Don’t be insecure about your appearance

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I remember someone come to me and said, You know what? I put my picture on Instagram and I've got all these pimples on my face.

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I said, But why did you but I use the filter they couldn't see the pimples. It Okay, so that's makes it even worse that means you had pimples already before.

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I mean where does this discussion go? It doesn't go anywhere. It just goes to show that if you thought that you put it on Instagram and this is what happened well stop it. Don't come to me for a DUA to say I'm gonna keep on doing this. And you just show me the DUA. No way.

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Can you stop please, or at least show people reality. And this is why we say true liberation Wallah he my sisters and my brothers.

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true liberation is when you fall in love with exactly who you are the way Allah made you, with your blemishes with your complexion with your hair type, with your height and your shortness and whatever you're told, whatever, whatever it is that Allah has given you, when you're in love with it, and you thank Allah for it the way it is, you are finally liberated.

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Don't be insecure of what you look like. So what everyone's got blemishes I swear, if I were to ask you one by one today, that what's wrong with your face? 100% of us will have something to say my nose is naught point one degree this way. I swear. My one nostril is slightly by one eye the eyebrows got three hairs more than this other side here.

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Did you go into that detail? Well, you're going to harm yourself because Allah has not created you perfectly. Perfection is for Jana. And for Paradise. Wait for it. For now, we've all got teeth this way. And that way you can mend it. If there's something wrong with you. There's no harm in correcting it you can have perhaps you can straighten the deviated septum something blocked, you could have a little operation for to laser out, perhaps something with your eyes if need be. And you might want to have braces on your teeth if need to. You need to straighten them or some but to tempo, it's something that's generally normal is something Islam teaches you not to do love yourself

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as you are. But then the people won't look at me, you know, the people won't, you know, I won't get the looks. What do you want to look for? That's the thing.

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If it was really for looks, it's all artificial. That's why today, there are a lot of people who don't like the way they look. And therefore they are enslaved and slave by what they're not even liberated with their own identity and slave by everything. They can't come out without painting the whole face. They can't use meaning they can't use the phone without filtering it so heavily And subhanAllah they are depressed within themselves at times.

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It does happen and so I'm telling you just love yourself the way you if someone doesn't like you because of what you look like they can fly a kite and you can send them a link of YouTube how to fly that cut. I promise you make sure it's a windy day.