Haifaa Younis – Story of Jannah Institute from its Founder

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their personal history, including their desire to study medicine and their past experiences with a former chef. They emphasize the importance of passion and learning from their teacher. They also discuss their struggles with their job and upcoming exams, including their desire to study in a female class in the US. They emphasize the need for men to memorize the Quran and avoid mistakes, and their dream of teaching children how to translate the book and become a mother. They also talk about their desire to have a foundation and teach children how to translate the book.
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Sit Ali Khan Smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Jana in situ story is absolutely has nothing to do what you heard. Very different.

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Basically I studied after I finished my OBGYN residency I come from a very educational and educated family Islam institutions. It's not

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I finished my residency you know that dream, right everything and then at one point I was like, That's it something is missing. This is not it, you know, all the youth will know this another 10 years and another 10 years you will find Okay, so I got my American board so I got the house so I got the car I got you know, and then you find and then what, what? So I started and it was a friend of mine who at the same time passed away and she said two things and she died next day, I want to go outside law gives me life, I'm gonna go to Hajj. And if Allah gives me live, I'll memorize the Quran. She died. That was one day she died on Friday. And I was dead when she was dying. Not only

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that, and I was like that city Allah, I'm gonna memorize my Quran and I won't gonna go to Hajj. So I went to Hajj and I memorize the Quran, start memorizing the Quran. But yes, this is just finished like in the 30s Just finished my residency. And then I was like, you know, went to Hajj and I kept asking Allah Ya Allah, there's something missing. I have no idea what is it? Something is missing there. I go for Salah, but I don't feel it. You know, you pick up the Quran, but you don't feel it. And subhanAllah I came back and Allah subhanaw taala. Then I came back in March. That was my first hedge. And then the one of the shoe came in. I don't know, if you don't check moto Morava he came to

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St. Louis. And he was also just back from hunch. And la, la. I don't know, I don't remember what you were seeing. But the moment he said Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, I started crying. And I was in the first line and I finished IQ. And then I come to know that his PhD in physics, I was like, what? And I came to him SubhanAllah. And I was crying. And I was like, how did you do that? You know, when we come from a professional background? This is very different. Your parents noticed this. It's very different. I was like, what is that? And he looked at me and he said, If you really wanted, Allah will give it to you. That's it. I didn't get an answer. Other than that, start studying with him

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enjoyed. And one of the things for all the young and not the young. When you study if you think medicine is difficult. If you think OB GYN residency is difficult, wait till you start studying Islamic Studies. Because Allah is going to test your intention every second, every minute, are you really doing it, to build an institute to have an aim to have followers or you're doing it for me? And that's the first thing I learned from when I said, you know, one day do you think I wouldn't be able to teach you used to get very upset, don't use study, to teach. That's not for Allah. I still remember this. This was 2002 when I started studying, and by 2007 I was like, You know what I

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studied with every teacher in here and there and there was no Institute, especially for women. And I said no, I studied seven how many years for medicine 10 years for medicine. And I want to this and this and did residency in the best fifth medical school. I want to do the same for stone. I want to go and sit on that chair and study. So I was forced I was advised to go to Jordan or go to South Africa or go to Saudi Saudi is just because I'm very biased. I love maca.

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I love maca. You tell me go to my car tell you I just tell me when I'm coming don't tell me anything else. So I went to South Africa I loved it they have amazing Institute's but they don't teach women so they brought your father Quran if you know him probably might May Allah bless his soul.

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I've never seen I met him personally and and he saw the passion. This is what you need to all have. This doesn't come free. You have to have the passion. And he said I would love to teach and I still remember but I can't put her in that class. I will put you in a separate room and you will watch the screen this is before COVID Zoom. And I said I'm not leaving everything to learn from a screen I want to learn and then there was this debate finally when hola plans and then I got a job offer from Jeddah and you cannot go as a woman unless you they don't give you a student visa. So there's all obstacles you guys don't think of it. So I went there and I had to study and I went and I didn't

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know how to study. I had nothing. No acceptance no shame. I just had a piece of paper of a name of a chef. And I was there in April or arrived and in summer in Saudi everything dies.

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And I went to hygiene November and I was trying to align I said your law. I left everything against the will of everybody. Nobody supported me. Everybody thought I was crazy. I was the only Muslim OBGYN I was teaching in the

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Masjid I was memorizing my Quran, I will study, why are you doing this?

