a time you just have to go through this for a little bit longer. And then you you're going to have it's going to be conflict again. And the Sahaba asked their business alum does Allah really love something think about does Allah laugh. And then, of course Allah loves and the Sahaba said, we always felt optimistic and positive, that we have a lord that gets happy, and he laughs And he looks

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at us and he looks with joy and happiness upon His creation, Allah grant, the relief for all of us be very, very close. Allah grant whatever difficulty, may the end of a difficulty come very, very soon. I mean, Hamdulillah, this talk about youth, and so on, I feel so sorry for the youth your month has been hijacked. It's not youth month anymore. It's pride month. And your days almost hijack because it's Father's Day. So the youth are just falling less and less on the ladder. But young people are a special demographic, and Allah subhanaw taala. And the reason Salam specifically highlighted when Allah mentions is about young people and then Abby salaam, with the Yama Shabaab,

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he's calling out to the young people. So it's a demographic that Islam looks at. And that is a very special time. For those of us who have passed youth, you know, you can never get it back. blessings come and go, health comes in goes, Money comes and goes. But time and the youth of the time of your youth, you only have it once. And it's a type of time in your life where you have a little crazy, you know, you're not scientifically speaking to the youngsters, when you are going through. So your teenage years and your early 20s, your brain isn't fully formed yet, you're not fully mature, that's fine. And that is why sometimes the times when we make the most silly mistakes, and we are the most

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reckless is during that period. And that's normal. That's sort of what is expected. But some people are able to come out of that time, and really secure the place of Allah subhanaw taala, that if you're able to use those teenage years, in your early 20s, in a good way, it really sets you up for life. And it's quite strange that Allah subhanaw taala makes you a causes you to make the big decisions of your life at that period. At the time, when you are the least equipped to make the right decisions. You don't have experience, you don't have knowledge, your brain is not fully formed. It's at that point in time that you're going to choose your career. And most likely you will

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stick with that career for the rest of your life. It's in that time from 15 to 25, we most likely you'll meet your partner, your husband or your wife, which you hope will be your partner for the rest of your life. It's at that time when the friends that you make the people that you become friends with during that period tend to be the friends for the rest of your life. So the person that you're going to grow up the man or the woman that you're going to become, it really is dependent on that period of time. And it's so scary that that is also the time when you can make the biggest mistakes. And so in this special time, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks to our young people to make

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the right decisions and the right choices because if you do it right, it really sets yourself up. And so in Surah Kahf, Allah gives examples of young people. So the sort of trickle curve, we're not going to go through a lot of seed we know it's about a group of youngsters, teenage guys, so think about it. 1718 year olds, the inner community and there's a lot

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lot of evil happening this party is in all kinds of haram happening. And these young this group of youngsters Now usually when you have a gang of young boys, you can only imagine they doing all the wrong. They said, No, no, this is not for us.

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And they said that we can't, we're not going to fight and argue. Let's go and have a camp. We just get to extract ourselves from our community. We're not going to go to the party. We're going to go and spend the evening in a cave and just stay away from it. So let's This is our fifth year. Fifth year means that fitna, fifth year means youngsters. Allah says when these youngsters went to the cave, and they said for call Robina Our Lord attina Mala don't Kurama Oh Allah have mercy on us. Well, he lent me Amina Rashida and grant as mercy from yourself and guide us through this ordeal guide us that we don't fall into the drugs and all the harms is going on us panela you will not any

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you know you are the same like the youngsters of the cave all around you. These invitations for haram. No group of young people, no group of youngsters

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are being tested like our youngsters today.

