Rulings Concerning The Awrah (Privates) of Men & Women, Old & Young

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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of clothing and drugs to cover up the body, the use of leopard clothing, and the use of shorts and skirts to cover up the body. The importance of socialists and leopard clothing is emphasized, along with the use of leopard clothing for a mission or mission. The use of leopard clothing is discussed, including the age bracket and the importance of proper commandments. The use of words in religion is also emphasized, along with protecting one's clothing during stress and loss times.
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Level handle him come to me salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah

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or present thanks belongs to Allah Subhana tada I made the feast of wishing upon his sermon and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to follow shala to Allah today to share with you and it's a more of a focus topic. And that is, what is our what is our how do we define our and for every age bracket what is allowed so from zero to the age of seven, for a boy and the girl from seven to 1010 plus what is an older in these different

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age brackets also allowed all of a father and mother towards their children, if they're under the age of seven in the house or over the age of seven, the beginning, let's say

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has always had an hour and was always closed from the very day and from the very first day with a loss of habitat I created Adam Allah he set up Adam alayhis salaam was called and was supposed to share upon the evil whisper of the Shabbat.

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It was only an attempt to get rid of Adam alayhis salaam and what Allah has said is clothing that was the was was the attempt of the saucer was that

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eating the tree was the sin which resulted in the cloth coming off Amaz origin he mentions this in the lab and saw that they are off on a lot of storage and he says for us whatsoever Michel Liebe Deanna humann udia and Houma Minh, so the Hema the Russia upon he gave the evil whispering and loss wasa to Adam alayhis salam, the hawala has stood up. And as a result, they came close and close to the street, eventually from Casa de la when they tasted the street and ate something from it. A lot of social users better love them so to whom the clothes came off, and they became naked, allow was exposed in the paradise fire the mother who said he felt the sin of what he did the crime of what he

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did. And he felt the shame included coming up. So he rushed to the leaves of the tree, and began to pick leaves from materials a lot of Sergeant mentions in the poet Buffy Zephaniah la emammal wallkill Jenna, it was said in narrations that the trees refused to give him leaves, except shuttle to tea in the fig tree. It offered him leaves, he took leaves for a little while about that duration, warm and he made clothing from it. And he wore that off if I have a family, you know, walk in general. And he covered us although again obviously after that loss of Hannah data removed him from the paradise and then Allah subhanho wa Taala. Also in the Quran, and we also find in the a

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Hadith, that clothing of the people of the Paradise is discussed. He then we have two things that when Adam alayhis salam was in the paradise, initially he was clothed, and when the clothes came off, it was considered a shame because the hour was exposed. So mankind always had an hour. And then when the people of the paradise eventually when the believers into the paradise, the question is, is there holding the paralyzed people a cloth, and maybe some alone while you're so let me you mentioned in the, in the Hadith that he was asked male Uber Uber is a is a tree in the in the paradise. He said it's a tree in the paradise in which clothing of the people of the paradise

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grooves on it. So the believers they keep their clothing from a tree and they wear it well, lots of Hana data, it says in the polar woolly bear assume via Harrier, that the clothing of the people of the Paradise is of silk is that there is clothing in the paradise for the believers, most of the data is in solar power. In nanika, Allah

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what a tower that in the paradise, there is no such thing as hunger, you do not get hungry in the paradise when a cow and you will not be exposed, they will not be exposed, it will be covered for mankind from day one, until the last day, even when he's dead. We cover the hour and we put him in his grave. And when he's resurrected on the Day of Judgment, the hour is not the hour is not covered. It's exposed because the data is so great and serious. Then people looking at each other's All right, faith and when the believers into the paradise, they they are closed. And then the people of the Hellfire, the people of the Hellfire as well. Allah is closed and they were closed loss of

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habitat he says saw the loom min Kapiolani Natasha was Romana Salafi loom meaning min copper Iran. Iran is any material that's made of wax. In other words, it's highly flammable. So

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In the day in the paradise burning and the clothes that they are wearing is is highly flammable as well. So you can imagine is it nevermind, Evan Focolare that the the punishment that is increased upon them? What we asked them to save us from them

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by a lot of supervision in the forehead concerning clothing, he says yeah Benny Adam aka Angelina alikum leverson UID. So article mauritia allows origin addressing bunny Adam, all of mankind, he said and Zelda Alaykum leverson we sit down upon you leave a sudden clothing. lieberson has a ton when you're on it, and we meaning we sit down upon you many types and kinds of clothing. So clothing from day one, until now doesn't matter how much it develops and how much it changes over time. So long as it's called dibs on clothing, then it fits into this. It fits into this a panzanella come live. So now what is the purpose of liesa clothing? This clothing that we wear day or night, what is

