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The speakers discuss the use of the word "amsmith" in Islam, with the use of the flag of knowledge being carried on the Day of Judgment. They also touch on the history of Islam, including the implementation of the "naught" phrase and the use of "naught" in various political settings. The conversation also touches on the concept of "bringing out" from a person and the importance of humility in helping individuals achieve their dreams. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to be conscious of their words and actions in difficult situations and encourage humility in helping others achieve their dreams.

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I'm in salatu salam O Allah, Allah, Allah Allah hirosaki years vying for praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanaw taala made a peace and blessing of the Luffy upon the seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I still follows my dear respected brothers in Islam we continue the series that we started a few weeks ago, and that is the series of a thicker and we shared last time, the meanings and the wisdoms behind that the spear Subhan Allah and how that is performed correctly and when the types of it when it's supposed to be performed, and the best forms of so today inshallah tada a few things here and there not all things that no, the only liquor of

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course, is greater than what we can imagine that these are accounts that are referring to a loss of habitat and himself and awards that a lot of chose the second one of them, which is, today's one is unhappily lead. And then next week, inshallah we share a lot more about the meanings of a lot of work about. So when we come to the word Alhamdulillah Palawan, the Annie will be in the discussion with a hadith in we're also lost on the Mohan, he will send them he says, When hamdulillah he

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said that the word Alhamdulillah it fills the skills you have a lot this is just seeing it once it fills the skill event in the reward of a person that continuously says it. Yeah, nice any after a solid muscle and 33 times during his day, hundreds and hundreds of times. And he's conscious of the fact that he's saying it. And every time he's saying it, it's filling one of them is enough to fill the skill. or somehow, like only the biggest issue and biggest problem and concern and worry we have on the Day of Judgment is when the scale is brought out. The problem is how you're going to feel the scale up. For this already. This solves your problem already. And humbly Let it be that you're

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worried in the Hereafter is closed and there's no longer worry with this one. How does that have? Anything you just imagine the reward of a person that continuously has this in his day one word, solve the problem and humbly let them know what it means. And hungry left with this word. A servant earns the pleasure of the happiness of a loss of

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getting to the point when we begin our salad and we say Alhamdulillah you're blind I mean, a lot of social he responds back to the servant that says I'm hungry. And he says hamadani Abdi Yeah, and he finally my servant has has praised that is declared my praise for this. In other words, it implies the the the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa tada at large loss origin is happiness upon the servant, that Allah would respond to his hump. And he would say that Jani hamadani Abdi, my servant has has finally praised me who support among the word Alhamdulillah is is the word love chose for the beginning of the choir for local and began with the word and humbly land

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with the first alien soul of the fat and hungry like me, and it is the first word that mankind ordered. This is the first word Adam and he said I've said when the last part of Medina Yanni breathed within him from his

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abroad at from his spirit, the first word that Adam and he said, he said, after he sneezed, he said, Alhamdulillah, it's the first word that a lot chose for mankind to see. And it is the last word that we would continuously say, in the paradise when Allah Subhana, Allah says, our home, and in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen This is a word that the the people of the paradise would continuously say, when they are in the paradise and hamdulillah they would see it just like they breathe now, right you will have, you will have all that the sphere what that means what that will cover, you'll have all the numbers and it just like you breathe, and you and when you breathe down, you don't intend to

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breathe you subconsciously you do it right. It comes automatic and natural in the Paradise Valley atmosphere. What that means what that we are, as well is something natural and subconscious that comes from the believers, and they utter it and they say it just like they used to breathe in this worldly life. What else could it have been? I mean, mankind began with this word, and that is the last word that they continuously say in the paradise when Debbie soleimani was a lump in the Hereafter, her middleware You know, there are flags that are carried on the Day of Judgment, right. And how will you

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will There is also leeway as well. There are different flags that are carried on the Day of Judgment. There's that the flag of knowledge for example, it's carried by Why is the Magellan what we are loved. As salam o aleikum wa sallam he says the only way to eliminate the oma he is he's Jani carrying the flag of the of the scholars of the Day of Judgment. There is also the flag

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of betrayal as well as the one who used to betray and deceive and cheat the people in this life he carries that kind of, he carries that kind of fun. When there be some alarm or a sudden them being the best of creation, he's going to be holding the best of light. And his flag is