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Scientists historian said fit around could not fit on who was worshipped as a god could not pick up his phone and click a button and see all the naked women in the dunya that our 10 year olds 15 year olds can do. He could not click a button and travel to where he wants to go. whatever he wanted. Our youngsters can do that. Can you imagine the amount of fitna the amount of temptation that's within their grasp. And so either we fall into it, and we ask Allah for forgiveness and prediction, or the very special ones rise above, like the people of the cave. They said look, we can change our society. Rather we will step back and we will get together good friends will have a Bri will have a

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camp and Allah subhanho wa Taala caused him to be an iron. Every Friday we decide this we decide about the story. Already Pete's a second time, knocking on acoustal Alec Unabomber hack, let me tell you the story. In the home fit here. The first thing this is what I want you to know about them that they were a fear that they were a group of youngsters. If this was a bunch of Alama old Allah wants to do these a party this the whole new year's festival, let us go to the masjid and make it decaf. So that's not a big deal. That's easy. But when 15 year olds get together and say, Look, this is not for us. We will invite it to the party but we don't want to be the that is something very, very

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special. so special that Allah mentioned in the Quran that you recited every Friday Subhanallah Armando gurobi him they believe in the Lord was either was either now muda and so Allah says, they made the trade with Allah. So what did we do? We increase them in guidance, everything now Allah made easy for them. So my young brothers and sisters, choose well now choose well now and Allah will put amazing things in your future. You will give you a good life, Inshallah, you will give you a good spouse, a good career, prioritize Allah in your youth, and you will look after you for the rest of your life. Give up on some of the enjoyment which is haram. It doesn't bring you pleasure so that

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Allah will invest in your future. I mean,

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another good example of a young man and maybe Allah subhanaw taala tells the story of Nabi Musa from a baby until his death and we get to see Nabi Musa in his youth. And Abu Musa wasn't the perfect young man. It's fine, like he did a mistake that many of us inshallah never did. He killed someone by mistake of you. Musa was a very strong, many, many strong, tall men. And he had a great desire to fix the world and help people and he couldn't see oppression happening. And sometimes, because of our zeal because of our enthusiasm, we make mistakes. And so we want to be Musa when you saw one of the gods abusing one of the people of bunnies or any of the slaves, he intervene, and he punched the

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guy by mistake and he killed the guy. One shot now if you Musa killed the guy, the soldier, and so he had to run away. And now he's a youngster he's in he's maybe 2122 he's on the run. He committed murder. He comes to Allah says He comes to a town called Meridian. What am I what are the medina so when Nabi Musa arrived at the wells on the city of Meridian, he's been running through the desert for a couple of weeks. He's exhausted, he doesn't know what to do.

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Look at him this young man.

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Look at the kind of person he is. What are the other human milanesa scorner what does that mean? Dooney Hema imra tiny Sudan. So now this young, strong 20 year old sits the at the wells and he sees a group of people coming to water the animals the farmers are coming and they bring the animals and in the background, he sees two girls, two teenage girls pretty girls there in the corner. They fighting with animals struggling, struggling, struggling. Now what is the gentleman do? This is a gentleman this is a young man that you know if I can help someone, someone that old lady struggling with the bags, I'm gonna help her. I see someone that needs help. That's what it means to be a hero

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and our you know, doesn't we? He's under way on the outside and flies around. A hero is someone that sees problems in society. What can I do? What can I do to fix it? So he goes to these young girls called Mr. Haku Kumar.

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because I was not someone with much eloquence, he says, what's up with the two of you? Why are you guys why are you ladies here struggling with animals or cars. So they said, we are not able to water animals the main year won't give us a chance. They're not giving us a chance to water our animals that obviously the animals want to drink. Now we have to hold them back. Well, Abouna che Han Kabir and our dad is an old man, he's a big chef. Out there is a big chef. So he's not here. So we have to do the work of men. You can imagine. You can imagine how farmers and farm workers, what they were saying, when they see these two young girls trying to be in the company of men. You can imagine the

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comments that were being made. And Abu Musa couldn't stand this. Without one word. He doesn't even speak to them for Sakala Houma when he understood, he didn't even ask them permission. He just took the animals just like Lafave and they'll be Musa being this big strong man he works. And the farmers see this guy and they just go to one side and they'd be Musa, what is the animal? And then he gives it back to them. He doesn't even say does aka hate, I want anything. He just gives it back to them. The wall Dooley, so he goes back to history to what am I going to do with my life? You know, so he was contemplating what should I do with my life? Where am I now I don't know what to do. I see these