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the purpose of it a lot of Zoysia leases in the park the next part of the year the purpose of clothing, he said condoms and alikum. Listen, you were ready. So Tico it covers your hour. And that is the purpose of clothing covering the hour. And covering those two things. It essentially means two things. Number one,

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it means that the skin behind the clothing cannot be seen. So it cannot be transparent. We're just giving the basic guidelines for the word USD. So ethical that the skin the color of the skin cannot be seen behind the clothing. And number two, covering the hour means that the hour is not outlined by the code. So the size of the hour is not shaped because of the tight clothing in that this is so long as a person is wearing that I cannot see through it. And it is loose, it's not really tight on the outer spot to the point where you can shape and size the outer. Then as a result, this is what clothing is in Islam. This is considered livers if it doesn't do that. It's not called leanness

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right, just like any food when we speak about food, food needs to taste like food, right? So it kind of evolved for the animals and so on it needs to taste like food and it needs to satisfy from hunger. If it does that then it's good. If it doesn't do that, then it's either if it's something else, like the people of the fire allows origin he speaks about their food and he says now you know what I only mean sure it doesn't add to their fat meaning there's no nutrients in it when you leave enjoy and it doesn't satisfy of hunger isn't whatever they eat is not food. It's punishment. Actually it is punishment right for you then you have any other market unzila alikum lesson and the

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purpose of this eventuality so ethical What do you share? It Isha means beautiful clothing, right elegant clothing. That's that's Yanni in Arabic known as Russia. Then Allah subhanaw taala. He says one events

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and he said down upon you the clothing the garment of a dakhla. She also had a lot Yanni allows origin. Many times in the Quran, he discusses something of a worldly matter, something that people are always thinking of as a worldly matter. And he takes it from a worldly matter, and he converts it into a spiritual manner. The IRA speaking about clothing that we wear, and then at the end the laws or hell, he teaches us the best kind of clothing. And he says the best clothing one could wear is live. So

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the garment of adoption, right without any distortion. He compares a taqwa and he speaks about it as though it's a garment. And you know, when a garment is worn, it covers the entire body. So the idea of livers meaning a template is supposed you're supposed to be enveloped in a top one. So clothing covers the hand, meaning you're supposed to have Taqwa in your head that it doesn't do the harm right? In your private parts that don't do the harm wherever clothing covers, then this is the idea is that cover these places and fill every inch of your body with duck or whatever. So tapa danika, height, that is the best of clothing. Then he can in a city like La La Jolla.

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These are indeed signs miraculous signs of low subhana wa tada so that the people may reflect and ponder over it and

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a lot of social in this area. He describes clothing as being from his area that he can actually learn, you know, just like the sun is from the signs of a lot and the moon is when a Atilla and the earth and the stars in the skies. These all mean a Atilla that included in that is clothing.

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clothing is mean Atilla what is the purpose of an AR of a lot of soldiers? journey when we see the moon, what's the purpose of that? Yani The only last origin he describes in solid LMR. He says catolica you know love una de la la quinta Dune, this the purpose of an air is to increase in guidance. That's the purpose of an air. For if clothing is an error from the air of a law, meaning its purpose is that it's supposed to bring you closer to email. It's supposed to bring you closer to guidance. For Here we see the major error. In Ghana, in people that use clothing to distance them away from a loss of data, we see the major error in the in laws OSHA declares clothing as being from

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his asset, meaning clothing is supposed to bring you closer and closer to a loss origin.

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It's a worship that if a person was to wear it with the intention of worship, there is a possibility that he is rewarded for every single moment that he is wearing clothing. Why then allow social command you to cover your private parts, for even when you weren't in the intention of Scimitar. Now our partner and we have a lot of socialist command, and we'll cover our and we'll walk outside like this, then there is a shift and there is reward in this and it brings a person closer and closer to a lot of social freedom. You see the major deviancy in the era of the one who takes clothing, and it becomes a source of him moving far away from a loss of data when he dresses immodestly and he

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dresses it appropriately, and he dresses in that which is impermissible. So based on that we need to understand what allowance is, so we can keep it covered at all times. Now,