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the flag of those who used to be praise of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, the closer to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meaning they're the ones who made and hunt in abundance in this life. For the closer the more happy there is in this life, the closer you are to the sort of most of the levada your seller, as he carries this flag, they would have would have missed out Russia and how the word and hamdulillah it begins Chevelle to never use all alone while he or send them grow on that day. Before the Greek intercession happens, Allah subhanahu wa tada is angry such an anger that he has never been before and he will never be after right as mentioned in the in the authentic

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hadith. Yahoo baba baba labia misled a couple of

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Ubuntu cop that was the origin has never been angry like this. And so you know, of course the the the creation would go from Adam Allah who set up you know, you're the first that allows origin, symptom and kindness of Allah and are big and he says go to ruhollah you set up we go to the north, we go to blah, are you sir, eventually we enter a sort of masala Lavalle yourself. And he says, No, I am fourth, I will begin to Shiva. And then Pharaoh jumeau Adam, he makes a search for a human yearning for one week he makes a search. And he begins it by the praise of a loss of habitat by the woods and hamdulillah and then in the Hadith Allah azza wa jal teaches him words of praise, that

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have never been known to mankind before. Our praise of Amazonia now somehow alone, humbling that Mahabharat there are words of liquor that we have, for a lot of soldier to teach and abuse of the law to send them words of words of victory on the day of judgment that we have never, ever heard of before in our life. And with that, Allah subhanahu wa tada would say to him, raise your head and make your shofar and you would give it your Chevelle and then the intercession begins. And then the ASAP begins after this, the judgment. So in other words, we start Russia, the opener of this entire situation of the day of judgment was hungry LED, in other words, how much pleasure and happiness

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there's a person owned from him is loads of powder who died with this word Alhamdulillah and humbly leg up, but I mean, maybe some Allahu alayhi wa sallam once he came out to lead the prayer. Some some of the prayers It was said that it was selected also, he came out, also have a audio level. I know we're praying behind him. And so one of the companions he rises from regua would never be Salalah alayhi wa sallam, he says semi Allahu even having that obviously to the websites, and someone in the back said Alhamdulillah you haven't done Kafeel on but given Mubarak and fee. He said that Likud

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so when the prayer finished and abuse of Allah wa he was a lamb, he looked back at the companions of our Salah. And he said, Who sent these words? mancala.

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One of the companions he sent me out of sort of love for Navy Salama while he was sending me He says, I should

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have been born with it I food America. Are you home yet? or whatever? He says that this was an incredible surprising amazing word that you said. I had seen over 30 angels they rushed who's the first one to ride it and lift the tour last Pat O'Donnell Yani, in other words, the excitement of the America when he the servants seen this, the rush that you have to write it down in the books the reason for loss of Hana data that such a person said an incredible liquid and hungry lady, hamburger Thielen or even Mubarak and Fie. Were an instruction to the civil law. He has something nice in this and he says that this phrase and hungry Lan, Hamdan cafe, or even Baba can fee, he says it's made up

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of Yanni, just over 30 letters. So he said since the Javi, mentioned that over 30 angels came to raise it, and to carry it and to ride it raise it to a loss of paradata. He said the only in other words, each Angel was assigned for every letter were the mean at the end of these words, which is Hamden caphyon by even mobile, that the name carries two letters, that really is two letters. So in other words, he said it's as blue even for the middle of it that we had one Angel carrying and recording one letter, and another recording another letter, and 30 over 30 angels each recording a little taking a loss proud of what

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As you can just imagine, how much yearly yearly this this this kind of praise and this kind of victory and hump is appreciated with the last part of what I had said now what does it mean? What does 111 mean?