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girls need some help I help them. And I go back to my contemplation. And he sits there thinking about pondering about my future. Now. Maybe as you get a little older at 19 You're thinking these big questions. What career must I do? Where do I fit in the world? Who am I gonna get married to you wondering all these things? And then you help the old lady across the road? Not thinking much about it. And then Allah answers your questions. So he's sitting in the shade, he just helped the girls. He says all I can do is make dua and he says to Allah, I'll be in Neelima and Delta II, I'm in hiding for here. He says, Oh Allah, if you can send me any good, I'll be so happy here. Allah, I

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have nothing, I just need your help. And immediate Fauja. That far. As I said before, whenever you see the fight, it means immediately, immediately one of those two girls came to him and said, Our dad heard what you did for us. He's inviting you for supper. And we know he made the old man. And immediately that old man employed him, you got a place to stay, you got a job, and you got a wife out of the deal. One Two good deed. Point is, as a youngster, you could have been in that company looking at those girls making those comments.

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You did that and maybe Allah forgave you, but you closed a door of some great blessing that could have come to you. Or you could have chosen to do something good for the purely for the kindness of your heart, not expecting anything out of it. And Allah opened up a door you didn't know existed, a blessing that could have come to you that you wouldn't have been able to achieve. So make the right choices as a young person and see how Allah, Allah opens doors for you. And this is the time of choice youth.

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And so be careful that Allah mentioned certain things that as a young person you need to be wary and careful of Allah says in the Quran. One of the things as a young person the choices you're going to make, be careful who your friends are. Look at this ayah Allah says, yo maya dissolvable Allah they on the day of PML when those who committed sin will be biting their hands, they will chewing they will chew on their hands. Yeah. Kulu they will say yeah, lead to any Woe to me how stupid I am. If the customer is rasuu disabil. Why did I not take Why did i Why did I not walk the path of the Nabhi? Yeah, away. Let's go to me. Later Neelam at Fullerton. kalila Why did I take this person as

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my friend on the piano, a lot of people will regret so many stupid things I did in my life wasn't from me. I was peer pressured into doing it. I didn't even enjoy it. But because my friend convinced me to do it, I did it. So he's gonna say Woe to me. I wished I had never taken this person as my colleague as my close friend. It was he who truly made me go astray from the remembrance of Allah often reached me and shaytaan has always betrayed humanity. So be careful who your friends are. Be careful, your friends can make you or break you. Your friends can guide you and assist you in doing so much amazing things, or they can lead you completely off the path and abbyson says a man is on

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the religion of his best friend. If you want to know the kind of person you are, look at what the what your best friend is like, if your best friend is hardworking, studious, doing well in school, most likely you in that group. If your best friend is doing naughty things, mischief committing haram, most likely you're part of the group. So look at the ways and the religion of your best friend, it will tell you a lot about yourself. So there'll be select you select Everyone, look at who his friends are. Be careful you take as a friend, and be careful how you act in public and in the group. The resources he comes and he walks and he sees a group of youngsters. And he says to

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them be way about don't sit like this in the road. Now many of us how many youngsters, you know, where do youngsters congregate? They sit in the corner. And usually it's not you when you're when you see a group of youngsters on a corner and it's late at night or Friday night. Most likely they're not reciting hard times the right night, you know, you have to bet your life on they're not doing some vicar or something good is they must be something mischievous. So there'll be some says be way when you sit like this. So these are Sahaba youngsters and this era Shula will

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don't have any other place to sit, we don't have any other place to chill. This is where we were no one we don't have a place to, we don't have no one of us has like a basement where we can hang out. So that is okay. If you're going to sit like this on the road and sit together, then observe the right of the road, the road as a hawk on you, how you treat the road, so little on the people, you need to observe it correctly. And he said, What must you do? If you see a girl you see something, lower your gaze. Look away when you see haram. And refrain from doing any harm to people don't, don't cause anyone inconvenience. Don't be loud. Don't cause people anxiety, people coming past and

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you make them feel anxious. Don't harm anyone and Greek people. Whenever someone comes a Salaam Alaikum Peace be upon you.