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of course in our changes from different ages, in terms of age brackets, we said there is a order from zero to seven, there is a order from seven to 10. And then 10 Plus there is a outro. But where did we get these numbers from? I share with you the Hadith and where we got the numbers from? We'll talk something about that. How do you move on in the famous Hadith and Nevis of Mr. hodda your Salaam he said

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Moodle Allah, this solid to whom Abner was 17 worldly boo hoo Ma, they had womb of venet Why should it was that they don't feel mobile here. Let me so I said, let me said can add your children to pray at the age of seven. It and you know what that means? It means it is worship upon you to command the children at the age of seven to pray. Now, if they pray or not, that doesn't matter. If he prays it's good for him. If he doesn't pray, it is not counted as a sin. But if you don't command it's a sin that you have to come in. So time of solid is that seven year old with you now he's become seven. You tell him get up and pray. Allah He prays he prays he doesn't pray doesn't matter. No one

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is sinful. Now since you commanded Moodle oletter khumba seletti woke up that was over, then maybe some alarm earlier. So let me said what boo boo home on a warm up net washer

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and discipline them to a solid at the age of 10. Now wobbly boom above here, which is the striking, it doesn't mean that physical torture eating right. This is the the heating of the kind of heating of discipline, the heating of discipline that does not bruise or doesn't break or doesn't enjoy it doesn't harm and so on. This is what what blue means for the children at the age of 10. well above that washroom at the age of 10. In other words, when your child is now at the age of 10, you're supposed to be even more serious in your commandment that was selected for him. So you said to him get up yellow get up and pray and getting tall salad. Now he stands and he prays This is good for

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him. If he runs away, doesn't matter, you're not held accountable for that there is no sin upon you and there is no sin upon him since he hasn't reached the age of puberty. But for you, there is a sin. If you don't begin to enforce this solid by a means of commandment from time to time and for every solid, you're supposed to do that. And then the final part of the Hadith or Federico venom film, Avaya and separate between the children in their bidding in their sleep. And what does that mean a lot about the student on two levels. Number one, it means that when the children are at the age of 10, so this is Bravo with Brother, brother and sister, sister and sister, then even this is

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also a parents with their children, the children with their parents at the age of 10. They're supposed to be a separation. The first understanding to this is separate between them in terms of

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in terms of having different bids for both of them different bids for both of them. That's one understanding. But there is another understanding that is

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Also correct. And that means that separating between them means that they are not allowed to be stuck to each other in the bed. So separating between them could mean on the same bed, one on this side and one on that side. And as long as their hour is covered, which we'll discuss, then they can be under the same blanket, there is no problem in that what they need for this was that may move out of the alarm wanna, which is the wife of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she was the Auntie of an Abbess hold the alarm on. And it was reported that they had both slept on one bed under the same blanket, in where may will not be allowed on our sleeping vertically. And even our best will be

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a low animal slipped horizontally. For this is the real for the fact that this kind of sleeping is permissible between the between the children and the family members of one household. This is how it is allowed to occur. Now why did those all Muslim Allahu alayhi wa sallam command that we separate between the children in the building at the age of 10? Why is that the case? For him over love is certainly another movie network legionnaire. Because this is the assumed age in where the child knows adult sexual intimacy. Even we learn something from this, and that is that when someone asks the question, when do I begin to teach my child about sexual education, we see the age of 10 is the

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Islamic appropriate age to begin to speak about this to your children. Now, perhaps nowadays, because of the feel from the evil that occurs and happens, people are children exposed to this even before the age of 10. But let's say Jani, the child was protected from this kind of filth, and he reached the age of 10. Now this is the moment in where you're supposed to teach him. Why because they have you told us to separate between them. And the reason for the separation can only be so that nothing wrong happens underneath that blanket, right. So as a result, this is the assumed agent where the child is supposed to know about this stuff, for even the age of 10 is a good age to teach.

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Now, this is the Hadith in where we got all the numbers wrong seven and 10. And then 10 Plus, let's go back to the topic of an hour and discuss the hour of so now a boy or a girl they're born from zero until the age of seven, for a boy and go there is no our from zero to seven, for a boy or a girl, there is no owner. So if they walk naked in the house, that's fine. This is the there's no such thing as this is how I'm going to close yourself now. And I want to make something very clear before I move on. And that is that we're speaking concerning football rulings. Now I'm not talking anything about modesty and teaching your children of course, that's always the best go that to teach

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them from the very beginning, clothe yourself, wear your clothes, don't walk around like this, where this and wear that. And in public and in house. This is modesty you have to teach that and instill that in your child from day one. But I'm speaking about Islamic ruling, right, so don't confuse the two.