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And how first discuss the word and hum very quickly so he can understand and hungry well enough for him on La they see

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a shoe clue what that shoe

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or a sugar was

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to similar things. Now a hump is two components with these two things you form and hum the first one they see that and the first part of it is for that that means to praise the last part of what they added are all times with Cincy love, it must be done in this manner praising allows origin with love. Now, whether you recognize is famous upon you or not. That is that doesn't matter whether you recognize a favor or not, that is considered for that. And this means what it means to praise a larger version. It means to acknowledge and to believe that the most perfect names and attributes belong to Him alone. subhana wa Tada. This is what it is. When we say to praise Allah, what does it

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mean to praise Allah? It means to acknowledge and believe that the most perfect names and most perfect attributes belong to Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. That is what praising a lot means. What Sugar Sugar is to displace and see thanks and gratitude to him. So part of our data when you recognize a favor, in other words, sugar, and it is a different style between the word hump and sugar. Sugar is part of

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we need to understand why was that a shoe cruelly LED, for example, the beginning of the soul of the Federal sugar, the lack of blood? I mean, how does that relate to the difference between sugar and hemp? That basically the difference is this, that a sugar is something that happens with the limbs. Sugar is something that happens with the limbs, a lot of soil, he says airmen who enter the Buddha shoe club, when he gave instructions to the family of their food. He said to them do sugar act out the sugar. In other words, sugar is something that is done on January on the limbs. So when you pray, that is sugar when you fast a third that is sugar, when you give a solid cut, that is sugar.

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Sugar involves the movement of the limbs, right? Walking to a budget is for example sugar that allows origin gave you the ability to go there and thicker on your tongue. This is a form of sugar, because it involves limbs that move and maybe some alive while he was alive when he prayed the entire night, of course, and then I shall be alone. I know. She said they know why you're praying the entire night when a lot of soldiers forgiven you for sins. He said akuto abdon shockula. Right. So he said Shall I not be a grateful sleeve use the word shockula to define his action. So his salad at night was a form of sugar because it involves the movement of the limbs. But I'll hum and hum.

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And sorry, a sugar one more thing. So if we said it involves the limbs. And the other thing it's done in response to a fever someone does too. So it's an acknowledgement of a fever. Someone gave you something sugar, right? A lot you could recognize a fever of a loss or when you see a sugar lead when you recognize a fever.

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is whether you recognize a favor or not. So I'll have this for example. When a calamity befalls you, let's see, when a calamity befalls us here shockula you say and Hamdulillah, right? You say Alhamdulillah. And hum is said whether you recognize a favor or not, whether in tough times or good times. And humbleth is always the case. And hum only happens from the heart and the tongue. That's it and has nothing to do with the limbs. And hum comes from the heart with sincere love. And it then comes from the thumb when a person says I'm humbled in and the forms of an umbrella that we'll discuss at the end that either Alhamdulillah or these two components and magically led praising the

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last part of what Diana and that is by believing and acknowledging that the most beautiful and perfect things that attributes belong to Him. And it is also sugar and sugar is to display the sincere thanks to a loss origin by using the limbs and unbelievers that you recognize in your life. And

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now, basically the word and hum

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has to be based on sincere love and honor and complete submission and humility to allow social harm cannot be faked. Praising has to be seen and it

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has to be a form of submission to a lost part of what data we cannot have fakes, fake, fake come to a loss of how to hold on. Now when we say al hamdu Lillah let's discuss this Alif lab at the beginning Alhamdulillah like you know, you might all know that it's translated as what Alhamdulillah How do they translate it? All praise belongs to Allah. So if I said Al Khattab Al Kitab is translated as what the book How come here we didn't say and how that means the praise belongs to Allah Where do you get all from with the word all come from? You see the words Alif Lam in the Arabic language have more than one usage. And one of the usages is like a look daddy and look daddy

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would mean that. So if I say Allah keytab it will mean the book. And then Allah can be used and imply something else. And it can also be used something known as unknown is the HELOC, at least the HELOC what is the lock means entirely, entirely. So when we say Alhamdulillah, it means All praise belongs to a lot of Zoysia.

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So it implies and it's the HELOC which is entirely in other words, the entire incomplete praise. All kinds of praise at all times is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is what it means when you say before you say the word when you say and you're saying that all the praise, all kinds of praise that you know about all of them at all times belong to Allah subhanho wa Taala This is why getting into when you say Alhamdulillah meaning you're saying that the praise belongs to Allah before you were born, before you existed, before the universe existed after you die, and after this entire universe disintegrates at all times, and how the proper praise always belongs to a loss of Hannah who died.

