Abu Bakr Zoud – Our prayer, and it’s relationship with victory

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the "verbal hood" in establishing deeds and relationships with God. They explain that a strong deity like Islam's deity has a direct influence on victory, and that a deity like a woman named Kuma is a deity that has a direct effect on victory. The speaker emphasizes that a strong deity like Kuma has a direct effect on victory, and that it is important to establish deeds and relationships with God in one's life.
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Yeah you're Lavina Amano in Thomson law home sold comm where you submit academic on are you who believe. If you give victory to Allah, Allah will give you victory and he will make your foot stand firm so that you do not turn away from your deen. What does it mean to give victory to Allah? Giving victory to Allah, meaning establishing the deen correctly in your life, establishing the deen correctly in your life. And above the list is your relationship with us on earth? It's my brothers in Islam. Your solid has a direct a direct influence on the victory of the believers you'll see that there's a direct influence on the victory of the believers and they'll be Salalah alayhi wa sallam

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he says in the Hadith in

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the Luma. Buber I see him beside him. Allah Azza wa sallam he says that

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he gives victory to the soma through the weak and the oppressed ones through their solid meaning the entire almost solid way. If you were to look at the seal of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what do you find? You find that a solid was always the reason for victory in his life, you know that they he opened Mecca Mecca when he entered in Santa Monica, and he was carrying a stick and he was poking the idols as a humiliation for the idols. And he was seeing what culture and how was

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see that Islam and the truth has arrived. And the disbelief in the false hood has dropped in unbelted again as a huka. But before he said this, go a few and up before this, you will find the reason for this victory was that a lot of zashiel said just to before, again a solid leader Lucas chiemsee lava circleloop walk around and in the economist Buddha established the prayer of the days and established the prayer of the knights and especially an unofficial Yani solid confession, especially that woman a lady for the her she had been a Villa de la and get up at night and pray some like God after this goes downhill. This is the same thing in the case of Musa alayhis salam

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when they were being oppressed by fear around 40 years before victory came only 40 years before the sea split musalla you said I'm talking to people and he said to them, and you call me Kuma be Miss sohrabuddin which Aloo ki blatten t masala mini musala sam King these people and he said you people if you struggle to pray in public and pray in the massage it doesn't matter. Make your whole life people get any make your home a machine and established the solid. And automatically the words after that were what was she really mean congratulate the believers. And victory came 40 years after that. We need to understand the solid has a direct influence. It has a direct effect on the victory of

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this bullet on this woman the loss of this woman. So that is the thing that we're supposed to do give victory to Allah subhanaw taala through establishment of our Deen in our homes and in our lives.

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