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Zero to seven boy and go there is no oil

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in a solid and outside solid. In solid if a 75 year old boys stood and began to pray, let's say doesn't matter. There is no odor for that. So that is the way it is let's say he did make that no, a person that is under the age of puberty. Any good they do is counted for them. It's counted for them as a husband, but any bad they do there is no so yeah, so zero to seven there is no our for a boy and for a go. Now, even Danny just mentioned something on the side.

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especially nowadays where child abuse is a major factor child molestation is a major crime. We need to understand so you can be aware of this perhaps you didn't know this statistic.

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They mentioned that child molestation

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the cases in which happens within the family is much more higher and likely than it happened from people that are outside the family and strangers unitil This is a fact right. And I'm not saying these words to you so that you can become suspicious from family members. But to be aware of this statistic, that Yanni how many times how many times do you hear the grandfather molested a grandson? Or the grandmother with a grandson or the uncle with his nephew with his niece or the brother to his cousin? Let's say for example the father with his daughter father with his son. How many times have you heard of this? These cases are much more than hearing someone strange and really far had

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molested a child feed and be aware of this statistic and under

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That yelling this filthy evil time that we live in, in where people are sick minded. This would happen more within the family than it happens from outside and strangers outside. This is why it's always it's always good that you teach and you train your children upon higher and modesty when Obi salallahu alayhi wa sallam he says and higher today at the level, anything that is considered modesty is always good. Let me say syllabuses lay at 1130 did always come with good results. Okay, so we discussed zero to seven. Now we'll move on to the second bracket, which is seven to 10.

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The age of seven to 10. For a boy,

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an hour is a so attain the two private parts, that's it. Seven to 10. For a boy, it's the two private parts fair, if he was wearing underwear, and he walked around with that, then that is fine. The we don't say that you're always uncovered quickly go in with something. This is of course, what I don't want to keep repeating myself but for modesty are going to teach and always call himself. But Islamic fundamental ruling zero to seven allow lies only the two private parts that's insulated and outside on it. And for a go from seven to 10. For go from seven to 10. an hour is between and I'm going to make an exception, but let me do the foundational roofers, between seven to 10. For a

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go allowed is from the naval from the belly button, until the knees until the knee including the knee, that's for a go from seven to 10. Now,

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an hour ago from seven to 10. In the house, yeah, in front of her relatives, and in solid. That's how long from the navel. Until then he

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her hour in front of non Muslim men is a different whole, even from seven to 10. For a girl she has two hours in a sauna, and in front of her mom's brother, father, uncle and so on. The hour is as we said, from the navel until the knee

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in front of non Muharram however, is all her body except the areas in where jewelry is put. So jewelry is put here, meaning the hand is not from her, she can expose the head necklace, you can expose the neck, the hair can be exposed, the foot can be exposed, right. So pretty much the areas of although can be exposed for a girl from the age of seven to 10 in front of non Muslim men. Now let's make the exception.

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The exception is that if she reached the age of puberty before the age of 10, then how old are becomes the hour of an older woman. We're going to discuss that. But let's understand what this age of puberty for goalies, I shall be alone as she says and this hadith is Hadith more for an individual to sell themselves.

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Either a better model or to disarm him.

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For him or if he if the goal was to reach the age of nine. She's a woman, woman, meaning house, she is now accountable for Annie for her worship. And her older now is the owner of a woman.

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This Hadith is held on the understanding that she reaches the age of puberty at the age of nine. So yeah, let's discuss this. A woman reaches the age of puberty when she gets her periods. And it becomes systematic a cycle. If a woman was to get blood before the age of nine, and it doesn't come in a systematic fashion, then that is just considered domestic. Like probably a ruptured. Blood just came out that doesn't matter. Still, she's considered a go from that bracket of seven to 10 an hour is as we discussed in front of him, I had him on my head.