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This is different to saying but love

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is a verb. When you say I'm a doula. It's a verb and a verb is bound by time it's limited. So I'm a doula meaning right now, I make and I declare preserve a lot. So it wouldn't mean all times, the only word that would mean all times whether you existed or not, would be the word Alhamdulillah that began with the Elif lab of entirely now and handle let you see this lamb Hill, this lamb that is attached to the word Allah, that lamb that implies if the sauce exclusivity. In other words, Allah Zoysia is the only one who deserves hump. Now what you say that when you say and hamdulillah you're saying all kinds of praise at all times belongs to Allah, and only to a lot and no one else, you get

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that meaning from the word you let that land there, again is the source exclusivity, meaning this kind of phrase only belongs to Allah, and no one else. So now the more suitable definition for the word Alhamdulillah is to say the perfect, most beautiful praise is only for Allah subhanahu wa. And so we say an hamdulillah out of love, honor with humility,

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complete submission, sincere gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Now, that as we said,

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and hump is a form of vigor that is supposed to be sent first from the heart, and then on the trunk on the tongue. And it is enough to earn a person the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah, Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says, In the layout of the lab, the Atlanta area on

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the origin is completely pleased with the server, that when he eats something, after his meal, he says and hamdulillah or when he drinks something, after he says Alhamdulillah reverse that's it. And humble a lot of the food and humble a lot of the drink is a reason for why one herbs the complete pleasure of Allah Subhana data and happy Muslim. When did you learn

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this word is enough? To fulfill all your worldly and hereafter needs? Anything you need in this life. And anything you need in the hereafter the word Alhamdulillah is enough to fill it up. Where did we get this meaning from? When? When we say semi Allah holy man happy the semi Allahu leemon hamidah What does it mean? But this is what mean it means a lot semi Allah meaning Allah has answered the one who continues to praise him. Semi Allah. Allah has answered the call and the dryer and the request of the one who had the Double of the one who continuously

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praises him so pinata, so I'll feel

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better when I can hum hum than caffeine on the UVA modelica fee because you heard something I love with him and how they see it as a response. Right? The word semi I love when even hamidah Alonzo Shelley's informing us that he answers the request and he answers the door. And he fulfills that request of anyone who continues to praise him. And remember the praise is supposed to come from the heart first, and then upon the tongue, when he salam wa alayhi wa sallam he says,

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and humbly lead to the best Dwyer is Alhamdulillah. How is that humbling.

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Because when you say and Hamdulillah, it's as though you're saying Allah, I acknowledge your favor. And I think and I praise you for it, and our love, keep it coming. Continuously shower me with your blessings in your fevers. This is why it's considered the best of land Do I have, it is a two as of the moment when you say Alhamdulillah upon a blessing or a fever that allows or is bestowed upon you. Or when you say Alhamdulillah for any kind of situation in your life. If you're acknowledging and you're saying, Oh Allah, I declare your praise. And this only came because of your praise. And I and I asked you that if you continue this praise upon me, and you continue these blessings in these

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fevers upon me, without them any been discontinued, for as a result, it was considered a bonus. The Best of luck is the same and humbly lead with the you know, that one of the rights of the Muslims towards another Muslim

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is the Schmidt Without this, you know, this is one of the rights should not how incredible this works. The Schmidt without this dish will put out this basically means that when someone sneezes, he says

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that you say your macula back to him. That's the Shinto analysis, by you know, the word the Schmidt it comes from the word Chevette Chevette and they used to say chemin to death, but a poet yashima to death but other other feet, other legs basically have an animal, you know the legs that it uses to stand on. So in other words, without this happening, a person fills a person loses he cannot stand his ground. So without it and the wife is nothing which is where your hammock alone and so on that we say to each other when we sneeze now.

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When one sneezes, he says Alhamdulillah right. Of course this came from the story of Adam alayhis salam when a lot of social and first created it and he moved breath into him.