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And then when you are there, if you see any good, help someone to do good, you see something wrong, then forget it. The Prophet was teaching us as youngsters in a group. That's how you should engage when you are together.

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The other advice be choose your friends, well engage in public in a dignified way. Number two, be very careful, you get married to panela. You look at all these self help guides and it's fun that we go to these things before we go to the Hadith. You ask them, How did you become so successful? Behind every successful man is a is a title 93 is a supportive wife, your wife, your partner, your husband, is you're going to bring you the happiness of the dunya it's going to give you the misery of this dunya. Then the Psalm says, The greatest blessing A man can have a woman can have often Eman, the best thing is to have the man to have Allah videos with Allah. But the next best thing,

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not billions in your bank account. Not beauty, not power in a kingdom is to have a good partner, a partner that when you look at her, she makes you happy. When she speaks to you he like you know you're as this is what you want my Allah grant, those of you are not married, may Allah grant your marriage way. No matter how difficult life is all you need to do is pick up the phone, call your wife call your husband, and automatically you feel better. There is nothing like that on Earth. So then so Allah is saying youngsters, I know, half your time is thinking about soccer. And the other half is thinking about marriage. Right? That's, you know, those are the things that you think about

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most of the time. Be careful when you get married to Allah Subhan says, What unconditionally got hotter you mean Allah says don't get married to a non Muslim idol worshipper until they become Muslim? Well, I'm attune Mina, to that a slave, very simple. A girl that comes from a very, very, how would we say backward or very humble background, someone that doesn't have much education, someone that doesn't have all this amazing, she's the most beautiful. Allah says a believing woman no matter what, even if she was a slave is better than a non Muslim. Well,

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even though she dazzles you, she's Miss World. Why? Because Allah says that this lady calls you to Jana. And that lady calls you to Jana, and also same to them to the ladies, ladies, marry a believer over this believer, because even if you marry a slave man, he doesn't have a good job. He's not successful materially. Whereas you got the billion US proposing to you choose that slave man why? Because that slave man was a believer will guide you to Jannah and that person will guide you away from Allah. So Allah reminds you, your Jana and Jana is dependent sometimes on who you get married, choose well, in who you get married. You want to choose well, you want to do it once, right? You

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want to marry that person. And you know, we always make this soft token in the Nikka. In Islam, we don't have to do your part when you get when you make cobuild Tunica handsy with Alec is until death do you part, when you die, you find that they in Kiama also. So this is choosing you getting married for keeps you getting married for the dunya and the akhira. And if you choose well, subhanAllah there'll be nothing better than working hand in hand together in Jannah. With a partner, that person that's better than struggled with you that woke you up for 5g when you are tired and you woke up for 5g when she was tired when you see Luke coming into the site together. That is what a marriage

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should be like, because your objective is Janna.

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Lastly for the youth, then a visa Salam is reminding you about this time, it will never come back. You can never reclaim your youth.

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Once it's gone, and so many of our young, older, older people, I can see the aids are down, you're reflecting Well, it's the best time of your life and you give anything to go back. But you and you'd want to do it differently. All of us wish we could go back and do something better. study a little harder, you know, take opportunities that we had not being so scared or living our life but in a good way. And the reason is there are two blessings which people waste. They waste their free time and makes basically the youth and their health. We only become pious and religious when we are sick and when things are good and going well and we have free time and holidays.