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But if this blood comes in a systematic fashion, I shall be alive on a seat at her time. It used to happen at the age of nine that this is when a woman becomes a woman. Now she has to Yeah, and he basically admitted Islamic dress code of a grown woman and this is where the hijab becomes

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obligatory upon. But let's say in our times this nanny pretty much most of the cases is delay there are some goals that will come Yani mature woman at the age of nine, there is this case happens around more. But the vast majority is more than that over the age of 10. So we say that the seven to 10 age bracket. If a woman if a goal is still a goal, she hasn't got her periods yet. There is between the belly button and the knee

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As soon as and the age of nine is the preferred age of hijab, because at the age of nine, so when one asks, in my daughter, what am I supposed to teacher upon the hijab, we say start from the age of nine, nurse the age in which she's, this is the assumed age in which she becomes a woman were at the age of nine.

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If he delays, if the periods delay, that we say there's no problem to keep delaying this job, and once the periods do come in a systematic fashion, now, Alicia is obligatory, and she must wear a hijab from that, for you will have from the age of nine, until she reaches the age of puberty, to kind of Yani begin to teach about until the age of puberty must be one, but it begins from the age of nine or lawanna. Okay, now, the final hour that we discuss is 10 plus 10. Plus for a boy, and for a girl when she reaches puberty, and then go from 1010 plus as well.

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For a boy, for men 10 plus an hour that it is 1015 2025 is over

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an hour is to cover

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from the belly button until the knee, excluding the knee, and some of the fine can be exposed, some of the time can be exposed. Now, another very common question in this is you only look at my shorts, for example, he stands, it covers, he sits down, it rises that this is your responsibility. Right? If you're asking, Is this a right or not? Pretty much, probably it's not all right. And if you're in doubt, if you're in that doubt, then probably it's not all right, it needs to cover it needs to cover the fight all of it, and only some of the fight can be exposed, then you need to be careful. And sometimes that kind of shorts, usually the entire bottom of the fight is shown. And you can see

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all the way through it. When you sit with people for that's your responsibility to cover all of that, right. And it will get much worse inside when you go down to support. And when you sit for a diet in where all of it rises, maybe when you stand, it's good. Maybe when you sit it's not good. So this is your responsibility to always make sure that that area an hour is covered. And that is the hour of a man in a solid in front of his mom, woman, and outside in front of non Muslim woman. And in front of men. This is an hour islamically that's what's supposed to be covered. And when we say this is our and it's supposed to be covered, meaning two things it cannot be see through and it

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cannot be tight in this area. It cannot be tight. Anything else that a man was with above the navel, so that's the show, or anything below the knees, that can be tight. There's no problem. Then the Marisa mamajuana your Salah was gifted Jupiter, he was gifted a like a kind of government. And he struggled to get his hand out of it, meaning it was very tight.

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And he said nothing about it. And he wore it. And so that teaches us that such tight clothing from the top is fine. For email, there is no problem in that there is no sim in that. Even though your person is responsible to see whether any of the areas of fit and are and to avoid them. And if this is going to be a fitna in front of his, let's say Muslim woman, or in front of other men or in front of other women, then his responsibility to cover himself up properly and dress in a more modest fashion. But if that was the case, then he is not sinful. If there was a tight shot, or from down the bottom it was tight then this is not sinful for a man

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and the hour of a woman

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from the age of 10 Plus,

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then she has three hour one in front of her

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house husband and there is no line that husband and wife between each other there is no our considered. Number two, she has a hour in front of Muslim men and other woman and a woman of the disbelievers. That's all one category. The order for this is the entire body. Except once again, the areas of although all the limbs in where the jewelry is worn. So that means if the head is uncovered, that's fine with some of this. That's fine.

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The hair uncovered, the neck is uncovered. The feet are uncovered with some of the shin that is fine for a woman in front of her Muslim men and a woman and the woman of the disbelievers also

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Lola, I have a lot included in that category that if a woman is breastfeeding, and breast was exposed in front of a woman of a woman, then that is fine. Because this is something that is Jani would be difficult to say to cover. And to go to some other room, it would be difficult and it's something that is known from from early times until now that women when they were breastfeeding, they would expose their breasts in front of other women and breastfeed their children. That in front of other women is fine. But that in front of Muslim men is not fine, right.

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Except, of course, we said the husband because there is no hour between them too. And then she has a hour in front of non Muslim men. And now we're here is the entire body except the face and the heads except the face and the heads. And there is enough for the feet in the terrain in case of the woman in her solid. There is glare for her feet, when it comes to solid is a woman does she have to cover her foot in solid or not?