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The first thing Adam Allah you set up did of course, because the the soul traveled from his from his head first. And it began to travel until it reached his foot. And this is how the soul is removed from a post and it begins to come out from his head. And he keeps on coming out and coming up. There are durations this way and then our narrations in where it comes out the opposite. So it comes out from his leg until it reaches his knee, and then his hip and then until it comes out from his mouth or from his eyes. There is nothing specific in their hobbies that mentions where exactly the the soul comes out from but when it comes out from the top and some said from the bottom, what level and

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what it is, but other money is set up with a lot of social blue breath into him It went from from head to head first. And as it came down, he sneezed his knees and the angels they said to him say Alhamdulillah he said that humbly Allah, Allah azza wa jal, he responded and he said Dr. hamaca, our book that allows origin who have mercy upon him, right, this is the first word that mankind heard from Allah subhanaw taala that a lot of solutions, LACMA would encompass them the first one that we heard. So then the idea of this is

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the idea of disease is that when you make proper hunt of a loan, it leads to His mercy upon him. Right? Because he said Alhamdulillah and the response you heard was come up. And then what are you supposed to say that?

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Yeah, decom Allah for you slept better. In other words, one of the signs of a lot of Zoysia has mercy upon you is that he guides you and he rectifies your state is the guidance of a loss of habitat was upheld Allah, you see this someone sneezes and humbly let me come alongside welcome is actually the structure found in salt and fed the fall of the feather habiganj and humbleness ledger up in Ireland in the next day, I was on what made him go down a little bit more in a start up and was 13. So in other words, this is like kind of a trend when you make proper handover lines origin that supposed to lead to the mercy of a lot Zoysia in your life. So I'm probably lagging behind I

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mean, if it said correctly, and probably it leads to many more flaws, and what that allows origin is mercy

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And blessings opened up upon such a person. And the first sign of a most blessings and mercy upon a person is that he guides him to the straight path guides into political Islam, the prophet of Islam have a lot you can understand how important it is when someone sneezes that he says Alhamdulillah you think they know how vocal Oh, he says yes, deca below is that this is actually the structure that is found in the beginning of salt in salt and fat for you.

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And maybe some alarm, while you ascend them informs us that the first people that are called to the paradise on the Day of Judgment, who do you think they're getting, they're not the ones who prayed the most adverse to the most, and gave the most of the hard luck, and maybe some alarm while he was certainly missing the Hardy in whatever New Zealand genda and Humaira Dune, the first people that are called to the paradise are those who used to make come in abundance in our revenue dial agenda. Have you sign out a lot, we in the paradise, there is a house called beat with

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the house of praise.

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And it is resolved. For those who used to continuously say it hamdulillah in good in good times tougher difficult times and remain patient over the trials and the tribulations like if someone wants to lose a child and so on him Obama, they said that baitul hump is not only exclusive for a person that loses a child, even though there is a heartbeat that comes in that meaning, in a way if someone who lost a young child in his life, and he said Alhamdulillah Allah azza wa jal would ask the angels, what's the first thing that he said? They said, you're not happy that I was told Jacques, he said Alhamdulillah he said in any language, they legalize your own. So then Allah says

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to the angels, yeah, honey give glad tidings to my servant. Yeah, and he or she will be waiting for gender beta, House of praise for him. But a lot of what they said it's not only for that, this hadith gave an example of a toughness and a difficulty in life. Otherwise, any kind of hump that a person says over any tough, difficult situation in life, then be the lead there is also a house that is known as bait on hub reserved for the paradise. Now the question is, how does a person reach this level? And how does he reach this rank? By seeing Alhamdulillah?

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in difficult and tough times? How can you only How can one say this word in difficult tough times? How can you guarantee for yourself that B is the lead if anything wrong was to happen, or something difficult was to happen that you'll see this word shift to the stem of attainment, he says, a person must be conscious of two things. If he's conscious of these two things, it will become very easy for him to say and humbly lead in difficult times. Number one, he said to always be conscious of the fact that allows origin

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always deserves to be praised and thanked, because he's the most knowledgeable and the most twice. That's the first kind of knowledge you need to have, that he deserves and humped at all times, because he's the most knowledgeable and the most wise keep this kind of information

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in your in your subconscious, that this is always the case. And number two, to always be conscious of the fact that whatever allows you to choose for the believing slave, it is much better than what he would have chosen for himself. With these, these two kinds of knowledge in your mind, almost with any situation that happens with a person that he sees bad, you'd be able to say it humbly, less immediately. Number one was to be conscious of the fact that laws origin team always belongs the praise because he's the most wise and the most knowledgeable. And number two, to be conscious of the fact that allows origin only chooses for him for the believers that which is good for them. And you

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if the matter was left for you, you wouldn't have chosen what was better for you. Let them also calidad knows what is in the unseen and knows your affairs in the unseen. So how Allah is set up for him a whole lot.