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And I just had this drive in me. And now if I look, I don't know, I just had this drive ongoing. I kept telling people, I'm going, sold my house, sold my practice, sold my car, all the dream, all all. And I put myself I took one but I still remember, I took one bag of clothes, one bag of books, and I went Subhanallah and I had the job handler so I have the support. By November nothing happened. And I enhance I was crying and I was like your Allah. I left everything. Please open it up. I don't know what to do. Because all the reputable new universities they don't take woman alone. Like I wanted to study in Medina. I mean, there are obstacles we face woman is very different. I

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want to study your Malcorra I knew people Nope, they can't. And subhanAllah I come back from hygiene. This is the third year of Allah, all this, including gender institute will not happen. unless Allah wanted that to happen.

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And he sees the desire in you. And absolutely the sacrifice. Everything else become literally history. And a friend of mine called me and said, where are you? I said, I'm in my office. Do you have a break? Yes. Right now we drop everything cross the street and come as it's come where that's a building for memorization of the Quran. I don't need that should just come. Okay, so I go. And she introduced me to the biggest that I enjoyed the biggest This is everywhere you go wherever you go, you hear her name. And she said you want to study Subhanallah that Torah. I said what I said just this year we started Look at that beautiful. Just this year, we started a branch from Omokoroa

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University in Georgia for women only. But there's a problem. You came late. What do you accept to be just a listener? I will do it. I said fine. I'll take she took me to introduce me. The dean is not there for icon next day. And the Dean looked at me says Lectora seeing the king is easier than seeing you. So I've been trying to get an appointment to see you as a physician.

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Come tomorrow. So I go and I sit in the back 20 only beautiful class my first time ever studying in all woman class, and the teachers are all not only woman. Not sure what if there is I haven't seen anything you say the Quran comes with it. The hadith comes with the Senate. One comes in one comes out and I'm coming you know, from a very different background. I've not seen it. I was like, ah,

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then January, she comes to me and she said Lectora tomorrow we have an aqidah exam, you're coming. May Allah forgive me, I didn't show up. Because I thought I'm not gonna pass. She calls me and says I want to tomorrow in my office. I was like, that's it. So I go. And I still remember this. She looked at the Secretary and said it, put the doctor here, gets her some breakfast, close the door, throw the exam and says you're taking it right now.

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Then she called me says you passed. I'm gonna give you all the other exams. If you pass you're not a listener anymore. This year will be counted for you.

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And then I had to deal with my off my hospital because I'm a full time employee. And then they said fine. Eight, listen to the sacrifice you wanted. By 30 You know 30 under 30. She said they said to me, Well, your contracts at eight hours. We can change it. How many? How many hours is your school? I said eight to 12 IBM person? Is it okay, a 12 by one you cross the street and you're going to work till 9pm I'm an OBGYN every other day I'm on call. I have to come and deliver babies. I go to the school waiting my scrubs and they only allowed me with a phone because and then in the middle they call me says baby is ready. I cross the street. God Allah He I deliver the baby crossback and

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everybody waiting boy or girl.

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And all of you know when you study in the other side of the world you need to memorize. There is nothing right and wrong. You know, check mark or Google questions. What is this? Is everything is right. Summarize Yara man, I told our sole focus teacher Wallahi medicine is much easier than this.

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One day, that's where the dream started. It was an athlete, a class and I was in the back and I looked and I said y'all laugh.

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Not everybody can do what I did. It's very hard for a woman to do this. You all know this, who can just park and leave and Allah give me this. I wanted this in the States. I want to sit and I want the woman to come and learn from Woman. There's no offense but you know, because we all complain that men spend time with the shoe. It's very different exists

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exactly what you seem to have done. You only you don't learn from books you learn from the teachers, how they treat, how they, when they get upset, why, and when they are happy, why you literally analyze them. So I made this dua to Allah, and see how he planned it. I was in South Africa, nothing to do. And there's a family and they wanted to start a new institute. And they were asking me, so I was saying, No, this is what they doing this. And so I come back, I was talking to one of my friends says, Listen, guess what they want? On the phone? I'm injured, I'm still studying. She said, why don't we do this in the States? And I said, who's gonna do that? She said, You say, Yes, I'll take

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care of it. There's a lot of legal you know, anyway, because the story short 2013 We're very much a busy 2013 where we got the approval, I'm still studying is nobody else. And then Allah subhanaw taala brought to my teacher, my shareholder Quran, who is American. And she said, You know what, start with the Quran. Bring all the Quran teachers in St. Louis, let's evaluate them. Let's do this. And this, we started literally 20 students. I came back 2017 At that time, every time I come is what I came to I Okay, one time, I came to icoi one time, but there was nothing structured, but my dream is that class.