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There is a hadith in when rissalah Malian Salaam he said do not wear your garment below your ankle. So then I'm sort of out of the low honor she said what about woman? Let me say I sent him he said extend the garment one cubic yard it is much cheaper

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for them. Then she said what about if that is not enough, he said then extended to cubits the only two which means down

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and that's it anything more than that is not allowed. And I like the the wedding dress that extends five six meters behind that is not allowed in Islam. It is supposed to be only this and that's the maximum of the extension of address of a woman fee then from that Hadith, they said isn't the result of Allah your Salaam totum said about the law and then taught the woman that the foot must be must be covered. feet you have in terms of this Hadith, whether it's authentic or not. And that was the opinion of those who said it is not obligatory to cover the foot during select with chefman Athenian wahama

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also scheffel Islam and Tamia Ilhan Omar along with the unef they adopted the opinion that a woman's foot is not a our in solid in solid outside the house this is covered but in solid when she is in her home by herself and there is no one if she prayed like that a solid is correct, there is no problem in the correction of a solid a solid is correct and she doesn't have to repeat the sonnet also, just I forgot to mention for the hour of a man in solid from the age of 10 Plus, we said that the owner is between the belly button and the and the knee excluding the lead.

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If he prays like that, then his salad is correct. But it is mcgroove to pray like this. Lenny there's a hadith in when the vessel Allahu alayhi wa sallam COVID a person to pray except that his shoulders are covered Laos and Vietnam. Luca masala itpa shoulders covered, shoulders covered, does it mean a single it means the whole shoulder comes with a whole shoulder covered so single it like this. That doesn't work. It needs to be the entire Jani shoulder covered or woman only if a person let's say was caught in a situation so it was at the beach for example. And he came up obviously after making sure that the environment was heard when you say I told you other

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and then you came out and you did not have a shot or it was far away from me and you were close and the outdoors actually covered and there is no time for solid but Yanni What do you see that you have to wait until you get your shirt and then you wear and then you pray you pray as you are doesn't matter. You pray as you are and if you got later on to a shirt that you don't have to wear it and pray again Hello solid or solid was correct. Faith and we understood an hour of a boy 10 plus and have a go 10 plus. And yeah, of course there is Calif concerning omnicorp. There is and if we said that the hope is worship, then covering the hand is in the same category. But this is a very

00:34:26--> 00:34:41

debatable discuss the matter very extensive in its debate and discussion. Some said it's sooner, some said it's fault. But there is no left. especially among those who said it is a sooner that it is for during the times of fitness, right.

00:34:43--> 00:34:59

Perhaps Allahu Allah Most of the opinions would go towards it being a fault, especially during the times of fitted. Walla Walla even though in saying that if a woman was not to wear a niqab we do not say that this is a sin and this is how long because the real for it being

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

Sooner a very strong as well and adopted by Jani, many in the majority of my home a lot will love Juana. This gets us to the end of the topic with one more thing to discuss. And that is that

00:35:14--> 00:35:17

when a boy, when a boy

00:35:18--> 00:36:09

is over the age of seven, then a woman is supposed to dress and her our is down or have our in front of Muslim men, our becomes the hour in front of Muslim men, for boys over the age of seven in the house, and the father. If the girls have reached the age of seven, then your hour is the hour of the 10 Plus, right so then you have to cover from the navel until the knee excluding the knee. So if the kid is under the age of seven, and you walked around just with boxes, let's say with underwear, that's fine, no problem. But from the age of seven a day you're supposed to add heat to your hour and cover it. And when you go into the bathroom, you're supposed to close the door. And when the

00:36:09--> 00:36:28

mother goes into the bathroom if she's got boys over the age of seven girls must close the door not in a desert matter walk in wash and walk out. This is when these things are supposed to be adhered to. Allah Allah. Is there any question concerning this metal I assume that I've covered most things that are common for people

00:36:31--> 00:36:32

to T allow

00:36:34--> 00:36:58

is referring to the fact that Jani Allah in the Quran has been divided in understanding what he's speaking referring to is that there is a timing of our there is the body in where there is our and there is places of our will and brings us to three types of our times of our

00:36:59--> 00:37:14

clothing the body part which is our of the body and our of the places he's referring to the assaulted in rural laws origin discusses about aluna 15 when they were in the Battle of

00:37:15--> 00:37:55

getting ready they went to a solo solo and they sought permission for him they said please give us permission to go back to our houses in the booth and our our meaning there's a woman in there there's children and there is no men in the house if the man is not in the house the house is considered a our right it's exposed it's vulnerable it could be attacked anytime because the weaker inside of it for them they sit in the booth or our give us permission to go back a lot so shall expose them and he said well they're here we our you redo the floor. There was an hour they were they were safe because they were right in the middle. And the Jews have been employer was supposed