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And they used to meet up with each other. And they used to ask each other about themselves know how are you? How are the children? How is it knowledge? Well, how is the the family? Well, how is your brother? Or how is this and how is that they used to ask themselves these questions to each other, just so they can hear and humbly lead from each other. Just so they can remind themselves and each other about the fevers of a law and remind each other to see this word and humbling that and to hear it from each other does. It was the only reason for why they asked each other about personal affairs. Pamela, whenever you summon Mahara, you're setting up, Danny, he teaches us that the mean

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blessing, getting just saying and humbly let this blessing of saying this word is far greater than any blessing you'll ever receive in your life. Whether it's why

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or children or, or yadi marriage, whatever it is you can think of in life, that the ability that you're able to see it humbly, that is the greatest blessing that a lot of social has ever given you in it. How do you know you Salalah alayhi wa sallam, you said symptom relief, you said, Man, I'm Allahu Tada. Didn't matter for God and hamdulillah elekid and love the ARPA journey, the word of hungry, they let the cat out of the mouth. And the reason alone while he was in love, he says, a lot this must be

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a blessing upon any server. And this server he says Alhamdulillah

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except that which he said, is greater than that which he received. That which you said, which is the word and humbled Allah was far greater than whatever you receive in your life, as long as it is it as big as he imagined it is. Alhamdulillah is always a great blessing to say Tomas panatela. few more things we have here. There is something special in the Quran.

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That whenever Allah Subhana Allah spoke about a prophet or spoke about a situation and how the believers are supposed to see the priests. There is always the word and living in between the only for example, a lot of stories really says about Ibrahim Allah is set up, he says Alhamdulillah and lovey, were happily married, oh is happy and hamdulillah and lovey Heather and Heather, and humbly legged, lovey abandon husband and so on. When you receive something, you say at hamdulillah and lovey magnonic for example, you say the word loving now why, when it can be replaced with the word

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Yanni where the question is we'll discuss these two things, and hamdulillah and how they

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would mean Alhamdulillah and hamdulillah. For Alhamdulillah. Oh, praise belongs to Allah for the fact that he guided us to Islam. And what's the difference between an allele and unloving we said that the most appropriate to be used is to say Alhamdulillah, and whatever given is very what is how, for example, and the word and hamdulillah and had Islam. But you find that it's always the word living in the living means the one who so you say, All praise belongs to Allah, the One who guided us to Islam, the one who wrote about him Allah, they said that the difference is,

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00:32:39--> 00:33:22

is a priest for that specific thing. So when you say and humbly lead, and then at Islam, meaning you're saying, oh, praise belongs to Allah, for the fact that he guided us to Islam, and you're pointing only to this one blessing. That's what I would suggest. The word Allah He suggests something different. When you say Alhamdulillah, and levy hadn't Allah alley Islam, it would mean All praise belongs to Allah, the One who from the many blessings He's given us, one of them is that he guided us to Islam. So in other words, when you say Alhamdulillah Alevi, and then you mentioned the blessing, you're renewing the thanks and praise to allow for every other blessing out. And now

00:33:22--> 00:33:56

you're specifying whatever it is given you. That's new, right? So how to light incredible. That's why when you say Alhamdulillah a levy, what it implies is that you are praising Allah for every other blessing that you have. And then you're seeing from among these blessings is 123. And you mentioned what it is right? For this is the difference between a levy and the word and, and this is why it's always felt as though Allah Xhosa is teaching us to always continuously keep a record of the features that he has done for you and I. Now, this brings us

00:33:58--> 00:34:07

coming towards the end. And that is that we're supposed to have something called workato nam in our life, while Petunia, Lola

00:34:08--> 00:34:33

used to speak about it. What is it it's a list in where you've listed your your fevers in life, the fetus lives or Jenna has done for your life, that you list them on a paper and you hope that someone would read them out for you, as you're dying on your deathbed, that if there's someone recites them and reads them unto you as you die, why, then there's such a thing improves your good foot in the last part of time, whenever you saw