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be wasted. And so the best way you can spend your youth, you don't have kids to look after you don't have bills to pay, your time is yours. You can spend playing games and enjoying yourself. And there's nothing wrong with that if it's halal, but it's also an opportunity to really, really what you can do. And if you look at all the great scholars and the great if you want to achieve something, whether you want to become like a soccer player, you want to become professional, you want to become good at anything, you must have almost mastered it in your youth, you don't become something amazing in your 30s in your 40s that boat has sailed. So if you want to be something

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amazing, and you want to learn a skill and you want to become excellent at something, give yourself to learning in your teenage years in your 20s

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Allah subhanho wa Taala gives he does not give knowledge for free. It's one thing I repeated many times, Allah gives many blessings for free, he can give you billions for free, you can die, you know someone can die, you get near it, and you didn't work one day, but you got billions. You can get beautiful free people are born kings, countries are given to them for free all even Eman Allah gives you not many of us here are born Muslims. We didn't have to fight for Islam, we got it for free. But knowledge you will never get for free. If you want to become a pilot or a doctor or anything, you need to sacrifice your time to get it. Allah doesn't give knowledge for free. So this is the time

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this is that moment, you will never have more time in your life like you have now. The minute you get married and you have kids, you don't your time doesn't belong to you anymore. If you can go to bed just before 12 o'clock Hamdulillah you don't have time anymore to study or to learn to use it now. Use that time to become an expert in something and look at this beautiful Hadith another beautiful Hadith. Allah says so there are businesses, Allah, Allah is amazed. Again, another adjective, you don't ascribe to Allah, your energy, Allah is amazed. He's astounded by a young person who doesn't act foolishly, they mature, they make good decisions, because to Allah, the

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default is you're gonna make dumb decisions. And so therefore the one or two that makes good decisions that thinks down the line, such a person amazes Allah subhanaw taala. And the manager was His Majesty. And then we know, of course, a beautiful Hadith, on the day of piano, when all of mankind will be sweating under the heat of the sun, and Johanna is brought close, and the only shade is the shade of the issue of Allah. And everybody is going to be crying and fearful. Allah protect us from the day, Allah will call seven types of people and invite them to stand in the shade. And if you look at these seven,

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we don't want to go too deep in this hadith. But if you look at the seven, Allah was gonna call the Kings, we are the kings and the presidents who are good. How many of them are they? In the world, I don't know if we can have even one on that list.

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So the point of this hadith is, it is goes against the grain. It's almost normal that if you're a king, and you're a ruler, and you have power in your hand, you will be unjust. So there's such a few people will be just rulers, Allah will call the kings and the rulers that are just you come under the shade. And then he says, and a youngster who spent his youth in the event of Allah, because there'll be so few youngsters that actually do that. The exception to the rule, be the exception to the rule SubhanAllah. Very what is unimaginable. And yeah, you don't doesn't mean you have to spend your whole day in the masjid. aitikaf and Molana should now make your Salah on time. Don't miss your

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Salah, don't commit Zina. Don't take drugs, don't do any of the major sins, dress appropriately respect your parents just do that.

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That is a youngster who spent the youth in Nevada. And of course, a person who goes at the masjid all the time. And a person who was alone with a beautiful woman and she said, Hey, tell I can't have me do what you want to me. And he says no. How many people would make that decision? So Allah is showing people that in spite of the normal, they go against the grain to do what is right. When you do that you prioritize Allah in those very difficult moments, Allah will give you something special with FTM. So this story, youngsters choice is yours. How you spend your youth, you decide how it is, there's great reward for the one who makes the right choices. And then there's a bit of regret for

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those who don't. And you only will have in your 30s 40s Looking back and said, Why didn't I study but more? Why didn't I make the right choice? Why did I marry this person? Why did I do that? And you only have regrets then. So you choose. And Allah May Allah guide you to make the right choices.

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We transition out to the dads. So either you so everyone here either you're going to be of the youth category. You can decide what the cutoff is, or you're going to be in the dead camp.

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As much as we talk to all young people to make the right choices, the right decisions. A lot of it depends on being good parents.

