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Abu Bakr Zoud
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Allah He my brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah's ability is huge. He says, couldn't once and it becomes, no matter how big or small it is, when he created the earth, he said God, when He created this expanding universe, it was with the same word. Once only Yanni it's not like something that was small, couldn't was once and something bigger, couldn't around 10 times and something greater couldn't 20 times now. The biggest thing on earth was created with gone and the tiniest thing on earth was created with the same word good Laquan

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when he changed the image of buddy slowly lose her adult, and he changed them into pigs and monkeys. It was with the word Khunde once for Candela who called Who Killed them ha seen and all of a sudden human beings became monkeys and pigs.

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They I became the eye of a monkey and a pig they skinned became the skin of a monkey and a pig. And the organs became the organs of monkeys and pigs. Subhan Allah

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for hula hula guru, that's one word. Coup crouton. Ha CE, Allahu Akbar. I asked him my brothers and sisters in Islam, which creation is more difficult. You say Alayhis Salam, or his mother, Maria, Marathi Allahu Ana. Which one would you think is more difficult?

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people would say, Hey, Sally, he said that why? Because obviously he was born without a father. But the answer is wrong. All of what Allah Sargent is created is a miracle. And he said was created with Khan and his mother Mary, almost created with goon, the creation of the ocean was with goon and when Allah split the ocean for Musa Allah you set up it was also with God. This is no more than a miracle than this. The creation of the Moon was withdrawn, and the splitting of the moon for Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was also with the word con. Yanni the creation of the moon, and it's splitting is exactly the same. There's no difference to Allah, I saw ocean, it is all with gone. And

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you should well, you should be well aware that your state of poverty is with the word gone. And your state of prosperity is with the word Quran, Allahu Akbar. All of a sudden, a person is poor, he becomes rich with the word golden. Your sickness is with the word couldn't. And your health is with the word gone. Your happiness is with gone. And your sadness is with the word couldn't one know who who apakah aapke therefore, no one will benefit you. No one will benefit you who possesses the word good and he can make something happen. No one besides Allah subhanahu wa no one will save you. No one will protect you. No one will honor you. No one will provide for you. Except Allah subhanho wa

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