00:34:34--> 00:34:35

this level

00:34:37--> 00:34:43

of vulnerability, that would be where do not die except that you have good foot in a loss of habitat. So

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

in the past, they used to have a pee pee and where they used to write the blessings of a laceration upon them. And they used to have in their car that when I'm dying, someone read this letter out to me, someone read this listing and as the list is being written

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

You think you remember that you wanted to get married a law Sergeant got you married, that day that you are hungry and a lot social. The day that you were still you're born and you're being raised up and all that entire years of upbringing, a lot of social looked after you. And when you are in the belly, in the womb of your mother in law, social looked after, at least at least, right? The thing that you were thirsty and you found water and you drag the day that you had no job. And then you found the job and you started working, the day that you wanted to buy a car and have the law Maya salon you bought the day and so on whatever it is the day that will bless you if needed and harsh,

00:35:37--> 00:36:16

or anomala, all the things that he guided you to Islam and to the property step. And then the day that you started coming to embassy that you started praying all these kinds of blessings, keep a record so that when they are recited and read upon you as you die, you begin to look forward to them, that you're going to meet the one who gave you all these kinds of blessings, and all these kinds of failures. So a person at this moment begins to look forward today. And he looks forward to meeting this a lot of his that did so much for him in this life. Now he's hearing it all in one go. It makes it easy upon a person and this is Dennis have had a lot with the limited amount they used

00:36:16--> 00:36:39

to advise one another in doing any one needs to acknowledge and recall. What is he making him to allows origin for? This is why there's supposed to be at least otherwise, as shavon quickly distracts a person as a total humble, humble Alhamdulillah. And then the show will distract you if you have no list in your mind. What are you saying and how many left for Danny

00:36:41--> 00:37:12

levy had originally had Alhamdulillah Levy, whatever they are given is very low, it's hard to keep a list lead to this list begins to encourage you bit by bit. And then when you sit down recall for every hump while you're making this hump, that would be much more encouraging for the hump to come out from the heart and then upon the tongue, and humbly lead for whatever it is that happened. Recall the blessings during the day. And humbly let me salon Scylla used to see this word when he used to wake up. And hamdulillah Alinea, Hana, but

00:37:14--> 00:37:18

it has gone obesogenic and I didn't have a right to live another day.

00:37:19--> 00:37:36

When he left that he gave me the blessing of living for more than and talk for one more day. Right? I'm hungry. Let me say he used to recall it for every single blessing that was happening in his life. And this encourages a person to continue on hump of Allah subhanho wa

00:37:38--> 00:37:40

Taala you ascend up

00:37:43--> 00:37:44

once we're sitting in the machine,

00:37:45--> 00:37:47

we are locked in

00:37:51--> 00:38:06

for the rest of the month, and he was suddenly he came out to the companions. And he said to that manage the circle, why you people sitting in the budget? He's asking why you sitting for the symptom genocide of guerrilla what a mother who had entered Islam.

00:38:07--> 00:38:31

So in the midst of a lot of years, suddenly we said to them, Why are you sitting here? They said we're sitting down making the kind of a law and we're recalling he said yep, what a mother who are mad at Islam. And we're praising and we think your life's origin for the fact that he had guided us to Islam after we had been in ignorance in nj Leah. So now VESA mamajuana eurosender. He said to them,

00:38:33--> 00:39:20

law marriage Lissa Camilla dannic He said to them by Allah, is that the only reason for why you're gathered here for they said to measureless that 11 live Eric solo. We're only sitting because of this reason. for newbies of Allah wa alayhi wa sallam, he said, I'm in Isla Vista live come to Metallica. He said, by Allah. And I did not say to you by Allah and took an oath from you, because I doubted in you. And I disbelieve in what you said, and I didn't believe you. When I came nevel attorneys you believe burning under law so surely you bear he become a captain. However jabril just came to me right now and informed me that allows origin has taken pride in each and every single one

00:39:20--> 00:39:59

of you that sitting and has mentioned his name to the angels allows origin when he takes pride of the server, meaning he makes mention of his name in a manner in Atlanta among the angels. A lot of social you don't know when someone takes pride in something, you take pride in that which is precious, valuable, something that has value taught for In other words, when a lot of social takes pride in his servants, meaning they are honored and they are praised in his sights of how to more data. Why? Then they sit down and making humped over loves origin over the blessing of Islam. one form of hump the dip in their life was enough for a lot of Zoysia

00:40:00--> 00:40:20

Other than and value them to the point where he begins to speak and mention their names among among a lot of the angels in the paradise fair. In other words, how do you this hadith teaches us that have a list, have a list one I've got to now have a list of blessings and fevers that you recall from time to time, and you think a lot of social for them. And of course,

00:40:22--> 00:40:27

the best of him that maybe some Allahu Allah or something teaches us as in the hadith of Abu Mohammed, Bengali.