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And then 2020 COVID came in before COVID. We started online on site. We all knew zoom, I met the zoom. He was 23 year old, the founder. And he had the background, you know, now we all know was like, Where is he? What is this behind him? And then we had on site online because woman can't all come and leave and whatever COVID came in. And we all I don't know about your institute, but we flourished

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from 100 students to 400 to 500 students, woman you name a country, I'll tell you, this country is I don't know where they are. But the dream is still there.

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The dream is still there. I wanted it. And I kept asking Allah subhanaw taala. And I do want it because I wanted I wanted because Allah wanted it to happen. I was in my office one day and I said, that says done there is far more OBGYN Muslims. This is not any more. So I told my hospital I am not renewing my contract. They went crazy. What did we do to you? I said nothing. I'm going to pursue my dream.

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My family went crazy. Now, if you tell this to the youth, you know, it's like, what are you gonna do with your 401 K? What about your health insurance? Subhan Allah. Literally I looked at them and says in Allah who are reserved for the coverted Mateen. Allah is the One who gives. And I met with the team. The team even went crazy in Jana. I said, we are starting my dream. This was 2021. They said, Oh, 23. I said, I said September. They said September 22. I said no, September 21. I didn't tell them I am quitting my job said who's going to teach you your full time said Allah who will make it easy? What is the books every word? And I don't know why I was saying this one up and down. This I'm

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sharing the story. Don't put obstacles.

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And don't say I have to plan because Allah has the plan. You need to plan you need to tie the camel but don't depend on tying the camel on law. He's the one who's going to make it happen. June we decided I want a book I said, I'm teaching the same books I studied. But I can't acquire Arabic, because then I'm not going to get any students. How many women know Arabic. And I My goal is very different than your goals. My goal is to teach mothers, which every day we call the year of knowledge, which every Muslim woman should learn, can to be a mother don't know what the hustle is, how's the daughters going? Amanda or the son? The mother doesn't know they can have Salah and then

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how the children will I will do this and then we'll give them and whoever wants to be the the Halima. And, but I said I will still teach them the original books. Every book I wanted to start teach to teach a ton to be translated. Excellent. One of them is only a free I don't know, Quran, amazing translation. And I was like your OB. And then he sent us the director from Bosnia, the operation director from London Anna, where these people are like, I don't know where these people came from. You asked me I have no idea how much you're going to charge. I have no idea. You know, I was like, I'm a physician. I don't know its own line. cut the story short, Joe and they said how

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many students? You know what I answered then? Yeah, de la vichara. Jordan Wahida highroller coming home or India. Allah send you one student is more than enough. What Why do I need money? And we'll see June we started two weeks later, we had 100 students applied

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one lot.

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And they said you promised us 25 and negotiated finally we got 50. We finished first year now it's the second year Subhan Allah and then my next dream is to have the building. But you need to be I need to have the foundations and I will say from all over

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I told you is number one, you have this young team inside you, that Allah who will make things happen. And I wish all the younger generation notice. It's not the planning. It's not I did I did my homework, you have to but it's Allah is going to make it happen or rely on Him. Ask Him to sacrifices and he's gonna test you with every step and every word true and you're absolutely right dedication. People tell me my sister has this very famous line. She said I see your schedule, I get dizzy.

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And you write because you know what you can I keep telling them how can I say no, to somebody may learn that one person exactly what he said. Dr. Jackson is one person and that person will will teach over and 100 acre of land now we have 150 students in the year of knowledge we have a whole oran department where it is heavily Tajweed review and also we are offering clear art and now also we have certain courses hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen I can't be grateful enough it's a dream I don't know how it's how it's happened. Subhan Allah My Allah The next thing is an institute where it is for woman dedicated to women and more teachers be nila, we need your DUA and Allah subhanaw taala

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inshallah will never let us down. Please forgive me, I took too long.

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We wanted that question we wanted to spend the time on and we want people to have that perspective. It's very, very important that and this is literally decades each person had multiple decades of study of being tested. And I think a question that comes up a lot is if this just for the sake of Allah learning stem and going overseas, why is it so hard you have to go to however many countries and God knows there's no air conditioning and there's bugs and typhoid and God knows what other diseases you're dealing with? It's for Allah why did he make it so easy for us? Why is that right? Have you been NASA Utako your whole world or home life channel? Allah this assault Lanka Whoo, do

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you think you're going to be left to say we believe and you're not going to be tested, let alone his sacred knowledge? Let alone I say for him. And did I not get tested when I did OBGYN and how many hours I did?

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Literally 24 and 1236 hours in a row. This is before they changed the hours and we did it lovingly. And now everybody is supporting you. Because you see the the light as they say so 100 980

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