00:37:55--> 00:38:21

to protect the Medina from behind and the believers are protecting from the front. So in reality there was no right in the middle it was all protected by the believers. But the purpose of work upon saying that you return a left Europe they just wanted to run away and the times of our law socially says that as to the lack of sort of the nude What are they allowed socially says the aesthetic equivalent in America to America Latina

00:38:22--> 00:39:12

men are selected. Before selected furniture is considered a time of our meaning this is a time in where a husband and wife their hour could be exposed. In this era Los Angeles commanding children and their children at the age of seven do not enter into your parents bedroom from the age of seven during these three times mean complete solitude before selecting furniture. This is a time in which most likely is exposed in complete solitude. Why not have our own as he ever committed mahila and the time of vanilla or both time before a birth time is known as a Luna the proper understanding is that a Luda is supposed to be before selectable right during the during the Salah during this time.

00:39:12--> 00:39:57

During this time, it was known that people would go for a nap and they would take the clothing off and they would sleep because they had one clothing and sleeping at this time. It's really hot, you get sweaty so the entire cloth could be soaked in your sweat. So they used to remove their clothing and go for a nap. It and this time here is considered a time of our if a child wanted to enter into his parents room or bedroom. He must he must seek permission. Why are we saying I'll tell you Lula is before selectable then the loss of Hannah horadada he said in the plan was horrible journey to may even have hydro Mr. Santo Makita Jani the people of the paradise into the Paradise by the time

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

of a Lula webinar vessel have a loved one

00:40:00--> 00:40:28

He says that the people of the paradise enter the paradise before full time before the whole time. So this is the time that a lot of social code in Nepal add makina Ltd Luna wonder we saw Omar was in his sooner It is very common that his nap this kalola used to always take place before stiletto right he used to go to the houses of his wives and sleep he used to go to himself all the love Ana and sleep during this time

00:40:30--> 00:40:41

as well she was related to him as he used to sleep at that time. And then go to Medina and pray say that the times of our before selected version just before select the board that afternoon at

00:40:43--> 00:40:52

any level about my home lovely see about 30 minutes to 40 minutes before the event of birth. That is considered what

00:40:55--> 00:41:05

Heather considered what to do. If you have any if you open up the Arabic dictionary, you'll find these many words for these different types of naps a person takes in a day fee

00:41:07--> 00:41:53

who will fail ayuda con battle also will highly Lula Khun baba baba when clay Lola Jani the claim that in that you'll find in the in the dictionary, these different wordings and giving different times in the sleep during the day in the night. These are the two times of an hour and finally the last one a lot so usually says woman body selected. And after selecting Russia is also a time of our fate if a child wanted to enter the room, he should lock the door before he goes in. Because that's the time in which the hour is assumed to be exposed. Right? For any time other than that the child can walk in, there's no need for that right. Now obviously if a person is is is out between him and

00:41:53--> 00:41:57

his wife is exposed in other times, then it's your responsibility to close the door and market.

00:41:58--> 00:42:12

If the child open other than those three times, it's not his responsibility. It was your responsibility. He has the responsibility and that those times that he seeks permission to enter one law Allahu Allah

00:42:14--> 00:42:24

one more thing, one more thing we mentioned. What is the hour of an individual by yourself in the room in the house? What is your hour?

00:42:26--> 00:43:15

a loved one that there is no our but there is a hadith. Well, Hadith is a strong Hadith in where I think it was never only a loved one we asked them That is why Salah is good to Holly and Oman. feridun If I was by myself, what's my hold on? Let me see. Let me sit them for more help on your study. I mean, who the last social has more right? That person has shyness from a loss origin, faith based Hadith. And Allah is the owner of a person individually is his outlet to cover it to cover it up from the navel till the the need but if it was exposed for a reason, that is that he went to the bathroom, or he's performing a muslin or medical procedure or anything else, or let's say

00:43:17--> 00:43:46

the The weather is really hot and there is no air condition. And he needs to remove his cold otherwise he gets very hot debris, that's no problems. It's accepted as well, like they used to do in the olden times, and the times have passed. That's how they used to carry themselves on faith and allow for a person by himself. It's always best to remain close and covering vowel will love Allah. sama Mama cinnamal delicata Vina Muhammad Fatah, Eddie Asahi as my