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But if things are wrong from our youngsters, then it's a reflection on us as parents, if our youth and our sons and daughters are not making the choices that we would want them to make them into also ask do we not have a hand in that it can all be the society and it can all be the teaching and the social media more

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than anyone else the biggest influences on our kids are the parents. And again in order to cough, Allah mentions the story of the orphans, Nabi Musa and Phaedra salaam they come to a town and they see the wall that is broke, breaking, and we feel Islam, he fixes the wall. And every Musa said, Why are you doing this? These people didn't want to give us a glass of water. Where are you going and you mixing the dagger and you're building a wall while you're doing this. And so then he says, MLG Dar es for the wall for Cornelio, hula mania, tea mania feed Medina, what kind of data who cans will Lahoma that under this wall is a treasure, and it belongs to two orphan boys. So Allah wants this

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wall to stand so that they can get the treasure in the future. They don't even know about it. But then look what Allah says, What abou Houma salejaw, and the parents were good parents is the father, the mother were good parents, meaning Allah put this Baraka, this huge treasure in the future, 20 years down the line, they're gonna get it, they don't even know it's the why, because the parents were good. Because the parents were good, Allah made easy the path of the kids, Allah protected the kids. So many times, and I know it's a very difficult conversation, we don't know each child and each person makes their own choices, even the Ambien or Binu had a son who was this believer.

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We can't force our kids to do the right things, but we can influence them. And so a big part of how we want our kids to be raised is how we are an act as parents than resources. This is every child is born in the state of fitrah, Allah has given you a pure child, there's not a single child that comes corrupted. Every single child Allah gave you is a perfect child, then it is his parents that makes him into a Jew, or a Christian or a fire worshiper, or a good person or bad person, it's us as parents how we elevate and grow that child, or we harm them and mess them up. So we need to take responsibility as well. And I speak to myself, first of all, says kids, my kids also need to grow up

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and how many of the problems in their life will be because of me, and in shallow, a lot of the good in their life is because of us as well. So no one is prepared to be a parent, right? No one gave you a manual, how to be a father or mother. You didn't do any teaching or learning. And it's the most important job of your life. I mean, you spent so many years studying to be a doctor or an engineer, or how to put tiles down. But to be a father and a mother, which is really the most important thing you didn't get them. You didn't get any examples. And sometimes when we look at our parents and our grandparents, mercy and Rama, you know, the lessons that they gave us are not relevant to us today.

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Every generation is different. So no parent is perfect, and no child is perfect. But Allah put us together with his wisdom and his knowledge. If you think about what it takes to make a child and how many things need to go, you know, the percentages that have to go right to get that specific child, you can never replicate that Allah designated, this is going to be your son and your daughter. And that is going to be your father and mother for the good and the bad of it. Why? In that struggle, you will get Jana. In that complication, you will get Jana. So as parents in particular, as we talk about Father's Day, we know South Africa has a youth problem. So Africa is a country that has about

00:28:08--> 00:28:20

50% of its population are youngsters. You look at them, a large majority of them unemployed, crime is rampant. We one of the countries that has the highest levels of unnatural that young people should not be dying.

00:28:21--> 00:28:55

It's normal that a person should get to 6070. And for those who aren't 60 might log on to a long life, but it's not normal, that you will die in your 60s or 70s. In South Africa, people dying in the 20s, what's going on, and we look at our society that's falling apart. One of the reasons there's many reasons one of the reasons is that most 30%, one of the highest percentage in the world of children in this country grow up without a father figure. They're being raised by grandmothers, grandparents, or single mothers. Our kids have not seen what a good father is like.

00:28:56--> 00:28:58

So how are they going to be good men and women later on

00:29:00--> 00:29:43

the level of rape the level of violence to women, it speaks to the lack of good role models, male role models. So on Father's Day, if you have a father that guided you, gave you good lessons taught you and you're a Inshallah, good man, our grandfather success they passed the agenda to Philadelphia to be alive, Allah grant him a long life. And then for you as a father, you need to use your input is going to mold your kids. You know how many as a counselor, you find women in very, very bad marriages, abusive managers. And then you look back what's the reason? Something wrong between the father and the daughter, something trauma in the girl's life, messed up her future? And so we have a