00:40:30--> 00:41:01

And Nevis Allahu alayhi wa sallam seen all over all the Allahu anhu, making the good that he came in, he said, Look, I don't mean the click of a button, the hell Shall I not teach you and inform you of a vehicle that is better for you to see that engaging the entire day with the night in all the other kinds of the good. One kind of the kid would equal and it is much better than making the Corolla Zoysia in a day with the night. He said to me,

00:41:02--> 00:41:14

he said to him put humbly other than a hollow, just like the one we shared with a spear with so Pamela it comes also in the form of an hum he said to say and humbly Lega mahalo Alhamdulillah

00:41:15--> 00:41:44

Alhamdulillah other dimorphism I want to move on, and humbly lady other than socketable, what humbly Lega Allah socketable Alhamdulillah he added a goodly shake Alhamdulillah he made a cliche, seven phrases you memorize, and you see them once, it is better and more rewarding than making general liquor in the day, during the entire day with the entire night. one lawanna and one final thing is to say that you don't have

00:41:45--> 00:42:00

the visa law while he was alive. He says, in the law school feminine khorramabad de la Xhosa chose for phrases only for his servants to sing. So how long have they no de la la la la la la la from a goddess who had a lot, the one who seems to have a lot of good.

00:42:02--> 00:42:49

20 has a letter written for him, and 20 so yet removed, and whoever sent a lot like about 20 I said I'd give him 20 So yeah, and whoever said Larry to him a lot. I said I'd give him 20 say get removed, woman clothed and humbly left, or bill irony been clever enough. And who said and humbly let your bill adaline from his heart in Cuba nuptse kuchibhotla who federal food Hassan will help Bhutan who Fela hoonah say yeah, it now opium 30 has said and it removed 36 children hump meaning it comes from enough's and look at the reward that he had much better than anything else that he said whenever you sold a lot while he was selling them teaches us that when one says Alhamdulillah

00:42:51--> 00:43:20

says 100 times how many hustler does it give you? in it? How do you It says that it gives him 1000 has a quick level alpha hustle, see what I'm humbled 100 times we add to it, we have the so how a lot will be handy. It gave him 100 palm trees in the paradise show but it just changed just with the addition of the word by even the resource and then he says La la la la, la la la la, la, la La last

00:43:21--> 00:43:30

insert put inside of a thought of what happens and maybe some of our regular salary says of model there could have been probably later a lot

00:43:33--> 00:44:05

of other condition including just the addition of the world and how we played and it became the best kind of Yachty thing that nobody saw Lamar Valley userland and all the profits before him had said for muscle peloton we enhanced the game change he changes the entire ticket when you're hungry led to it. So how am I on its own as a as a as a reward and to obey humbly has a special reward. See later on its own add to it what they have the it becomes the best thing that the Prophet and the prophets before him

00:44:09--> 00:44:43

they ever said In other words, and and humbly leg up in it is supposed to be the only one of the decade that a person concentrates on during his day and during his night. The lady died and next week, we share a lot of work on the word Allahu Akbar, that I showed the loved one how she used to say, when in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam used to hear it. You know, of course London then begins with love, we can know who they are, if we know what it is, though. We get it. We've never seen him like this before. And he doesn't know us right? She also have a lot of love for us to do something

00:44:45--> 00:44:56

that is unexplained, all our work, but it's the beginning of a solid law. What is the word that is used to move from one position of the solid and the opinions and the sayings of a valid

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Have you from the I have concerning a lot of

00:45:03--> 00:45:04

data. We'll share that next week. I'd love

00:45:06--> 00:45:09

to meet him while he was here