00:29:43--> 00:30:00

big role to play in our kids happiness and success. Number one, your duty as a dad so before you celebrate Father's Day, and we all celebrate our dads, ask yourself that I do do I deserve that chocolate to that brightens whatever it is that you're going to get on Sunday. Ask yourself am I doing my job as a dad number one you

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

With the support of your family you need to lead Islamically you need to be practicing Islam and you need to be the one encouraging are we making Salah on time? Are we dressing appropriate guys you need to bring Islam on the agenda again and again and yes you fighting with social media and you fighting with all the other things out there can't avoid those things but you are the one that meant needs to bring Islam on the agenda. That's what it is. Yeah, you are Latina. Amen. Oh believers cool and full circle Malik Nara, save yourself and your family from Jana. This is particularly to the fathers. I was going to ask you, one of the KPIs that you need to do as a man What did you do

00:30:34--> 00:30:46

Islamically for you, for your kids. You need to be the one encouraging them. The second thing as a as a man, Allah has put the burden of protection and to provide on you.

00:30:47--> 00:31:26

Allah says in the Quran Regera Luca wa Munna Nisa, men are responsible for maintaining the women and the children around them. You need to work hard. Unfortunately for the dads, it's no such thing as laziness. That shouldn't be part of our vocabulary. We need to work hard to provide for our family and protect them from the difficulties in the world. So Angela, something to take a listen. The last last last advice of the enemies of Saddam before he died. You were so sick he couldn't talk when he said two things are salah, Salah wa Malacca de Monaco Mala is saying to the Sahaba look after your Salah and look after the people under you meaning your wife and your children. Look after your Salah

00:31:27--> 00:32:02

don't neglect Salah and don't neglect your family. Last advice there be some pasta way off the bat mean a Salah Salah make sure Salah is happening in your household while Monica Emmanuel come and look after the well being of your wife and your kids. As a dad as you get older and we have less and less control our kids. It's up to you to be that sounding board and to give good advice you'd find in the Quran. The Super dads like Nabi look man signal Look man, Nabil Yaqoob they are having conversations with the kids even when they get mixed up I mean it used to be yeah sons kill almost killed double use of inshallah you don't deal with that kind of issues that one son is going to

00:32:02--> 00:32:38

throw the other son in the well. You know, hopefully you don't deal with that kind of things. But he's still talking to them, guiding them, giving them advice, giving them life advice, make this decision without judgment without punishment. Up until the moment Nabil Nabi Yaqoob is dying on either harder or Lokmanya Jacoba note whenever Yaqoob is dying, he's on his last. He's not even making tell him for himself. He says to his kids, what are you going to worship after me? Are you going to be still Muslims when I die up until the last is giving them advice I want you guys to do well worship Allah. So always give advice and also do so with love and affection than me. Some says

00:32:38--> 00:33:15

when Allah wants good for the members of a family, he puts kindness and love in them. And this not only from the mom from the Father inshallah Allah grant us to be the best of kids and the best of husbands and the best of wives and the best of people, Allah guide us and protect us and grants all the hate. I mean, I mean, just a few announcements. It is IID without her coming up, if you'd like to do your qurbani with Bronto and Pamela very dignified, very well record band program you can attend and join and choose your sheep inshAllah 3000 Rand for a sheep with a with a startup is the right person because I was the sheep man and anything else.

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Okay, announcement

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connection with the Scottish Rugby Club is to invite all of you to decide on Sunday morning from 730 and Ollie of them in the latest.

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This Sunday, this Sunday.

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Okay, one last announcement, a lot of announcements, but this one is a interesting one. So we are living most Muslim Pride Month LGBTQ all those things. What is the perspective from an Islamic we should have open conversation? So inshallah next week sense next week, Saturday the 24th of June at the Islamia auditorium, we are having an open discussion but two hours three hours about sexuality and gender. What is Islamic view on this? How do we engage when our kids are in a class and someone has a certain orientation? How do we handle this? So we're going to have that conversation all welcome, but the age limit of 15 and above Inshallah, just like Lolita. So don't worry, don't forget

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